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be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".

be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".


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be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".








A Conversation with Bill Pasmore (Professor of Practice of Social Organizational Psychology @ Teachers College, Columbia University)

Bill is a Professor of Practice of Social Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, and an Executive Team member at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). He authored 30 books and numerous articles in leading publications. Dig deep into the organizational and leadership aspects of disruptive change, what is required of the leader of the future, and how to be successful in navigating the increasing levels of change we experience today.


A Conversation with Rob Evans (Managing Partner @ Imaginal Labs)

Rob is the Managing Partner at Imaginal Labs, where he helps courageous leaders dream big and mobilize others to achieve those dreams. Prior to this he was a VP at Cap Gemini, as well as partner at EY. Rob was the founder of the innovative Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) at Cap Gemini, that pioneered the development of new forms of large-scale collaborative projects to dramatically accelerate strategy and organizational transformation projects. Dig deep into a riveting conversation...


A Conversation with Chris Clearfield (Author and Consultant)

Chris helps leaders solve impossible problems. As a coach and consultant, he guides his clients to a deep understanding of their unique and complex challenges. With his assistance, they learn to engage others and solve their most challenging problems in creative, collaborative ways. He is the co-author of Meltdown: What Plane Crashes, Oil Spills, and Dumb Business Decisions Can Teach Us About How to Succeed at Work and at Home, which was named a best book of 2018 by The Financial Times and...


A Conversation with Dave Goldblatt (General Partner @ Vibe Capital)

Dave is a General Partner at Vibe Capital; formerly an early and long-time Facebook employee and startup founder. Join us for an exploration of the deeply disruptive nature of blockchain-based and decentralized technologies, business models, and markets. Here is Dave’s Suggested Crypto Reading List: https://davegoldblatt.com/copy-of-crypto-readinglistening-list


A Conversation with Marshall Kirkpatrick (VP Marketing @ Sprinklr)

Marshall is the VP Marketing at Sprinklr, the world’s leading customer experience management platform. Prior to this, he was a news-breaking journalist and startup founder. Explore what a deep dive into social media can teach us about the state of disruption today, how to best leverage these tools to stay on top of innovation and disruption, and how to fine-tune your ability to listen to “the thin wisps of tomorrow.”


A conversation with Rick Smith (Founder and CEO @ Axon Enterprise)

Rick is the founder and CEO of Axon Enterprise, a NASDAQ-listed global market leader in conducted energy weapon, body-worn cameras and software — probably best known for its TASER nonlethal energy weapon. Learn why an enthusiastic press review of your new product or service can be the harbinger of doom, why overcoming “no” is important on multiple fronts, and why disruption requires the willingness and ability to stick it out.


A conversation with Lars Hyland (Chief Learning Officer @ Totara Learning)

Lars is the Chief Learning Officer at Totara Learning, a leading learning and performance management system’s company. Dig deep into why the Future of Work is the Future of Learning, how to learn to learn, what organizations need to do to up- and reskill their workforce, and what innovation and disruption looks like in the world of learning & development.


A Conversation with Massimo Portincaso (Chairman @ Hello Tommorow)

Massimo is the Chairman of Hello Tomorrow, a globally leading organization focused on Deep Tech. Formerly, he led Boston Consulting Group’s Deep Tech work as a Managing Director and Partner. Explore why Deep Tech brings a fundamentally different approach to innovation and disruption, why the next decade will be even more disruptive than you might think, and how to best prepare yourself for the Deep Tech era. Massimo kindly shares a series of reports: – A report on deep tech and how the whole...


A Conversation with Gustav Strömfelt (Former Lead for the Blockchain Portfolio & Innovation Accelerator, World Food Program)

Gustav is the former Lead for the Blockchain Portfolio & Innovation Accelerator at the World Food Program, a design and strategy consultant with previous roles at IBM and Samsung, and a “dissatisfied idealist”. Discover what innovation at incumbent organizations has in common with 300 year-old oak trees, why fierce networking might be the key to unlocking the disruptive potential inside of an organization and why measuring the right things is so hard (and yet paramount).


A Conversation with Amy Radin (Strategist, Growth Hacker and Problem Solver and Fortune 100 Executive)

Amy Radin is a strategist, growth hacker and problem solver who brings 25 years of experience as a Fortune 100 marketing, digital and innovation operating executive to boards and executive teams seeking to develop, build, grow and scale businesses that address today’s market needs. Discover what innovation practitioners can learn from direct marketeers, why you have to reframe disruption away from its original definition of “to destroy what is there”, and how to get cross-functional buy-in...


