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A weekly conversation between creative knobs Jacob Tender and Mike Comite.


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A weekly conversation between creative knobs Jacob Tender and Mike Comite.






038: An Overwhelming Representation

The boys are back in the same town. Jacob and Mike meet up to record a live episode of the show from a friend of the show's apartment. Our thanks to Terin for playing host and one man audience to us for the hour.


037: Whatever The Legal Repercussions

Podchasm's format is getting squished and the people of New York City could be too. Mike visits his wonderfully pedantic audiologist. Do you recall when The Man would weaponize frequencies to disperse loitering teens. Links: How worried should New Yorkers be about falling window A/C units?Tinnitus | Mayo ClinicTinnitus frequency matchingACSWestone brandThe Mosquito sound | WikipediaDune (2020)Avatar II (2021)His Dark Materials (2019)The Lord of the Rings (TV Series)The Silmarillion | WikipediaArtemis Fowl (2020)


036: World Champion Whip Cracker

Mike takes us behind the scenes of a musical performance on Conan. This leads to a discussion of the poor preservation of late night TV. The guys see drastically different concerts and discuss glow-ups from their local music scenes. Links: Mike's appearance on Conan with Julia NunesThe Whip Cracker teaches Conan how to do itJulia Michaels LivePedro The Lion LiveFred Grzybowski, The World's Best Extreme Pogo Artist


035: I Cried During Mary Poppins

Netflix has content. Hollywood doesn't scare our kids enough anymore. We do talk about Avengers. We'd warn you of spoilers, but know you've surely been spoiled by now. Links: Spiderman and Elsa


034: Singing Ditties With John

Two pop-punk kids reminisce about seminal groups, both hard and soft. Times have changed since the year of Farley's death and Dude Ranch, surely for the benefit of Pete Davidson if not for the fans of Tom DeLonge. If you don't get the grade you deserve, but instead get a better one, Is that okay? There's a lesson in objectivity vs subjectivity here and what might happen when you feign wisdom. Don't forget to tell yourself that you're the boss every once in a while, even if it's only when you're feeling it. Links: NardwuarChad's Journey | SNLSerial Episode 06: The Case Against Adnan Syedrelease schedule


033: Hide And Go Peep

NPR messed up big time. Game Of Thrones is hard to watch. Jacob brought back Fall Out Boy. The guys promise this is only an Alien podcast for one more week. Links: presses the wrong buttonlook-bookthreadWikipediaThe Cure To Growing OlderWe Liked You Better Fat: Confessions of A Pariahpiece on Hop Alongon the latest Old Best Friend albumAlmostThe Hard Timesbox setAlien ShortsnotesIntroduction to David 8Meet Walter


032: We Are What We Are To Ants

Was Fermi right? If Aliens are out there, should we have been visited already? If we were, what would that look like? Your hosts speed through some movies they can't totally agree on, then chat about—you guessed it—podcasts. Jacob has a busy podcasting schedule including a new show. Luminary has launched and there's a lot to discuss. What do you call an audio program behind a paywall? Links: explainedDistrict 9TitanicHateful EightDuneAnnihilationAlien Day (4/26)episode 31Breaking GroundLuminary BadLuminary WorseCreate Vinyl with Bandcamp


031: Also, There Is A Klaxon

Jake bought some compact discs and comic books he'll never read. The Alien 40th Anniversary shorts have begun premiering. Mike has a bum knee and a haircut. The guys lament the "end" of their favorite podcast and the greater threat of locking down "podcasts" behind a paywalled platform. Ads are fine and often actually good. Links: Coldplay on Discogs Alien: Containment Alien: SpecimenList of Alien 40th Anniversary ShortsAlien 40th Anniversary Shorts ProjectAlien Universe Chronology list Lyle The InternMBMBaM reading Extreme Restraints adMBMBaM's Extreme Restraints jingle


030: The Least A Restaurant Can Do

Jacob's eating habits are brought to bare once again as conversation devolves into Walmart-based crime. Mike shares tour stories and tips. They both have missed show regrets and there is a Beatles tangent. Gigs are just harder to get to these days.


029: If You Watch It, You'll Get It

It's early and Skype's thumb emoji is not the sort of aggression Jake wanted to wake up to today. In anticipation of the 40th anniversary of the series, they finally talk about the Alien prequel films. Spoilers abound. Skip ahead to about 43 minutes if you don't want to hear about the genealogy of the Xenomorph. There is follow up on our security episodes with tips on how to find and remove your digital footprints and stop others from tracking your down and how to apply new appendages to your Apple device. Pro tip: Just delete your Facebook. Finally, Mike begins watching Patriot and gives Jacob hair care advice. Links: Shaw / Giger referenceAlien: CovenentList of films in the Alien universeList of Star Wars-related filmsAlien 40th anniversary short filmsstored millions of passwordsRemove your information from people search sitesPATRIOT on Amazon Prime VideoThe "No Poo" method


028: It's Horizontal Surfaces You Need To Worry About

Its inching closer and closer to Spring and that means getting more intimate with the music we crave. Talk of these springtime records brings on an impromptu discussion of digital music storage and Jake's archival obsession. Links: SwinsainPlexWinampApple Music is a nightmare and I'm done with itThe Best External Optical Drives | WirecutterReplacing tracks while keeping existing metadata (like playcounts)MusicBrainzPicardKid3Advent loudspeakersSoylentBantha Fodder


027: The Right To Be Forgotten

Your OpSec is probably worse than you think it is. The guys invite on a security expert to show them the ropes of password security and Jake's information is leaked on air. Links: TwitterThe xkcd methodcounter-argumentxkcd on password reusepooped on the flooreveryone knows it@LizardChrisHave I Been Pwned?1PasswordLastPassAuthyDuo


026: Is Your Grandfather My Dad?

