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A podcast about the best, worst, and best again of fandom and fanfiction culture. Jump in with us!

A podcast about the best, worst, and best again of fandom and fanfiction culture. Jump in with us!


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A podcast about the best, worst, and best again of fandom and fanfiction culture. Jump in with us!




Undertale (with Taroturnip)

Seeing a new episode of Fanonball has finally been uploaded... it fills you with determination. Today we're joined by Mel to talk about the 2015 indie RPG Undertale! We talk about its connection to Homestuck, shipping discourse, and how it's possible to ship Sans with himself. Sources and relevant links for this episode: UndertaleUnderfellSans/FriskThe Undertale DramaFlowerfellSansWhat happened to the Undertale fandom?What happened to the Undertale fandom?The Tumblr Needle Cookie Story...


The Sentinel (with Dana Parker)

If you have read basically any fanfiction in your life, you have benefited from the existence of a 90s supernatural (?) cop drama. Today Dana Parker joins us to talk about The Sentinel, a fandom that has impacted all of fandom space as we know it today. We discuss the countless AUs and tropes the show spawned, the ways the fandom pioneered saving shows, and how Archive of Our Own would not exist without The Sentinel. Sources and relevant links for this episode: The...


Heat Waves (with Chy)

Gun to your head, what would you guess is the fandom for the top fic on AO3? Supernatural? Harry Potter? Boku no Hero Academia? You fool. You absolute rube. Of course it's Minecraft Youtuber RPF, how could you ever think otherwise. On today's episode Chy joins us to talk about Dream/GeorgeNotFound fic Heat Waves, the most popular fic on Archive of Our Own, and what it means for fandom and pop culture at large. Sources and relevant links for this episode: Heat WavesHeliumHeat WavesDream...


Hetalia (with Nat)

Have you ever awoken in the dead of night in a cold sweat and thought, "What if England and France fucked?" Well, we have some great news for you: You are not alone, and you are so not alone that an entire fandom agrees with you. Today Nat joins us to talk about the nation gijinka webcomic and anime series Hetalia! We talk about globalism with respect to the premise, how the fandom handled problematic situations, and the different ways the fans responded to racism and misogyny. Sources and...


Danganronpa (with Steeven)

THIS EPISODE CONTAINS EXPLICIT SPOILERS FOR DANGANRONPA 1, 2 AND 3! DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED! Welcome to the Ultimate Podcast! Today we're talking about the Danganronpa fandom and BOY is it a doozy. We discuss kinning, dancing on literal graves, and how the fans on the Something Awful boards were key to getting the series localized in the West. Sources and relevant links for this episode: Danganronpa FanloreDanganronpa Discourse blogDanganronpa fanfiction discourse...



Listener, don't be a sockpuppet for a Harry Potter fanboard user. Instead, listen to this episode where we talk about the USA (characters welcome) show Psych! We discuss how anti-Black racism affects the biggest ships in the fandom, why it's so small, and the ways the network encouraged fan activity. Follow the show on Twitter Beth: Twitter, Instagram Max: Instagram Email us at We are a member of the Scavengers Network. You can find our show and other great ones...


Panic! at the Disco (with Nicole Fenton)

Is it still us that makes you sweat? Are we who you think about in bed? Probably not, but a podcast can dream, right? Anyway, we're BACK and we're wrapping up our series on bandom with an episode about Panic! at the Disco, joined by Nicole Fenton. We talk about celebrities breaking the fandom fourth wall, shipping theories and... dairy products. Sources and relevant links for this episode: P!atDRydenBrencerDallon WeekesDivorce!ficPanic primer on LJPanic origin story on tumblrAnother Panic...


My Chemical Romance (with Meredith Gillies)

We ARE okay, thank you for asking. In the second episode of our series on bandom, Meredith Gillies joins us as we cover My Chemical Romance. We talk about why they're the biggest band in bandom to this day, how their creativity inspires fans' creativity, and how they will Save Your Life. Sources and relevant links for this episode: MCRFrerardWaycestA weirdly involved fandom primer on Quora, of all thingsAnother fandom primer on LJPart 1 of a 4 part Frerard primerThe Used primerFollow the...


Fall Out Boy (with Anna Clay)

Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Name Of This Podcast So We Wouldn't Get Sued (not really our network doesn't have a legal department). Anna Clay, once and future scene kid and creator of Fall Out Boy site, joins us to talk about, you guessed it, Fall Out Boy. We discuss the draw of bands for fandoms, 2005's importance for the FOB fandom and Pete Wentz's various rumored entanglements. We also thank them fr th mmrs. Sources and relevant links for this episode: Fall Out...


Kingdom Hearts (with Kieran)

We talk about a lot of things in this episode, okay, we go over a lot of history and backstory and drama – but the most, THE MOST important thing to take away is that Zexion and Demyx were originally shipped because their Organization numbers were 6 and 9. Thank you. Sources and relevant links for this episode: Kingdom Hearts Fanlore pageThis VERY GOOD reddit thread of people in the fandomKindom Hearts III, Re:Mind, Yozora and Fan ExpressionANOTHER great reddit thread about flame...


