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The Innovation Driven Growth podcast is hosted by fintech pioneer, entrepreneur and author, David L. Peterson, and features interviews, insights, and ideation focused on how to unleased our inherent creativity to produce Innovation Driven Growth. Each episode is about igniting strategic innovation in work and life—no matter your skill set or job title.


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The Innovation Driven Growth podcast is hosted by fintech pioneer, entrepreneur and author, David L. Peterson, and features interviews, insights, and ideation focused on how to unleased our inherent creativity to produce Innovation Driven Growth. Each episode is about igniting strategic innovation in work and life—no matter your skill set or job title.




37. What do you do? – And How Bankers Should Answer That Question

It’s time to change public opinion on the role of a banker. It’s no secret that the role of bankers is largely underappreciated and seen as an unexciting career. The truth is that bankers perform an essential service for people and their businesses. We can work to shift the paradigm by highlighting the importance of banking in our business language and shamelessly recognizing ourselves as facilitators of hopes and dreams. Emphasize your value and help change the narrative on banking! 🏦 The...


36. Are You Really Prepared for a Cyber Breach? Are You Sure?

You must ensure that you are adequately protected from hackers and data breaches. In the digital age, your company must have the plan to deal with cyberattacks. Working with an insurance carrier that offers coverage that is right for you is vital, and be sure to follow their protection plans carefully. Getting your employees trained and ready to handle the preparation and aftermath of a potential attack is also crucial. Ensure your business is sufficiently protected for your business and...


35. Breaking Through Resistance to Foster Effective Creativity

Resistance is a formidable opponent to your business, but you can fight back. Resistance is that barrier to all innovation and creativity within your business, it is strengthened by fear and it wants for us to stagnate and do nothing. The key to overcoming this aggressive force is professional-grade virtues like persistence, patience, and a strong dedication to doing the hard work. We can climb the mountain of resistance and make gains in innovation within our business by ensuring that...


34. Encourage Thinking To Enable Innovation

🥳 The Thinking Room is a place for brainstorming, interaction, and having fun: innovation is creativity expressed, manufactured, and consumed. 00:52 ✅ There is no innovation and creativity without failure. 05:14 💡 Innovation starts with creativity, and creativity requires lots and lots of ideas. 08:36 🧑‍💼 Suggestions for senior leaders on how to break barriers and encourage a free flow of ideas. 09:40 Links: 📮 Email David: 🎯 Connect with David:...


33. What To Do With Failed Glue?

🧑‍🔬 A story about a classic failure. 00:59 💡 The weak glue had a commercial value - the birth of the post-it notes. 03:02 ✅ Success was born out of failure - the value was unrelated to the original purpose. 07:42 🎯 How willing are you to allow your staff to experience failure? 09:51 🤓 Are you encouraging employees to think of and articulate ideas, even crazy and failed ones? 11:11 🕰️ Your eureka moment might be years down the road. 12:45 History of 3M’s Post-it-Notes:...


32. An Examination of Process Innovation

❗ Innovation eludes organization when: we are too busy, thinking is not valued, there's resistance to change, and it requires effort. 00:52 ✅ We let artificial constructs about innovation limit our creativity: tackle bite-sized innovations and ideas: how employees can help. 02:45 ✌️ Two ways to deal with inquisition: encourage employees to be inquisitive. 07:19 ⏳ Save time by eliminating unneeded steps: how to take a fresh look at your processes and procedures. 11:37 💥 Encourage...


31. Need To Spark Innovation?

💡 Creativity sparks innovation & play promotes creativity. 01:10 👦 A good start is to remove barriers to fun: we learn when we have experiences that confound our expectations. 03:50 🎮 Some fun ideas: gamification of service, a big wheel for interest rates, play area for kids. 06:10 👌 Encourage strategic and innovative thinking, model the value of a cross-function team & do something fun: Quarto tournament is a great choice! 07:11 ❗ The results - we are in charge of how we conduct our...


30. Why CX Matters

📊 CX measurement is not empirical. 01:12 ⚖️ The balance of ascertaining customer sentiment: benefits of higher CX level. 03:04 👍 FIs growing proficiency: good self-service beats great personal service every time. 04:46 🤝 Innovation attracts younger generations: CX will not improve without employee education.06:54 💡 Ideas worth exploring: a CX Focus Group, Tech Wolves, OmniChannel. 07:37 ✅ Question of the overall impression before any specific question. 10:43 📈 CX concept is like...


29. It’s Conference Season - Get Educated!

🤝 A conference is a gathering of people with a common reason for meeting at a centralized location. 02:17 🕴️ Have virtual meetings stopped us from having important “chance meetings?”04:50 👔 Suggestions for sending directors to meet up. 05:24 💲 Access to the vendors is much more than tchotchkes and prize drawings. 08:07 💼 Send at least one person to your state organization or regional Association conference. 09:00 🎓 Give students and future leaders all the experience and elements...


28. Education is Fundamental – But Don’t Leave Out the Fun

😒 Presentations in the financial services industry are just kind of - boring. 01:41 👍 Spice up the class - "Four horsemen educating" - fun and high quality. 02:42 💲 When teaching in person, use dollar bills from your pocket. 05:21 🤡 Self-deprecating humor makes the whole mood lighter. 06:37 😹 Humor often comes in 3 parts where the last one doesn't fit in. 07:27 ✅ Irony works. 08:26 👨‍🏫 The presentation should have more engaging content, especially for younger generations....


