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An insightful and lively podcast that gives you access to ideas and insight from a range of market experts from Manulife Investment Management.(Intended for Advisor Use Only)

An insightful and lively podcast that gives you access to ideas and insight from a range of market experts from Manulife Investment Management.(Intended for Advisor Use Only)


Toronto, ON


An insightful and lively podcast that gives you access to ideas and insight from a range of market experts from Manulife Investment Management.(Intended for Advisor Use Only)






Episode 65: 2022 outlook — mapping the road ahead

The investment journey over the next year may likely include a number of stops along the way, but the Capital Markets Strategy team sees the potential for it to be a scenic and enjoyable route. In this episode, the team looks at a number of important questions to prepare for the coming trip, including: • Is inflation going to rise or fall? • What do historical trends say about growth? • Equities and fixed income — should portfolio positioning change? • How do the effects of the COVID-19...


Episode 64: We’re making a list, checking it twice

The holiday season is finally here after a year that has had more twists than candy cane stripes. The busy elves in the Capital Markets Strategy workshop take a look back at some of the investment and economic themes of 2021 — some naughty, some nice. They wrap up the year end and tie a ribbon around topics like: • fixed-income returns and the 10-year Treasury yield • equities and credit • inflation and the cost of living • portfolio protection and asset allocation • the COVID-19 pandemic....


Episode 63: This isn’t the 1970s stagflation. Keep those bell-bottoms in the closet.

Stagflation — sputtering economic growth coupled with rising inflation. Groovy … okay, not really that groovy. Just what is stagflation and how does it affect the investment world? The Capital Markets Strategy team takes a closer look at this idea and the impact it has, covering things like: • how current stagflation differs from past stagflation • employment and wages • the price of oil as a consumption driver • interest rates and the U.S. Federal Reserve • the current inflation model. Can...


Episode 62: Charting a course for 2022 — reading past the headlines

“Extra! Extra! Economy causing unease for investors!” The media has covered many stories about how economic activity has been less than anticipated to some degree or other. When we look beyond the headings and captions, what do we see? The Capital Markets Strategy team discusses some indicators to consider when trying to read the current markets: • oil and real estate prices • 10-year Treasury bond yields • inflation tapering and interest rates • debt and credit conditions … and many more....


Episode 61: Keep hitting singles and doubles ... eventually, you'll end up in the fairway

What’s the score on stocks? Are currencies inbounds? Should investors play through or go grab a drink from the 19th hole? Sandy Sanders, Head of U.S. Core Value Equity team at Manulife Investment Management, joins the Capital Markets Strategy team to look at current investment plays and conditions on the field, as well as: • economic health of Canada and the U.S. • earnings in cyclical vs staple businesses • valuation and returns in the technology sector • U.S. monetary policy Get ready to...


Episode 60: Back to school

Good day, class, and welcome to our back-to-school session. We hope you had a great summer! Join the Capital Markets Strategy team as they lead us in a discussion about what has happened in 2021, so far, and what we might expect in the months ahead. They cover a lot of subjects this year, including: • fixed-income investments’ lackluster performance • surprising performance of equity markets • continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic • valuations and earnings growth • inflation’s effects...


Episode 59: Two steps forward, one step back

Equities are up; bonds are down. Stronger economic gains and job growth in the U.S. and Canada seem to show that a recovery is in progress. But what happens next? The Capital Markets Strategy team looks back at the first half of 2021 and peers ahead to where we may be going in second half. They cover things like: • a possible equity market correction • increasing interest in emerging markets • valuation variations • what prices of commodities like corn, copper, and coffee may indicate •...


Episode 58: There's no sleeping in fixed income …

The bond markets don’t sleep, so why should you? The Capital Markets Strategy team is joined by Christopher Chapman and Peter Azzinaro, from the Strategic Income team at Manulife Investment Management, to discuss the activity within the fixed-income investment world. They cover topics like: • the strategy around risk-adjusted returns • looking at the bigger picture of the global bond market • whether inflation is transitory or persistent • where the 10-year Treasury yield could go from here...


Episode 57: Working on your inner game

Distinguishing between market signals and market noise can help you make good investment decisions. Conrad Dabiet, Senior Managing Director at Manulife Investment Management, offers his insights on managing portfolios and lessons learned over his extensive career, such as: • the core views and principles of his Value Equity team • how the team has responded to pandemic-driven volatility • learning about companies, understanding business, and finding opportunities • the psychology of buying...


Episode 56: Emerging markets, innit?