A bomb is dropped at the top of the show and one of your hosts gets a deep fake out. After 4 years, Jacob completes a video game while Mike has just begun one. The secrets of music supervisor roles are spoiled and Jacob has another new podcast, this time it's actually for work. Links: "Time Enough At Last" - The Twilight ZoneCaptain DisillusionAlien IsolationmodUs (2019 film)Dead SpaceP.T.onetwoDeath StrandingDoom Annihilation (2019 film)Breath Of The WildAudible/Kindle syncKingdom Hearts 3Metal Gear Solid Vbreakup explainedFree Solo (2018 film)Breaker


025: The Dark Truth About Cheers

Grab life by the big horned sheep. Adam Sandler monopolized 90s comedy. Who will rule the 20s? Following the birthday of one of your hosts, the pair waxes about age, expectation, "the track," and the inspirational transformation friends take as new parents. A mysteriously convenient package arrives at Mike's apartment and Jake gets a surprise of his own.


024: The Ingredients Don't Do It Justice

Bread, filling, bread. The subject of sandwiches make up the meat of this episode. Cabbage was bought and it was the liverwurst. The perfect bite is located and a business idea is born with waffle-cut fries on the side. There's also a game! Grab a fluffernutter, a bag of kettle-cooked chips, and salivate responsibly. Sandwich Shops: Primanti BrothersDarwin'sMeltDeli OhioThank you to CountryLiving for the list of regional favorites.


023: Check His Pockets

Mike is working through the tedium of his record release and binary options are a bother. Does negative feedback hose the customer service employee sipping chai lattes on the other end? Despite being the reigning NYC Battle Pod champion, his desire to play it cool is very powerful. Jacob has a very busy schedule prior to his work retreat, hence the truncated length of this episode. They'll make it up to you with a savory follow-up next week. Help Sam Lloyd Beat Cancer


022: Foggy Day

What do you do if you have the largest archive of Late Night's greatest show? Australian timezones are weird, huh? Jake's schedule is back on track, but he's been feeling off lately. He's added a carbon monoxide detector to his Amazon cart. Does Spotify buying Gimlet matter? Justin Jackson makes a case for Apple as a buyer. In the era of Netflix, why are all of the greatest shows still from cable networks? Jake is still making use of his CD/DVD drive. Rest In Peace Venetia Fair. Long live Sprained Personality. Buy a CD from Mike's old band here. Buy a new album, Almost, from Old Best Friend here.


021: I Hope This Information Meet You Well

The fellas get some life-changing listener mail and debate who they should call first with the news. There is apartment follow-up and an update on Jake's Twitter cleanup. Alien Isolation is a very good flawed game, as told by a flawed player. Mike's father narrowly avoids a disorderly arrest at a local football match with toasty hands, indeed. Do Ohioan's have accents? Tabletop roleplaying games require some self-awareness. There is spoilery talk of Escape at Dannemora at the end.


020: If You're Cold, They're Cold

The first winter storm of the season has hit the midwest and Jacob is making the most of it. Mike is applying protective wax to his pup's paws. There is follow-up on last week's podcasting conversation detailing how to keep yourself and your cohosts accountable for your show. Schedule aggressively. The big conversation this evening is scrubbing your past. Specifically, cleaning out the Twitter junk left behind by an older you. It's an introspective and nasty affair. So is the task of world waste. Also, dog poo bags are terrible. Speaking of trash, Jacob has returned to Survivor and dragged his partner down with him. The Comite household has similar disgusting vices. The Stereo Confidential podcast (formerly Modern Vinyl) can be found here. Good luck guys! There is spoiler-free talk of Escape at Dannemora, with more to come when Jake finishes the show.


019: I Guess That’s Why You’re The Producer

He may not have the tools, but Jacob has big plans to build winter lodgings on public land. Mike resurrects a gaggle of log dead snow people and his father's ice phallus. Don't put clothes on the dog. There are a bunch of reasons to have someone take over your thing while you're gone. Share your audience and take a break every once in a while. Just don't get your hopes up for this show, folks. The main topic this week is podcasting for beginners. The barrier to entry is dropping too low. They venture into the weeds on gear, but first come up with some general advice for how you should expect things to go to start and how to keep things going. Don't spend too much $ on microphones to start. Record in your closet. Make your priorities planning, sustainability, and enjoying the process. If you have podcasting questions, you can ask on Twitter.