Black Lives Matter

Why is this audio file so long? The time from the last word of the statement to the last second of the track totals 8 minutes and 46 seconds. 8 minutes and 46 seconds doesn't sound like a long time until you are confronted with just how long it can drag on. 8 minutes and 46 seconds is how long it took to end George Floyd's life. At the Scavengers Network, we support the nationwide protests against police brutality; because Black Lives Matter. It is not enough to simply be “not racist”....


Final Fantasy 7 (with Kevin)

SPOILER WARNING: This discussion contains not only spoilers for the original FF7, but also new content from the remake. Today Kevin joins us to talk about the 1997 Square Enix game Final Fantasy 7, roleplaying, the great ship war™️™️™️, and our OTPs. And, briefly, Reno's tiddies. Follow the show on Twitter Kevin: Twitter Beth: Twitter, Instagram Max: Twitter Email us at We are a member of the Scavengers Network. You can find our show and other great ones on the...


RWBY (with Doubleca5t)

!!! SPOILERS for RWBY volume 6 from 1:08:55–1:09:55 !!! Are you combat ready for all the ship wars? Because boy oh boy, the RWBY fandom are. ARE THEY EVER. Today to talk about ship wars, as well as many, many other things is YouTuber and general fandom roaster Doubleca5t. We'll attempt to answer questions like is this show an anime? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which fandom faction is right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Does any show have as many ship names as this one? NO. The answer to that one is no. Follow the show on...


Scavengers Scramble: Homestar Runner (with Erin King and Raeanna Larson)

Happy Scramble Week 2020! This week Max and Beth get to take the day off and let Erin King and Raeanna Larson from Wet Hot American Moon Juice drive. They’re talking about Homestar Runner, that bizarre-yet-loveable early-2000s (and beyond!) Flash animation website that spawned such beloved pop culture references as TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR and COME ON FHQWHGADS. Follow the show on Twitter Wet Hot American Moon Juice: Twitter Erin: Twitter, Instagram Raeanna: Twitter, Instagram Email us at...


Teen Wolf (with Julia Pershing and Christian Scillian)

Note: The audio in this episode is a little iffy. Our software kind of went on the fritz – but you shouldn't have any trouble understanding any of us. Sorry about that! Y'all know what it's like to be a teen, right? Well, how about a TEEN WHO IS ALSO A WOLF?????? We thought not. On today's episode we talk to the hosts of the Teen Wolf ReWolf podcast about the Teen Wolf fandom, how the actors and network encouraged fans, and why Sterek makes no sense. Sources and relevant links for this...



This is less of an episode about early 2000s digital pet website Neopets and more of a deep look into Beth's psyche and what Internet experiences have made her into the deeply troubled human being she is today. Also, we will Venmo you $20 if you can hack into her Neopets account. Seriously. Sources and relevant links for this episode: Follow the show on Twitter Beth: Twitter, Instagram Max: Twitter Email us at We are a member of the Scavengers...


My Immortal (with Erin King)

on 2day's ep, max beht n ern cover da harry - oops sry VAMPIRE potter fanfic my immortal!!!! dey talk abt da writtin style, wonder who da author is & discus fanfic as a artform!! fangs 4 da lisen!! IF U DUN LEAVE US A REVIEW UR A POSER N A PREP OK!!!!!! Sources and relevant links for this episode: My Immortal rehost My Immortal wikipedia My Immortal fanlore My Immortal on TV Tropes My Immortal: why the famously awful Harry Potter fanfiction isn't bad at all Follow the show on...


His Dark Materials

Today we're talking about the one fandom to unite all AUs: His Dark Materials. We talk about how a small fandom became one of the most common sources for alternate universes, as well as why the source material itself might not lend itself that well to fanworks. Plus we find out what our daemons are! Sources and relevant links for this episode: “You’re My Present This Year”: An Oral History of the Folgers Incest Ad His Dark Materials on Fanlore Bridge to the Stars His Dark Materials on...


The Social Network (with Aya Lehman)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Aya's audio cuts out at around 1:04:06 and cuts back at around 1:15:31. Don't worry! She was still there! But audio gremlins attacked as they sometimes do. We're wired in today to talk about Beth's favorite movie and one of her favorite fandoms, The Social Network. Yes, that one. Aya Lehman joins us to talk about the fandom's unlikeliness, its notable works, and whether or not real person fiction is harmful or not. Plus there's a GAME. We're really pulling out all the stops...


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with Zelda Knapp)

We're here to slay in this episode (eh? eh????) about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Zelda Knapp joins us to talk about Bangel vs. Spuffy, Buffy academia, and webrings. As Buffy herself famously said, "If the apocalypse comes, rate and review us on iTunes." Sources and relevant links for this episode: Buffy on Fanlore UCSL on Fanlore The Internet Archive’s cached page of Buffy academia The Bronze archive “The Early Days of Buffy Fandom” by Anthony Letizia, for Geek Frontiers “Will the...