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An interview podcast hosted by southern cultural guru and entertainer Tony Perdue, featuring unique minds that go beyond the status quo in southern music, comedy, art, and culture.


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An interview podcast hosted by southern cultural guru and entertainer Tony Perdue, featuring unique minds that go beyond the status quo in southern music, comedy, art, and culture.






Episode 7 - Boaz and Razmatazz - special guest Eric Frank

Tony headed over to Boaz, Alabama to talk to guitar player and singer/songwriter Eric Frank about recording music in the early 90s, the Alabama alien abduction, the Flip Top Heads, and vampires. Support the showhttps;//


Episode 6 - You got alotta Nerve - special guest James Irvin

Tony sat down with the multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter James Irvin in Huntsville, Alabama. They talked about growing up as a weirdo in a small town. James has been in many musical projects over the years, like: "The Nerve", his solo material, and his work drumming with other bands, including Jason D Williams, and Microwave Dave and the Nukes. James talks about what it was like recording the special for PBS at Sun Records, and his gig with Jason D Williams at the Grand Ole Opry. Support the showhttps;//


Episode 5 - Hits and Grits - Clearwave Studio and Ten Ton Records - special guest Jeremy Stephens

Tony Sat down with the great producer / engineer, Jeremy Stephens at Clearwave Studio in Decatur, Alabama. He talks about his experience with Johnny Sandlin recording Greg Allman in the 90s, his background in recording, and some of his process in creating killer records by cutting out his own unique path. They also discuss the Ten Ton Records label, and some great new acts making their imprint on the South. Support the showhttps;//


Episode 4 - Ghosts and Wolves - That Giant Winkin' Eye in the Sky - special guest Lyle McClendon

Tony sat down with Lyle McClendon to talk about Ghosts and Wolves, Hexxus, and his podcast: Good Ole Gamers, along with their shared obsession with the 70s Biker movie "J.C.". Support the showhttps;//


Episode 3 - Sharecroppers, Preachers, and the Alabama Wildman - special guest Thomas Eugene Perdue

Tony sat down with his dad, Thomas Eugene Perdue aka The Alabama Wildman. They discussed his times growing up as a sharecropper in South Alabama during the great depression, and his work broadcasting on Armed Forces Radio as the Alabama Wildman. He talks about meeting some of the country and rock n roll stars of the 1950s, and about his experiences traveling the world while he was in the military during Vietnam. Support the showhttps;//


Episode 2 - Muscle Shoals Country Soul Connection - special guest Maxwell D. Russell

Tony heads over to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to interview Alabama Blues Hall of Fame member; Maxwell D. Russell. They talk about the history of Muscle Shoals, and the process of Songwriting. Max also talks about experiences growing up in Muscle Shoals, and his many musical endeavors in roots music, including playing guitar in Tony's band, and his own bands over the years. Support the showhttps;//


Episode 1 - Southern, Weird, and Punk in the 90s - special guest Jason Sims

Tony sat down with Improv comedian and longtime friend Jason Sims. They talked about growing up in Cullman, AL. They also reminisced about their weird experiences working together at a public access TV station in the 90s, and their time together playing in their very first punk band they called OFF! (Not the band with Keith Morris in it) If you like the Southern Renaissance Podcast with Tony Perdue, be sure to tell your friends and especially your enemies! Support the showhttps;//