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Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!

Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!


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Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!






Touched By Ghoul releases new album, ready for NYE at Liar’s Club (Episode 696)

Touched By Ghoul is one of Chicago’s more celebrated independent bands, and they recently delivered their much delayed and anticipated second album, “Cancel the World.” They join me tonight… just about 24 hours before headlining Liar’s Club for New Years Eve! Tonight's show is sponsored by Buona. Take 10% off your online or mobile order at Buona locations with my promo code (CARNE10)!


The celebrated return of ‘Punk Rock Doc’ Daryl Wilson (Episode 695)

This week marks the return of a Car Con Carne favorite: Dr. Daryl Wilson! Daryl’s the frontman of the long-running Chicago punk institution the Bollweevils (new album out next year!). Dr. Daryl is also a real doctor, so we get into a lot of his experiences and philosophies in this episode. We covered a lot of ground, including the current state of COVID and Daryl’s “punk rock Mount Rushmore.” We also dropped famous names like they were bad habits. As we chatted, we enjoyed Italian Beefless...


Music treasure Ike Reilly looks to the future, talks about remarkable past (Episode 694)

My guest this week is Ike Reilly, a man whose voice, lyrics and songs are entirely unique, original and unforgettable. We talked at length about his musically interesting and wide-spanning new album, “Because the Angels.” We also talk about Ike’s music career, specifically from the release of “Salesmen and Racists” forward. Also covered: Family: Working with them and writing songs about them. Ike’s milkshakes bring all the podcasters to the yard. I’ll straddle anything. Would Ike ever write...


Plain White Tom: The man behind Plain White Ts, Million Miler and Humans Were Here (Episode 693)

Tom Higgenson of Plain White Ts/Million Miler is one of my favorite guests. He’s a mega-talented guy with an enviable list of accomplishments (Grammy & Tony nominee, VMA nominee, Teen Choice winner), but he’s still the humble, hard-working, midwestern guy he’s always been. He jumped in my car to talk about his record label’s upcoming holiday special: The Humans Were Here Holiday Extravaganza, happening live Sunday night (12/19). Get tickets at humanswerehere.com. We talked about his label,...


The future of non-alcoholic beer is… delicious. Meet Jeff Stevens of Well Being Brewing (Episode 692)

Non-alcoholic beer was stigmatized for decades. Problem was, most NA products weren’t worth drinking. The craft beer revolution’s led to companies like Well Being Brewing, which for the past 5 years has been leading the way for non-alcoholic beer. Joining me to talk about Well Being Brewing tonight is its founder, Jeff Stevens Car Con Carne is sponsored by Buona! Take 10% off your mobile or online order with the podcast promo code (CARNE10)!


KT's Kids benefit preview with Scott Lucas, Herb Rosen & KT Augustyn (Episode 691)

I’m inspired by the work KT’s Kids does to help children who desperately need it. This Sunday night, Liar’s Club plays host to the KT’s Kids Toy Drive Fundraiser. Joining me to talk about the event are Scott Lucas (Local H), Herb Rosen (Liar’s Club) and KT Augustyn (KT’s Kids). We met at the Buona in Skokie (3754 W. Touhy). I had the Combo Bowl, Scott ordered the Plant-Based Italian Beefless, Herb went with the Combo dipped and KT had the beef dipped. And make no mistake, we all had ours...


Sci-Fi and Fantasy come alive on stage at Otherworld Theatre (Episode 690)

We’re diving into the world of fantasy and sci-fi. Otherworld Theatre, on 3914 North Clark Street, has been bringing the theatrical experience to sci-fi and fantasy for close to 10 years now, and their new production, Winter in the Wildwood, looks like the kind of thing that every family should find a way to get to. Otherworld Artistic Director Tiffany Keane joins me to talk about Otherworld’s vibe, history and approach. We also talk about lots of nerdy stuff.


Wheatonites Unite! Matt Derda at 302 Wheaton (Episode 689)

Musician Matt Derda joins me for food at 302 Wheaton (302 W. Front St.). We ate the “Wheaton Bowl” (it’s healthy, or so I’m told), fries, onion rings and more as we talked about Matt’s music and 302 Wheaton’s embracing of the local community.


Russian mythology and Italian sausage: Talking ‘Atomika’ over Johnnie’s Beef with comics creator Sal Abbinanti (Episode 688)

ATOMIKA: GOD IS RED, the independently-created graphic novel by Sal Abbinanti, is being compiled in a new Omnibus edition. Jump on the Kickstarter of Atomika while you can: It closes soon, and there are all kinds of cool extras and goodies you can get from stretch goals already hit! Sal’s a favorite of mine, and it was a pleasure to meet him at Johnnie’s Beef in Elmwood Park. Over Italian sausages, we talked about Atomika’s storyline and publication history, the independent and mainstream...