27. How to Properly Maintenance the Machine – The Importance of Employee Education

🚜 All bank loans are secured by some kind of collateral, and it’s usually equipment. 00:47 🧠 Banks run on a different type of “machinery” - the human capital also needs maintenance. 02:16 👨‍💻 Job-specific education and certifications: look at each employee and determine what training and/or certifications may be appropriate. 03:39 💼 General/industry education: ICBA annual conference in San Antonio was educational “maintenance” for David Peterson. 06:15 📱 Product/service knowledge...


26. The Great Resignation

🕵️‍♂️ Always be looking for places where you can learn about what's going on in your business. 00:57 😷 The customer can be adequately served while working remotely: COVID pandemic forced financial institutions to shut down all of their branches. 01:14 😕 Intangible skills sometimes make employees excellent candidates: the workforce is unprepared for changes in the future. 02:27 ☀️ Moving from transactions to engagement: having younger employees, having engagement activities. 04:24 ✨...


25. Why is it Important to Know Costs and Revenues of Your Virtual Branch

🤔 How important is your virtual business or branch? 00:53 📊 Dilemma in the business: Decreased branch activity or rise in online activity. 02:19 🌟 When your system shows what I’m talking about over and again: online customers represent significant cost savings. 04:11 📈 But people still use physical branches: how to get an accurate picture of activity breakdown and revenues? 05:39 👉 Overstating the profitability of all your physical branches: Defining your virtual organization's...


24. How Important Is Your Virtual Branch?

🏦 Most financial institutions don't actually track the virtual branch in the same way as the physical branch. 00:50 💸 Why do some banks see only expenses in virtual branches and profit in physical branches? 02:04 😵‍💫 Why investing in virtual branches is very difficult for the C-Suite: risk and ROI. 3:21 🤕 Determining the overall profitability of a virtual branch and getting accounting systems in alignment is not easy. 05:20 Link Connect with David:


23. The Importance of Strategically Framing Fees

😤 Thinking about banking as a dry-cleaner shop: no one complains about fees at the dry-cleaners. 01:13 🔔 Bankers failed to show the value of the services they provide to customers. 2:50 🆓 Banking services and word free were used together for years. 3:47 🎯 How do you drive the story of value to your customers? 05:46 Link Connect with David:


22. Six Reasons You Should Innovate

👉 David became a Chief Innovation Officer of FNBB: he started with 10 innovation workshops. 00:48 🧑‍💻 Change in demographics: millennials and Gen Z's have unique banking needs. 01:49 🧐 What are the benefits of innovation? 02:38 🤩 6 reasons you should innovate. 3:07 ⚡ New business potential energy in the company. 03:12 📈 Innovation will enable the growth of your business. 04:00 💪 Innovation will make your company more efficient. 04:53 🌟 Innovation will help you create an...


21. The Impact Of Cognitive Biases On Innovation

👉 Impact of cognitive biases on decision-making. 01:01 ✌️ Cognitive biases help us with Information overload, otherwise, it would be impossible to function. 04:07 🧐 The numbing effect of routine or the curse of knowledge. 05:51 👨‍✈️ The more experienced you are, the more you're likely to be on autopilot. 2️⃣ Two types of cognitive biases: information processing and emotional. 09:17 🤓 A three-step process to get debiased. 11:53 😎 Things you say can trigger you and show you are...


20. IDG interview Kevin Sasser Director of Sales and Marketing in ArgosRisk

😊 Kevin's background and the story about a bad hire day. 02:23 🤯 Making innovative culture interesting: Putting bank regulations in a song "No sleep till Brooklyn, by the Beastie Boys". 05:11 🧐 Consumers are coming to the salesperson more educated about products and services than 20 years ago. 08:06 🔬 Sales professionals now have to know all about the industry, research trends globally, and expand their knowledge base a lot. 09:56 😅 ArgosRisk technology solutions for B2B credit risk...


19. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Part 2 with Linda Baskin

🎸David played background music for Linda Baskin’s art show in Dayton. 01:14 🖼️ Stepping out of the comfort zone: Linda's paintings had a theme and the show had its own concept. 04:52 🎯 Professional artist and professional musician. 07:39 🙋‍♂️ Welcome, Linda! 09:12 🎨 The Radical Acceptance art show was about acknowledging the hard times in life but also good, joyful things. 11:29 😃 Linda decided to start painting just 18 months ago. 15:36 🌸 One more example of Linda's stepping...


18. How Sun Can Help You Save Money on Your Utility Bills - with Aviv Shalgi

😇 Aviv likes to wake up in the morning and try to solve a problem that nobody else is trying to solve.1:50 👦 He was inquisitive as a child and asked so many questions. 2:56 🌞 The idea behind Solar Simplified. 5:02 ✅ Aviv was not in the solar business before, but he was drawn to it. 🤝 Solar Simplified connects consumers with solar power plants (solar farms) 8:21 ➗ Half of the countries in the US have deregulated markets where private companies are part of the market. 11:08 🔆 Even...