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Building wealth isn't just about hustle and grind. Every day, huge deals are being made, businesses and properties are changing hands, and a small group of people are making quantum leaps forward - building wealth faster than most dream possible. To the rest of the world, it looks like they have the Midas Touch. What makes them different? They chose to break AWAY. To build a mindset of abundance. To spot opportunities others overlook. On this podcast, we'll unlock the secrets to breaking out of the herd, thinking BIG and building wealth on our own terms.


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Building wealth isn't just about hustle and grind. Every day, huge deals are being made, businesses and properties are changing hands, and a small group of people are making quantum leaps forward - building wealth faster than most dream possible. To the rest of the world, it looks like they have the Midas Touch. What makes them different? They chose to break AWAY. To build a mindset of abundance. To spot opportunities others overlook. On this podcast, we'll unlock the secrets to breaking out of the herd, thinking BIG and building wealth on our own terms.




Elevating Wealth: Unveiling the Oil and Gas Investment Frontier with Troy Eckard

In this episode, Jim Oliver talks with Troy Eckard, a seasoned expert in the investment world. He takes us on a journey through his 38-year career, sharing valuable insights into the oil and gas and mineral rights space, peppering us with great insights and advice from an insider point of view. Three Key Takeaways: Mineral Rights as Passive Income Source: Troy breaks down the benefits of direct ownership in wells, pipelines, and mineral rights. The Who Factor: There are significant pitfalls of the oil and gas industry and Troy highlights the significance of carefully choosing investment partners and resources, particularly in this space. Mineral Rights and Wealth Generation: Troy provides insights into the world of mineral rights as a wealth generation strategy. Remember, successful investing requires education, patience, and aligning with the right experts. As you navigate the complexities of wealth generation, keep the long-term vision in mind and consider the principles outlined in "Good to Great" to guide your journey. Question: What's your go-to book or resource that has significantly influenced your investment philosophy, and how has it shaped your financial decisions? Connect with Troy: Website: Facebook: Linkedin:


How the Ultra-Wealthy Think About Money and Wealth Building with DJ Van Keuren

Welcome to another episode of Breakaway wealth! Today, Jim has a special guest, DJ Van Keuren, who has significant experience working with ultra-wealthy individuals. In this episode, we explore how the ultra-wealthy think about money and what they do with their wealth. Three Key Takeaways: The Importance of Real Estate: DJ emphasizes the significance of real estate as a wealth-building asset. It's a timeless strategy that has created millionaires and billionaires for generations. Education is Key: Families with substantial wealth often struggle to navigate the complex world of investments. Educating oneself and future generations is crucial to making good decisions and preserving wealth over time. Bet on Yourself: DJ shares a valuable lesson learned from working with ultra-wealthy individuals. They surround themselves with smart advisors, but at the end of the day, they bet on themselves and take responsibility for financial decisions and outcomes. Remember, it's not just about making money; it's about preserving and growing it for future generations. Start with educating yourself and consider real estate as a solid investment choice. And as always, the journey to wealth begins with the decision to take control of your financial future. Question: Can you share a moment when you had to 'bet on yourself' and what you learned from that experience regarding wealth and risk management? Share your insights and experiences with us!


Discovering the 80-20 Principle in Real Estate Investing with Charles Carillo

Today, Jim sits with Charles Carillo who’s born into a real estate investing family, learning the ropes from his father, who has been a multifamily investor since 1984. Charles started his own real estate journey in 2006 with a house hack, buying a three-family property that helped cover most of his mortgage. He continued to invest in residential properties, gradually transitioning to commercial real estate in 2009 with a small five-unit property. Since 2012, Charles has been focusing on larger apartment buildings and has been involved with syndication since 2018. Three Key Takeaways: Diversification and Wealth Preservation: Charles emphasizes the importance of diversifying investments to protect your wealth from the erosive effects of inflation. Real estate is a tangible asset that can provide stability and long-term growth. Long-Term Vision: Both Jim and Charles stress the significance of adopting a long-term perspective in real estate investing. Success in real estate often requires patience and the ability to weather market fluctuations. The 80-20 Principle: Charles highlights the value of the 80-20 principle, where 20% of your efforts yield 80% of the results. Focusing on the most impactful aspects of your real estate investments can lead to greater success. Remember, success in real estate and wealth generation often comes from a combination of education, strategic thinking, and a long-term perspective. Don't shy away from seizing opportunities, even in uncertain times, and focus on the fundamentals of your investments. Question: Have you ever applied the 80-20 principle to your real estate investments, and if so, what were the most significant results you achieved?


