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My podcast is about people being honest about what they do, and asking them where current cultural trends are going. There is a lot of underground information about Tokyo and Japan that cannot be found elsewhere.

My podcast is about people being honest about what they do, and asking them where current cultural trends are going. There is a lot of underground information about Tokyo and Japan that cannot be found elsewhere.
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My podcast is about people being honest about what they do, and asking them where current cultural trends are going. There is a lot of underground information about Tokyo and Japan that cannot be found elsewhere.








88 : DABWM 12 : Crypto Zombie Diners

I gossip about Baird Beer, review the Top 3 Tokyo Diner Chains, divide Tokyo smartphone zombies into their appropriate categories, ponder culture vs language, and review some tech news. PREPARE!!! Featured Beer: Suruga IPA by Baird Beer Music Guest: The Jinglers Podast Official Websites: & RSS Feeds: This podcast was...

Duration: 00:37:17

87 - Gravy Train (From Darwin, Australia)

Gravy Train, from Darwin, Australia and Japan, talks about their 70 show, 3-month-long Tokyo tour, the Australian music scene, writing music, and share some road stories. In the introduction I talk about exporting blood, harvesting space rocks, next level convenience stores, and first-world problems (the best kind of problems!). Guest: Gravy Train (Facebook) Co-Producer: Inter Idoru (Facebook — organise your Japan Tour for musicians) Podast Official Websites:...

Duration: 01:36:47

86 - I Hate the Mainstream Media (Max von Schuler Kobayashi)

I hate the mainstream media. I really do. The MSM is financed by so many conflicting entities they end up saying nothing about everything. Or point accusations at places that offer details by portraying anything that doesn’t purport the same narrative as being far right, or by slandering individuals with terminology like Nazi, Facist, or Sexual Predator. I have had enough. Details are not racist — details are uncomfortable, because they burn social narrative schemes like sunlight on mist....

Duration: 01:46:47

85 - JamCast 6 (Nikolas Faraguna)

A JamCast is when we mic up a drum kit, a guitar, hit the record button, and record a jam. Genres covered: Folk, Prog Rock, Guitar Solo, 6/8 Blues, Country, Chaos. The Looper Needs to be tamed. We will tame the Looper in the next JamCast. Nikolas Faraguna (Facebook) Matt Bigelow (Facebook) Podcast Official Sites: & RSS Feeds:

Duration: 00:41:43

84 - I Was Right About North Korea

Japanese Media Deconstruction Topics: (1) Security Analysis of Trump in Japan (2) Cute Fish Slippers (3) Health Surveillance Devices (4) Tourism Boom not North Korea Boom (5) Why I Was Right About North Korea (6) Harvest Festivals Music Guest: Jungles (FaceBook) Podcast Official Sites: & RSS Feeds: This podcast was...

Duration: 00:56:28

83 - Yeti (Adam Jang)

Adam Jang braved a typhoon to talk about touring Japan and Vietnam with his band Yeti. We talk about music in a post-Napster world, the ins and outs of touring Japan and Vietnam, the Vancouver music scene. . . and strippers! Music Guest: Yeti (Texas Tornado on YouTube) Co-Producer: InterIdoru (Contact for your Japan Tour) go to This podcast was hosted, written, edited, produced, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow.

Duration: 01:37:42

82 - Altered Sky and Japanese Halloween

Altered Sky (from Scotland) joins the podcast to talk about their Asia tour, their influences, teachers, and writing process. Also, Brother Rick and Matt hit the streets of Shibuya on Halloween and interviewed the sexy and weird costume goers of Japanese Halloween. Other topics include Kawaii Stationery, reviews of “the Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray & “Transitions” by Iain M. Banks, as well as a breakdown of the recent Japanese Elections. RSS...

Duration: 01:46:03

81 - JamCast 5 (Nikolas Faraguna)

What’s a JamCast? A JamCast is a musical conversation between 2 people which is recorded, engineered, and played in real-time with little to no planning — which makes it really difficult and fun. Nikolas and I mic up a guitar & a drumset, push the record button, and go. Contact Nikolas here. Contach Matt here.

Duration: 00:46:24

80 - Robert Taira Wilson

Robert swung by and talked about his new album titled “Cold in the Heat”, detailed the Acoustic Guitar Project, and talked about the London & Tokyo music scenes. Get the album! It’s very well done! Music Guest: Robert Taira Wilson RSS Feeds: This podcast was written, produced, hosted, edited, researched, engineered, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow.

Duration: 01:46:28

79 - Displaced Rohingya & Weird Silicon Valley

Part 1: Who are the Rohingya? The media cycle has forgotten about their presence in Myanmar, despite the ethnic cleansing reports. I present to you the history of the Rohingya, some issues of their current day struggle, and how big business & religion may be the shadowy forces pulling the strings on the whole fiasco. Part 2: What’s going on in Silicon Valley? The invesments into blingly bizarre startups baffles the mind! The way the Silicon Valley people speak and the way they promote...

