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be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".

be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".


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be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".








A Conversation with Marques Anderson (Cyborg Anthropologist)

Marques is a cyborg anthropologist, innovator, and world builder. Seeking to be globally impactful, he created the World Education Foundation in 2009 while writing his Master’s thesis for the Adult Learning and Global Change program at Linkoøping University in Sweden. The WE Foundation’s mission and aim focuses on bridging the gap between academia, technology, and implementation in local communities around the world. In our conversation, we explore the fascinating work of a cyborg...


A Conversation with Hemali Vyas (Project Development Leadership @ NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Hemali is an industry-agnostic Multipotentialite with 30+ years of experience with in-depth technical and business acumen across different organizations. She is known for her thought leadership in Strategic Execution which includes strategic assessment, planning, governance, and implementation of complex systems with robust technical competencies. Hemali currently works at NASA / JPL – Caltech in Project Development Leadership for NASA’s flight projects and mission success and is Chair of...


A Conversation with Grant Wood (Founder @ Knotion Labs)

Grant is the founder of Knotion Labs where he works with leaders to invent breakthough products and get them into the hands of customers. In our conversation we talk a about innovation best practices, the common pitfalls, and Grant’s anti-patterns of innovation and disruptive.


A Conversation with David Bell (Founder @ Ideafarm Ventures)

David is the founder of Idea Farm Ventures where he invests into and helps build mission-driven companies for the modern consumer. He started and designed the Wharton School of Business’s first course on Digital Marketing and E-Commerce and the author of the book “Location Is (Still) Everything”. In our conversation we dig into the wonderous world of direct-to-consumer businesses, what’s next for B2C companies, and the inner workings of disruptive innovation in the space.


A Conversation with David Siegel (CEO @ Meetup)

David Siegel is the CEO of Meetup, the largest platform for finding and building local community. He has over 20 years of experience as a technology and digital media executive leading organizations through innovative product development, rapid revenue growth, and digital traffic acceleration. Prior to joining Meetup, David was CEO of Investopedia and before that, President of Seeking Alpha. David’s book, Decide and Conquer: 44 Decisions that will Make or Break All Leaders lays out the...


A Conversation with Bruce Smith (Founder & CEO @ Hydrow)

Bruce Smith is the founder and CEO of hydrow, the fitness company which created the leading connected rowing machine. A former Head of the Charles winner, Bruce coached the US Lightweight Eight to a Bronze medal at the 2015 World Rowing Championships. In our conversation we explore the many disruptions and state changes happening in the fitness industry at large, how community becomes the cornerstone of personal transformation, the approach the hydrow team took to creating their...


A Conversation with Riaz Shah (Global Learning Leader @ EY)

Riaz Shah is EY's Global Learning Leader and a long-term partner in the firm. Throughout his career he has had senior leadership and client roles at EY and Capgemini, in Assurance, Advisory, Operations and Global Talent. In our conversation we dig deep into the future of learning and work, how to prepare yourself and your team for the future and which skills are most needed today and tomorrow. It is a fascinating, deep dive into the ways one of the largest consulting firms in the world...


A Conversation with Cecilia Tham (Cofounder @ Futurity Systems)

Cecilia “Cece” Tham is the cofounder, principle and future synthesist at Futurity Systems, where she and her team are hard at work creating the future. Previously she created a leading collaborative Coworking community in Barcelona, Spain, was a Senior Social Technologist at Telefonica Alpha, the European moonshot factory, among many other roles. She is an acclaimed public speaker, and educator. In our conversation, we look at the world of innovation and disruption through the lens of a...


A Conversation with Samantha Snabes (Cofounder @ re:3D)

Samantha is the cofounder and catalyst at re:3D, where she and her team pioneered large-scale 3D printers, as well as using recycled materials as filament. Previously, she was a social entrepreneur-in-residence at NASA Johnson Space Center and the cofounder of Bioflow Technologies, a biotech startup working on novel approaches to tissue cultures. Together, we explore the future of manufacturing, how to build a manufacturing company from the ground up, and the disruptive nature of 3D printing...


A Conversation with Dave Friedman (CEO @ AutonomyWorks)

Dave is the CEO of AutonomyWorks, a company which employs a team of people with autism to deliver exceptional business services, while building independent lives for employees. Prior to AutonomyWorks, he spent 25 years assisting retail and consumer organizations in building brands through great customer experiences. Most recently, David served as President, Marketing for Sears Holdings. In our conversation we explore the disruptive opportunity of expanding your teams neuro-diversity, and the...