Exploring the Power of Thoughts, Legacy, and Entrepreneurship with Kristian Marquez

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, Jim Oliver sits down with Kristian Marquez, the founder and CEO of FinStrat Management. Kristian shares his journey and insights into wealth generation and success. They discuss the importance of starting a business, even at a young age, and the value of aligning your thoughts, actions, habits, and character with your desired destiny. Three Key Takeaways: Start with Services That Generate Cash Flow: Kristian highlights the value of beginning a business in an industry that generates cash quickly, such as professional services like accounting and finance, construction, or landscaping. Value Active Listening: Active listening and understanding the perspectives of others are vital capabilities that build strong relationships. Legacy Through Relationships: Kristian's life is organized around three core aspects: God, family, and relationships. He emphasizes that legacy is synonymous with the quality of relationships we nurture throughout our lives. Remember, your thoughts determine your destiny, and by focusing on building meaningful relationships and continually learning, you can achieve your financial goals. —————— To connect with Kristian: Question: Now that we've heard Kristian Marquez's journey and insights on breaking away from the herd and achieving success, we'd like to know: What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from taking a risk or starting your own business?


From Bubbles to Bucks: Mastering Wealth Generation with Car Wash Investments

In this episode, host Jim Oliver sits down with Whitney Elkins-Hutten, Director of Investor Education at, to discuss wealth generation through investments in various real estate assets. Whitney shares her insights on a unique investment niche - express car washes - as well as the importance of matching investments to one's goals and personality. 3 Key Takeaways: Express Car Washes: These can generate substantial cash flow with minimal overhead costs. The subscription model, with customers washing their cars an average of 1.8 times monthly, presents a lucrative opportunity for investors. Partnering for Success: It is critical to choose a qualified investment partner, especially for those utilizing infinite banking strategies, in order to safeguard your capital and get solid returns. The Power of Monthly Memberships: Transitioning customers from single-pay transactions to monthly subscriptions is a game changer. This approach can substantially boost cash flow and enhance long-term profitability. Tune in to learn about Jim and Whitney's insights and expertise in passive investing, how it makes a valuable resource for those looking to break away from traditional investment strategies, and explore new opportunities. Question: What's your most unique or unconventional investment idea or strategy that you've considered trying after hearing about express car washes and infinite banking strategies in this episode?


Unveiling of 'Make Bank Without the Bank' with Jim and Nick

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, Jim Oliver and cohost Nick Kosko discuss the release of Jim's book, "Make Bank Without the Bank." Jim shares his personal journey and the motivation behind writing this book, emphasizing the importance of achieving financial independence and taking control of your financial life. 3 Key Takeaways Seeking Resistance: Key to success is embracing resistance and challenges in life. Jim shares personal experiences, from street fights as a kid to facing adversity in his career, explaining that overcoming resistance is essential for personal growth and success. The Power of Freedom: Both Jim and Nick stress the desire for freedom that most people share. They discuss the impact of financial noise and distractions in today's world and how their approach, as detailed in the book, offers an alternative path to financial freedom. Turning off the Noise: Jim and Nick advocate for the importance of turning off the financial noise and focusing on specific goals. They encourage listeners to ask questions, seek clarity, and engage in meaningful dialogues to gain a deeper understanding of financial concepts and strategies. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or join the community for further discussions. And, as Jim often says, "You're thinking too small. Whatever you're thinking, it's too small." Questions: In a world filled with financial noise and distractions, how do you personally stay focused on your financial goals and turn off the noise?


