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A Podcast about Photographers and Photography. Season one is will feature shows with photographers who have, in some way, been influenced by the famed photographer Thomas Roma. The season finale will be with Thomas Roma.

A Podcast about Photographers and Photography. Season one is will feature shows with photographers who have, in some way, been influenced by the famed photographer Thomas Roma. The season finale will be with Thomas Roma.
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A Podcast about Photographers and Photography. Season one is will feature shows with photographers who have, in some way, been influenced by the famed photographer Thomas Roma. The season finale will be with Thomas Roma.




Emile Askey - Episode 57

"You know I had a meltdown and went to hang out in the desert for a couple weeks…came back…I talked to my brother and he's like, you say good things but you don't do anything good. You have all these ideas…your at 10,000 feet, nothing is on the ground for you…" Emile Askey was born in California to a Macedonian/Australian mother and an African American father. At a very young age his mother convinced the family to move from LA to Australia because, she was concerned with gangs in the public...

Duration: 01:21:25

Donato DiCamillo - Episode 56

"I was a criminal, I lived that criminal lifestyle, and I really didn't give a crap about anybody's feelings…but something changed in me and photography…brought me closer to people." Donato DiCamillo has one of the more unique stories of how he got into photography. Afflicted with behavioral and anger issues, Donato was kicked out of high school and became fully immersed in a life of crime. In 2006 he was arrested by federal agents in an operation involving the Colombo crime family. It was...

Duration: 01:03:53

Gabriela Herman | The Kids - Episode 55

"I literally went from, I wasn't able to say the words out loud…my mom is gay, to basically writing it in the Times and screaming it to the whole world." Gabriela Herman does something that is rare among photographers, she makes a living with her photography. Gabriela talks to Michael about some of her career milestones, including getting some photojournalism work through Craigslist. Her new book ,The Kids (The New Press), which explores the lives of kids who grew up with LGBTQ parents also...

Duration: 00:44:55

Amani Willett - Episode 54

"…and to me that is the irony in all of this…In the act of wanting to be alone, and disappearing, he actually became famous." Amani Willett's new book, The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer, pieces together the history and the mythology left behind of a mysterious hermit who moves away from society to the deep woods of New Hampshire in the late 1700's. Amani became interested in Plummer after realizing that his father had bought the same land, where Plummer had settled, also as an escape...

Duration: 00:56:13

John Trotter - Episode 53

"I remember saying, 'That, that's it, I almost died for that…it's a nothing photograph.' That's how I would have been remembered, he died to make a really nothing photograph. " John Trotter is a former photojournalist and conflict photographer who had photographed in dangerous hot spots like Mogadishu, but it would be on a simple assignment in Sacramento California where John would face his own life altering experience. thePhotoShow becomes theCyclingShow for the start of this episode as...

Duration: 01:34:44

Michael Kamber | Bronx Documentary Center - Episode 52

"Photography is magic…it has incredible and really unparalleled power to represent and define people, communities, and see that and they want to do that and they want to be part of that." Former conflict photographer Michael Kamber founded the Bronx Documentary Center. The BDC is dedicated to providing free photographic education to Bronx middle and high schoolers, as well as education for adult Bronx photographers. Michael believes in the value of photography to educate...

Duration: 01:09:20

Lissa Rivera - BJ Lillis | Beautiful Boy - Episode 51

"It was about getting the opportunity as a woman to experience the beauty of my partner and also question beauty and how beauty is constructed and the language of beauty itself." Lissa Rivera and BJ Lillis talk about their collaboration on "Beautiful Boy." Lissa describes this work as a "…confession between friends." and that description reveals itself again and again as Lissa and BJ describe their evolving relationship that grows and changes with each photograph that Lissa makes of BJ....

Duration: 01:09:13

Aaron Turner | Photographers of Color - Episode 50

"People know that there are black artists out there but it's just about why isn't that work included in the overall narrative…Let's know the history of photography and let's figure out how we can insert ourselves into that narrative." Aaron Turner started Photographers of Color so that when you are asked the question, "How many photographers of color do you know?" you would have no excuse for having a poor answer. Aaron is the Technical Director of Film & Electronic Arts at Bard College...

Duration: 01:24:12

Float Magazine | Yoav Friedlander & Dana Stirling - Episode 49

"The feeling that you are opening a door for someone , what you always dreamt that someone would do for you…it's a very humbling experience." Float Magazine is the brainchild of Dana Stirling and Yoav Friedlander. It is an online publication that allows lesser known photographers to showcase their work with photographers who have had more success in getting recognized. In our conversation about how Dana and Yoav got started you will also hear how they became such great partners who support...

Duration: 01:13:14

Gary Schneider - Episode 48

"I realize I have a kind of self-consciousness about my history, about having grown up in Apartheid South Africa and mostly my work is outside of race…" Gary Schneider is the Director of the Graduate Photography Department at Mason Gross School of the Arts. The Harvard Art Museum has recently acquired a historic collection of printer proofs from the Schneider/Erdman Photography Lab that Gary and his lifelong partner John Erdman owned for 30 years. In addition to the proofs Gary and John...

