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Jaime Masters: Online Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Blogger.

Jaime Masters: Online Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Blogger.


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Jaime Masters: Online Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Blogger.




Selects Edition: From Bankruptcy to a $500 million dollar company with Suzy Batiz

Episode Highlights: Learn what losing everything means to Suzy, Learn why Suzy shifted from grind and hustle to doing what makes her feel good, Tips in managing your fear, depression and negativity in business, Learn why purging is good for your business, What to focus on when you already establish your business, Learn why intuition is better than strategy, What is EMDR (and what is its benefits), How to get out of your comfort zone, How to deal with right mentality or...


Selects Edition: Building Thriving Podcast Communities with Nigel Eccles

Episode Highlights: What is Nigel’s goal in creating podcast communities, How to build a thriving podcast community, The protocols that will make your audience engage, Common things new startup entrepreneurs need to know, Tips in visioning, What is OKR (Objective and Key Results) and why is it important... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-building-thriving-podcast-communities-with-nigel-eccles Thank you so much for watching!


Selects Edition: How to develop a team you love! Creating culture for your company with Matt Shoup

Episode Highlights: Tips and tricks in building a positive culture for a small team, Secrets of leadership jiu-jitsu (and why it is important to companies), How to determine if a team member is culturally fit for the team or not, Learn the best strategies to communicate with your employees... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-how-to-develop-a-team-you-love-creating-culture-for-your-company-with-matt-shoup Thank you so much for watching!


The Future of Ecommerce for Influencers with David Perry

Episode Highlights: Perry talks about his video game industry career and business, How and why to he switched industry - from video games to eCommerce, How he tapped into influencers for his new business, Carro, How to find your element in your industry to start a business, How to make an investor get interested and invest in your business... https://eventualmillionaire.com/the-future-of-ecommerce-for-influencers-with-david-perry Thank you so much for watching!


Our 500th Millionaire: Master Your Branding + Find out Your Archetype with Jen Kem

Episode Highlights: Jen talks about her legacy projects, Femmefluence and Master Brand Method, Jen explains her brand archetypes under Master Brand Method, How to implement your dominant brand archetype to your marketing, How to discern and focus on the right hard things... https://eventualmillionaire.com/our-500th-millionaire-master-your-branding-find-out-your-archetype-with-jen-kem Thank you so much for watching!


Conversational Videos - The intersection of storytelling & artificial intelligence with Heather Maio-Smith

Episode Highlights: Heather explains what StoryFile does and how she got into it (Even without any tech experience), How using conversational video can shape the way we do business, Difference between deep fakes, avatars, and what StoryFile does, How Heather’s want to provide the ability for future generations to have conversations with Holocaust survivors sparked this new technology and the creation of StoryFile Life, How Heather balances running StoryFile with her husband and many other...


How to start a digital business on Etsy with Julie Berninger and Cody Berman

Episode Highlights: How to start your Etsy store, Marketing tactics for your Etsy store, How to do a keyword research for your Etsy store, How set yourself apart from your competition, How to generate leads using Etsy, Tips on creating trending products for your Etsy store, Some case studies from Julie and Cody's students... https://eventualmillionaire.com/how-to-start-a-digital-business-on-etsy-with-julie-berninger-and-cody-berman Thank you so much for watching!


Making Trading Simple with Rosetta Bryson

Episode Highlights: Rosetta's catalyst to her trade journey (How she founded Simple Trader Pro), How Simple Trader Pro helps people of color build wealth, Simple Trader Pro’s Z School (A philanthropic enterprise on the mission to educate generation Z s on how to trade), How opportunities Simple Trader Pro is opening up to more people in the trading world are rippling out beyond Wall Street... https://eventualmillionaire.com/making-trading-simple-with-rosetta-bryson Thank you so much for...


How to Sell Your Online Business with Joe Valley

Episode Highlights: Two major shifts that happened during that pandemic in terms of buying and selling businesses, How to sell your online business (And how to do business valuation), How to plan your exit in your business, When do you know that you are ready to exit your business, How do logistical issues affect selling e-commerce businesses right now, Tips on how to take care of your staff when you sell your business, How to process your emotions when you exit your...


The E5 Method for Marketing with Todd Brown

Episode Highlights: How E5 Method started (What is E5 Method and how does it work), How to match the right incentive to the right audience, Two major most valuable lessons in marketing Todd learned in the last 20 years, How to effectively differentiate your product from your competitors, What is Dual Brain Communication, What are 6 important metrics in making a decision in your business, When to tweak your marketing...