Architects of Change: The Mechanics of Shaping Your Future with Rick Ivanovich

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, host Jim Oliver engages in a thoughtful conversation with guest Rick Yvanovich, who is a master-qualified business coach, author and financial expert. Together, they dig into ideas around finding your direction and making conscious choices, which isn’t always easy in this noisy world. Tune in to hear how they break it down! 3 Key Takeaways: Become the Architect of Your Life: You are your brand, and every decision that you make crafts your unique story. Start making choices that construct the life you want to build. Get a Map: If you are here, and you want to get there. Are you willing to do what it takes to get there or are you waiting for someone else to get you there? Find Clarity in the Chaos: A lot is happening in the world. It’s easy to get lost in confusion and chaos, even feel stuck. Find a coach that can help you clear the clutter and chart your course. Tune in to this episode of Breakaway Wealth to gain practical insights from Rick Yvanovich. You’ll benefit from his careful wisdom and unique way of understanding the world. Question: What small, positive change or discipline can you commit to today that, if consistently practiced over time, could lead to significant improvement in your life or work?


Mastering Wealth: Proven Strategies to Secure Your Financial Future with Steve Richards

Jim Oliver and guest Steve Richards delve into wealth generation strategies, emphasizing the importance of a disciplined approach to investments. 3 Key Takeaways: Strategic Patience: Steve Richards stresses the value of long-term, patient investing, highlighting the compounding effect as a key driver of wealth creation. Diversification Done Right: The episode explores the art of diversification, providing insights into how to effectively spread risk across different asset classes. Embracing Uncertainty: Jim and Steve discuss the significance of embracing uncertainty in the world of investments and how adapting to change can lead to success in wealth generation. Tune in to this insightful conversation and gain valuable knowledge to propel your wealth-building endeavors. Listen to the full episode now on Breakaway Wealth! Question: What's one wealth-building principle from this episode with Steve Richards that you're excited to implement in your financial strategy, and why do you think it'll make a significant impact on your journey to financial success?


The Fuller's Wealth Multiplier: Unveiled Strategies with Rob and Nicole Fuller

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, our host Jim Oliver talks with Rob and Nicole Fuller about their decades of experience in finance, insights on investment strategies, and financial wisdom that have propelled them to extraordinary success. 3 Key Takeaways: 1. Overcoming Financial Hurdles: Rob and Nicole tell us about their financial challenges and how they transformed the setbacks into stepping stones. 2. The Power of Strategic Investing: We learn the strategies that enabled the Fullers to multiply their wealth over the years. 3. Building a Legacy: Rob and Nicole let us in on how they are ensuring their wealth lasts for generations. Tune in to this episode of Breakaway Wealth for an enriching discussion that goes beyond the numbers and unveils the holistic approach to wealth creation and financial success. Question: What is holding you back from digging into your own strategies and making bold moves? Share your thoughts on what true success means to you in the comments below!


Rethinking Wall Street Investing with Chris Vermeulen

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth we dive in with stock market expert, Chris Vermeulen. You might be thinking, but I thought Infinite Banking doesn’t promote letting money sit in an investment account and just let it grow? Listen in. He reveals his secrets to building and growing a portfolio with a different investment mindset, which veers away from common thinking and will leave you inspired and ready to take action. 3 Key Takeaways: Technical Analysis for Investment Success: Learn about Chris’ unique re-vesting/investing strategy and how he uses technical analysis to leverage market trends and patterns to build an investment portfolio. Saving vs. Passive Income: Jim and Chris discuss the importance of creating passive income (and ways to do it) instead of putting money into saving and hoping for the best. Alternative Investments Unveiled: Chris introduces unconventional yet promising avenues for wealth generation. Tune in to this episode of Breakaway Wealth to learn about a new way of thinking and unlock the strategies needed to pave your way to financial success. Question: Jim and Chris emphasize the importance of creating passive income instead of relying solely on saving. What steps can you take right now to start generating passive income and diversify your financial sources?


