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Join David Morse as he interviews top entrepreneurs to learn how they have gone all in on their lives and businesses and how you and I can do the same. This podcast explores the careers and expertise of top performers and thought leaders and condenses the content into actionable steps that you can take to grow your business.


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Join David Morse as he interviews top entrepreneurs to learn how they have gone all in on their lives and businesses and how you and I can do the same. This podcast explores the careers and expertise of top performers and thought leaders and condenses the content into actionable steps that you can take to grow your business.






Cost Segregation with Eric Oliver

Do you want to save money on your real estate investments? Listen to our hosts, David and Patick, get the lowdown on Cost Segregation. Here the latest on this interesting topic from today’s guest Eric Oliver, Vice President of Business Development for Cost Segregation Authority. Really the name says it all. Cost Segregation is an engineering-based analysis of a building's interior, exterior and land improvements in order to identify, measure and quantify assets that are considered...


Episode 115 | The King of Novations- Eric Brewer

Eric went into the military right out of high school. After his stint in the Military he went full time into the car business. Started at the bottom and on the way to the top position, managing multiple dealerships, learned every aspect of the business. Eric knew he liked being in sales, but realized the margins were just too small in the car business. When he became a father, he knew he needed to work smarter. That was when Eric got into Real Estate. Just like in the car business Eric...


Episode 114 | “There is no way I’m getting into Real Estate” with guest Patrick Madigan

"There's no way I'm getting into real estate," Patrick thought to himself. This is the way Patrick starts his Bio on the website for his very successful Real Estate Team, Madigan Realty Co. in North Carolina. With more nicknames than we can count on one hand, and Patrick's willingness to poke fun at himself, you can see why he has such success with his clients. As well as make for a really fun Podcast Guest. After graduating with a degree in architecture and spending five years in...


Episode 113 - Up for Auction with Ben Brady

Ben Brady is CEO of Harcourts Auctions and Harcourts North America, the fastest-growing real estate company in the nation. With his career in real estate beginning at age fourteen, Ben has acquired expertise few can top. Utilizing his knowledge and experience, Ben has been a driving force behind Harcourts Auctions, becoming one of the world’s premier real estate auction platforms. Beginning as a personal assistant at Harcourts in Australia, Ben’s extraordinary ambition, drive, and desire...


Episode 112 - Opportunity Zones with Ashley Tison

Ashley is an entrepreneur and lawyer. He has worked in real estate, mergers & acquisitions, business growth and management. He has used his wealth of experience to find his passion, which is helping business owners think bigger by being intentional with their growth and decision-making process. This led to Ashley Tison founding OZPros, the leading Opportunity Zone consultancy. Acting as CEO and an Opportunity he consults with clients on tax advantaged structures and investing strategies....


Episode 111- Failure is a Prerequisite for Success with Steven Zeller

The second episode of the new look Real Talk with David Morse podcast features Steven Zeller founder of Passive Ecommerce. Here Steven talks about his many successes and how it would not have been possible without some failures. Steven has a knack for finding holes in industries and creating companies that fill those needs. He founded Concierge Services USA which helped home buyers and sellers streamline the home buying and transition process. His next venture Concierge Relocation LLC....


Dream Bigger in 2023 With Julia Gentry

5 years ago Julia Gentry and her husband Travis experienced, as they call it, a “Midlife Awakening.” After building a successful real estate business only to end up $100,000 in debt Julia’s new path was revealed and she began advising hundreds of entrepreneurs how to build successful companies with insights into her own successes and epic failures. They bought the house and nice cars, had five babies, and obtained “the American dream” only to realize it wasn’t their dream. Every night as...


”Best Of All In” Replay of Episode 72: New York City firefighter and Real Estate mogul Tim Lyons

Have you ever wondered how you can go from zero to over 1000 units under ownership, while having a second job, well on today's episode of the All In podcast our guest has done just that.Tim Lyons is the owner of Cityside capital a multi family syndication company that specializes in raising money for multi family acquisition Tim has served as a New York City firefighter for many years all well taking the plunge on growing his real estate empire. On today's episode learn how to define...


Episode 109 - Thinking Like a Bank with Sarry Ibrahim

Sarry is a Bank On Yourself® Professional and the CEO and President of Learning about podcasting has completely changed his story and business. This has to led to him being a guest on over 250 podcasts in the last 2 years and starting his own podcast as host of Thinking Like a Bank. Prior to getting involved in his current roles, Sarry started his journey toward a career in financial planning when he took a course in high school called Consumer Economics. This basic...


”Best of All In” Episode 59 Replay - Investing in Yourself and Your Team with Mike McCann

Check out this replay featuring Guest host Melanie Crane. Previously the number one agent at Berkshire Hathaway, Mike McCann discusses why joining Keller Williams created new opportunities for himself and his people, both agents and administrators. Mike explains the importance of continuously educating yourself and maximizing the potential of the people around you, and demonstrates exactly how to do it. Cutting his teeth in door to door vacuum sales in the early days, Mike embodies what it...


