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Speak Out is the radio show/podcast made by OutWrite Newsmagazine, the oldest queer college publication in the nation established in 1979 at the University of California, Los Angeles. A mix of talk, interviews, and advice, Speak Out is a deep dive into queer community in all its forms.


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Speak Out is the radio show/podcast made by OutWrite Newsmagazine, the oldest queer college publication in the nation established in 1979 at the University of California, Los Angeles. A mix of talk, interviews, and advice, Speak Out is a deep dive into queer community in all its forms.




Protecting Queer Spaces and Other Lessons We've Learned So Far

The Speak Out crew recount their queer journeys in college! This is our final episode until September, so we hope you enjoy. 0:00 Intro 1:15 Joining OutWrite and our first contributions 20:58 Keeping our spaces safe and functioning 31:22 Our role within the queer community 36:55 Fighting back to protect queer spaces and making them better (+ an intersectional PSA) 44:59 Growing while keeping in touch with history 52:03 Embracing the messiness of queer identity 56:27 Holding on to community through the hate 1:02:01 Advice and revelations 1:11:47 Our final farewell Check out the graduates' work! Christopher: https://outwritenewsmag.org/?s=christopher+Ikonomou Judah: https://outwritenewsmag.org/?s=judah+c Kelly: https://outwritenewsmag.org/?s=kelly+doherty Lily: https://outwritenewsmag.org/?s=mieko+tsurumoto Lorely: https://outwritenewsmag.org/?s=lorely+guzman


The Highs and Lows of Queer Relationships, Sex, and Romance

The Speak Out crew talk about queer relationships! They discuss dating apps, romantic ambiguity, making the first move, sober spaces, different types of relationships, the institution of marriage, the nuclear family, queer and trans sex, gender roles, and Glee. 37:54 - 41:32 Explicit mentions of sex!


Online vs. Offline: Where Does Queer Community Thrive?

The Speak Out crew talk the pros and cons of finding queer identity, culture, and community online.


Ranking LGBTQ+ Pride Flags TIERLIST

The Speak Out crew rank a bunch of pride flags! 0:00 Intro 1:47 Rainbow 3:31 Progress Pride 6:26 Gilbert Baker 1978 9:12 Philly Pride 12:39 Transgender 16:33 Lesbian 19:10 Gay Man 21:14 Bisexual 25:31 Nonbinary 28:05 Genderqueer 30:20 Genderfluid 34:05 Pansexual 36:26 Polysexual 38:02 Omnisexual 41:11 Asexual 46:29 Aromantic 48:13 Demisexual 50:10 Agender 52:26 Aroace 54:29 Bigender 55:38 Demigirl / Demiboy 57:02 Intersex 59:17 Aegosexual 1:01:24 Honorable Mentions


Queer Am I the Asshole Part 2!

The Speak Out crew judge queer-themed r/AITA posts from Reddit... again! (0:00) Intro (00:44) Inviting the abuser to birthday dinner? (10:06) Accusing my sister of being a fake lesbian? (18:23) Outing my trans cousin? (24:43) Internet Culture Interlude (32:21) Abandoning my trans daughter for The Boys (44:57) Networking with homophobes (55:26) Ending on a positive note


Queer Joy Is Real: Living as a Queer Asian American

Christopher interviews some OutWrite staff about their experiences as queer Asian American people! They talk realizing their identities, coming out, hidden impacts of colonization, men being stinky, favorite queer Asian representation, the false dichotomy of choosing race or queerness, not fitting in, advice for youth, and finding gaysian community.


Let's Go Lesbians!: Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week

The Speak Out crew interview a platoon of lesbians for Lesbian Visibility Week! They discuss their favorite lesbians, realizing your identity, lesbian gender expression, things to love about being a lesbian, appreciating the lesbian community, the male gaze, and advice for prospective lesbians. (They almost get through the whole thing without a single man! Almost.)


Am I the Asshole?: Queer Edition

The Speak Out crew judge queer-themed posts from r/AITA, plus a couple of our own! (0:00) Intro (3:03) Oblivious trans reunion (6:38) Resenting partner’s transition? (self-written) (16:51) Keep your gender out of my vacation! (25:07) Be straight, get rich quick! (31:48) Random women hate that I’m gay (38:03) Get landlord’d, homophobe (45:14) Outing my son before he’s ready? (52:59) Is cheating worse than a hate crime? TL;DR: Be gay and don't be an asshole!


