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Hometown Highlights brings attention to professionals, business owners, and community members to highlight their stories. Dominic Frey & Ryan Pessell interview individuals with a special story to share. Their goal is to provide a platform for unique and fun conversations of telling these experiences of individuals, businesses and community events.

Hometown Highlights brings attention to professionals, business owners, and community members to highlight their stories. Dominic Frey & Ryan Pessell interview individuals with a special story to share. Their goal is to provide a platform for unique and fun conversations of telling these experiences of individuals, businesses and community events.


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Hometown Highlights brings attention to professionals, business owners, and community members to highlight their stories. Dominic Frey & Ryan Pessell interview individuals with a special story to share. Their goal is to provide a platform for unique and fun conversations of telling these experiences of individuals, businesses and community events.




Winners of The Voice - Girl Named Tom

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan sat down with a talented and humble trio, in Girl Named Tom two weeks ago. Starting with an idea from their mom, these siblings created a band and went on to win season 21 of The Voice. Caleb, Josh & Bekah share their story about how the band started, when they thought they were going to get voted off, and much much more. This is a light hearted episode full of laughter. Today, they have their sights on being "the harmony trio of this generation." Listen to...


2021 State Championship Run with Carey Football

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan sit down with three members of the State Champion Carey football team: Head Coach Mershman, Defensive Coach Stock & Quarterback Derek Lonsway. They discuss the entire season, specifically once they got into their groove after the first six quarters of the season. Fun conversation rehashing memories from the whole year and how it prepared them to be state champions. They share in detail how the community in Carey & the surrounding areas embraced them during the...


Family, Community & Volleyball with Lauren, Hannah & Karis Willow

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan talk with Lauren, Hannah & Karis Willow. It's a fun conversation with all three with lots of volleyball talk, as Lauren and Hannah are collegiate athletes right now and Karis has recently committed to play at the next level. Lauren and Hannah played together in high school and are now teammates at Cedarville University. Karis, a junior at Liberty Benton High School, has just signed with Penn State University. Support from their parents, older siblings, and...


Golfing Runs in the Family with Bryce Cobb

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan talk with Bryce Cobb. Bryce is currently a senior at Anna High School and has recently signed to golf at Ohio Dominican University. Fun conversation digging into Bryce's life long passion of golf. After many years of playing (and practicing), everything started to click for him on the course during his junior year. He was able to qualify to the state competition and broke the school record during his last season. During the years, he's had tremendous support...


Baseball, Traveling & Coming Back Home with Jerry Blevins

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan talk with retired MLB pitcher Jerry Blevins. The conversation begins with Jerry and his time at Arcadia High School. He was a three sport athlete and was involved in band and art. He decided to take a leap of faith and attend the University of Dayton and walk onto their baseball team. After making the team, he found adversity and learned to preserve in those moments. The conversation shifts to his time in the MLB and his story of getting to the Big Leagues....


Ph.D. program at John Hopkins University with Alex Pessell

New episode with Alex Pessell discussing his education and community involvement. The Arcadia High School graduate went to Trine University for a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After being heavily involved with athletics as a Redskin, he started focusing more on academics and other campus involvement. He spent his time wisely in college and now is at John Hopkins in their Ph.D. program to become a scientist. He sees himself long term in the intersection of engineers, scientists and...


High School Softball & Collegiate Rowing with Kayleigh Lininger

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan talk with recent high school graduate Kayleigh Lininger. Kayleigh shares her experiences in the New Riegel community, specifically being apart of the softball team. After a successful career and playing at state this last season, she has decided to attend Ohio State University as an athlete. Not in softball, but in rowing! Starting as a joke between Kayleigh and her dad, and now she is competing as a Buckeye this coming fall. Her determination and leadership...


Seventh Generation Farmer with Gary Wilson

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan get to chat with Gary Wilson, from the Findlay area. Gary was, is, and will be heavily involved in the Agriculture community in Hancock County. After being an OSU Agricultural Extension Agent for 32 years, he retired in 2011. He once was affiliated with 45 different groups and organizations between Hancock County and Ohio State. He's a proud Buckeye alumni, and his family has several degrees from Columbus. Today, his son is the eighth generation of his family...


Optimism, Fitness & Focusing on the Good with Jim Steffen

New episode with America's Fun Fitness Coach, Jim Steffen. Jim brings a lot of energy, especially for someone who sets their "opportunity clock" at 3:07 each morning. He shares about his career and how he started a gym, then sold it, and got back into the fitness industry. Today, he owns XT Fitness which is a local gym in Findlay, OH and has online services as well. He also does motivational public speaking and shares how he came up with his phrase for optimism, as the "Big O." The episode...


