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Get inside the minds of great photographers by taking a look Behind the Shot.


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Get inside the minds of great photographers by taking a look Behind the Shot.




Photography in Mongolia

One of the best parts of doing this podcast is getting to see the amazing photography community at work. I mentioned this a few weeks ago when I had Kersten Luts (Creative Portraits and Headshots) on the show. He had been suggested as a guest by my friend, and past guest, Dave Williams ( The Aurora & The Night Sky, The Traveling Photographer). Kersten then referred me to Nina Welch-Kling (Duolougues). Well, we are here today because of another connection. A few months ago I received an email...


Documenting the Golden Era of Motocross

I am so excited to have David Dewhurst back on the show again! David is one of those legends that I could talk to everyday. His work spans through multiple genres, and has consistently stood the test of time. The first time he was on was for the show on Getting Your Photos Up To Speed. When I learned he was creating a book about his days photographing the golden era of motocross I asked him to come back on the show once it was finished, and here we are. David has been at photography for most...


Capture Better Wildlife Photos

Rick Sammon has been referred to as the Godfather of Photography, because he is one of the best there is. He jokes that he "specializes in not specializing", but the reality is that he understands light, his gear, and his subjects so well that he can photograph pretty much anything at a world class level. I've learned so much from this guy over the years, and I still learn something almost every time I talk to him. It's no wonder he is so in demand. His classes on KelbyOne are detailed, and...


Using An iPhone As Your Vacation Camera

Jefferson Graham is a Manhattan Beach, California based writer-photographer, educator, and the host/producer of the travel photography series "Photowalks with Jefferson Graham", which streams on YouTube, Tubi and the Roku Network. I first met Jefferson the same day I met Frederick Van Johnson. I drove out to watch him record his Talking Tech podcast, a show he did for USA TODAY when he was one of their tech columnists. His guests that day were Frederick and tech journalist Mark Gurman. Right...


Creative Portraits and Headshots

It looks like I will owe Dave Williams a beer, or whisk(e)y. Dave is one of the best there is, and I am so lucky that he's been on the show a few times. Well, a few weeks ago Dave emailed me to introduce me to Kersten Luts, a commercial portrait and headshot photographer based in West London. I was already aware of Kersten, along with his amazing work and Camera Shake Podcast. Kersten is one of the most creative photographers in his genre, not only thinking outside of some hypothetical box,...


Photo, Video & Audio Gift Ideas

A few episodes ago I talked about how I edit and finish some of my images in the episodes on Dodge & Burn + and Photoshop + Nik Color Efex Pro + Nik Silver Efex Pro. After those shows went live I received a few comments from people that they didn't own some of the software I mentioned, like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, or the DxO Nik Collection of plugins. That got me thinking that maybe some gift ideas might help some people. All of the things I mention in this show will make great gifts for...


Using Remote Cameras

David Bergman has been on the show many times. Along with twice on the normal shows, first back on Episode 48 for "Composition, Creativity, and Workflow", and then on Episode 137 for a "Making Better Action Photos", he was also a guest on Image Critique #9. His most recent spot was on the show about "The Best Photo Advice You've Ever Been Given". Today makes appearance number 3 on the normal shows. The other day David posted a shot to Instagram that immediately made me think of doing a show....


Photoshop + Nik Color Efex Pro + Nik Silver Efex Pro

A few episodes ago I talked about masking in Lightroom, which is one of my favorite new features in the program. It wasn't a deep dive into masking, but a demonstration of how I use masks in Lightroom to add depth to my concert photography using what I call "Dodge & Burn +". It's a technique that's easy to do, and can be used on any genre of photography. During that show I mentioned that, for most jobs, I can usually finish all of my edits in Lightroom now, but that on occasion I may still...


Creative Lighting

There are rankings in photography that I had no idea even existed. For example, the #1 Fearless Photographer in North America, and Top 3 in the World, for 2021 is Jason Vinson. He's also ranked as one of the Top 100 Fearless Photographers of all time. I am intrigued, and that alone makes me want to meet him. Jason is a multi-award winning wedding and documentary photographer, based out of Northwest Arkansas, and the awards list is impressive, with awards from Junebug Weddings, World Best...