Making Our Own World: Queer Headcanons, Tinhatting, and The Great Gatsby

The Speak Out crew talk all things headcanon! They discuss their favorite headcanons, shipping, authorial intent and death of the author, making your own canon, tinhatting and conspiracies, and the weird show about dogs that's actually about men who are actually cats sometimes.


Am I Gay Quizzes and Growing Up Queer

The Speak Out crew talk growing up queer in the internet age. They discuss Tumblr and the queer-coded things they enjoyed as kids, and take an infamous Am I Gay quiz live!


Interview with Philly Art-Punk Band Grocer

Christopher and Judah interview Cody, Danielle, and Nick of Grocer, an up-and-coming alternative rock band from Philadelphia. They talk their origin story, developing their sound, musical influences, quintessential tracks, appealing to outcasts, future goals, and their newest EP "Scatter Plot."Get tickets to see Grocer live at Junior High LA on March 30, supported by Cowboy Boy and Apperson. Listen to "Scatter Plot", follow Grocer on Instagram and Twitter, and check them out on Bandcamp.


The Transgender Variety Hour: Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility (ft. T-Boy Swag)

Christopher, Judah, and special guest Evan talk the unfiltered trans experience in honor of Trans Day of Visibility! They discuss the minutiae of their identities, intersectionality, self-perception, the dreaded bathroom debate, the absurdity of transphobia, bioessentialism, fascism and trans genocide, the medical system, bodily autonomy, and loving transness.Check out T-Boy Swag: linktr.ee/tboyswag


What is Bisexuality?

Judah, Lily, and Colson talk all about bisexuality in honor of Bisexual Health Awareness Month. They discuss defining their identities, intersectionality with transness, realizing they were bi, what they love about their bisexuality, bi representation and erasure, sexual health and education, and advice for their younger selves. Get a copy of our Culture issue: https://outwritenewsmag.carrd.co


Queer Culture, Where It Comes From, and How We Can Do Better

Judah and the Speak Out crew talk about queer culture and its origins. They discuss love for denim, reading as escapism, creepypasta, fashion, palatability, neopronouns, womanhood, and what it means to be nonbinary. This episode is in honor of our Culture issue coming out March 10! Get info here: https://outwritenewsmag.carrd.co/


What Does It Mean To Be Aromantic?

Christopher and special guest Omaia share the ins and outs of their aromanticism in honor of Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. They discuss the minutiae of their identities, their favorite aromantic headcanons, queerplatonic relationships, coming out, defying expectations, and advice for their younger selves.


Thank God I'm Gay This Valentine's Day!

The Speak Out crew talk about all things love this belated Valentine's Day! They discuss heartwarming and horrifying dating stories, navigating dating apps, when to make the first move, the fuzzy line between platonic and romantic love, and valuing compassion and community above all else.


Joy in Black Trans Humanity: Interview with Hip-Hop Artist Cuee

Christopher, Judah, and Michel interview Cuee, a Black trans recording artist from Chicago. He speaks about being a Black trans human, self-love and staying positive, embracing his transition, his dream collaborations, and more. Stream Cuee's latest track "See You Tonight" and pre-save his "Loverboy" EP, dropping on Valentine's Day.


What Are We Fighting For?: Intersectionality in Queer Community

Judah, Christopher, and Lily discuss intersectionality along the lines of race, culture, class, and disability as they relate to queer and trans identities. They explore its usage within queer spaces to both demonize and uplift certain voices, and which direction the community should be going with these conversations.


Bodies Bodies Bodies, That 70s Show, and Hannibal: The Good, The Bad, and The Conflicted in Queer Representation (Part 2)

Judah, Christopher, and JQ continue their conversation on queer representation. In Part 2, they talk about That 70s Show, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Monstrous Regiment, Genera+ion, Sort Of, Knives Out, Scream, Good Omens, The Umbrella Academy, Hannibal, Killing Eve, No Time To Die, The Walking Dead, and Hades.


The Last Of Us, Harry Potter, and Euphoria: The Good, The Bad, and The Conflicted in Queer Representation (Part 1)

Christopher and Judah (and special guest JQ) explore some good, bad, confusing, and headcanoned queer representation in film, TV, and video games. In Part 1, they talk Netflix's "Gentefied, AMC's "The Walking Dead," "Harry Potter," "Skyrim," "Euphoria," and "The Last Of Us" games.