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Episode 5 – Lex

“People’s eyes would just light up. People felt so happy and excited, and they would open up to me and tell me what they ate, or what their grandma cooked, or what they knew about ancestral food connections between their family in South Carolina and the fact that they are African American. Or their family … The post Episode 5 – Lex appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.


Episode 4 – Amy

“I showed her a photo on my phone of my mom and her siblings as little kids and she pointed to each individual child and said their Vietnamese names… and I just burst out crying.” Imagine travelling to your parents’ old country that they used to call home. But that’s not exactly the reason why … The post Episode 4 – Amy appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.


Election Special – Final Thoughts

The 2019 Canadian Election Day is Monday. And I’ve been thinking a lot about my vote. I tried to have conversations with my local candidates and have them recorded for the Stories podcast. I met with the NDP and Conservative candidates for about an hour each. I was able to talk to the Liberal candidate … The post Election Special – Final Thoughts appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.


Election Special – NDP Salman Tariq

I’m following up on my promise to use my podcast as a platform to participate in democracy. Every election, I try to meet with the candidates in my riding and talk to them directly about the policy issues. I want to get to know who they are and what their values are. This time, I’m … The post Election Special – NDP Salman Tariq appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.


Episode 3 – Ayla

“It is very difficult for us to feel as citizens that we have a space to fight for something… I don’t feel like I can convince someone that this is worth fighting for and that is a horrible thing to have and I think that is really the root of the problem.” Today, I’ve got … The post Episode 3 – Ayla appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.


Episode 2 – Louise

“Oh my gosh, Obama just said hi to me… but I still blame him for losing game 2. Thanks Obama!” This week, I got the chance to catch up with my friend Louise. We recorded on the patio of a Mississauga Starbucks. Of course, I had to talk Raptors, so I had to bring on … The post Episode 2 – Louise appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.


Episode 1 – Maha

“I think we all walk around with a lot of sense of guilt and shame about the things that we aren’t or the things we haven’t done. I know I do. But when you start to talk about those painful, fractured, broken pieces inside of you that are a part of your story, it’s – … The post Episode 1 – Maha appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.


Test Episode 1 – Quan

This is a new podcast I'm working on. So far, it's called Stories. I'll be asking friends and guests the main question: "What's your story?" The post Test Episode 1 – Quan appeared first on Stories with Angelo Gio Mateo.