Focusing On The Moment

I know a lot of photographers that work in multiple genres, but Kevin Jairaj is unique among them. One day he might be shooting a wedding, and a few days later college or pro sports. Then, on the days in-between, you might find him doing a fashion or boudoir shoot. What makes him unique is that he is very accomplished in each and every one of these fields. In just a few short years, Kevin has become one of the most sought after photographers working today, both in the USA and worldwide. He...


Best Photo Advice You’ve Been Given?

Today is another special episode, at least to me it is. In the almost six years I have been doing this show I have had guests share so much knowledge, and that got me thinking. "What is the Best Photo Advice You've Ever Been Given?" is a pretty open ended question. In fact, if you replace the word "photo" with "creative" it gets even more generalized. Still, it's an interesting one because for many of us there has been a moment where someone shared something with us that 'clicked'. It could...


Dodge & Burn +

I have always had a love / hate relationship with Lightroom, meaning 20% love and 80% hate. There are just parts of this app that drive me crazy, or seem like they're designed by someone that has never edited a photo in their life, or used a computer, or knows what a mouse is. Recently however, one feature has completely changed how I do my edits... Masking. Lightroom has had masks for a while, but a few recent updates have really taken them to the next level. On this episode I want to share...


Creating Better Corporate & Environmental Portraits

Corporate portraits can be challenging. Everything from tight spaces and limited time, to a mix of personalities and desired goals, the photographer has to become the fixer. Adding to that, telling the story of what someone does in a single photo might be one of the most difficult things you'll ever have to do. When it comes to these types of commercial shoots, there are many possible directions you can go. Some people opt for the traditional portrait, the ones against a backdrop. Others try...


Favorite Light Setups

LA based photographer Ian Spanier was first on the show back in 2019 for a conversation about Classic Portraits & Classic Lighting, discussing a portrait of actor Jeff bridges. His lighting style immediately struck me as something so classic, and timeless. Since then, Ian and I have become friends, and when he was invited to do a lighting workshop for the photography students at California Baptist University in my hometown he invited me to sit in. Watching his laid back style was inspiring....


Complex Photo Shoots

I get guest suggestions often, very often in fact, and almost all of them are for amazing photographers, but on occasion the suggestion stops me in my tracks. On those very rare occasions, no matter where I am or what I am doing, the photographer is so good that I need to ask them to be on the show right then. This is an example... On April 13th I saw that I had a DM on Instagram from Jaime (@elespaiz) making a suggestion that I do a show about a specific image, a global publicity photo for...


Adventure Photography

Alex Buisse is an adventure photographer based out of Alberta, Canada, but it would seem that Chamonix, France has his heart - at least photographically. Alex is a climber, but around the same time he fell in love with that, he also fell into photography. The combination of those two passions allows Alex to create some absolutely stunning photographs. These two disciplines seem to feed each other, and by Alex's own admission have caused him to climb bigger and wilder mountains so that he...


Posing Tips

At WPPI this year I ran into Vanessa Joy, my first time meeting her in person. We chatted about the classes and workshops she was doing at the conference, and the friend I was with suggested that I get her on the show again. I had such a great time when Vanessa was on the show the first time, talking about how to Elevate Your Wedding Photography, that when she agreed to do it I jumped at the chance. As I was thinking about this show, I knew that I wanted to do something different than the...


In Public: Street Photography

George Schaub is a photographer's photographer, and that may be the best compliment I can give anyone. George has a been a professional photographer since 1966, when he was the House photographer for promotion, brochures, and events at International House, NYC - and he's been a writer for almost as long. From the 1970s through the 2000s his career took off, with articles published in Studio Photography magazine, followed by articles and illustrations in the New York Times Sunday Arts and...


Overpower Daylight

Rick Sammon has said that he specializes in not specializing, and I am seeing that approach to photography more often. Today's guest is Will Cadena, and his portfolio include Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Commercial work, and Cinematography, and the entire body of work is world class. Will brings a sense of space to his images, with subjects that pop off the background. His lighting never leaves the subjects without their environment, while at the same time keeping the...


College Wrestling Photography

A few days ago Jeremy Lanthorn (@Snackem on Twitter) sent me a guest suggestion: @stevebrazill check out @LeviVentura_ and this shot of @GableSteveson at the NCAA wrestling tournament. Would make a great BTS episode. I get a lot of guest suggestions, and while I reach out to most of them, many never answer back. In this case, I replied to the tweet, Levi Ventura answered back almost instantly, and here we are with a new show. I wasn't familiar with Levi before this, but I hope more people...