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10 Things to think about before you launch an initiative in your MSP – ITPN-047

If you're like me you started 2020 or Q1 for that matter with a list of initiatives you need to accomplish in your business. For us, we follow the 3HAG and Gazelles methodologies, so our 3-year initiatives get broken down to our annual goals which become or quarterly priorities. Somethings these priorities are to support the company, a division, a department or even a specific product or service. Whatever the objective is we always want to make sure that everyone is rowing in the right...


Mind the Gap – ITPN-046

Show notes to follow Ask your questions or share your feedback •Comment on the shownotes below •Email feedback@itprovidernetwork.com (audio files welcome) Get on the mailing list Low Volume by it is THE PLACE TO BE for all of my insider information. If you're on the list, you'll be the first to know. Signup Here Tell 'Em I Sent You If you investigate or purchase any product or service that I have talked about, please remember to mention that I sent you. I may or may not get a small...


What I learned from Jay McBain at Marketopia’s 4U2GROW Conference

If you don't follow Jay McBain from Forrester Research, you should. Not only is he a thought leader in our industry and a really nice guy but if you don't follow him you would have missed his recent article The 64 Best Channel Podcasts Of 2019 where the IT Provider Network was listed among the best of the best. It was really ironic because I just saw Jay present at Marketopia's 4U2Grow conference in Clearwater last month. Jay actually did two presentations but his first one blew me away...



Information on upcoming training from Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson - Live April 30th


Kiss that Frog

One of my favorite Peter Gabriel songs is "Kiss that Frog" and today I want to urge you all to start each day by kissing that frog ... although I pretty sure my advice is a little different than Peters. The dreaded Task List You know all the things on your to-do list that never seem to get done? The stuff you push off every day because something more important gets in the way, or at least that's what you keep telling yourself and your co-workers, clients or employers. These are the frogs I...


Drive to the Finish – Themes and how you can use them – ITPN-EP41

Drive to the Finish – Themes and How You Can Use Them I recently implemented a quarterly theme that I want to share with you today. I hope you’ll get a good grasp of the tactical things we did but I hope you’ll also take away the secondary meaning, the importance of taking care of your employees. It’s crucial you include them in the success of the company and make everyone feel wanted. This theme relates to the book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish where you concentrate on four different...


What do Jordi Roca, Chris Brogan and Michael Porter have to do with your MSP?

What do Jordi Roca, Chris Brogan, and Michael Porter have to do with your MSP? As I am sure all of you do, I get inspiration from all different kinds of places. This week three different things caught my attention, Let me tell you the stories and then we can talk about how that applies to our businesses. Jordi Roca Jordi is the youngest of three boys and perhaps the most talented pastry chef in the world, but he wasn’t always “that guy”. He started out as many of us do, a little lost and...


Marketopia 4U2GROW Conference – 3 Key Takeaways

It seems that there is a new conference for IT Service Providers almost every week and making the decision on which conference to attend can be tough. There are big conferences, Channel X, IT Nation, and DattoCon come to mind. Medium size shows like Robin Robbins Bootcamp, Gary Pica's Snizzfest and Marketopia's 4U2GROW conference. I was fortunate to attend Marketopia's 4U2Grow conference for the second time a couple of weeks ago. If you remember back to episode 31 of the IT Provider...


Tips for High Performance Remote Teams – ITPN-EP38

Are you getting the most out of your remote team members? In his excellent article, Rob Rawson, of the Time Doctor website. Rob lays out 25 tips for high-performance remote teams. In this episode of the IT Provider Network Podcast, I am going to go through the article and give you my take on how to get the most from remote teams. Since 1994 roughly half of our team has been remote. Always full-time W2 type employees but with the freedom to work wherever they lived. Compensate for the fact...


6 core functions you need to pay attention to in your MSP business ITPN-EP37

In today's episode of the IT Provider Network Podcast, I am going to share a thought process that was shared with me by my coach Alex Charften. As you know if you have been listening to the ITPN podcast for a while, we do a lot of forward planning in our company. We follow the Gazelles Scaling Up methodology Each division sets "rocks" or objectives for each quarter but there never seemed to be any congruity between these rocks and the real things that needed to be improved in our company....