Selects Edition: Becoming a “Champion” Goal Achiever with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Episode Highlights: What is a champion’s blueprint, In-depth explanation of Jeff’s goal achievement roadmap, How to understand our human nature, How long does the daily grind last, Learn goal achievement as a leader of a team, The difference of “belief” and “knowing”, How to recalibrate moments to have a champion’s mind... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-becoming-a-champion-goal-achiever-with-dr-jeff-spencer Thank you so much for watching!


Selects Edition: From selling “trash” to a multi-millionaire dollar business with Alison Prince

Episode Highlights: How to use your own resources to get started with your business, How fear almost stopped Alison from starting all her businesses but used this method to fix it, Learn how Alison taught her kids to build and grow their own 6-figure business (giving other options than college), How starting and growing 8 businesses almost killed her, Why going deep and focused are better strategies for your health and wealth, How to push yourself out of your comfort...


Selects Edition: Make a lot of Money, Help a lot of People, and have a lot of Fun with David Meltzer

Episode Highlights: David’s journey in becoming a CEO of someone else’s company, How to set your path to where you want to be, What David learned from Gary V that created massive results, How to make people happy while making money, How to apply the Law of GOYA, Law of Attraction, and Law of Surrender in your business, How to know what the best content is to create for maximum...


Selects Edition: From Zero to Six figures in 12 months with Sigrun

Selects Edition: From Zero to Six figures in 12 months with Sigrun Episode Highlights: How to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship, The BIG catalyst that made her business from zero to six figures in a year, What is the line between giving value and over-delivering, How to switch from your first to your zone of genius niche... https://eventualmillionaire.com/selects-edition-from-zero-to-six-figures-in-12-months-with-sigrun Thank you so much for watching!


Long-Term Thinking In a Short-Term World with Dorie Clark

Episode Highlights: The framework from her new book, The Long Game, How to get over that mental piece of wanting it all done yesterday, but pre-planning for the future, Four questions to ask to get more white space in your life, How to figure out your strategic plan for your business, How to lower your level of resistance to testing and trying new things for your life and business, How to work on your strategic patience, How to figure out your short-term joy so that you can stick with your...


How to Find your People and Create a Community with Radha Agrawal

Episode Highlights: How to be intentional in finding friends, How to build a deep level of connection in your community, How to be a portal in your community, How to build a loyal community to organically and authentically grow your business, How prioritizing community and belonging helped, Radha build brands valued at 200 million+ dollars... https://eventualmillionaire.com/how-to-find-your-people-and-create-a-community-with-radha-agrawal Thank you so much for watching!


Thursday is the New Friday with Joe Sanok

Episode Highlights: The history of the seven-day week and 40-hour workweek, Tips in implementing a productive four-day workweek, How to optimize your weekend to help your brain rejuvenate for the coming week, Three questions to your employees that will help them evolve within the business, What are Sprint Types (And the two different factors of it), Examples of case studies in neuroscience that shows how slowing down unlocks hidden creativity and...


How to Become Your Own Startup Superhero (even if you change industries!) with Steve Hoffman

Episode Highlights: Captain Hoff's career journey (Why he decided to change his career so much), How to get investors for your business, Why do early adopters of new technology fail in their venture, How to get your customer's feedback to create more value for them, What is creative process (And where does it comes in the feedback loop)... https://eventualmillionaire.com/how-to-become-your-own-startup-superhero-even-if-you-change-industries-with-steve-hoffman Thank you so much for watching!


Emotional Intelligence + Connection in Business with Joe Hudson

Episode Highlights: The importance of emotional intelligence in business in creating a deep-level connection in all relationships, Tips in creating the best company culture and team for your business, Why vulnerability is needed in building great relationships, How emotions influence decision making, What is more important on decision making - your intuition or your data, Tips and tools on how to manage and sort your emotions in decision making, How to stay unattached with your goals (And...


Selects Edition: Scaling Jungle Scout Fast with Greg Mercer

Episode Highlights: His experience in creating and developing Jungle Scout, Learn what led Jungle Scout to the fast growth trajectory, His journey growing up as a kid with a successful entrepreneur dad, How to counter the fear of failure, How Greg’s role grew in Jungle Scout (The strengths he developed in five years), How to step back and not micromanage (let go!), Tips and tricks in systemizing your hiring process, Learn the deciding factors of hiring, Tips in firing your...