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My podcast is about people being honest about what they do, and asking them where current cultural trends are going. There is a lot of underground information about Tokyo and Japan that cannot be found elsewhere.








MBF 73 - Japan Wanko - Japan Travel Best & Worst

Japan Wanko (Official Site), a Japan Spoof News Site, and I praise the best, and shit all over the WORST places to visit in Japan. He also gives a top 5 Japanese Male performer list. Places Covered: Roppongi, Shimoda, Karuizawa, Yoyogi Park, Matsu Shima, and more! Call for action! RSS Feeds: http://www.matthewpmbigelow.com/matty-blog?format=rss https://mattybfiles.podbean.com/feed/ If ya got the time — Please submit the RSS feeds to podcasting apps to help spread the word about...

Duration: 02:04:15

70 - Artificial Intelligence Exposé w/ Mike Hannah

Mike Hannah, frontman of the Goood Things and the Mootekkis, swung by the Ogikubo Studio where I showed him use-cases of Artificial Intelligence. Topics covered include racist AI, AI music, AI movies, self-flying drones, AI influencing elections, holoportation, and suveillance capitalism. We also review beer and celebrate our 11th year in Japan. If you are tired of deceptive billionaires turning their AI pet projects into controversial talking points for the public to squabble over, then...

Duration: 02:02:06

69 - Nikoas Faraguna - Jamcast 2

In Jamcast 2, guitar extraordinaire Nikolas Faraguna (@nikolasfaraguna) and I record a jam featuring, rock, reggae, psychadelic, groove, and country. It’s kinda like Zappa. Zappa Zappa Zappa. In the intro I talk about busy Japanese tourist destinations and how to avoid them, and after the jam I cover some news topics about food, tech, and odd events occurring in Japan. Download or stream the episode, and go for a walk or cruise around the town. Boosh! Call for action! RSS Feeds:

Duration: 01:03:59

MBF - 68 - Yasuo Naito (Japan Forward)

Yasuo Naito is a Conservative Japanese Newspaperman. He is Editor in Chief of a new English online Japanese news service called “Japan Forward”, which aims to promote real Japanese conservative values. Topics include: being a child in the Soviet Union, starting an online conservative new website, and the benefits and consequences of accepting new ideas. Yasuo Naito is also a Deupty Editor for the Sankei Shimbun, which is one of Japan’s top news outlets. Strap in — it’s an interesting...

Duration: 01:21:18

67 - Sam (Kyoto Cycle)

Sam is the owner/operator of Cycle Kyoto, which allows tourists in Kyoto and Osaka to see the city via bicycle. We talk about tourism in Japan, being an entrepreneur, and what it takes to stay ahead of the game. Recorded on location in Kyoto in Sam’s shop. My brother Jon joins the podcast. In the intro I talk about thoughts of my travels. In the outro I talk about my trip to Osaka, Kyoto & Lake Biwa while being a non-tourist there. Cycle Kyoto (http://cyclekyoto.net/) — feel the...

Duration: 01:44:54

MBF - 66 - Max von Schuler-Kobayashi Returns

Max von Schuler-Kobayashi is an ex-spy who hunted communists in post WWII Japan. He has recently been publishing books about the relationships between Japan, America, and the Korean Peninsula. The media limits itself to military history in the East Asian region. One of the goals of today’s podcast is to discuss why the social relationships between Japan, America, and the Korean Peninsula are playing a major role in geo-politics. We also talk about protest culture, and how a lack of of...

Duration: 01:48:37

65 - Shelly of Tokyo Canadian Club (Canada’s 150th Special)

Shelly, who heads the Tokyo Canadian Club, talks about Canada’s 150th birthday, networking, and BBQing with the Canadian Ambassador. Also the mining of dangerous materials. Tokyo Canadian Club (website) In the intro I rant about teaching Canadian history to developmentally delayed Christian-Korean pre-teens, Canadian political scandals, and the good old days when the government would grease your palms and wet your whistle when you voted. Matt Bigelow (website)

Duration: 00:48:15

MBF 64 - The Living Deads (American Rockabilly)

The Living Deads, an American psycho-punkabilly folk/country band, talk about their Tokyo tour, American parking lot entrepreneurs, and their take on the music industry and how they are making it their own. The Livind Deads (Official Site) Matt Bigelow (Official Site) This podcast was written, produced, hosted, edited, audio-exported and uploaded by Matt Bigelow.

Duration: 01:00:27

63 - We Singing Colors (Romania)

We Singing Colors, a new-folk duo from Romania, talks about the music scene in Bucharest, political assassinations & revolution, and their Japan Tour on this episode of the podcast. They were really fun to hang out with and I liked their music as well. There are a couple clandestinely recorded live songs available towards the end of the podcast. Give it up for We Singing Colors! We Singing Colors (Band Camp Site) Roxanna & Andrei In the intro I talk about bicylce scammers in Tokyo, and...

Duration: 01:18:12

MBF - 62 - Jun! Yoyogi Caribbean Festival & Rum Importer

Jun is the organisor for the Yoyogi Caribbean Festival, which attracts between 10 to 20 thousand people a year. Wow! He is also an importer of guavaberry rum. Jun explains the product, and its story in this podcast. We also talk about a very mysterious truck. Link to Caribbean Yoyogi Festa! Intro topics include: Expensive, delicious beer // media imput vs reality // bi-alternative universes EXPLAINED! I am selling an album in English, French, and Japanese. You can check it out...

Duration: 01:17:04

MBF 61 - Nikolas Faraguna (JamCast 1)

Nikolas Faraguna is a professional guitarist and model in Tokyo. Nikolas creates his own pedals and likes to hack guitars to make his own sound. He shreds, picks, and works his way through almost any genre you can throw at him. He’s also photogenic. We played as backing members in the Mana Hardcore Band, and today we set up a JamCast. A JamCast is an impromptu recording, where you, the listener, hears the sausage being made. This is not a sugar-pop experience for pre-teens. It’s for those...

Duration: 00:57:39

MBF 60 — Cameron Lee Returns

I wanted to talk to Cameron Lee about Algorithms, t-shirt designs, the keks, memes, and more. So that’s what we did. Cameron’s shirts have been viewed on several youtube videos as well as worn by Gavin McCinnes, who hosts the Gavin Mcinnes Show, and How’s it going Eh? on Rebel Media. Click the links below for more information and how to continue to control your own information flow in this time of mass manipulation. Cameron Lee (Official Site) Matt Bigelow (Official Site) I sell music....

Duration: 02:45:04

MBF - 59 - Ramen Adventures, aka BRIAN!!!!!

Brian of Ramen Adventures not only knows ramen, he lives ramen. He can eat 3 bowls a day. He blogs about it, he photographs it, he even offers tours about it. And we are not talking tourist ramen… we go deep into the ramen world in today’s episode. It’s about RAMEN. Use his website as a reference guide to this week’s episode! Also, contact him for all of your ramen needs! Ramen Adventures (photo reference guide) (booking info) (

Duration: 01:24:01

58 - DABWM 10

In this week’s podcast I rant about crappy bluetooth products, crazy Canadian senators & Bill C-16 (with audio clips — the second one you just gotta hear), and clarify that journalism shifts its morality every time their dollar is on the line. I also talk about upcoming jamcasts. Strap in! Official Website ps that Brewdog Tokyo packs a punch! pps Imagine what your unelected officials espouse?

Duration: 00:59:58

57 - DABWM 9

Hey there! It’s time for an awkward acronym — DABWM. What does it mean? … In this podcast topics include This podcast was recorded, edited, hosted, written & produced by Matt Bigelow. Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Braindead Millenials Have got to go!

Duration: 02:13:52

56 - Royal Bravada (from Milan)

Royal Bravada is a rock n roll band touring Tokyo, and we breakdown the Milan music scene compared to the Tokyo music scene. I learned a lot! These guys play balls to the wall rock, and that’s why they are this week’s guest. Co-Producer Credits go out to Apryl Peredo. She can book your tour. You are just one-click away from booking your Japan Tour. In the introduction: I have seen and heard a lot of people talking about North Korea recentely, and possible military action. There are...

Duration: 01:11:45

55 - Sunset Drive (Al & Tosh)

On this episode of the MBF, Alistair Rogers & Tosh sit with me in Second Drip Recording’s Lounge (great recording studio, check ‘em out here). Mike Hannah pops in for a bit with a plastic bag. Alistair & Tosh & Mike are putting a show at Zher za Zoo on April 28, 2017. Facebook Event Page here. Co-Producer Credit goes out to Masa. Alistair and Tosh founded the band Sunset Drive (YouTube Vid), where they recorded, toured & played countless shows. Alistair is back in town recording with...

Duration: 02:28:44

MBF 53 - Saku Yanagawa (Comedian)

Saku is a comedian who spends his time writing in Tokyo and performing in Chicago. He stopped by the Ogikubo studio where we talked comedy. Introduction topics include types of Hanami, music, Jordan B. Peterson, Cotton ClubMusic Guest –> The Dirty T’s Saku Yanagawa (instagram) (FaceBook) Matt Bigelow (Website) (

Duration: 01:59:19

MBF 51 - DABWM 8

I reviewed a Mikkeller 20 IPA and a Vuur & Vlaam IPA and expanded on and introduced some Japan-related information, eh. List of topics include:Cleaning Noises; Prosecutors Apologize; Tech News: AI & Tracking; Kinlay Song (Website); Hanami; A rebuke regarding claims that I am homophobic; Japanese Cars for Womyn; Yukio Mishima & Philip Glass; Short History of Japanese Toilets; Japan [...]

Duration: 01:00:13

50 - Jay Ken (Midnight Snakes)

Jay and I sat down in a dodgy … room let’s call it. His band, Midnight Snakes, plays 70s inspired rock and sings lyrics about the nightlife and sketchy sides of living in Tokyo. In the intro I ramble about solar panel roofs, YouTubers complaining about their free platform, and play a song from GhostRoads, the movie that was written by last week’s guest, Mike Rogers. Check out the links below. Jay Ken (Midnight Snakes FaceBook Contact) Matt Bigelow (Official Website) GhostRoads...

Duration: 02:15:16

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