‘More bizarre than Battle Royale and far bloodier than The Ring’ - A.V. Club’s Katie Rife talks ‘Suicide Club’ (Episode 687)

“More bizarre than Battle Royale and far bloodier than The Ring”: Japanese shocker “Suicide Club” can be seen in two midnight showings at Music Box Theatre next weekend. Joining me to talk about Suicide Club is AV Club Senior Writer Katie Rife!


‘The Last Days of Capitalism’ takes on social class disparity, white privilege and authenticity (Episode 686)

The value of truth and money are explored (if not eviscerated) in the engaging, slow-burning new movie “The Last Days of Capitalism.” In a very lean, focused way, the film looks at white privilege, social class disparity, prositution and the fabric of social and sexual relationships. Joining me to talk about The Last Days of Capitalism are Writer/Director Adam Mervis, Lead Actor Mike Faiola and Lead Actress Sarah Rose Harper.


‘Cupid for Christmas’ aims arrow for Hulu this weekend (Episode 685)

Christmas and Valentine’s Day collide in “Cupid for Christmas,” a family-friendly new rom com movie debuting on Hulu this Saturday. Director Blayne Weaver returns to Car Con Carne to talk about the movie’s creation.


From thrift store find to record company publisher: Unearthing Lorna Donley and the Veil (Episode 684)

Have you ever discovered a band from a bygone era and had its music change your life? That’s what happened when music fan Eric Clements discovered a handful of cassettes at a thrift store from an 80s Chicago band called the Veil. The discovery led him down a rabbit hole to learn more. And that led him to start a record label to release a Lorna Donley & the Veil anthology, “Time Stands Still.”Clements is on the show today, along with David Thomas from the Veil, to talk about the thrill of...


Mysterious Chicago band Miirrors reflect on their future (Episode 683)

As they get ready to share a bill with Moritat at the Hideout tomorrow night, the men of Miirrors join me for a chat about music curation, live music, video creation and more!


BACK IN THE CAR with Hushdrops and Village Inn Pizzeria (Episode 682)

After a false start this summer, Car Con Carne is back in the car! This episode finds the car parked outside Village Inn (8050 Lincoln Avenue in Skokie) for a conversation with John San Juan of the long-running Chicago band Hushdrops. Hushdrops release what very may well be their finest recorded output to date, “The Static,” on Pravda Records this Friday (11/12). Also joining in on the conversation is Village Inn co-owner Desi Mulingbayan, who kindly provided delicious thin crust pizza (½...


‘Paranormal Activity’ documentarian and ‘Hell House LLC’ producer Joe Bandelli talks found footage (Episode 681)

The first Paranormal Activity made $193.4 million dollars on a $15,000 budget. The franchise is covered in deep, satisfying detail in the new documentary, "Paranormal Activity: Unknown Dimension," directed by Joe Bandelli. Joe joined me tonight to talk about his new doc (available on Paramount+), as well as the found footage franchise he produced: "Hell House LLC."


Dan Vapid and the Cheats are back with ‘Escape Velocity’ (Episode 680)

Dan Vapid and the Cheats return with a new album, “Escape Velocity,” on Friday. Considering Vapid’s career has included runs in the Methadones, Screeching Weasel and Riverdales, it may seem audacious to say that he’s delivered one of his best works yet. That said… I think he has. Dan Vapid and the Cheats return to Car Con Carne for a chat about the past, present and future.+


Bhoomi makes Indian cuisine accessible for Chicago (Episode 679)

Now that Bhoomi is up and running in the Urbanspace Food Hall (15 W. Washington), I’m catching up with Co-Founders Sukhu and Ajit Kalra to talk about their approach to Indian cuisine.


B-Movie themes collide with Chicago in George Zak's latest artwork (Episode 677)

Artist George Zak is back with new paintings to show off. See them in person at the Liar's Club Spooky Day Kickoff on Thursday 10/28!


TAAW returns to Berwyn for Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament (Episode 676)

The AAW is back with a massive weekend of live action starting Friday in Berwyn. Providing a preview of what you can expect are AAW play-by-play announcer Tyler Volz and Chicago’s patron saint of pro wrestling fandom, Kevin Kellam. Don’t sleep on these tickets. See you for the Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament!