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Brand ambassadors, event staffers, tradeshow magicians and live presenters "Face The Event" introduces the faces and personalities in-and-around the trade show and events industry , with your host, Scott Tokar.

Brand ambassadors, event staffers, tradeshow magicians and live presenters "Face The Event" introduces the faces and personalities in-and-around the trade show and events industry , with your host, Scott Tokar.


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Brand ambassadors, event staffers, tradeshow magicians and live presenters "Face The Event" introduces the faces and personalities in-and-around the trade show and events industry , with your host, Scott Tokar.








All Hallows Eve-nt - A Halloween Brand Ambassador SPECIAL!

All Hallows Eve-nt - A Halloween Brand Ambassador SPECIAL! Philip Victor shares his story of breaking BAD Channon Adde tells us about her interaction with Khaleesi Kristina Fryk has an ALARMING experience. Larry Wyatt finds out about BLOOD and STITCHES Rick Gerber in “Who Do VooDoo”? Sasha Love Higgins finds CAT PEOPLE at a tattoo show Chef Anton plays BLOOD GAMES Sara Konesky is DISMEMBERED Laura Harwood is stuffed in a box Amy Cosgrove wants to know if you are “faint of...


Using Ear Prompters / Steve Multer, Corporate Storyteller

Ear Prompter tips from Philip Victor, Rick Gerber, Sasha Love Higgins, Larry Wyatt, Sara Konecky, and Shannon Dade. Corporate Storytelling -Steve Multer’s first tradeshow as a presenter for Live Marketing in Chicago started as an actor on stage. LARGE theater presentations back in the 1990’s “dot com” boom. Elaine Cohen and her innovations in Live Marketing How to succeed in FLOORING without really trying (A corporate theater presentation for a flooring tradeshow). Live! Marketing...


The BEST & WORST places to work / Amy Cosgrove, tradeshow staffer

Q&A With Amy Cosgrove: Starting a career as a “costumed character” Getting her first “gig” in Boston, MA How to get the NEXT gig and building her reputation in Boston and Philadelphia Working with more than one agency so that she is turning work away because she is so busy. OPTIMISM in tradeshow staffing mid/post COVID shows. Making $300-$400-$500 per day as an independent contractor Auto shows as a primary industry and host/hostessing Updating your portfolio NOW to maximize your...


The most “unique” products ever worked for / Auto Shows with Laura Harwood - Las Vegas showgirl.

The most “unique” products ever worked for question team: Laura Harwood, Amy Cosgrove, Philip Victor, Rick Gerber, Channon Dade, Laura Harwood - Las Vegas showgirl. Remembering her first tradeshow in Detroit at Cobo Hall and how she got her first booking. Working in Chicago’s McCormick Place, Navy Pier and Rosemont. Costumes and characters in tradeshows? The Las Vegas Showgirl and the downsides of “full-body” makeup. The different approaches that tradeshows take in staffing in different...


Aching Feet / Sara Konecky, branding associate - crowd gatherer

Aching Feet - Sara Konecky, branding associate/crowd gatherer How Sara got into the business of crowd gathering and event staffing at tradeshows. Crowd gatherer, hostess, or associate, what do you like to call yourself. What are the duties of a crowd gatherer? Why it is important to KNOW what a product does and how the customers use it? What IS badge scanning anyhow, and why do booths need it? Why are there so many “local” gigs, and how can you get a company to pay for your travel...


Tradeshow Give-Aways / Chef Anton - Trick-shot Sales Entertainer

Season 1, Episode 13 - Tradeshow Give-Aways / Chef Anton - Trick-shot Sales Entertainer How do variety acts work in brand activations? How to best use a professional brand ambassador to assist with crowd dynamics in a live presentation Using a dedicated team or local talent advantages and pitfalls. Why it is so tough to use a company staff member as part of your live presentation team. What makes the perfect crowd gatherer? A virtual “want ad”. The best way to STOP attendees in the...


MASTERCLASS in tradeshow presenting with Scotty Meltzer / Should you go to dinner with your client?

Question: What do you do if your client asks you to dinner? Scotty Meltzer, Tradeshow juggler - Comedy Industries Today’s episode is a MASTERCLASS in tradeshow presenting (period). What is a “tradeshow juggler”? Adding a commercial message to a variety act helps make a product understandable and memorable. Scrip writing and selling a product from an angle of fully understanding the industry itself. Ear prompters or fluid scripting what is the difference and why use one or the...


Face The Event: COVID-19 Special Edition

In this episode, we are taking a focused look into how the brand ambassador, tradeshow staffer world has changed since March 2020. Scott Tokar announces his new companion podcast “Convention(al) Protocol” available right here where you found THIS podcast. First, we speak with Becky Jo Schwarz from CE talent in Phoenix and she share what is happening TODAY, what has changed, what she thinks shows in 2021 will look like and most importantly what you should do NOW to prepare for shows in the...


I'm not contracted to do THAT / and an interview with BA, Kristina Fryk

Episode 10, Season 1 - Scott Tokar asks, "What do you do when you are asked to do something above and beyond your contract"? An Interview with Kristina Fryk, a brand ambassador from the Pacific Northwest. In Kristina's 3 Years as a Brand Ambassador, she has worked sporting events with the Seattle Seahawks, worked in-store sampling for liquor and foods and recently she even did a Mid-COVID in-car BA event for Blake Shelton! We talk about The difference between pre-COVID and mid-COVID...


Voice tips/loss of voice and an interview with BA, Channon Dade.

This week's episode isn’t at a loss for words, because Scott Tokar finds out how to SAVE your VOICE on an activation… Scott interviews Channon Dade who has over a decade of experience as a crowd gatherer, host, emcee, trainer, and is now talent management and a District Mgr for CE talent. Channon tells the audience how to get paid MORE by working your way into show floor management and leadership positions. If you are new in the industry, here are the top things you should know when you...


Scanning Badges / Sasha Love Higgins Brand Ambassador & Corporate Story Teller

Scott Tokar talks about scanning badges for maximum quantification on the show floor with Alexis Baize, Philip Victor, Rick Gerber, Jenifer Canale, Robin Bell, Channon Dade & Larry Wyatt. Then Scott interviews Sasha Higgins to find out how she got started in the BA and Tradeshow world. Secrets that she wishes she had known about the industry when she first started. Working with agents and for companies like; Microsoft, Automation Anywhere, Toyota, Dell. How to find an agent Badge...


Make-up / Becky Jo Schwarz & how to get booked as a brand ambassador

Episode 7, Season 1 Make-up episode! Becky Jo Schwarz of CE Talent talks with us and shares the secrets of what are agents REALLY looking for in brand ambassadors and event staffers? What kind of photos should you submit to an agency and why those NSFW bathing suit photos are the wrong choice for the higher paying corporate bookings. Becky Jo shares the #1 quality agents are looking for in tradeshows, conventions and corporate meetings. Why ethnic diversity has become a major selling...


Shoes / Rick Gerber & On Premises Bar Activations

Shoes and standing all day on an activation. Rick Gerber - With over 40,000 on-premises bar promotions, Rick shares brand ambassador tips for working with a major beer brand around the world. Rick walks us through his 30+ year career as an in-person bar promotion expert that has allowed him to represent a major US beer brand and their many products in over 40,000 locations around the WORLD including DREAM activations at the Olympics, several Superbowls, World Cups, He shares tips that any...


Getting TO the show / Plus, an interview with Larry Wyatt

If parking is at a premium, how should you get to an activation or event? Walk, Uber, or pay $60 to park? This week we hear from the tradeshow experts Alexis Baize, Becky Jo Schwarz, Robin Bell, Jennifer Canale, and Phillip Victor to find out! Our interview spotlight is with tradeshow actor, Larry Wyatt and he shares insights on Emceeing, Scripted presentations, and crowd gathering. How his acting career lead to presenting and corporate shows. Some song and dance and “gimmicky”...


What to wear, attire on the gig / Plus, an interview with Jennifer Canale

What to wear, attire on the job - Alexis Baize, Becky Jo Schwarz, Veronica Tevelde, Robin Bell, Jennifer Canale, Philip Victor, Larry Wyatt Jeniffer canale interview - Badge scanning and crowd gathering, making a long term career out of event staffing. Finding ambassador gigs on Craigslist, working for agencies, and booking direct. What is it like to work in an exhibit on the tradeshow floor? Working local and working on the road, traveling while “branded” and the difficulties of being “on”...


How to handle "unwanted" attention / Plus, an interview with Philip Victor

Season 1, Episode 3: Scott Tokar discusses flirting and unwanted attention during activation with Robin Bell, Veronica Tevelde, Becky Jo Schwarz, Alexis Baize, Jennifer Canale, and Philip Victor. We bring you a “face-to-face” interview with the creator and moderator of the over 250 “Brand Ambassador of ___” FaceBook groups, Philip Victor. Then, we end with a “Face Palm” moment with Jennifer Canale who tells us about an Assault with a deadly Giraffe!


Eating at an event / Robin Bell - Season 1, Episode 2

Eating and getting meals (dos and don'ts) while working a tradeshow event. Face-To-Face Interview with Robin Bell We chat about; booking via agents, booking direct, and via referrals, what you need in promotion materials, photos, videos and your own tradeshow marketing website Robin also tells us about Researching and scripting for her live presentations, and the difference between Demos of physical equipment or products, and powerpoint slides with an ear prompter. Face-Palm story about a...


Exhibitor badges / Veronica Tevelde - Season 1, Episode 1

Inaugural Podcast: Exhibitor badges and getting into a tradeshow with Robin Bell, Veronica Tevelde, Becky Jo Schwarz, Alexis Baize, Jennifer Canale. We brig you a “face-to-face” interview with tradeshow presenter, Veronica Tevelde where we discuss: how to get started as a tradeshow staffer, promoting yourself from staffer to live presenter, ear prompters and the secret of not having to memorize a script for every show, plus using your own contracts and getting paid directly by the...