Duration: 00:55:42

78 - Jamcast 4 (Nikolas Faraguna)

A Jamcast is when Nik and I mic up a drumset & a guitar, hit the record button, and play music. It’s a musical conversation that’s then uploaded to the internet forever. This week we focus on looperism. No songwriting, just structured randomness. Enjoy! RSS Feeds:

Duration: 00:34:36

MBF 77 - John McCraken (Craft Beer Japan)

Craft beer expert John McCraken (@MasterCracken) and I met up to talk about the craft beer boom occurring in Japan. Check out his Facebook page BeerBeerBeer for all things Japan Beer. RSS Feeds: m(_ _)m [...]

Duration: 01:57:00

Fish, Drive Thru Funerals, & Spy Mannequins

News Topics Covered: Drive through Funerals, Carp for the Nouveau Riche, Ignoring Hot Vietnamese Wife cuz of Birds, Spy Mannequins, Rohingya Protests in Tokyo, Eel Farms, Hot Poisonous Fish in Cold Water, American War Veteran Returning a Flag, Elephants, Violins, and the Blind. Call for action! RSS Feeds: If ya got the time — Please submit the RSS feeds to podcasting apps to help spread the...

Duration: 01:09:55

MBF 75 - JamCast 3 w/ Nikolas Faraguna

A Jamcast is when Nikolas Faraguna (Facebook) and I mic up the drums & guitar and hit the record button. Whatever happens, happens and the content gets uploaded onto the internet forever. Genre’s covered: Rock, Heavy Rock, Solos, 6/8 Groove, Country & Shuffle. No songwriting, just structured randomness. Enjoy! Call for action! RSS Feeds: If ya got the time — Please submit the RSS feed [...]

Duration: 00:26:35

MBF - 74 - Becky (Adventurist)

Becky (Instragram aka Tokyo Becky) is a world class traveller, and one of my favorite people. She’s got more stamps in her passport than most of your friends combined. She talks about going places just to go to them, being a woman on the road, and the empowering aspects of travel. In the intro, I give a little shout out to Trever Harris. I will probably be posting some of his music on my webpage soon. Music Guest: Hats Off This podcast was produced, written, edited, hosted,...

Duration: 07:43:51

73 - DABWM 11 - Work Hard & Be Quirky (Japanese News)

Topics include: Boxing in the dark, Austrian Bakers, Underwater Fish Pics, Mud Festival, Tape Collections, Gyoza Robots, Priest Robots, Virtual Performers, and Fruit in Vietnam. I put forth this idea — WORK HARD & BE QUIRKY!! We all hear about weird stuff in SE Asia — do you know why? Hahaha! No you don’t! It’s because most people in SE Asia work hard. Like, really really hard. In fact they work so hard that they don’t have time to protest and call people Nazis on Facebook. Over here in...

Duration: 00:46:04

MBF 73 - Japan Wanko - Japan Travel Best & Worst

Japan Wanko (Official Site), a Japan Spoof News Site, and I praise the best, and shit all over the WORST places to visit in Japan. He also gives a top 5 Japanese Male performer list. Places Covered: Roppongi, Shimoda, Karuizawa, Yoyogi Park, Matsu Shima, and more! Call for action! RSS Feeds: If ya got the time — Please submit the RSS feeds to podcasting apps to help spread the word about...

Duration: 02:04:15

MBF - 71 - Darryl Baker

Darryl Baker (Facebook) is a drummer and a golf instructor. In this podcast, we talk about neither of those things really. We mostly just laughed our balls off in a series of non-sequitors about living in New York, how the digital media is changing advertising, and TAINT SECRETS. In the intro I offer alternative conversation points regarding the Google controversy of the engineer who suggested — SUGGESTED — that biology might be a reason why there are more men in tech than women. He got...

Duration: 01:49:15

70 - Artificial Intelligence Exposé w/ Mike Hannah

Mike Hannah, frontman of the Goood Things and the Mootekkis, swung by the Ogikubo Studio where I showed him use-cases of Artificial Intelligence. Topics covered include racist AI, AI music, AI movies, self-flying drones, AI influencing elections, holoportation, and suveillance capitalism. We also review beer and celebrate our 11th year in Japan. If you are tired of deceptive billionaires turning their AI pet projects into controversial talking points for the public to squabble over, then...

Duration: 02:02:06

69 - Nikoas Faraguna - Jamcast 2

In Jamcast 2, guitar extraordinaire Nikolas Faraguna (@nikolasfaraguna) and I record a jam featuring, rock, reggae, psychadelic, groove, and country. It’s kinda like Zappa. Zappa Zappa Zappa. In the intro I talk about busy Japanese tourist destinations and how to avoid them, and after the jam I cover some news topics about food, tech, and odd events occurring in Japan. Download or stream the episode, and go for a walk or cruise around the town. Boosh! Call for action! RSS Feeds:

Duration: 01:03:59

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