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Join us for a different look at life. We sit down and discuss everything from current events to humanity, food, lifestyles, hot topics & more!


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Join us for a different look at life. We sit down and discuss everything from current events to humanity, food, lifestyles, hot topics & more!




Unmasking the Dark Side of Power, Pt. 2

Listen in as we continue our episode on SA, in the industry, politics and fashion. In Part 2, we discuss Epstein, Maxwell, and that whole situation. We also talk about Barrett Pall, an advocate for survivors of SA, and his mission of exposing would-be predators. There is help for survivors - please get in touch with one of the organizations below! Rainn: Crisis Text Line:...


Mental Health Check: LIVIN Foundation with Caitlin

Trigger Warning: Suicide Prevention We sit down and discuss a topic that needs attention, a subject that everyone needs to normalize talking about. There is help. There is hope. There are people who care. You are not alone. Please join us as we welcome special guest Caitlin Branson, a mental health advocate with the Livin' Foundation. NATIONAL Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: dial 988 from a mobile phone, or 612-596-1223 from a landline Adult mental health crisis response phone numbers...


Unmasking the Dark Side of Power, Pt. 1

In Part 1 of Unmasking the Dark Side of Power, we talk about SA, and the dangerous people who use their power to prey upon our youth. We want to bring awareness to this topic, because it affects so many people. We discuss some prominent abusers who are in the limelight: Jared Fogle, Brian Peck, Jimmy Savile, among others, and how they were able to commit crimes for so long. Part 2 will bring you Epstein, and everything that goes with that topic, but we will also discuss the good guys- people...


Things Are Happening, People Are Noticing

It's a Neverending Story - Ohio Train Derailment, Strange Things in Our Skies, Food Plants in Flames, What's in Our Foods... Are we paying attention to the things that are happening? Listen in, we've got some things to say - some may surprise you! Resources for this...


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s ... ?

Listen in to our first ever Pop-Up Episode! We are bringing you an extra discussion about the latest events taking place in the sky- that's right- Unidentified Flying Objects that have been shot down recently. What do YOU believe?? Join us, let's talk about it!


Great and Not So Great Buys

Today we discuss some things we've purchased that we can't live without, and other things that we wish we had never spent money on. Do you agree or disagree with our list? Let us know- email us at or check us out on Social Media! We are @thelifeloungemn on Instagram and Twitter! Find all of our good and not-so-good buys...


Controversial People in the Public Eye

Andrew Tate. Candace Owens. Ye (Kanye) West. Elon Musk. These are the individuals we are discussing in this episode of controversial people! Love 'em or hate 'em, they're here and they've got things to say or do that are sure to make you have so many feelings. We managed to keep this one just under and hour, but it was tough! Listen in, and then let us know what you...


Thrifty Travel & Being an American Abroad

Sit and visit as we discuss ways to save on traveling airfare, places to stay and funny facts about most American travelers! Our first episode dips a bit in the kiddy pool, but don't worry, there's plenty more to come! Don't forget to follow, like and subscribe! Insta & Twitter: @thelifeloungmn and visit our website:...


The Life Lounge Trailer

Welcome! Here's a sneak peak at what you can expect from The Life Lounge Podcast- coming soon!!