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A Marketing Podcast that dives deep into the marketing and entrepreneurial world so that you can set yourself apart and inspire some joy in your business! Hosted by Ed Howie.

A Marketing Podcast that dives deep into the marketing and entrepreneurial world so that you can set yourself apart and inspire some joy in your business! Hosted by Ed Howie.


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A Marketing Podcast that dives deep into the marketing and entrepreneurial world so that you can set yourself apart and inspire some joy in your business! Hosted by Ed Howie.




Spark Some Joy In Business

Joy is what I’m talking about on this episode of Howie Grow A Brand-how to create it, and how to deliver it. So join me and let’s spark some joy!


Holiday Special: Marketing Joy

On today's episode of Howie Grow A Brand, I dive into holiday marketing and the ever-present promise of joy…that you must follow-through on.


Is Your Brand Alive?

On this episode of Howie Grow A Brand I'll give you the three keys to breathing life into your brand!


Plotting The Course

On today’s episode of Howie Grow A Brand, Jacob Zitelman, the 23 year old founder of Quick Sip Coffee, tells tale of his path from selling homemade cold brew coffee out of his backpack at school, to getting his products on the shelves of major grocery chains like H-E-B.


Be Creative With Your Copyright

Tom Ladegaard joins me today on this episode of Howie Grow A Brand to help sort out what can and can’t, and what should and shouldn’t be copyrighted. Don’t miss it!


Be An Actionable Entrepreneur | with Jacob Hurrell-Zitelman | Ep. #057

Let me just say that running a business is hard, and running a successful business is even harder. Now, running a successful business at age 23…I’ll tell ya, that takes thick skin and the drive to be an actionable entrepreneur. In other words a “get stuff done” mindset. Today my guest is Jacob Hurrell-Zitelman, the 23 year old founder of Quick Sip Coffee and the CEO of getting stuff done. Jacob and I talk about how he went from selling homemade cold brew coffee from his backpack at...


Trademarks Are Not An Option | Ep. #056

Your brand needs protection. Let me say it again: Your brand needs protection. In this highly open and viral world we live in, it’s no surprise that good business ideas and products are becoming easier to use as inspiration, or just flat out stolen, by new and established brands. All it takes is a Google search and endless examples of brand names, logos, and products will be there for the taking. So, how can you protect your brand from thieves and copycats? Trademarks. A trademark gives...


Spark Some Joy In Your Life! | Ep. #055

I'm a big believer in the powers of joy. So much so, in fact, that many people refer to me as, “Joy Beast.” Pretty cool, huh? And I'm not just talking about joy in your brand or business, I'm talking about joy in life. Because I’ll tell ya, authentic joy is communicable. It spreads like a wildfire, transferring from one joyful individual to another. So something as seemingly modest as a smile, or a thank you, can be enough to give someone joy, which will allow them to spread their joy to...


What's In A Name? | Ep. #054

Naming a brand or a new product can be one of the hardest choices you make for a business because it's a choice that has everlasting impact. In fact, one of the most common questions I get asked is: “Ed, how do I come up with the perfect name?” Well, that’s tough because the perfect name will vary from brand to brand, but there are a few things a name must be: 1. A name must be able to classify the uniqueness of the brand or of the product. 2. The name must be recognizable. 3. A name...


Nostalgia In Marketing | Ep. #053

Being new is a powerful claim for a brand. It’s good to be cutting edge with a fresh approach. But let me tell ya about an even more powerful claim: the past. Often, we look back at the stepping stones of our lives with a wistful remembrance. We long for the good old days, when things were simpler, and joy was abundant. If a brand has been present for those moments, it has a great opportunity… Nostalgia. Nostalgia in marketing works. When a brand associates itself with the meaningful...


Pivot or Rivet? | Ep. #052

Pivot: a strategic change in direction Rivet: a nearly unmovable fastener Are you considering a pivot for you brand? If so, congratulations! You’re paying attention to the ever-changing environment around you. Sometimes, to survive, we must adapt. But wait, before you make that move … Listen to this podcast. There are many things to plan when pivoting and too often, you get so wrapped up in all that's new that you forget the most important plan of all: the plan for your...


Brand vs. Commodity | Ep. #051

Is your company a brand? Or is it a commodity? With the amount of competition out there, allowing your brand to become a commodity–to be replaceable–is not an option. You never want to be the “take it or leave it” brand. You want people to crave your brand. You want them to feel like your brand adds a sense of completion to their lives. Even if they could live without you…they wouldn’t want to. In this episode I teach you how to ensure your brand keeps winning others over and over and...


Can You Disconnect? | Ep. #050

Running a business and a brand takes a lot of energy. Often, you feel like you can’t afford to let off the gas and hit the brakes. But it's detrimental to not consider yourself, your mental health, and the energy that you contribute when assessing the health of your business. Because if you run out of gas, you’re stuck. And let me tell ya… that’s not good for business. So how can you disconnect without putting your business in jeopardy? You must find your balance. And how do you find that...


One Year Anniversary! | Top 3 Lessons | Ep. #049

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Howie Grow A Brand! My team and I have put in a ton of hard work, most of it during a global pandemic, and I’ll tell ya I am so proud of this massive achievement. To celebrate, I looked back and chose the three episodes I think best represent what Howie Grow A Brand is all about and I put them all together in a playlist for your viewing pleasure. So, whether you're a subscriber and have enjoyed following along with me or this is your first time...


Networking is Evolving | with David Strausser | Ep. #048

All aspects of life have had to adapt due to COVID-19, and networking is no exception. If digital networking was revving up before the pandemic, it’s going 100 miles per hour now. What’s missing is the human interaction of a handshake, hearing someone’s voice in person, and handing someone a business card. So now that COVID-19 seems to (hopefully) be rounding a corner, how can we…in a post-pandemic future? David Strausser, host of the hit podcast “Shark Bite Biz,” helps us grasp the new...


Inclusion Vs Separation | with Nichelle Pace | Ep. #047

Stop and take a look around. We live in a diverse world full of people from all walks of life. Are you aware of the message your marketing is sending them? Because you better be! In PART 2 of my conversation with Nichelle Pace, culture shaper and Founder of Brand Enchanted Media, we discuss the differences between inclusion and separation when considering diversity in marketing. We get into the effects of cancel culture, the importance of accountability, and Nichelle shares three...


Cultural Responsibility | with Nichelle Pace | Ep. #046

Marketing and advertising can shape culture. We hold a great power in our ability to show persuasive messaging to the masses. We also know that with great power comes great responsibility. Nichelle Pace, Founder of Brand Enchanting Media, and I talk about why it’s reckless to not consider inclusion in your marking plan. Nichelle’s company uses a synergistic approach between culture, branding, and creativity to connect to all demographics. She’s got loads of experience and a lot to say...


The Joy Of Payroll | Ep. #045

We all love revenue. Revenue means cashflow and as an entrepreneur, cashflow is SO important. It’s easy to get excited and be joyful when the money’s coming in… but what about when the money's going out? Does payroll bring you joy? Being able to process payroll and being able to pay your employees should be exciting. It’s exciting because it means you have enabled your team to do their job well enough to have that revenue coming in. It means everyone is honoring their end of the...


How to Sell Without 'Selling' | with David Strausser | Ep. #044

I don't know about you but I don't like buying something when I realize it's being sold to me. We all know you can't run a successful business without selling what you offer, so how do we sell... without selling? In this episode I welcome David Strausser, business owner and host of the hit podcast "Shark Bite Biz," to discuss David's personal approach to sales. We touch on how the pandemic has opened up new opportunities, why it's detrimental to turn down sales, and David gives a fist...


How Is Your Stewardship? | Ep. #043

You know, when you meet up with other business owners, it's so easy to talk about sales and profits. Too often we use the financial side of the business to judge success. What you never hear is, "How is your stewardship?" But it should be the first question asked. So, what is stewardship? Stewardship is the belief that we need to take care of what's entrusted to us to the best of our ability. Going back to my first job at Chick-Fil-A, I've consistently witnessed that stewardship and...