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Anda Gansca, CEO and Co-Founder at Knotch, and Andrew Bolt, Chief Customer Officer at Knotch, sit down with marketing leaders to dive deep into their content journey. Together, they discuss effective strategies, proper measurement, and how to avoid being pigeonholed by traditional marketing assumptions.

Anda Gansca, CEO and Co-Founder at Knotch, and Andrew Bolt, Chief Customer Officer at Knotch, sit down with marketing leaders to dive deep into their content journey. Together, they discuss effective strategies, proper measurement, and how to avoid being pigeonholed by traditional marketing assumptions.


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Anda Gansca, CEO and Co-Founder at Knotch, and Andrew Bolt, Chief Customer Officer at Knotch, sit down with marketing leaders to dive deep into their content journey. Together, they discuss effective strategies, proper measurement, and how to avoid being pigeonholed by traditional marketing assumptions.






Content-Fueled Growth with Zillow, Chime, Nielsen, Dropbox, and Paul Hastings

Modern leaders recognize that a holistic content strategy not only connects data, product, sales, and marketing, but also helps reduce customer acquisition costs while fueling demand generation and growth. Hear from five growth leaders from different industries as they share how they make content-driven growth the core of their strategies (and how they tackle top-down mandates in their day-to-day). PANELISTS Anda Gansca | Co-Founder and CEO, Knotch (Moderator) Lindsay Chastain | Vice...


Keith Barber (Director of Digital Customer Experience, Tyson)

Joining us on this episode is Keith Barber, Director of Digital Customer Experience at Tyson, specifically within food services, which supplies Tyson products to large-scale food service providers like restaurants or school districts. He turned to data to understand what part of the purchaser's journey could be owned by his team. Especially during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Keith saw an opportunity to build trust and loyalty using Tyson's content. He wanted to influence a path...


David Parker (Vice President of Digital & Solution Design, Phillip Morris International)

David Parker's career has connected content, data, and tech, both at PMI and previous roles. It's crucial that content and marketing teams realize the lens and feedback data provides can inform content, and content should enhance your data. Find more great stories at David is no longer an active employee at Phillip Morris International, and the opinions expressed in this interview are solely his and do not necessarily reflect those of PMI. See Privacy Policy at...


Alex Moore (Global Head of Content, Dropbox)

We are proud to welcome Alex Moore, the Global Head of Content at Dropbox to Pros & Content. Leading editorial efforts and top of funnel content, Alex brings Dropbox’s mission to life with passionate storytelling - especially as those stories pertain to how we think about work, and the shape work might take in the future. He talks with us about measurement & the importance of connecting content to outcomes such as tracking perception across his content and building, creating, and...


Wylie Kain (Head of Brand Marketing, American Century Investments)

Joining the show today is Wylie Kain, the Head of Brand Marketing at American Century Investments. American Century stands above other private investment management firms in its commitment to fighting for the greater good. 40% of profits go directly to funding cures for gene-based diseases. This altruism directs all of Wylie’s work. She believes in telling compelling, credible stories that spark positive action, helping American Century differentiate itself in the increasingly competitive...


Marc Appel (Managing Director, Global Brand Content, Accenture)

Our content leader today is Marc Appel - the Managing Director of Global Brand Content at Accenture, a professional services org that really does it all. Thanks to their wide range of clients & partners, Accenture requires a tremendous amount of content. Marc diligently surveys each business line and finds hidden connections among them - crossing silos to enable content built for one vertical to impact or assist another, simplify messaging overall, and educate audiences. Marc also...


Todd Hassenfelt (Senior Director of eCommerce, Simple Mills)

Joining us on Pros & Content today is Todd Hassenfelt, Senior Director of ECommerce at Simple Mills! As their name suggests, Simple Mills sells nutritious food with a focus on flavor - things like almond flour brownies and veggie pita crackers - made with ingredients you’d recognize. This mindset of positive impact extends beyond uniquely healthy products. Todd commands an uncommon strategy for a CPG. He blends eCommerce and content to avoid conforming to traditional CPG expectations, like...


Tony Wells (Chief Brand Officer of USAA)

Today on Pros & Content, we’re proud to be joined by Tony Wells, Chief Brand Officer of USAA, a financial insurance company dedicated to servicing military members and families. That mission drives everything USAA touches, and as a Marine, impassions the work Tony accomplishes every day. Tony leads a number of initiatives including marketing, corporate communications, military affairs & corporate responsibility. He talks to us about how having such a specific member-base with unique...


Aruna Ravichandran (CMO & VP, Cisco Webex Collaboration)

Joining us today is Aruna Ravichandran (CMO & VP at Cisco Webex Collaboration). Aruna had a unique path to CMO, starting her career as a product engineer before transitioning to marketing - however, Aruna sees these roles as complementary. Her focus has remained on solving customer pain points, no matter her title. As the world moved digital, Aruna’s work at Webex went from important to critical in the blink of an eye. And as it slowly returns to normalcy, Aruna remains laser-focused on...


