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Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong is a weekly podcast dedicated to dissecting the pulse of technology, business and media in Asia. We interview thought leaders, and global & regional leading industry players and gain their insights into how we perceive and understand the market.




Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong is a weekly podcast dedicated to dissecting the pulse of technology, business and media in Asia. We interview thought leaders, and global & regional leading industry players and gain their insights into how we perceive and understand the market.








USDC Depegging and what it means for Web3 and Crypto with Cosmo Jiang

Fresh out of the studio and on the 2nd emergency podcast within the week, Cosmo Jiang from Nova River and host of the Global Coin Research Liquid podcast explained the implications of USDC depegging due to the bank run triggered by Silicon Valley Bank over the past weekend of 11 March. We dived deep into the implications of how it nearly destroyed the global web3 and crypto economy and what it means for the startups moving forward in an uncertain regulatory environment in the US. Last but...


Silicon Valley Bank's collapse & its impact on the Asia startup ecosystem with Shai Oster

Fresh out of the studio and this is an emergency podcast, Shai Oster from The Information discusses the fallout coming from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank over the past weekend, and what it means for the venture capitalists and startups in Asia Pacific. We dived into what happened to Silicon Valley Bank, the aftermath of the intervention of the regulators on 12 March 2023 and what would have happened to the startup ecosystem across China, India and Southeast Asia if the US regulators...


Kleros 2.0 & Decentralized Arbitration in Web3 with Federico Ast

- Federico Ast Fresh out of the studio, Federico Ast, founder of Kleros returned to the podcast to share the story of Kleros over the past few years and where it is heading as a decentralized arbitration service in the web3 and crypto economy. He dived deep into the concept of proof of humanity and how it helps to resolve identity verification and explored the implications of how Kleros has transformed the legal landscape from a landmark case in Mexico resolved by the protocol to advising...


Digital Report 2023 on Myth of Social Media Dying, Streaming Wars & Generative AI with Simon Kemp

Fresh out of the studio, Simon Kemp returned for the 6th year to break down the key digital, mobile, and social media trends in the annual Digital Report 2023. Simon began with the first surprise that social media is not dying from Meta to Twitter, and debunked the myth propagated by social media on the war between Instagram vs Tik Tok. He highlighted the key trends on how the shift from pandemic to endemic will impact the streaming wars, and the fallout on cryptocurrencies and NFTs after...


China & Taiwan Tech Giants in a Fragile Global Supply Chain with Tim Culpan

Tim Culpan Fresh out of the studio, Tim Culpan, the Bloomberg columnist, joined us to discuss how the tech giants from China (Huawei, YMTC) and Taiwan (Foxconn, TSMC) are navigating a fragile global supply chain. Starting our conversation, Tim examined how Foxconn and TSMC are making key moves to ensure the resiliency of the global supply chain from contract manufacturing to semiconductors. As we moved on, Tim provided a glimpse into how the Chinese tech giants, Huawei and SMIC are...


Expanding Solana to the International Community & Web3 Investing with Akshay BD

Akshay BD Fresh out of the studio, Akshay BD, Head of International Expansion and advisor to the Solana Foundation, joined us in a conversation to explain why the rumors of Solana's demise are greatly exaggerated and describe the vibrant developer ecosystems globally across the world. Starting from his origin story, Akshay discussed how Solana developer communities are continuing their building journey despite the recent crypto crash and articulated Solana's value proposition for...


HERE Technologies and Digital Map-Making in the Asia Pacific with Jason Jameson

Jason Jameson Fresh out of the studio, Jason Jameson, general manager, and senior vice president for Asia Pacific in HERE Technologies discussed the company's focus to broaden the location intelligence across the Asia Pacific and talked about the key trends in the digital map-making space. We start off with Jason's background from IBM to HERE Technologies and then dive deep into the current developments in the region. Last but not least, he shares where the digital map-making industry will...


Qualtrics & Experience Management in the Asia Pacific with Brigid Archibald

Fresh out of the studio, Brigid Archibald, managing director in Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics, joined us in a discussion on the business footprint of the experience management company and the key trends in the region. We started with Brigid's background and her experience in B2B sales and then proceed into how Qualtrics is working with companies to improve their customer experience. Last but not least, she discuss the key trends in the experience management space & advised what the...


True Global Ventures & Web3 Investment Outlook in 2023 with Kelly Choo

Kelly Choo Fresh out of the studio, Kelly Choo, the founding partner from True Global Ventures shares the backstory of how the fund came together with its investment thesis on investing in repeat serial entrepreneurs. Kelly begins with the story of his career journey as both an entrepreneur and now as an investor, and how he works with his profile companies. Last but not least, he offers his perspectives on the investment outlook for web3 and crypto companies in 2023. Podcast...


InsurTech in the Asia Pacific with George Kesselman

George Kesselman Fresh of the studio, George Kesselman, the president & founder of Insurtech Asia Association, joined us to discuss the intersection of insurance and technology in the Asia Pacific. We began with George's work in the insurtech industry from a start-up co-founder to a corporate executive in a leading Chinese firm within the Asia Pacific region. Then he dived deeper into the challenges, key innovations such as China's famous waterdrop model, use cases and important trends in...