A Conversation with Dr. David Bray (Principal @ LeadDoAdapt Ventures, Distinguished Fellow @ Atlantic Council and Stimson Center)

David is a Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council and the Stimson Center, and a principal at LeadDoAdapt Ventures. He has served in a variety of leadership roles in turbulent environments, including bioterrorism preparedness and response from 2000-2005, time on the ground in Afghanistan in 2009, serving as the non-partisan Executive Director for a bipartisan National Commission on R&D, and providing leadership as a non-partisan federal agency Senior Executive. In our conversation we...


A Conversation with Hannah Tucker (Founder @ Balance Point Ventures and Disruption Dinner)

Hannah does independent research into the disruptive developments transforming the economy. She presents this content to business and investor audiences, while working with clients through her sustainability advisory business, Balance Point Ventures. Hannah is also the Founder of Disruption Dinner, providing culinary adventures through our changing food system. Digging into Hannah’s latest research, we explore disruption from a sustainability perspective, what it takes for companies and...


A Conversation with Philipp Pieper (Cofounder & CEO @ Swarm Network)

Philipp is cofounder of Swarm Markets as well as the Swarm Network, an open source project and DAO. Philipp also co-founded Proximic (acquired by comScore), Loop Media (public at USOTC: LPTV) and Bitadel Crypto Trading. Philipp has been engaged in decentralized technologies and crypto asset trading since 2015. He is also a startup investor and mentor e.g. at Singularity University & StartX. Member of the AIMA blockchain committee and Digital Currency Trade Association (DCTA). In our...


A Conversation with Bill Pasmore (Professor of Practice of Social Organizational Psychology @ Teachers College, Columbia University)

Bill is a Professor of Practice of Social Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, and an Executive Team member at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). He authored 30 books and numerous articles in leading publications. Dig deep into the organizational and leadership aspects of disruptive change, what is required of the leader of the future, and how to be successful in navigating the increasing levels of change we experience today.


A Conversation with Rob Evans (Managing Partner @ Imaginal Labs)

Rob is the Managing Partner at Imaginal Labs, where he helps courageous leaders dream big and mobilize others to achieve those dreams. Prior to this he was a VP at Cap Gemini, as well as partner at EY. Rob was the founder of the innovative Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) at Cap Gemini, that pioneered the development of new forms of large-scale collaborative projects to dramatically accelerate strategy and organizational transformation projects. Dig deep into a riveting conversation...


A Conversation with Chris Clearfield (Author and Consultant)

Chris helps leaders solve impossible problems. As a coach and consultant, he guides his clients to a deep understanding of their unique and complex challenges. With his assistance, they learn to engage others and solve their most challenging problems in creative, collaborative ways. He is the co-author of Meltdown: What Plane Crashes, Oil Spills, and Dumb Business Decisions Can Teach Us About How to Succeed at Work and at Home, which was named a best book of 2018 by The Financial Times and...


A Conversation with Dave Goldblatt (General Partner @ Vibe Capital)

Dave is a General Partner at Vibe Capital; formerly an early and long-time Facebook employee and startup founder. Join us for an exploration of the deeply disruptive nature of blockchain-based and decentralized technologies, business models, and markets. Here is Dave’s Suggested Crypto Reading List: https://davegoldblatt.com/copy-of-crypto-readinglistening-list


A Conversation with Marshall Kirkpatrick (VP Marketing @ Sprinklr)

Marshall is the VP Marketing at Sprinklr, the world’s leading customer experience management platform. Prior to this, he was a news-breaking journalist and startup founder. Explore what a deep dive into social media can teach us about the state of disruption today, how to best leverage these tools to stay on top of innovation and disruption, and how to fine-tune your ability to listen to “the thin wisps of tomorrow.”


A conversation with Rick Smith (Founder and CEO @ Axon Enterprise)

Rick is the founder and CEO of Axon Enterprise, a NASDAQ-listed global market leader in conducted energy weapon, body-worn cameras and software — probably best known for its TASER nonlethal energy weapon. Learn why an enthusiastic press review of your new product or service can be the harbinger of doom, why overcoming “no” is important on multiple fronts, and why disruption requires the willingness and ability to stick it out.


A conversation with Lars Hyland (Chief Learning Officer @ Totara Learning)

Lars is the Chief Learning Officer at Totara Learning, a leading learning and performance management system’s company. Dig deep into why the Future of Work is the Future of Learning, how to learn to learn, what organizations need to do to up- and reskill their workforce, and what innovation and disruption looks like in the world of learning & development.