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Josef Oscar Weinstein of MoJo Edinburgh converses about all manner of all things with the icons, pioneers & misfits of the creative industries.

Josef Oscar Weinstein of MoJo Edinburgh converses about all manner of all things with the icons, pioneers & misfits of the creative industries.


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Josef Oscar Weinstein of MoJo Edinburgh converses about all manner of all things with the icons, pioneers & misfits of the creative industries.




Zaida LaRose

Zaida LaRose is an American singer-songwriter, now based in Scotland. LaRose’s debut LP will be released in Summer 2022. Make sure to follow LaRose’s instagram to stay up-to-date with recorded & live music announcements - Podcast Enquiries -


Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is a photographer, videographer & author. Named the ‘Photographer of the Decade’ by The Guardian (1989), he is best known for his portraits of & album artwork for various bands, including Depeche Mode, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Clash & many more. You can access the archive of Brian’s photographs, as well as details of his recently released autobiography, ‘Black Country DADA’, through his website - Podcast Enquiries -


Ben Fleming

Ben Fleming is a Founder & Artistic Director of Three Pound Coin Theatre Company, as well as a Non-Executive Director at YouthPolitics UK. His upcoming project, ‘Cybercarnival’, is a multi-media promenade performance set in queer cyberspace. You can find out more about the project on the ‘Cybercarnival’ website - Podcast Enquiries -


Brigitte Lardinois

Brigitte Lardinois is the Director of the Photography & Archive Research Centre (PARC) at the University of the Arts, London. She is the organiser & lead researcher of the ‘Edward Reeves Archive Project’ - a holistic investigation into the world’s longest established photography studio, Edward Reeves Photography, based in Lewes, East Sussex. Make sure to check out the project by visiting Podcast Enquiries -


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Katie Gregson-MacLeod

Katie Gregson-MacLeod is a Scottish singer-songwriter. Her debut EP, ‘Games I Play’, was released in 2021 & received critical acclaim, with the title track featured as ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Radio Scotland. Stay up-to-date with Katie’s upcoming gigs & music releases by checking out her website - Podcast Enquiries -


Rob McLaughlin

Rob McLaughlin is a Scottish singer-songwriter. He is the lead singer & guitarist for Shorthouse. Make sure to check out Shorthouse’s 2022 live dates & their upcoming debut EP by following @shorthousemusic on social media & Spotify. Podcast Enquiries -


Lewis McLaughlin & Hector Shaw

Lewis McLaughlin & Hector Shaw are Scottish singer-songwriters. Following his 2020 EP ‘Paper In The Rain’, Lewis has released a selection of singles on Monohands Records throughout 2021, whilst Hector’s debut EP, ‘Gravity’, was released on May 21. Podcast Enquiries -


Lady Helen Hamlyn CBE

Lady Helen Hamlyn CBE is a designer & philanthropist. Renowned for her pioneering work in design for the elderly, she now runs The Helen Hamlyn Trust - an independent, grant-making organisation who have initiated major charitable projects at Imperial College London, The Royal Opera House & The Royal College of Art. Podcast Enquiries -


Nina Antonia

Nina Antonia is an author & music journalist. Widely acknowledged as the grande dame of rock biographies, she is best known for chronicling the lives & adventures of The New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Peter Perrett & Brett Smiley. Podcast Enquiries -


Jerry Rothwell

Jerry Rothwell is a feature-length documentary filmmaker. He is best known for directing the critically acclaimed documentaries ‘Sour Grapes’, ‘How To Change The World’ & 'Town of Runners'. His most recent film, ‘The Reason I Jump’, won the World Documentary Audience Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Podcast Enquiries -


Colin Blunstone

Colin Blunstone is a singer, songwriter & musician. He is best known for being the frontman & a founding member of The Zombies. Make sure to check out The Zombies’ livestream from Abbey Road Studios on September 18 2021, as well as their upcoming UK tour dates. Podcast Enquiries -


Will Sergeant

Will Sergeant is a musician, artist & author. He is best known for being the founding member & lead guitarist of Echo & the Bunnymen. His memoir, ‘Bunnyman’, is out now. Podcast Enquiries -