Climate Alpha with Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna Fresh out of the studio, Parag Khanna, founder and CEO of Climate Alpha unveils the story of his new company which leverages artificial intelligence to decipher how real estate will transform amid climate adaptation. Parag offers his observations on the ongoing global issues from the potential resolution of the Ukraine-Russia war to the easing of tensions on the Taiwan straits. Last but not least, he comments on the recent COP27 conference and offers his view on what great...


Genesis' potential insolvency & FTX collapse with Cosmo Jiang

- Cosmo Jiang Fresh out of the studio, Cosmo Jiang, founder of Nova River and host of Liquid - Web3 investing podcast with Global Coin Research, joined us to break down the consequences of FTX's collapse and how it triggered the crisis for Digital Currency Group (DCG) with the potential insolvency of Genesis and its crown jewel, Grayscale. Cosmo shared his perspectives on how the crypto and web3 space will evolve and the potential backlash coming from the regulatory authorities in different...


The State of China in 2022 with Shai Oster

- Shai Oster Fresh out of the studio, Shai Oster, Asia Bureau Chief from The Information, returned for the 5th time in a row for his annual review of China for the year 2022. Shai started the grading of his predictions last year and dive deeper into Sequoia China's current status, and potential tech IPOs of Chinese companies: Bytedance, Ant Financial and Didi. He examined how Apple and Tesla will navigate China in the midst of tensions between China and the United States. Last but not...


The 3AC Demise with Kyle Davies

Kyle Davies Fresh out of the studio, Kyle Davies, co-founder of 3 Arrows Capital aka 3AC, joined us in a discussion to discuss their firm's demise in June 2022 and its aftermath after filing Chapter 15 bankruptcy. He explained why and how the firm's thesis on the crypto super cycle failed with the Luna-Terra collapse and offered his thoughts on the current meltdown of the crypto markets amid the ongoing meltdown. Last but not least, he offered his responses to several allegations and why he...


Polygon with Sandeep Nailwal

Fresh out of the studio, Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon joined us to discuss the origin story of the Polygon blockchain and its evolution as a layer-2 chain for builders out there. Sandeep started with his backstory and how it led to the creation of the polygon blockchain followed by the subsequent evolution into a layer-2 chain within the Ethereum ecosystem. He shared his perspectives on the key trends of web3 and offered advice to builders there on how they should navigate in the...


Roche Pharmaceuticals and Transforming Healthcare in Asia Pacific with Ahmed Elhusseiny

Fresh out of the studio, Ahmed Elhusseiny, the area head of the Asia Pacific in Roche Pharmaceuticals joined us in a discussion on how healthcare has been transformed in the Asia Pacific and what we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. We began Ahmed's career journey and continued with the story of Roche Pharmaceuticals in the Asia Pacific. Ahmed dived deep into the key trends of healthcare specifically personalized healthcare which is augmented by digital tools and data. Last but...


ServiceNow & the Rise of Digital-native companies in the Asia Pacific with Mitch Young

Mitch Young Fresh out of the studio, Mitch Young, president of Asia Pacific & Japan from ServiceNow, joined us in a conversation to discuss their business activity and focus and explore the rise of digital-native companies in the Asia Pacific. Mitch began with the story of ServiceNow and the interesting customer stories across the Asia Pacific. Then he dived deep into explaining how the modern digital business works and the playbook which executives can use to strategize from automation of...


Autodesk in Asia Pacific & Growth by Choice with Haresh Khoobchandani

Haresh Khoobchandani Fresh out of the studio, Haresh Khoobchandani, vice president of Autodesk Asia Pacific joined us to discuss the business footprint of Autodesk in Asia Pacific and his new book "Growth by Choice". The conversation sets off with Haresh discussing his career trajectory and the inspiration behind writing his book "Growth by Choice" and providing strategies for those who are navigating their careers in the midst of a post-pandemic world. Last but not least, Haresh shared how...


Reality Platforms and Decentralized Mapping in the Metaverse with Alex Chung

Alex Chung Fresh out of the studio, Alex Chung, founder and CEO of Reality Platforms joined us in a conversation and share the backstory of his company and his perspectives on decentralized mapping in the metaverse. Alex dived deep into the weeds into how decentralized mapping works and the use cases that Reality Platforms are targeting on. Last but not least, he elucidates the key trends in the current dynamic web3 market and the mental models that builders need to have in order to...


Analyse Asia & China with Carol Yin & Bernard Leong

Bernard Leong Fresh out of the studio and we hit our 400th episode, both hosts of Analyse Asia: Carol Yin and Bernard Leong sat down to reflect on China and how the podcast has evolved over the past two years and reached this important milestone. We start with Carol's current work in China, the status of entrepreneurship there and what it is like living in China in the era of dynamic COVID-zero policy. Following on, Bernard and Carol discuss the state of Analyse Asia and outline the...