Episode 108 | 24/7 Cash Flow University with Brian Grimes

Before real estate, Brian was into basketball back in Philadelphia during the Allen Iverson era. Brian was 6’5” by the age of 13, so that was a natural place for him to excel and he was nationally ranked. He even played against LeBron James in his first high school game. Brian built a strong work ethic in sports, and transferred that ethic into financial planning and asset management right out of college. Brian had good mentors along the way in his career. He was his own boss, at 100%...


”Best Of All In” Episode 61 Replay - David Huffaker and the 6 L’s of Real Estate

Check out this replay of Episode 61 from back in July 2021. David Huffaker is the founder of the Huffaker Group, the fastest team inside of Keller Williams to ever go to $100,000,000 in annual sales volume. You don’t do that by accident! It’s because of his team’s commitment to the 3 L’s of Real Estate that Gary Keller has taught the Millionaire Real Estate Agent for decades. Find out what those are on the show. But it goes beyond the three L’s for David and his company. Now that they’re...


”Best Of All In” Episode 80 Replay | From Busboy to over $198 Million in New Home Sales with Eric Gedalje

Hard work over several years in the restaurant industry paid off for Eric Gedalje when he was introduced to the real estate industry. Eric rose from busboy to GM at a restaurant in just four years, and he took this same drive with him when he got his real estate license. Eric worked with his team and identified how he could bring value to Janecek Homes. He was able to become the preferred real estate agent for Janecek Homes as he brought them to a development that let them go from spec home...


Episode 107 | Real Estate Investment through Home Equity with Matthew Sullivan

Founder and CEO of QuantmRE Matthew Sullivan got his start in finance and technology long before he came to the world of real estate. Before Matthew came to the US, he started his career as a stock broker, and then he moved into corporate finance. For the last 25 years or so, he has been an entrepreneur in technology and finance. Real estate always intrigued him, and once he arrived in the US around nine years ago he immersed himself in the real estate industry. It was on the heels of the...


Episode 106 | Raising Capital for Real Estate Investing with Matthew Baltzell

Currently the CEO & Founder of Elite Podcast Bookings, Matthew got started in single family homes in real estate during 2008. But then he went on a hiatus and was living and working in Los Angeles as an actor from 2010 to 2016. But he wanted to move abroad to Germany, but it was challenging with visa issues and cultural acclimation. So he moved to Thailand, then met and fell in love with his wife. In 2018, he wanted to get involved in multi-family real estate. Matthew then joined a private...


Episode 105 | Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk with Jeremy Goodrich

Jeremy was an elementary school teacher for 13 years before he started Shine Insurance. It was during that time that he met his wife McKenzie, a third generation insurance agent. They started Shine Insurance in 2013 as a new venture for both of them to combine their passions and expertise. He continued on the education piece, and teaches people how to buy homes and how the commercial real estate market works. With risk and insurance we are playing defense. Jeremy notes that the goal is to...


Best Of Replay - Episode 37 | Real Estate the Ritz Way: Exceptional Customer Experience with Brady Sandahl

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you in for a treat today! On today’s show we dive deep with Brady Sandahl, CEO and Founder of the Sandahl Group from Palm Springs, California and also the International Director of Growth of Keller Williams Luxury, the global boutique arm of the largest real estate firm in the world. David and Joe probe Brady on what it means to do real estate the “Ritz Way,” meaning how do professionals like you and I deliver exceptional client experience and service to our...


Episode 104 | The Renaissance Real Estate Agent with Jennifer Wehner

Jennifer Wehner is one of the top agents in all of Arizona and in her brokerage throughout the nation. She was born and raised in Riverside, California, and became pregnant with her daughter during her freshman year in college. This spurred her to want to do the right things in life, get back to her roots, and chose Arizona because the cost of living was much more reasonable. Jennifer started in real estate in 2003. She was a top agent for several years, then lost everything in 2008. She...


Episode 103: Balance Leads to Success with Richard Ruvin

When Richard graduated from school, he and his brother started a construction business focusing on painting. But their skills focused on administering remodeling projects, from small to very big projects. They hired architectural and administrative staff in Milwaukee and Chicago, and built all over the country. In 2003, they sold that business and went into development, initially focusing on offices but then condo conversions took off. By 2008, they were buying troubled projects and turning...


”Best of All In” Episode 58 | How a homeless man helped former Red Sox pitcher Pete Ruiz grow a $150 million business

We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. This is the last of our 3 episode "Best of" run. David & Joe Will be back next week with a brand new episode. Pete Ruiz left his first career as a major league baseball pitcher with the Red Sox and pursued real estate with Keller Williams. On today’s show, hear how a man who appeared homeless and literally fell asleep at an open house that Pete was holding turned out to be an inflection point in Pete’s career. When you’re finished...