Keep Your Eyes on the Road: Navigating Your Financial Future with Jim and Nick

In this episode, your host, Jim Oliver, is joined by co-host Nick Kosko. With their usual banter and insight, they dive deep into a thought-provoking discussion about the importance of forward thinking, financial freedom, and the role of a competent guide on your journey to success and wealth generation. 3 Key Takeaways: Look Forward, Not Back: Jim and Nick break down the habit of looking backward at past mistakes vs. looking forward toward what you’re going for. Seek Authorities: Just as you would trust a skilled surgeon for brain surgery or an experienced pilot for a flight, Jim and Nick stress the importance of seeking authorities and experts in the field of financial planning and wealth generation. Wealth is About Time Freedom: Wealth isn't just about money; it's about time freedom. Money provides choices, and choices lead to freedom. Jim and Nick remind listeners that financial success is within reach, provided you have the right vision, guidance, and determination to keep moving forward. Don't let fear or distractions hold you back; take that first step toward your financial goals today. Question: Have you caught yourself looking backward and getting stuck in lamenting past mistakes or downturns in the market? What steps can you take today to shift your focus towards the future, seek authoritative guidance, and ultimately achieve the time freedom that true wealth provides?


Theater to Fortune: Mastering Change for Limitless Success with Brittney Fairweather

Welcome back to Breakaway Wealth! Joining us this week is Brittney Fairweather, a courageous and brilliant woman who made the transition from theater to finance. Together, we dive into the world of finance and wealth generation while exploring the intricacies of real estate investing and strategic partnerships. Brittney's journey is a lesson in embracing change, and she shares invaluable insights for those aiming to leverage their assets wisely. 3 Key Takeaways: Diverse Backgrounds Fuel Success:Persistence as the Ultimate Catalyst:Storytelling: Listen to the full episode to delve into the dynamic world of strategic real estate investing, partnerships, and financial empowerment. Tune in to gain actionable insights that can transform your approach to wealth generation and investment success. Question: Brittney's transition from theater to finance highlights the power of embracing change. Reflect on areas in your life where you might be resisting change due to familiarity. How could opening up to new possibilities lead to greater success and fulfillment?


From Fixer-Upper to Fortune: Success Story of a Build-to-Rent Pioneer with Jim Shiels

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth our host Jim Oliver talks with guest Jim Shiels, a seasoned expert in strategic real estate investing. Together, they discuss how Jim Shiels created a thriving portfolio and built cashflow in a remarkably short period of time. From debunking traditional money wisdom to unveiling the power of strategic niche focus, this episode unveils the secrets to success in real estate investing and financial freedom. 3 Key Takeaways: Strategic Niche Focus: Jim Shiels emphasizes the significance of carving out a unique expertise and honing it to perfection. By finding a specific niche within real estate, like building rental properties, you can set yourself apart and gain traction faster. Invest in What You Know: Both Jims agree on the importance of investing in what you understand already to minimize risks and enhance returns.. Jim Shiels' journey started with fixer-uppers and evolved into strategic build-to-rent properties. Financial Intelligence & Autonomy: Jim and Jim discuss the vital role financial education, relationship skills, and personal development play in your success. Listen to the full episode to gain invaluable insights into strategic real estate investing and the path to creating lasting wealth. Question: What is your unique expertise and investment niche? Can you see how this understanding influenced your financial path?


How to Build Security in Uncertain Times with Ryan Zofray

It’s all about leveraging our scars, refusing to take no for an answer, and taking opportunity where you can find it with Ryan Zofay. In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, host Jim Oliver sits down with guest Ryan Zofray, a renowned expert in wealth generation and success through smart investments. Ryan shares his story about the setbacks he experienced in early life and how he overcame them to build the success he is known for. Along the way, he shares insights and wisdom from his journey that will directly benefit you. 3 Key Takeaways: The Power of Diversification: Learn how to balance various assets to secure your financial foundation and set yourself up for success. The Art of Long-Term Vision: How to adopt a long-term investment mindset, understand market trends, and make informed decisions that yield substantial growth. Harnessing Opportunities Amidst Challenges: Explore how to identify lucrative investment opportunities even during uncertain times. Whether you're an experienced investor or just beginning your wealth-building journey, this episode offers a wealth of practical advice and expert insights to help you achieve breakaway wealth and financial prosperity. Question: Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, which of Ryan’s strategies will you adopt to secure your financial future and pave the way to prosperity?