Mallory Russell (Head of Content Marketing, Square)

Today on the podcast, we’re joined by Mallory Russell, the Head of Content Marketing at Square. Mallory believes great content doesn’t just generate brand awareness but services the entire marketing funnel. Learn how her content strategy services a wide variety of Square buyers. Square seeks to answer consumer questions before they even have them, while simultaneously showcasing how their solutions can help support small businesses. Furthermore, Square aims to tell authentic stories that...


Paz Macdonald (CMO, Software AG)

Our guest today is Paz Macdonald, CMO at Software AG. Paz is a transformative leader, and has successfully brought an aging tech brand into the future by focusing on how their products are providing value to end-users. She’s done this by shifting messaging around business outcomes, fostering an authentic brand voice, and experimenting with data-driven strategies. Paz also talks about the importance of advocating on behalf of the marketing organization. As a champion CMO, her job is one of...


Shade Vaughn (CMO, Capgemini North America)

Shade Vaughn (CMO, Capgemini North America) joins the show to talk about how he’s succeeded at defining the voice of a large B2B company through content, while navigating an ultra-competitive market. Shade emphasizes the need to expertly maneuver and customize messaging for cross-functional situations. His storied background in both communications and marketing help him achieve different goals while working together. He spotlights how to reach your customers at exactly the right moment,...


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Special Episode: Leanne Cutts (Group CMO, HSBC)

Leanne Cutts, Group CMO of HSBC, joins Anda Gansca to talk about the importance of content in guiding the customer journey. It’s become more important than ever for prospective customers to access the information they need quickly and easily. Providing that access in a curated, digital environment is something that Leanne champions in her work. It was her top priority earlier this year when HSBC was forced to pivot as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic—and has become foundational to HSBC’s...


Announcement: End of Pros & Content Season 1

Thanks for listening in to Pros & Content Season One! After 37 episodes, and 37 amazing conversations with marketing leaders, we're closing the books on our first season. Our next season will be back before you know it, so don't miss us too much. We also may drop a few very special episodes in between, keep an ear out. To tide you all over until season two, why not look back at some of our best episodes? Or visit us at Thanks again for sticking with us, and we’ll...


Roundtable: Knotch x MikMak Webinar Series Finale

Welcome to our tenth and final roundtable episode! Over ten weeks, Anda Gansca (CEO & Co-Founder, Knotch) and Rachel Tipograph (CEO & Founder, MikMak) met with dozens of marketing & business leaders to talk about the COVID-19 crisis. We covered a lot of ground about navigating the uncertainty that we continue to face. While the roundtable series is closing out, the conversations will live on. This crisis has forced consumer behavior and business operations to evolve and innovate. As...


Roundtable: Taking Steps Forward

Today, on Pros & Content, the 9th entry in our 10 part series of online roundtables focusing on COVID-19. Over nine weeks, Anda Gansca and Rachel Tipograph have brought together panels of inspiring speakers to talk about reactions and responses from different industries, countries, and individual perspectives. No two have been alike. Everyone has faced a unique battle during these past few months. And, while these roundtables have wound down, we continue to seek and participate in honest,...


Roundtable: Evolving Marketing Messaging

The eighth of our weekly roundtable series. Alongside hosts Anda Gansca and Rachel Tipograph, our guests discuss how certain brands have evolved their marketing messaging and content across the course of the COVID-19 crisis. They review the lasting changes that it is going to have on how marketers approach their work, and which companies stood by their values and messaging throughout it all. Our guests include: Monique Bonner (CMO, Akamai Technologies), Aimee Johnson (CMO, Zillow), Linda...


Peter Eliopoulos (Senior Advisor, Former-CMO at M&T Bank)

Today on Pros & Content, we’re joined by Peter Eliopoulos, former CMO of M&T Bank, where he still serves as a senior advisor. Peter’s long career in marketing has taught him a thing or two about the importance of content. He talks with Knotch CEO Anda Gansca about his experience building high-performing content teams from scratch. Peter looks at all marketing through a scientific lens and rejects easy answers. He says his content succeeds because it comes from a place of intellectual...


Ben Stuart (CMO, Bank of the West)

Today on Pros & Content, we talk to Ben Stuart, Chief Marketing Officer at Bank of the West. As a leading sustainable finance organization, it’s crucial that Bank of the West's environment-centric content be authentic and educational. Stuart speaks on the importance of driving awareness about climate change, and learning from the past failures of the financial industry. He argues that sustainable brands need to build marketing organizations with these concerns in mind. Stuart also talks...