Finding your USP in a Purple Ocean

In this episode of the IT Provider Network Podcast, I am going to share an exercise with did to determine where our Purple Ocean lies. Join me as I talk about through the process of finding your USP or Unique Selling Position and how it can help you get more deals. The strategy I talk about in this podcast is from the book Blue Ocean Strategy available on Amazon. Ask your questions or share your feedback •Comment on the shownotes below •Email feedback@itprovidernetwork.com (audio files...


Your Best Prospects Are Your Existing Clients ITPN-EP35

In today's episode of the IT Provider Network, I want to talk about one of our most important assets and one that is often neglected. I would bet that many of you are like me in your business, you sell hardware and software to your clients when they have needs. They call or write to you when they have a new user and need a new computer. You might even have your VCIO call on them to drum up hardware refreshes or new technology initiatives but I’ll bet that you can’t tell me all your clients...


Is this a six-inch putt? ITPN-EP34

Visioning Update I wanted to give you an update on the visioning process that my company went through two weeks ago when we met on the tail end of the Gazelles spring summit in New Orleans. I detailed what visioning is and why you need it in episode 33 of the IT Provider Network but in case you missed it here is a quick overview. Visioning is looking into to the future and describing what success looks like then. At that point in time. It’s now the how to; it’s the motivation and the...


Visioning – Why you need it and how to do it. ITPN-EP33

Visioning and the Deli Man If you’re on the IT Provider Network mailing list you know that tomorrow at 5 am I am heading out to New Orleans for some team building and to soak in some fresh ideas at the Gazelles Summit. Come Together Because my management team is in 4 different states and three different time zones it’s going to take the better part of Monday to get everyone down south. We’ll get settled in then on Tuesday and Wednesday, the team along with our Gazelles Coach Doug Diamond...


Maybe your managed services offer sucks?

Yeah...maybe it does. Are you having problems landing new clients or converting your break-fix clients to managed services? If that’s the case, maybe you should step back and look at how you're positioning your products and services in the market. Maybe just maybe your offer sucks? In this episode of the IT Provider Network, I am going to share with you a new way of looking at how you communicate with your prospects and clients and how you can close more business.


Outsourcing your appointment setting – ITPN-EP31

In the last episode of the IT Provider Network, Episode 30, we talked about building an inside/outside sales organization within your company. In today's episode, I want to share with you my recent experiences outsourcing telemarketing and appointment to a 3rd party. INTRO Episode 31 has taken quite a while to get recorded. I have had a crazy end to the winter. I attended three different conferences and launched the beginnings of another business. My first conference was PodFest 2018 in...


Inside Sales Process Build or Buy? – ITPN-EP30

Inside Sales and Appointment Setting Build or Buy One of the questions I hear the most is how can we get more leads so we can build our business. Well, there are a few ways you can do it, and today I want to share with you my experiences with telemarketing or appointment setting. At our MSP we have experience in both building an in-house inside sales program and more recently outsourcing it to an industry-specific appointment setting service. In the next two episodes of the IT Provider...


Employee Success Plans – Helping your Employees Succeed – ITPN-029

Hello Again! Hi before we get started on Employee Success Plans I wanted to take a minute to re-introduce myself. My name is Terry Rossi and I am the co-founder of an award-winning Company (I always wanted to say that, in the 23 years we have been in business I never have). We are a company with two halves. We develop, sell and implement an enterprise document management solution to manufacturers all over the world and we are an MSP, we provide outsourced IT services to companies in the New...


Taking a Good Look at your Team – ITPN-028

Taking a good hard look at your team If you have listened to the IT Provider Network for any amount of time, and thank you for doing that, you will know that I am a big fan of outside coaches. Mostly to help me do better at things that I am not good at, like taking a good hard look at my team and helping my find A Players. Oh before I forget, one of my favorite coaching teams is Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch. I am a member of their Owner Insiders group and I just received notice that the...