Duration: 01:26:15

Stephen Hilger - Episode 47

"I think about that neighborhood that's been wiped away as a crime scene…" Stephen Hilger is the Photography Chair at Pratt Institute. His book Back of Town is a record of a transitional moment in a neighborhood of New Orleans devastated by Katrina. For 5 years from 2008 to 2012 Stephen recorded the struggle between preserving and demolishing the area officially known as "Lower Mid City" but commonly called the "Back of Town." We talk about Back of Town, growing up and photographing in Los...

Duration: 01:51:57

Michelle Leftheris - Episode 46

"Well I'm just going to work at this lab for the rest of my life, I'll be a lifer…because my life is over at the ripe old age of twenty four…and then I got a call from the Chair up at RISD…" Michelle Leftheris is a multimedia artist and has been a faculty member and the Coordinator of Curriculum at the School of Visual Arts MFA Photo/Video/Media program for about 11 years, but that is about to change this August as she embarks on the next chapter in her life as a full-time faculty member...

Duration: 01:25:04

Niko J. Kallianiotis - Episode 45

"Oh you know, Robert Frank did this or you know Soth did this, it doesn't really matter who did it, it's what you are going to put into it. Are you passionate about it, and is this part of your life experience?" Niko J. Kallianiotis makes photographs of places he has lived in the United States both as someone who has lived here for half of his life and as someone who grew up in Greece. His work is both reactionary and commentary. He has witnessed the economic rise and falls in both his...

Duration: 01:16:37

Jen Davis - Episode 44

"And I always kind of thought about myself in my role in the work as this otherness…it was me but it was a version of me.…" Jen Davis explores body image, identity, and relationships through the lens or her camera and the lens of her own journey transforming her body and her perception of who she is. Her work explores the tension between how you see yourself and how others see you. Jen's work is filled with intimacy and a desire to connect with others through the process of negotiating the...

Duration: 01:34:13

Spring Cleaning | New Format - Episode 43

Kai and Michael respond to all of the great listener feedback on iTunes and start their spring with a new format and guest-free show. Check out our photo news, lens reviews, and developer debate. We also check-in with thePhotoShow roving reporter, Kerry Van Pacing, fresh from the Las Vegas PCM Show. In this episode: New cameras, new lenses, photo world news, Kai and Michael go head to head on our favorite developers, and news from the bulletin board. Visit We are...

Duration: 00:29:34

Geoffrey Berliner | Penumbra - Episode 42

"As time marches on where we've become more of a technical society…we've become removed…alienated from making things, there's also a sense of a lack of community…and I think that's what we do at Penumbra, the idea that we bring people together…" Photo Credit: © Gabriela Hnizdo Geoffrey Berliner is the Executive Director of the Penumbra Foundation. An impressive organization devoted to both historical and alternative photographic processes. Kai and Michael sat down with Geoffrey at Penumbra...

Duration: 01:26:03

Efrem Zelony-Mindell - Episode 41

"That was my moment when I realized that it didn't just have to be about being the photographer, it's about photography." Photo Credit: © Landon Speers Efrem Zelony-Mindell is an artist, critic, and a curator. He's written for The Huffington Post, Vice, aCurator, L'Oeill, Dear Dave, Mossless and more. His two latests shows were Are You Loathsome at Video Revival in Brooklyn and newflesh at the Rubber Factory gallery in NYC, a show that tries to help define queer art as being more inclusive...

Duration: 01:20:19

Lucas Thorpe | Libby Pratt - Baxter St - Episode 39

"We spend a lot of time fundraising because a lot of this grant money goes directly to the artist so we need to make that up with…how do we pay for our rent, how do we pay for the lights, how do we pay me?" -Libby Pratt Lucas Thorpe hosted a panel discussion on non-profits and the arts back in December of 2016 and one of his panel members was Libby Pratt, Director of Baxter Street at the Camera Club of New York. Just before his panel Kai and Michael sat down with Libby and Lucas to get a...

Duration: 01:14:50

Martin Bell - Episode 37

"I was in London, Mary Ellen was working there (in Seattle) and I think it was the first night she was there, she saw Tiny get out of a cab in the parking lot of the Monastery night club and she said, Oh my god, this is a film." Photo Credit: © Lisen Stibeck, Mary Ellen and Martin in Iceland, 2014 Filmmaker Martin Bell talks about how he and Mary Ellen Mark came to document Tiny and how it began a 33 year long collaboration and partnership. Martin's films have won many awards and...

Duration: 00:54:30

Pen + Brush - Tricia Wright - Episode 36

"It's not always just the gender, it's the lives women lead and that makes it very difficult to be part of the commercial route…you don't fit the model of the young artist, in my case being deeply immersed in the domestic world raising a family, unable to pursue the things that the artistic model demands." -Tricia Wright Pen + Brush, a nearly 123-year-old non-profit focused on creating access to the art world for emerging and mid-career women artists, draws on a deep network of galleries,...

Duration: 01:07:44

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