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Amazing stories, emerging trends, and sex advice - with Olly Mann, Alix Fox and Ollie Peart. 'Best Interview Podcast', British Podcast Awards (2019). New episodes monthly, on the 10th. Get in touch or buy us a beer at

Amazing stories, emerging trends, and sex advice - with Olly Mann, Alix Fox and Ollie Peart. 'Best Interview Podcast', British Podcast Awards (2019). New episodes monthly, on the 10th. Get in touch or buy us a beer at


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Amazing stories, emerging trends, and sex advice - with Olly Mann, Alix Fox and Ollie Peart. 'Best Interview Podcast', British Podcast Awards (2019). New episodes monthly, on the 10th. Get in touch or buy us a beer at




The Blueprint

Reggie Nelson grew up on an East London council estate to alcoholic parents. With drugs and violence all around him, he underperformed academically, and felt the only career options available to him were “music, football or crime”. Quintin Price grew up in India, with a cook, butler, and driver. His father was an international banker; his mother a committed philanthropist. After boarding school and University, he went into banking himself, and became an executive at BlackRock. Then, one...


How To Run A Food Truck

Pippa Till gave up her job as a TV edit assistant to follow her dream of selling food at festivals, in her very own food truck. But she had no food, no truck - and no business plan. Armed with nothing more than derring-do spirit, a pile of debt and a sackful of scones, Pippa spent the next few years attempting to master her profit margin, ace her marketing, and bake the perfect cream tea. And then 2020 happened… Pippa’s business can be found at — Also catching...


The Fatal Blow

Charlotte Henry’s brother Alex was just 20 years old when he was charged with murder, attempted murder and GBH for a gang-related incident that lasted just 47 seconds. Even though he did not know the victim, and did not issue the fatal blow that killed him, Alex had run towards the scene of the crime with his friend Cameron Ferguson, who was armed with a knife. Alex was charged under ‘joint enterprise’ laws - since overturned by the Supreme Court in instances of murder. But he remains in...


Bowie, Chastity Belts and Speed-Eating

How did the credit card come to be invented? Who was the first man to be cryogenically frozen? And have you heard of the experimental drug club where Victor Hugo used to toke? The answers to these questions – and many hundreds more – can be found in the daily history podcast THE RETROSPECTORS, and in this special compilation for Mann-Fans, Olly introduces three brilliant episodes of the show, themed around The Modern Mann’s regular preoccupations – trends, music and sex... You’ll learn how...


Beneath The Avalanche

After surviving an incredible 200ft plunge from the Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia, multi-sport athlete Adam Campbell thought his mountaineering days were behind him. But, thanks in part to his wife, Dr. Laura Kosakoski, Adam was able to return to the slopes. Then, one day in 2020, he triggered an avalanche - with catastrophic consequences for both of them… As Adam explains in this emotional interview with Olly, dealing with the fallout has meant coming to terms with guilt, accepting...


Taking The Credit

Getting a screenplay into production is notoriously tough. Writer Jack Barth came closer than most - scripting an episode of The Simpsons, and attracting the attention of Lord Puttnam at Columbia Pictures. He achieved his dream after 40 years in the business, when his script ‘Cover Version’ was optioned by Working Title. But, as Jack explains in this interview with Olly, the journey from page to screen was not as he’d hoped. His script was adapted into Yesterday, written by Richard Curtis...


An Invitation

Ollie Peart has been working hard on this month's Zeitgeist challenge, to launch an NFT. To join him at the launch, sign up via this form. It's first-come-first-served... See for privacy and opt-out information.


After The Car Crash

Jim Finch’s life changed forever when his car flipped over in a devastating accident that left him with multiple neurological problems. He developed PTSD, suffered from seizures - and even became afflicted with Tourettes. But the medication he was prescribed was almost as bad: triggering fits, impotence and bloody discharge. Then he discovered cannabis. Now a registered, legal user of skunk, Jim campaigns for medical marijuana to be made available on the NHS. As he explains in this intense,...


Christmas Spectacular 2021!

Olly, Alix and Ollie head to Bournemouth for their annual festive special, joined by young troubadour Thomas Headon and surprise special guests.It’s stuffed with songs, reminiscences and parlour games - and, of course, the legendary XXXmas Foxhole Christmas Quiz. ———————————— First up, new father Ollie Peart has broken his dietary habits and started eating meat again - and also the habit of a lifetime by finally listening to a ‘How To Be A Dad’ episode. Having abandoned both pescetarianism...


Don't Google Me

Guy Babcock is not a paedophile. He is not a sociopath, or a racist, or a ‘deadbeat’. He has not served time in prison. And yet, if you search his name online, you get a very different impression: hundreds of posts, smearing his reputation, all over the internet. In this interview with Olly, Guy explains why - despite a court ruling against the person ruining his reputation - these posts live on.He recalls the terrifying day he realised his name was being dragged through the mud, and...


