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Circle Back features Nashville’s most exceptional entrepreneurs as they revisit the moments that defined their paths. Hosted by Clark Buckner, these founders offer inspiration and practical insights to those navigating their own entrepreneurial journeys.


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Circle Back features Nashville’s most exceptional entrepreneurs as they revisit the moments that defined their paths. Hosted by Clark Buckner, these founders offer inspiration and practical insights to those navigating their own entrepreneurial journeys.








Rob McCabe and Terry Turner - How Friends Win Together at Pinnacle Financial Partners

Different childhoods, yet a serendipitous career path, Rob McCabe and Terry Turner brought a people-first approach to banking and founded Pinnacle Financial Partners in Nashville, Tennessee.


The History and Success of Tennessee Pride Sausage

Three generations of hard work and family dedication put the state of Tennessee on the map for making sausages. The Odom family saw a bigger vision for Odom Sausages and wanted residents to have pride in what they put on their plate. Fast-forward 70+ years, Tennessee Pride sausages remain a staple for many.


Marty Renkis - A Vision Beyond the Clouds

With a natural knack for entrepreneurship and a persistent interest in video, Marty Renkis found a way to merge two passions into a successful business when creating the first cloud surveillance footage company that would make an impact across America.


Dr. Turner Nashe - Making a Difference

Teetering back and forth between the projects and the suburbs, Dr. Turner Nashe had a series of experiences that shaped his entrepreneurial efforts that started with learning about entrepreneurship and business to a faith-driven voice showing him he can focus on making a difference. Prison reform, education, tech, insurance, real estate and more - follow along on this episode of Circle Back to learn about Dr. Turner Nashe’s six businesses and counting.


John Ingram - Transforming the Book Industry

Born into a successful family, John Ingram had entrepreneurship in his blood. However, it was with his unique ingenuity and thought leadership that he prepared a supply chain framework that would support the shift to online shopping for books, growing the family company to a record breaking $2.5B in revenue.


Lucius Burch III, a People-first Investor Who Took 17 Companies to the New York Stock Exchange

For more than 30 years, Lucious Burch flourished in the venture capital business where he helped take 17 businesses to the New York Stock exchange. As a self-proclaimed people investor, Burch learned his skills on the job in New York, but made his way back to his roots in Nashville to continue to invest in great people and businesses.


Bringing Empathy to Entrepreneurship with Sherry Deutschmann

Sherry Deutschmann was raised in North Carolina with a strict upbringing, but chose Nashville as home to develop her career. Now she's a serial entrepreneur, the founder of LetterLogic and BrainTrust. Learn how her drive and empathetic character led her to become one of the strongest women in entrepreneurship in Nashville.


Catching the Financial Bad Guys with Brian Fox

Brian Fox was far ahead of his time when he founded his company to minimize financial fraud and bring efficient results to the confirmation process. President and founder of, Fox shares his 20 year story to success in the newest episode of Circle Back season 2.


Introducing Circle Back Season 2

From The Chase Studio at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Circle Back Season 2 is here! We’re returning with even more of Nashville's most exceptional entrepreneurs revisiting the moments that defined their path. Hosted by Clark Buckner, these founders offer inspiration and practical insights to those navigating their own entrepreneurial journeys.


Eli Manning, Learning to Play a New Game

Growing up in New Orleans as the son of Saints legend Archie Manning, football ran in the family for Eli Manning and his brothers, and was a thread that ran through most of Eli’s life: He was on the high school team, was a star during his time at Ole Miss and retired in 2020 after 16 years of quarterbacking for the New York Giants. The hardest part of retirement? Finding a new stage that he loved as much as football. Learn more about the crucial lessons he’s learned as he launches his next...


Cliff Goldmacher, Evolving with a Song

For Grammy-award winning songwriter Cliff Goldmacher, music is more than just entertainment; it’s a powerful force to connect the world - and to start a business. Every skill that’s needed to write a song is also a skill necessary to being an innovator, Goldmacher posits, and that’s the draw of The Reason for the Rhymes. In his sessions, Cliff channels his music business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit to help executives build skills in lateral thinking, creativity, communication,...


Michael W. Smith, Blending Faith and Creativity to Better His Community

From performing his first song, which he wrote when he was only five years old, to writing songs for fellow musician Amy Grant in 1982, to launching Rocketown in the heart of downtown Nashville, Michael W. Smith has leaned into faith and creativity to become an award-winning musician and entrepreneur that’s changing the world one person at a time.


John Rich, Rewriting the Recipe for Success, and American Blended Whiskey

The son of a guitar-wielding Texan preacher, musician and entrepreneur John Rich witnessed the “magic” of breathing life into a new song from scratch and performing it live. In this second episode of Circle Back mini-series A New Stage, he sits down with NFL legend Eddie George to share his journey through the highs and lows of the music industry, pursuing the perfect blended whiskey, and redefining success in music and business for the next generation.


Kix Brooks, Lifelong Entrepreneur at Heart

In the first episode of Circle Back mini series A New Stage, entrepreneur and Heisman winner Eddie George sat down with Arrington Vineyards founder and musician Kix Brooks. A lifelong entrepreneur at heart, Kix traces his journey from working pipeline jobs with his father in Louisiana, to writing his first No. 1 songs with partner Ronnie Dunn to starting a first-of-its-kind vineyard in the heart of Tennessee. Along the way, he shares his journey to being joyful, his thoughts on leadership,...


Recapping Season One with Jane Allen

We are honored to have shared the stories of some of Nashville’s most influential entrepreneurs on this season of Circle Back. In this”bridge” episode, our CEO Jane Allen is looking back on the highlights of each entrepreneur's story, how they're giving back to the entrepreneurial community, and their plans for the future!


From Cold Feet to Tech Darling: The Story of Clint Smith and Emma

Clint Smith may have come to Nashville for the songwriting, but he stayed for the community. By placing value on people first, he not only gave his all in founding a successful tech company, Emma, but also gave back to his community, his employees and his clients. In this episode of Circle Back, we hear about how Clint Smith found ways to build up his company and build up his community all at once -- and the lessons along the way.


“He Built It, They Came” with Shannon Terry

Shannon Terry’s gift is knowing what works. By following his gut instinct and strategic vision, Terry has founded 247 Sports, AllianceSports and more -- paving the way for digital sports news. Where others saw failure, Terry saw potential -- with an eye always to the future. In this episode of Circle Back, we hear Terry’s journey to finding the place where he belonged -- and the many not-so-right places along the way.


Hanging In the Balance: The Story of Dan Crockett and Franklin American Mortgage

Dan Crockett grew up playing baseball with his family of five brothers. So, when he set his sights on running a mortgage bank, he knew he had to keep his eye on the ball. Through the discipline, grit and focus of an athlete, Crockett built up Franklin American Mortgage, a company he sold for $511 million.


Systematic Success with Beth Chase

Beth Chase, savvy businesswoman and founder of c3/consulting has always pushed herself up to greater and greater heights. When her job at IBM became tedious, she used her computer skills to automate it. When she had perfected her sales techniques, she became a consultant. When she wanted to create more time for her twins, she started a business in her living room. But, Chase doesn’t stop at building herself up. At the core of her journey has been a drive for connecting with people -- from...


Supersized Energy - The Story of Cordia Harrington

No challenge has ever been unconquerable for CEO and founder of The Bakery Companies, Cordia Harrington. With a little bit of sass, some built-in charisma, and a lot of hard work, Harrington rose from the owner and operator of a McDonald’s in Effingham, Illinois to creating a company that oversees baking for international brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Trader Joes, and more.