A Conversation with Alice Casiraghi (Co-founder and Design Strategist, Future Urban Living | FUL)

Alice is the co-founder and Design Strategist at Future Urban Living (FUL) where she and her colleagues work on making the future circular. A UX and Service Designer by trade, Alice has worked for IBM, the Italian government and many other organizations. Discover the disruptive potential of the circular economy, the business benefit of thinking about products and services holistically, and how to get started on your journey.


A Conversation with Rodolfo Rosini (Founder, Stealth Startup and Lead Tech Coach, Conception X)

Rodolfo is an AI expert and practitioner, currently working on a stealth startup in the semiconductor space, as well as being the lead technology coach at Conception X, where he helps transform PhD researchers into venture scientists. Previously he was a partner at Zeroth.AI and the cofounder and CEO of Weave.AI. Learn about the connection between the long arch of the universe and innovation/disruption, why copying Apple is different from copying Apple’s products (and why that distinction...


A Conversation with Gianni Giacomelli (Head of Innovation Design @ MIT Collective Intelligence Design Lab)

Gianni is Genpact’s Chief Innovation Officer where he drives and sponsors strategic initiatives aimed at sustaining clients’ transformation as digitally enabled companies, and Head of Innovation Design at the MIT Collective Intelligence Design Lab, as well as serves on numerous advisory boards. Discover why collective intelligence will be the future of innovation and disruption, and what growing your own tomatoes can teach you about change-management.


A Conversation with Ulrich Schmitz (MD @ Axel Springer Digital Ventures and Founding Partner @ FreeTech)

Ulrich (“Uli”) is the Managing Director of Axel Springer Digital Ventures, a founding director of FreeTech, the Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology, as well as the cofounder of the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator. Previously he was CTO of Axel Springer’s Electronic Media Division. Learn what made Axel Springer, one of the largest European media companies, a true champion in innovation and disruption, how they make M&A work, and why things take (a lot of) time and thus...


A Conversation with Vanessa Liu (VP @ SAP.io Foundries North America)

Vanessa is a business builder, digital media entrepreneur and technology innovator. She has been building, launching and re-launching six businesses over a span of 20 years and heads up SAP.io today, where she is investing in women and diverse-led B2B intelligent enterprise start-ups. Discover why occasionally you have to hang out with motorcycle fanatics to unearth consumer insights, how corporations can and should work with startups, and why disruptive innovation is best explored through...


A Conversation with Gisbert Rühl (Former CEO, Kloeckner & Co SE)

Gisbert Rühl is the former CEO of Klöckner & Co, a steel manufacturer and one of the ten largest companies in Germany. At Klöckner he led a hugely successful transformation initiative, positioning the company as a global leader in its space. Learn from one of the most remarkable (and widely studied) transformations in the industry, and discover how to push for long-term thinking, align an organization behind a bold vision, and how to avoid the common pitfalls of doing so.


A Conversation with Alvaro Delgado Aparicio (Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer at BREIN – BRECA´s Innovation Hub)

Alvaro is the co-founder, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer at BREIN, Grupo BRECA’s innovation hub. Grupo BRECA is one of the largest companies in Peru – a conglomerate spanning primary industries such as fishing and mining all the way to healthcare and financial services. Alvaro is also the director of the BAFTA-nominated feature film Retablo (streaming on Netflix). Explore in this far-reaching conversation why innovation is like love, how to get an incumbent conglomerate to embrace change,...


A Conversation with Christina Nesheva (ViiV Healthcare)

Christina is the former cofounder of the Innovation Lab of ViiV Healthcare, a joint venture between GSK, Pfizer and Shionogi and focused entirely on HIV therapies. Previously she held leadership positions at GSK and has spent her career at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Learn why it is so important to “be in the game”, how leaders today need to operate in a two-track environment, and why fear is the major inhibitor for disruptive innovation inside a corporation.


A Conversation with Kyle Nel (Singularity Labs / Lowe's)

Kyle Nel is the President of Singularity Labs and formerly headed up innovation at DIY retail giant Lowe’s. Under his leadership, Lowe’s launched the first 3D printer into space, developed Augmented Reality experiences and in-store robots. Discover what it takes to turn an incumbent organization into one of the posterchilds of disruptive innovation, why comic books are a great tool to communicate, and why storytelling is so important.


A Conversation With Maurice Conti (Former Head of Moonshots at Telefonica Alpha)

Maurice is the CEO of Applied Intelligence and formerly led Telefonica’s moonshot factory Alpha as their Head of New Moonshots. Alpha has been described as the only European moonshot factory and the European Google [X]. Learn why disruptive innovation is a lot like owning a pet tiger, what cowboys with plastic guns and no horses have to do with disruption, and what companies have to do to navigate the treacherous waters of change.