Practicing Law, Traveling the World & the Findlay Formula with Patrick Sadowski

New episode with the one and only, Patrick Sadowski. This is a fun interview that discusses everything from 16 years of being a lawyer to his guilty pleasure of enjoying listening to Lizzo. He shares his experience of moving to Findlay for work, and how he has fallen in love with the community. Through experiences at Eastman & Smith he has been able to travel the world and shares some unique aspects to each country he's been to. The conversation turns to his community involvement and how he...


Loving Where You Live with Christopher Cook

This episode is with North Carolina native, Christopher Cook. The conversation starts with his mindset when he started his scratch insurance agency in 2004 with Alliance Insurance Services. He learned quickly that they had to sell what they had and what their agency was good at. Over the years, Christopher has continually kept adding various community groups to his plate. Most recently, he became the Co-Chair of Armfield Civic Center and helped create a fundraising effort to save the center...


Working for a Startup, Focusing on the People & (of course) Data with Syd Roe

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan get to know Syd Roe personally and dive into her role within working for a startup, b atomic. The conversation starts talking about Apple products, Syd's training for a half ironman & her golf experience with Ryan for the first half of the conversation. (0:00-29:27) The second half of the interview dives into her role with marketing for b atomic and the challenges of working for a startup company. She shares her heart for supporting small businesses & how data...


Independence & Serving Others with Jonathan Brimley & Curtis Frisch

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan have a fun conversation with Jonathan Brimley & Curtis Frisch. There are basic conversations with the managing partners of Brimley & Frisch Wealth Management about investing in this current economy. They love representing Savage & Associates & living by the philosophy that they are here to serve those around them. Each of them are highly involved in the community, with Curtis being the Treasurer for Hancock Literacy and Jonathan supporting the youth with...


Real Estate, Kiwanis Club & Band with Brian Whitta

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan talk real estate, Kiwanis Club & band with Brian Whitta. Brian discusses what it looked like when he started Flag City Realtors and how the business is growing today. He is the President of the Kiwanis Club and is excited to have fundraisers again in 2021. Brian & his wife are talented musically, which leads to Ryan & Brian talking about the Marathon Center for Performing Arts in Findlay. Great episode for all things Findlay and how involved Brian is!Thanks to...


Young Entrepreneur Starting Clear View Market with Caleb Breece

This episode is with a 21 year old agricultural entrepreneur, Caleb Breece. He has always had a desire to start his own business and has a love for the outdoors since his days in 4-H. His garden center dreams began in the fall of 2019 when he started selling mums. In the spring of 2020 he started selling flowers and has since put up a greenhouse to sell hanging baskets, potted flowers & vegetable flats at Clear View Market. He shares with us a couple lessons he's learned and how he hopes to...


Radio Personality, Family Man & Nonprofits with Dave Crosser

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan sit down with Dave Crosser and discuss his 20+ year career in radio and his love for supporting non-profits in the Findlay area. He shares some of his unique experiences at WKXA and the people he has met along the way. Dave's had the opportunity to interview some big names! Recently, he's made a career transition and is now at Family Resource Center. He loves and supports their works in prevention, treatment, and recovery of behavioral & mental health. In...


All Things Best Christmas Ever with Jaclyn Pessell

In this episode, Dominic & Ryan discuss all aspects of Best Christmas Ever (BCE) with Jaclyn Pessell. After seeing a close friend become a recipient of BCE, Jaclyn knew she wanted to get involved in Hancock County. She became a captain and started the chapter in 2020. She received an overwhelming amount of support from families and businesses and they were able to bless 3 families this past holiday season. This episode will give you all the details on the organization and how you can get...


A Heart for Findlay with Mayor Muryn

In the first episode of Hometown Highlights, Dominic & Ryan have a conversation with the mayor of Findlay, Christina Muryn. They discuss her past and how her family was not surprised that she eventually became mayor. She shares her heart for the city of Findlay and her passion for helping others. After talking about her position, the conversation shifts into the city of Findlay. Creating a newsletter, focusing on public outdoor recreation, establishing a Mobile Health Clinic, and DORA are...


Trailer Episode

Welcome to Hometown Highlights, a podcast centered on the positive people and businesses within the communities that surround us everyday. Listen to the trailer episode for a better understanding of what this podcast is about. To stay up to date on the podcast, you can subscribe to it on your favorite podcast platform. You can also like the Facebook page. Thanks to our sponsor at Hitchings Insurance. Hitchings is a full service insurance agency specializing in personal, farm, commercial, and...