Have emerging markets changed enough to make them worth looking at as a core asset class? Philip Ehrmann, Senior Portfolio Manager at Manulife Investment Management, joins host Philip Petursson to discuss this and other topics related to emerging markets, such as: • areas of the world that are considered emerging markets • changes to the sector structure • how politics can affect their evaluation • building an emerging markets portfolio • the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination...


Episode 55: Because you kept asking — now quarterly!

You ask — we hear you. The Capital Markets Strategy team loves receiving and responding to your questions. So, each quarter, the team will devote an entire podcast episode to answering the ones you ask most often. In this episode, they discuss topics like: • Why are long-term bonds down currently? • Where are yields and inflation headed, and what could it mean for fixed-income investors? • What can we expect from the energy sector for the rest of this year? • Are emerging markets still...


Episode 54 — Only two things in life are certain ...

The 2021 Canadian federal government budget — it’s finally here. But what’s in it? John Natale, Head of Tax, Retirement, and Estate Planning Services at Manulife Investment Management, joins host Philip Petursson to share his thoughts about economic impacts of the 2021 federal budget: • revenue generation through the “wealth consumption” tax • affordable chid care effects on the labour force • whether tax rates may increase • how the government may pay for the projected deficit … and other...


Episode 53 — Where do we go from here?

The economy continues to reopen, more people are receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, and the day when the pandemic is no longer a significant part of our lives draws closer. In light of this, the Capital Markets Strategy team discusses their economic outlook at the end of the first quarter of 2021: • Could massive pent-up demand and low inventories affect the economic rebound? • How does monetary and fiscal stimulus factor into the markets? • Equities or fixed income — which is currently the...


Episode 52 — The (inflationary) elephant in the room

Inflation rates — should we be paying attention to them now? And what do they have to do with long-term bond yields? The Capital Markets Strategy team weighs in on several subjects related to inflation and fixed-income investments: • Will inflation increase in 2021? • What do bond yields tell us about the economy? • Where do unemployment, wage pressure, and fiscal stimulus fit into this scenario? • How could investors react to a low-yield environment that’s moving higher? … and they banter...


Episode 51 — That's a great idea ... but is it investable?

What happens when a dividend growth strategy is applied to exchange-traded funds (ETFs)? In this episode of Investments Unplugged, Brett Hryb, Head of Beta Management at Manulife Investment Management, joins host Philip Petursson to talk about this and related topics, including: • portfolio building and management • dividend payout ratios • blending active and passive investment strategies • what equity investors should consider.


Episode 50 — Corrections are 100% predictable ... in hindsight

Market corrections happen often. But exactly when they’ll occur, no one can say with any certainty. “Trying to pinpoint why is a fool’s game,” says Philip Petursson. Listen in as Philip and the Capital Markets Strategy team discuss several topics related to market corrections: • What are corrections and why do they happen? • What’s a bear market and how’s it different from a correction? • How can you tell a big bear from a baby bear market? • Why do sell-offs offer investment opportunities?


Episode 49 — Is fixed income still yielding opportunities?

What about bonds? Roshan Thiru and Sivan Nair, from the Canadian Fixed Income team at Manulife Investment Management, talk with host Philp Petursson in this episode of Investments Unplugged. They discuss challenges, opportunities, and the outlook for fixed-income investments: • the flexibility of investing in different kinds of bonds • disciplined approaches to strategic and tactical asset allocation • credit markets’ impact on bond yields • the effect of the Biden administration’s fiscal...


Episode 48 — The 2021 fearless forecast

Join the Capital Markets Strategy team for a lively discussion about what they think could happen in the economy and financial markets through 2021. The team’s energetic exchange covers many possibilities for this year, including: • market returns • inflation and interest rates • oil prices related to the demand for oil • an extension of the 2020 gold rally. Listen in.


Episode 47 — The eternal optimist

Sandy Sanders, Head of the U.S. Core Value Equity Team at Manulife Investment Management, joins host Philip Petursson for this Investments Unplugged episode. Sandy and Philip talk about where we’ve come from in 2020, where we are now, and what we’re looking toward in 2021. They cover a variety of areas that may affect markets in the new year: • COVID-19 vaccines • Joe Biden as the next U.S. president • interest rates at record-low levels • potential earnings growth … and many other topics.


Episode 46 — Dress for the returns you want, not the ones you have ...

Gaining insight about what the future holds, and the financial benefits that could come with it, takes more than hope and guesswork. In this episode of Investments Unplugged, Gertjan Van Der Geer, Senior Investment Manager on the Thematic Equities Team at Pictet Asset Management, joins the Capital Markets Strategy team to share his expertise and discuss: • how COVID-19 affects market trends • whether or not Bitcoin will gain traction as a future currency • emerging megatrends and investment...