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New Orleans Author, Vincent "Chip" LoCoco, discusses his Italian Historical Fiction Novels and comments on the writing process. His podcast also covers a range of topics from music and opera, Italy, New Orleans, literary heroes, famous authors and anything else that his listeners may enjoy.


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New Orleans Author, Vincent "Chip" LoCoco, discusses his Italian Historical Fiction Novels and comments on the writing process. His podcast also covers a range of topics from music and opera, Italy, New Orleans, literary heroes, famous authors and anything else that his listeners may enjoy.




An Interview with Arthur Hardy - Mardi Gras Historian

Host, Chip LoCoco, interviews New Orleans Mardi Gras Historian, Arthur Hardy. Arthur is the publisher of the annual definitive guide on the season, The Mardi Gras Guide. Listen in as he explains the history and traditions of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


Elisa Speranza discusses her novel, The Italian Prisoner

Host, Chip LoCoco, interviews New Orleans Author, Elisa Speranza, as she discusses her fascinating novel, The Italian Prisoner. This is a true love story. The story of Italian/Sicilian POWs who are sent to live in camps in Louisiana, such as Jackson Barracks, and the local women they meet and fall in love with during their stay. But the story is so much more. Mrs. Speranza brilliantly brings to the reader a glimpse into what life was like in New Orleans during WWII, with an emphasis on the...


A Voice of the Golden Age

Opera Tenor, Kirk Redmann and Host, Chip LoCoco, discuss and analyze the recording of Giuseppe di Stefano singing Lamento di Federico from Cilea's opera, L'Arlesiana. One of the most famous opera arias ever written, and sung by most of the greatest tenors who lived, we are given the opportunity to hear di Stefano's own interpretation with his beautiful voice.


An Interview with Theatrical Artist, Maddy Montz

Vincent LoCoco interviews Maddy Montz, a young singer who will be performing the role of Maureen in Jonathan Larsen's musical, Rent, at the Tulane Summer Lyric Theater this August. Maddy describes her musical education and her career path to date. And then, a lively discussion takes place in which Rent is compared to the opera it is based on - La Bohème. Listen in as we hear the insights of a young singer on the cusp of a musical career.


An Interview with Pope Pius XII Scholar and Historian, Ronald J. Rychlak

Host Vincent LoCoco, author of the novel, Saving the Music, which was just named as a Finalist for Historical Fiction in the International Book Awards, interviews historian and scholar Ronald J. Rychlak on Pope Pius XII and his role during the War. A very hot topic with the opening of the Vatican Secret Archives in March of 2020 and seemingly new articles and books being published monthly critical of the late Pope with catchy headlines such as "bombshell" or "new evidence." With his legal...


An Interview with Opera Tenor, Bryan Hymel

Bryan Hymel is an internationally acclaimed opera tenor. His voice has taken him from his hometown of New Orleans to some of the greatest opera houses around the world, such as La Scala in Milan, Covent Garden in London, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Houston Grand Opera, Santa Fe Opera in New Mexico, and the Vienna State Opera, to name just a few. Host Vincent LoCoco, an Italian Historical Fiction writer from New Orleans as well, discusses with Mr. Hymel his career, including his...


Story Development for Fiction Writers

In Part 2 of his Writing Series, host Vincent LoCoco discusses the three key elements of Story Development for authors to consider: Inspiration, Setting and Plot. Story Development is how an author not only finds the story to tell, but how does the author take that idea and make it into a story. Vincent LoCoco, an Historical Fiction writer, provides insights from his own writing journey as to how an author can best develop that story to tell.


Norman Treigle: A New Orleans Voice

Host and Historical Fiction writer, Vincent LoCoco, interviews Brian Morgan on the life and career of Norman Treigle, a bass-baritone from New Orleans. Brian is the author of Strange Child of Chaos, the definitive book on this great singer. Listen in as Brian explains what made Norman perhaps the greatest singer to ever come from the City of New Orleans. How the New York City Opera became the home where his career thrived. We also get an inside look at the performers and conductors he...


Worldbuilding in Historical Fiction for Authors

In Part 1 of his Writing Series, Vincent LoCoco looks at Worldbuilding in Historical Fiction, which is one of the key elements to master in this genre of writing. Listen as Mr. LoCoco, an Italian Historical Fiction writer, gives insights and techniques for aspiring writers who want to delve into story writing that fits the genre of Historical Fiction. We hope these author tips will provide useful information for you and that you gain some ideas for your writing career.


New Orleans: More Italian Than You Might Think

New Orleans author, Vincent LoCoco, an Italian Historical Fiction writer, speaks with Vincent Liberto, also of New Orleans, on the impact of Sicilian immigration on the culture of New Orleans. Mr. Liberto is the administrator of one of the largest Facebook pages dedicated to Italian/Americans in Louisiana. This podcast focuses not only on the history of why the Sicilians came to the City of New Orleans, but also looks at the traditions that became such an integral part of the fabric of...


John Krentel Interviews Vincent LoCoco

Amazon Bestselling author, Vincent "Chip" LoCoco is interviewed by John Krentel about his latest novel, Saving the Music, which is book 2 in his much beloved Bellafortuna Series. Saving the Music is the story of Jewish musicians who are dismissed from the leading orchestras across Europe merely for being Jewish. They soon attempt to flee the rising Nazi threat across Europe. With the secret aid of the Vatican, they are hidden in Sicily, in the secluded, hilltop village of Bellafortuna. But...