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A place where animation and faith combine. We discuss the redemptive analogies found in Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Animation and of course anime. Presenting the Gospel in a relatable format for those of who are into animation, nerd culture and anime.


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A place where animation and faith combine. We discuss the redemptive analogies found in Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Animation and of course anime. Presenting the Gospel in a relatable format for those of who are into animation, nerd culture and anime.






We're Back!

After a few months of being on Hiatus, we are back and (hopefully) better than ever. We ease back in with a life update episode and some ramblings. We are happy to be back in your podcast rotation again!


Trolls with D.T. Powell

We haven't done a series in a while, but are excited about this one. Trollhunters (currently streaming on Netflix) is a fantastic three part series of friendship, purpose and some hard life lessons. We are joined by D.T. Powell who is an author and suggested this series to us for discussion. D.T. Powell tells ua bout her own writing and her fascination with fan fiction,


Grave of the FIreflies With Jessica Bertrand

We are back to our regular type of show. We come in hot with another studio Ghibli film (Slowly making our way through it). This was suggested to us by our guest on this episode, Jessica Bertrand. Jessica is an author who has made several contributions to the devotional Finding God in Anime volumes 1 and 2. Grave of the fireflies handles some pretty heavy topics and we encourage anyone to watch who is an anime or history buff.


Our First Convention

Join us for this episode as we share some of our experiences at our first comic con. We got to meet a couple celebrities and saw tons cosplay!


Shoot'n The Breeze( Minisode)

We are having to wrap up our mental health awareness series early. We thought this would be a good time to provide you with a couple life updates and introduce a new segment for the podcast. Enjoy this minisode!


Monsters Inc. with Rev. Katie O'Dunne

Do you battle with intrusive thoughts or perhaps suffer from OCD? We have got you covered with our guest Rev. Katie O'Dunne. Katie is a ordained minister and interfaith chaplain. She helps those who are struggling with intrusive thoughts and OCD. She navigates them through the process (including referring them to treatment) while respecting their own personal religious beliefs. We also talk about Monsters Inc. and how everyone has a monster (intrusive thought). Don't be scared to listen to this episode that is sure to bring you joy.


Orange With Debra Nute

We take a hard look at the heart of the issue that plagues many young people and adults. We discuss with Debra Nute the anime series orange as it relates to carrying the shame and guilt of something that you have no control over. Debra also shares with her own struggles with OCD and depression.


Talking About Depression and Toxicity with Amanda Kostura

We kick our mental health series with a discussion about depression and toxic thoughts. Our guest for this installment for our mental health series is Amanda Kostura. Amanda is the Founder and President of Carve Your Own Path Inc.. CYOP offers a wide array of services for varying degrees of mental health. Below are links to the two short films we discuss in our episode.


Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Arc with Cosplay and Slay

This week we revisit the anime series Demon Slayer and its newest and still ongoing (at this point) Swordsmith arc. We are joined by our guest Slay from Gosplay and Slay. They give us a peek inside the cosplay world and their favorite outfits. Do check out the video version of this podcast on our Youtube channel to check out all the visuals. We also talk about being the light of this world and being demon slayer for Christ.


Toradora, Feat. AnotherChristianArtist

Been a while since we have watched this series, but we sure did enjoy it a second time around. Join us and our guest AnotherChristianArtist as we discuss themes such as being your true self and companionship.


Our Thoughts on Super Mario (God is our infinity star)

We give your our opinions on the new Super Mario Bros. movie and links between the seen an unseen realm. We also talk about not giving up just as Mario fights the good fight to save his brother Luigi!


TIme Travel and Stuff

This essentially turned into a What are (have been) We Watching episode.


Death Parade (Who are You to Judge)

Who are we to judge? Well if you live in the world of Death Parade, that is your primary role as an arbiter. You create extreme conditions and you make your final judgement. We talk about this theme of judgement and who the ultimate judge is.


My Neighbor Totoro with Judy Liu

We are discussing a childhood Ghibli favorite. We discuss family and childlike faith with My Neighbor Totoro. And returning to the podcast as a special guest, Judy Liu


The Brave Little Toaster (Darker Than We Remember)

A bit of a shorter episode that will be more discussion based rather than faith based (that's just the way the toast came out). We do make correlations to this 1980's animated as it relates to the Body of Christ and being new creations. We also talk about what we have been watching lately!


Bungo Stray Dogs with Angela R. Watts

We talk about an anime making a comeback in its 4th season.Learn as we discuss the topic of purpose as it related to Atshusi and the agency. We also talk with our guest Angela R Watts who is an accomplished author!


Violet and Self Esteem

We talk the YouTube Short film Violet and the pressures one undergoes with self worth and self esteem. This was a short film but certainly not a short episode.


Belle with Julia Damore

For the first time on this podcast we have a family member joining us as a guest. Julia Damore is an accomplished teacher and opera singer. We have you get to know her a bit as well as discussing the 2021 anime film "Belle". We cover topics such as the positvies and negatives of social media, being the true U and have Julia give us an analysis of one of the songs from the movie.


The Wild Thornberry's Movie (A Special Species of Family)

This week we talk about the Wild Thornberry's movies that came out in 2002. Themes of family and shamanism are what is central this episode. So let your inner wild child out and join us!


All Dogs Go To Heaven 2: The Temporal Vs. Eternal

Do all dogs go to heaven? Is Charlie Barken a good dog at heart? Are we content in there here and now? If you have ever thought about the afterlife, you have probably asked yourself what it is like. We discuss this and more in this episode that barks the question "where are we storing our treasures"?