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A fairly odd podcast dealing with weird news and weird people.

A fairly odd podcast dealing with weird news and weird people.
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A fairly odd podcast dealing with weird news and weird people.




Episode One Season Three: Merica starts with Me

Only the possibility of winning 600 million dollars could get John and Alex back together and so with the largest Lotto jackpot looming drinks are consumed and secrets are revealed. Alex updates John on his life and John continues to expose his underlying obsession with death as well as his hatred of most of 'Merica. No news stories, too much talk of the lottery and a Waiting for Soup that goes on for 20 minutes longer than it should. If you never wanted The Oddist to end, you just might...

Duration: 01:27:22

The Oldman vs. The Show

How long has it been? No one really knows. Here is a brief little update in which I, John, your host sound terribly sad, at least I sounded sad when I was listening to this recording. Older and none the wiser I crash back into your heart and at the very least hope that this strange interlude finds you doing well and perhaps even sends some holiday cheer your way. Somehow or another we've all just stumbled across The Oddist.

Duration: 00:16:32

Episode 17 Season 2: Old People vs. Germans

Just when you thought the show had vanished into the ether. You were wrong! Although the shows aren't posted as lickity-split as they once were here is a jam-packed 44 minute episode with everything you love. What do you love? Octoberfest, Old People, Sara Jean, Kayne West, laughter and stories. Find out about Sara Jean's love of the "lazy river" and her encounters with cranky old people. Hear SJ sing songs about Father Abraham? The basement is filled with flies and creepy crawlers and if...

Duration: 00:44:15

Episode 16 Season 2: Episode 17

John and Alex tried to record a show after they recorded episode 15, thinking that John would get his act together and record episode 16 with Sara Jean. Of course that didn't happen...but it will! So this is this is 17 as 16. Don't expect anything fantastic as it is also the shortest episode of The Oddist ever. Coming in at just over 15 minutes you'll thank whatever deity you might that it is not any longer than that. If you listen to episode 15 and John and Alex sound drunk...wait until...

Duration: 00:15:21

Episode 15 Season 2: Sad Dad vs. The TV star

Alcohol is a hell of a thing. John and Alex celebrate The Woodward Dream Cruise by not going to it and getting wasted while recording. Although John reveals the possibility of his becoming a television star if you listen underneath the drunken slurring of his words you find the pain and sadness of acceptance at parental mortality. Alex reviews the movie District 9 and brings us up to date on all the latest news involving glued penises, cat porn, grooming pubic hair, and dead bodies. The...

Duration: 00:40:24

Episode 14 Season 2: King Cobra vs. The Gypsy

There have been many episodes, of The Oddist, that were recorded drunk and they sound drunk. This episode was recorded sober but it sounds like the conversations people have when they are stoned out of their minds. It's good that Douglas Adams is mentioned because John and Sara Jean talk about life, the universe and everything...literally and demons, giant cows, goat kings, helicopter prison escapes and John's baldness. What was Sara Jean in her past life? You'll find out. What is Sara...

Duration: 00:53:46

Episode 12 Season 2: One Nice, One Sober and John

This is it! The halfway point of no return! The first meeting of co-hosts! Listen to the excitement of Alex and Sara Jean trying to hold the show together while John slurs words and makes little to no sense. News stories are read, sounds are combined an iPod Nano is given away in the most [...]

Duration: 01:13:41

Episode 10 Season 2: The Jim Beam Fire Bath

As soon as the Jim Beam shots are consumed John and Alex find themselves in a world of fire baths, bra prices and prostitutes. It also seems that Jim Beam is an actual truth serum. Find out if it was John or Alex that kissed a boy and which one of them only had a [...]

Duration: 01:01:20

Episode 9 Season 2: Happy Birthday Nerds

Sara Jean returns just in time for her birthday! A perfectly timed and executed show filled with presents, candy, sexy mannequins, and toilet snakes. Find out why John never wants to turn 51 years old and if Sara Jean would ever pull a gun on her sisters. Here are some tips: Don’t pee in Old [...]

Duration: 00:42:13

Episode 8 Season 2: Cinco de Flip Flop

What happens when Sara Jean goes on vacation and Alex and John talk serious? Well it only happens for a few minutes but it’s here. Then of course it breaks down into the usual tomfoolery and drunken rambling. No guest on this episode but when John and Alex go out for drinks on Cinco de [...]

Duration: 00:50:24

Episode 7 Season 2: Fefe is in a… “relationship”

What was supposed to be a nice short show turned into one of the longest episodes in the history of The Oddist. Alex and John weigh themselves, discuss shopping and what happens when you “break” an erection. For the first time on The Oddist there are two guests, brothers none the less, who review films, [...]

Duration: 01:38:36

Episode 6 Season 2: The Juicy Show?

John and Sara Jean discuss John’s failure with women, “cults of swingers” and peeing on planes…on people. This show was originally 2 1/2 hours long but John got it down to 78 minutes without losing the conversation about “penis haircuts” and how Piston Richard Hamilton needs Lasik Tongue Surgery. If you want to learn how [...]

Duration: 01:18:05

Episode 5 Season 2: Shea LaBeouf’s Earballs

Once again there is no guest on this episode of The Oddist but that is mearly to make way for the historically epic most totally drunk episode ever. Alex shows up with some news, as per usual, and things get off to a giggly start. John reads an email from a girl who doesn’t want [...]

Duration: 01:14:25

Episode 4 Season 2: A guy a girl and mom?

Since John got drunk and woke up late he missed his chance of doing a guest interview. Sara Jean and John hold the show together with giggles, animal sounds and positivity…as positive as John can get when he isn’t taking girls shopping after the bar and burning pizza. You will also bear witness to a [...]

Duration: 00:46:58

Episode 3 Season 2: Goodonya Pervertman and Superbitch

Alex wakes John up to do the show, read the news and say “Goodonya” John promises to edit out Alex’s mistakes and then leaves them in for comedy value. It’s a good thing that interviewee John Davies, publisher of Superbitch Magazine, likes to talk because John is kind of wasted. Listen to Mr. Davies discuss [...]

Duration: 01:39:11

Episode 2 Season 2: The I Hate Bob Dylan Fanclub

No one ever wanted to hear this much whining about being single, but here you go! Another short show to introduce the listeners to our next co-host Sara Jean. It’s a surprise how happy a show can sound even though John is crying through the whole thing. Sara Jean creates a contest, of sorts, to [...]

Duration: 00:41:59

Episode 1 Season 2: Kevin the Robot and Soup

I made a choice to not do an interview on this season premiere episode so that the audience could focus on the first of the new co-hosts Alex! News is read, Drinks are drinked and a new mini-segment that Alex calls “Waiting for soup” and I call “the sandwich.” A short little season opener to [...]

Duration: 00:34:08

Episode Twelve: The Man Dress and Edible Poo

A 22 year old girl in the basement with Tenney?! Listeners meet Stephanie. The youngest person to be on the show and the second female to co-host the show. Did Tenney originally offer the position to Stephanie? Was she supposed to go on a date with Tenney? Sparks are consumed, but will sparks fly? Guest [...]

Duration: 01:03:33

Episode Ten: Virtual Durgan vs Buckaroo vs Juniper

What happens when John is forced to due the show by himself? Was the Durgle Dog contest Durgan’s last show? Never in the history of The Oddist has there been a nerdier interview, Roger and John discuss cats, video games, Star Trek and everything from Jesus Christ Superstar to “Sex-Pizza” Welcome to a new world.

Duration: 00:59:59

Episode Nine: The Durgle Dog Contest

HERE IT IS! The episode you’ve been waiting for! Held in secret and recorded under strict security. Listen to the sounds of delicious dogs being chomped! Secrets will be revealed and winners will be revered. Tenney and Durgan cook, taste and rate all of the imaginative food-stuffs that were submitted and you can hear it [...]

Duration: 00:52:23

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