Military Surplus

Ken, Kevin and Martin are armed forces veterans. They were discharged from the military; their comrades never discovering why. This Remembrance Sunday, for the first time, they’ve been invited to march past the Cenotaph. It’s a story of double lives, court payouts and military secrets - and what happened when three men told the truth. _____________________ Until 12th January, 2000, it was illegal for gay, lesbian and bisexual people to serve in the British Army, Royal Navy and RAF. If they...


An Abortion

Pippa spent eight months struggling to conceive her second child. Then, on the brink of beginning IVF, she discovered she was pregnant. But, at ten weeks, she discovered there was a more than 99% chance that her foetus had Down's Syndrome. She and her husband Joe had already decided that, in this situation, they would have an abortion. In this brutally honest conversation with Olly, Pippa explains how the experience left her feeling guilty, compromised, and unsupported; and how she still...


The Knock On The Door

Teaching English in Beijing seemed like a great opportunity for Welsh graduate Glen Williams, who’d previously spent time studying in China. He could brush up on his Mandarin, work with children, and earn up to £3k per month tax free. The hitch? The agency that placed him told him that every three months, he’d need to spend the weekend in Seoul - a ‘visa trip’ that, he soon discovered, was commonplace amongst ex-pat EFL teachers. Then, one day, they changed their tune. “If the Police ask...


Why Do I Collapse When I Laugh?

Living with narcolepsy - a rare condition that can cause you to fall asleep wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing - required Antonia Gentile to surrender her driving license, and step back from performing, cooking and even reading. As she explains to Olly in this insightful interview, narcolepsy and cataplexy are isolating and debilitating ‘hidden disabilities’. But they can be treated, somewhat, with increased awareness and good ‘sleep hygiene’. If you’re struggling with sleep issues,...


How To Be A Dad, Part 7

Bedtime stories, ‘social stalking’ and sugar-rationing are on the menu as Olly reunites with comedy podcasters Tom Price and Stuart Goldsmith to compare notes on fatherhood. Their sons are now five years old, and in this episode our Dads ruminate on ‘world-building’, how to make friends at pick-up time, and the dangers of doing a 'Hot Wheels Hunt'. To catch up on the story so far, visit And check out Tom and Stu’s podcasts, ‘My Mate Bought A Toaster’ and ‘The...


Please Don't Eat Me, Mr Crocodile

When Rosie Mitchell went canoeing on a dam in Zimbabwe’s Matobo National Park, she thought she’d soak up the views, and soon be back on shore to toast the New Year. Instead, she endured a terrifying close encounter with a 3m-long crocodile, who chomped down on her arm and ripped open her chest. In this vivid and intense conversation, she explains to Olly how her determination to prevail - borne of her experiences ultra-running - helped her survive a seemingly impossible ordeal. This episode...


The Truth About Fur

As chief executive of the British Fur Trade Association, Mike Moser was the face of the UK’s fur industry. He met with politicians in China and Russia, and advocated his ‘luxury product’ in the House of Lords and at an EFRA Select Committee. Then, after a decade promoting the right to wear and sell fur, Mike changed his mind. In this confessional chat with Olly, he considers how he used peer-reviewed science as a crutch, reflects on the implications of publicly switching sides in our...


Mr & Mrs & Mrs

It began as a threesome, arranged through dating app Feeld - but soon Maggie and Cody realised their connection to Janie was more than sexual. No longer just an adventurous couple in an open relationship, they had become a ‘thruple’ - whose relationship with Janie (their ‘third’) was as vital and equitable as their marriage to each other. In this interview with Olly, they explain the importance of communication in a three-way relationship, the dangers of jealousy and bigotry - and the...


My Dad, The Stranger

Olivia hardly knew her father. Her parents divorced when she was two, and she was brought up by her Mum. Sent to boarding school at the age of eight, she was estranged from her Dad for a decade. Struggling financially, and weakened by bulimia, she got a call from out of the blue: it was her father, wanting to rekindle their relationship. But - as her health deteriorated, and the UK went into lockdown - her Mum dropped a bombshell that changed everything Olivia thought she knew about her...


Trouble in Paradise

Sun, sea and €1 drinks lure thousands of backpackers to Andrew’s hostel in a typical year. But 2020 was not a typical year.Confronting a doomed Summer season and 45 empty bedrooms, Andrew’s family turned their accommodation over to a diverse group of refugees, drug addicts, career criminals and victims of domestic abuse - converting their hostel, in the Cote d’Azur, in to a homeless shelter during Lockdown.As Andrew recounts to Olly, the experience opened his eyes to the realities of life on...