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Bringing together thought-leaders and subject matter experts from different industries and disciplines to explore the future of work. Hosted by Eric Kerr.

Bringing together thought-leaders and subject matter experts from different industries and disciplines to explore the future of work. Hosted by Eric Kerr.


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Bringing together thought-leaders and subject matter experts from different industries and disciplines to explore the future of work. Hosted by Eric Kerr.




9. DEI and the Return to "Normal" (Guests: Kim Crowder and Sabrina Meherally)

As we begin to see parts of the world rapidly returning to normal and the priority of getting employees back to the office takes center stage -- Do we run the risk of letting everything we’ve learned this past year being left behind? Were all the grand declarations about the future of work and the commitments companies made to Diversity Equity Inclusion and anti-racism work all just performative? What happens when company priorities shift, the hashtags stop trending, and people begin to...


8. Flexible Work is Intentional Work (Guests: Kate Lister and Sam Fisher)

Episode 8 As companies begin to shape and define what the future of work will look like, it’s clear that the path ahead isn’t clearly paved. Some companies that were quick to declare their destination early on have already begun to shift course. Some hope that following someone else’s map will get them where they need to be, while other companies have started to backpedal to the familiarity of how things used to be instead of braving the challenges of the uncharted terrain. Now that the...


7. Well-Being and Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace (Guest: Angela Howard)

Episode 7 More names are being added to the list of companies who are declaring that a hybrid and more flexible approach to work is here to stay. Although it's still too soon to say what this future will look like, it does look promising. The talent pool has gotten a lot bigger and people won't be forced to live near an office, but where they actually feel like they belong. If the future of work becomes a blend of both remote work and time in the office, how do we ensure that what we're...


6. Past Lessons and Future Innovations (Guests: Julian Phillips and Kay Sargent)

Episode 6 Creativity and disruptive innovation have become hallmarks of the tech industry; and it’s clear, that the longer we’re apart -- unable to tap into the collective creativity that comes from shared spaces and shared experiences -- the more innovation will take a hit. But before we go rushing back to the offices of memory, we must acknowledge that we are at a pivotal moment when work, as we know it, is ripe for disruption. In this episode, I am joined by Kay Sargent and Julian...


5. From Perspective to Action (Round table discussion with Morgan Flannery, Seth Moore-Brown, and Elfreda Chan)

Episode 5 2020 will forever be known as the year that all was revealed. It exposed all the cracks and flaws. Made us see the injustices and inequities that we weren’t willing or able to see. It forced us to focus on what really matters. But as we move into this new year, with the impact of 2020 still very much with us, how do we take this new perspective and awareness and move forward? In this episode, I invite you into a round table discussion that I recently had with 3 industry peers -...


4. Hospitality and the Future of Work (Guests: Robert Polacek and Felipe Gomez-Kraus)

Episode 4 The dynamic relationship between workplace and hospitality has a long history. From business trips and working lunches to in-office amenities and even workplace design, we've seen the line between work and leisure become more blurred. If work can happen in cafes and hotel lobbies, how can offices become an exciting destination that fully immerses employees in a unique and memorable experience, that makes them want to keep coming back? In this episode, we explore how the...


3. The Future of Distributed Work (Guests: Josh Khanna and Ryan Anderson)

Episode 3 This year many companies were forced to come to terms with the reality that work can happen outside the 4-walls of the office. This forced acceleration and adoption of remote work has had it’s challenges - with the blurred separation of home and work leading to burnout. But even with the promise of vaccines on the horizon in the coming year, there is definitely no going back to the way things used to be. If the future of work is distributed -- giving employees the choice to work...


2. A Holistic Workplace (Guests: Christopher Good and Corinne Murray)

Episode 2 It has been 8 months since we said goodbye to the places where we worked. What has this time apart taught us? The workplace before covid was far from perfect, but it did serve a purpose. Collaboration, knowledge sharing, company culture - have all taken a hit. But will rushing back to the offices we left in March solve these problems? On this episode of A Holistic Workplace Experience podcast, I am joined by Corinne Murray and Chris Good, as we examine the places where we work...


1. People First (Guests: Christina Herrera and Claire Rowell)

Episode 1 A company's most valuable asset is its people. What have we learned this year about how people work and what people really need to thrive in the workplace? As we create the future of work, what should companies be considering to ensure that they are creating an environment and culture that supports their people? In this episode of A Holistic Workplace Experience podcast, I am joined by Claire Rowell and Cristina Herrera who share some fantastic insights and call out the need for...


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Transcript: Hi, I'm Eric. I help companies unify people place in technology, helping to improve employee experience and create human-centered workplaces that emphasize wellbeing, safety, and mental health. There's a lot about the future we can't be sure of, but I do know that the future of work must be built together. So I'm bringing together industry experts and thought leaders to talk about all things workplace from HR to facilities management, diversity, equity, inclusion, to InfoSec,...