Conquering Challenges: How to Find Success by Investing in Your Passion with Dave Codrea

In this power-packed episode of Breakaway Wealth, our host Jim Oliver sits down with the acclaimed investment guru, Dave Codrea, to unlock the secrets of building lasting wealth and achieving true financial success. Get ready to gain invaluable insights from these two seasoned experts as they delve into the world of wealth generation and investment strategies. Key Takeaways: Tune in to this episode of Breakaway Wealth to unlock the secrets that successful professionals use to generate wealth, seize opportunities, and make the most of their hard-earned money.


Navigating Life's Traffic Lights: Deciding When to Hit the Gas, Brake, or Wait

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, your hosts Jim Oliver and Nick Kosko delve into the art of decision-making and risk-taking in the pursuit of success and wealth generation. Using the metaphor of navigating through traffic lights, they explore how to determine when to hit the gas, pump the brakes, or wait. Jim and Nick also introduce and discuss the "R factor question" exercise - a MUST to clarify personal and professional aspirations, and know what to do when you hit a yellow light. 3 Key Takeaways: Navigating Yellow Light Moments: Learn how to recognize the “yellow light” opportunities and decide whether to proceed, pause, or change course. Take Action to Overcome Fear: It’s critical to watch, study and learn then…take action. Defining Vision and Goals: Learn about the "R factor question" and how it has impacted Jim and Nick. A practical takeaway you can do for yourself! Question for Community: How do you seamlessly navigate your life's traffic lights and accelerate your journey to wealth generation and success?


The Secrets to Wealth and Investment Success with Dave Meltzer

Get ready for an eye-opening episode of "Breakaway Wealth" as our host Jim Oliver sits down with the renowned entrepreneur and investor, Dave Meltzer. In this captivating conversation, they dive deep into the world of wealth generation, success, and investment strategies that give you tools to take charge of your financial destiny.This episode is a goldmine of wisdom, offering actionable insights that will empower you to create a prosperous future for yourself and your loved ones. Key Takeaways: Tune in to this enlightening episode of Breakaway Wealth and unlock the secrets to achieving true financial freedom. You don’t want to miss this one!


From Struggle to Success: Building Wealth and Achieving Success with Todd Fleming

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, our host Jim sits down with renowned investment expert Todd Fleming to explore the secrets of wealth generation, success, and smart investments. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting on your financial journey, this conversation is packed with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and achieve financial freedom. Key Takeaways: Tune in to this engaging and informative episode to gain valuable insights from Todd Fleming's expertise and Jim Oliver's seasoned perspective on wealth generation and successful investment strategies. Whether you're nearing retirement or in the prime of your career, this podcast equips you with the tools you need to make wise financial decisions and build a prosperous future. Listen to the full episode here.


Unleashing Your Wealth Potential with Kim Daly

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, Jim sits down with renowned wealth coach Kim Daly to discuss strategies for unleashing your wealth potential. As a wildly successful entrepreneur, Kim shares her expert insights on how to overcome financial limitations and build a strong foundation for lasting wealth. With a focus on actionable steps and practical advice, this conversation is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their financial success to new heights. Key Takeaways: Note: The above show notes are intended to provide a concise overview of the episode's content. For a more in-depth understanding, we recommend listening to the full episode of "Breakaway Wealth" with Jim Oliver and Kim Daly.


Mastering the 10 Key Points from "Think and Grow Rich"

In this episode of Breakaway Wealth, hosts Jim Oliver and Nick Kosko dive into the timeless wisdom found in Napoleon Hill's classic book, "Think and Grow Rich." They emphasize the importance of understanding the key principles discussed in the book and how they can positively impact your mindset and success. Key Takeaways: Remember, these principles are not isolated steps to be followed linearly; they interconnect and support one another. To learn more and diver in deeper, listen in to Jim and Nick as they discuss applying these key takeaways from "Think and Grow Rich". This episode will help you cultivate a mindset and take actions that contribute to your wealth generation and overall success.