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Get the live, unfiltered conversations behind the popular Learning Rebels Coffee Chat. Workplace Learning will never be the same.

Get the live, unfiltered conversations behind the popular Learning Rebels Coffee Chat. Workplace Learning will never be the same.


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Get the live, unfiltered conversations behind the popular Learning Rebels Coffee Chat. Workplace Learning will never be the same.








Cultivating Workplace Communities

It all starts with a question: How can we find, nurture and support organic workplace communities? With the increasing adoption of workplace collaboration technology such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, there are more communities organically taking root in our organizations. Today’s chat left us with a plethora of helpful information! The gardening puns & analogies were deep and fruitful (see what I did there?), so hopefully, you will begin to walk the digital hallways and find...


Inspiring Self-Directed Learning

It all starts with a question: How can we inspire people to take ownership of their own professional development? According to Malcolm Knowles, self-directed learning “describes a process by which individuals take the initiative, with or without the assistance of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulating learning goals, identifying human and material resources for learning, and evaluating learning outcomes.” In Learning and Develop the case becomes, “You can lead a horse...


The Secret Sauce Behind Successful Sales Training

It all starts with a question: How can we make training more effective for sales teams? According to the Marketing Research Organization, ES Research, “between 85% and 90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 120 days. At the same time, companies are spending billions of dollars on sales training each year. That’s billions of dollars wasted on training that disappoints and only produces short-term boosts in sales”. There’s nothing Sales Leaders hate more than wasted time and...


Sticky Learning: Creating Sustainable Learning After the Fact

Sticky Learning: Creating Sustainable Learning After the Fact It starts with a question: What can we do to help learning stick? We know that people are working at speeds not seen prior to the COVID19 pandemic. The way business operates has changed, therefore the way we work within businesses has changed. Ultimately this means in order to help learning gain traction means changing how we view developing and implementing training to include reinforcement learning after the fact. But...

Learning Rebels in 15: Exercises for Boosting Creativity

Our second Learning Rebels in 15 has landed! There are many ways to boost your creativity, and some of them might surprise you! This conversation may even have you rethinking your definition of creativity as a whole. Link to original episode here Stay curious & take over the world! Shannon Join the conversation You can have an opportunity to be part of the original live coffee chats! Sign up here. Hire Learning Rebels Visit the Learning Rebels website to learn more...


Providing Business Value, the Key to L&D Success

For Laura Overton, it all started with a question: When you talk about the value L&D is providing to your organization, what narrative of success do you use? Laura’s research found that L&D professionals focusing on business value were better positioned to harness learning innovation to deliver business results. Click here to view the Learning Value Spectrum chart. On one end we have Learning Value: "Our connection with and activity around our programs: hours, engagement, and...


The Good, the Bad and the Potential of a Career in L&D

The Good, the Bad and the Potential of L&D It was very interesting getting the Coffee Chat view on how L&D can leverage their superpowers of collaboration and ideation to build fresh solutions to strengthen skill building. Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!! Today’s question on the table was all about “How can L&D harness our momentum with businesses today, to add greater business value?” L&D is seeing a transformation like nothing in the past! Learning Professionals are busting...


Learning from Failure

How can we best treat failure as a positive aspect of life, rather a negative? This was the question on the table as we discussed learning from failure. This was an interesting chat – there were many directions to take, as people process failure in a variety of different ways. Some people go internal, and dig deep into themselves to consider what may have gone wrong that they can control, while others process failure as a data collection exercise. Where do you fall on the continuum? Two...


Evaluating Impact

The importance of evaluating training impact is something we can all agree on. But it's not something we all do. The reasons are varied: The hard truth is that, when planning learning initiatives for your business, there is an expectation for something to happen. The business expects the people participating in the training to have gained improved skills, demonstrate behavior change, and ultimately to place into action the lessons delivered. To begin with the end in mind – it's important...

Learning Rebels in 15: Creating Leadership Programs with Impact

Your weekly double shot is “Leadership Development: People not Classes” Our first Learning Rebels in 15 is out of the bag! Why not start this series with a topic that got EVERYONE riled up? “Why Leadership Development Programs Fail.” There was a lot of discussion around this topic and I think we captured it's essence here. You can find the entire conversation here. In short, a lot of money is being spent on leadership development programs. In fact, a McKinsey report tells us that...


Exercises for Boosting Creativity

How can we encourage our own creative spirit? It all started with the question on the table - what will it take to move out of the limiting belief, that we "cannot or are not creative"? Two takeaways: From Heather – control our inner dialog and simply take it out of our vocabulary. This is an approach that can seriously help us all grow in all areas of life as the voices inside our heads have the ability to drive our actions. If we keep telling ourselves we aren't creative, then it must...


Buried Alive? Building a Productivity Ecosystem.

With the pace and speed of business at unprecedented levels, how can we better focus on what matters now? This is the question on the table today with the Learning Rebels Coffee Chat. For those of you who at times feel overworked, overstretched, or overwhelmed, this podcast episode is for you. Because sometimes all you need is a little nudge, tip, or REALLY helpful tool to help you refocus on what matters most. Do you feel this way? “Right now, I have a series of islands without good...


Skills Gap Analysis for the Future of Work

What it will take to conduct a skill gap analysis in this new generation of work? This is the question on the table today with the Learning Rebels Coffee Chat. Typically, when considering conducting a skills gap analysis, this means identifying the needed skills to make our organizations successful. To make people smarter, better, faster than they were the day before. But what does this look like now? Will the same tools work? How will we present findings to leadership? Let’s gather and...


Creating Leadership Programs with Impact

How can we focus more on developing people than developing programs? This is the question on the table today as we discuss leadership development with Andrew Jacobs, Host of Women Talking about Learning Podcast. There were many things that covered in this week's coffee chat but the heart of the matter is knowing that if we aren’t prepared to address the cultural issues that are embedded within organizations, then ANY leadership development program will fail. So now what? How can we rethink...


The Bring your Favorite Book Chat

What books should be on every L&D professional’s shelf? This is the question on the table today as we curate books on this “Bring a Book” chat. We were a small but mighty group, and believe it or not we covered almost 30 books in less than 60 minutes. Some are listed below, some are in the chat discussion. It's always a 😲 surprising moment when I realize how much good stuff I'm missing out on. You take your eye off the ball for one second and a dozen new, interesting sounding, books pop...


Virtual Training Extravaganza!

Knowing what we know now, how can best prevent Zoom Zombies? This is the question on the table today as we discuss all our favorite virtual training tips. Once the pandemic hit, it seems like it took forever to get our businesses online virtually. But once they did...holy Zoom Zombies Batman! We were using a virtual meeting program for EVERYTHING. Meetings that should have been emails. Workshops that should have been bite-sized learning bits. Lectures that should have been audio...


Why Leadership Development Programs Fail

How can Learning and Development drag leadership development programs into the 21st century? This is the question on the table today. Global corporate training spending has been steadily increasing over the past several years, with the leadership development industry taking the lead on the percentage of spend with a total spend of $370.3 billion in 2019. 370 Billion. With a B. What are we getting for that spend? Apparently not a lot as a McKinsey study tells us that majority of...


Creating Learning Games, the How’s and Why’s Behind Gamification

Can you use gamification to connect a remote workforce, build learning engagement and improve new hire productivity? Can game mechanics really help us with the learning process? Unequivocally, yes. And this is the question on the table in today's Learning Rebels Coffee Chat. But first, let’s get a grasp on the difference between gamification and game-based learning. Gamification is the use of game elements in any context that is non-game-related. Using the game mechanics without an actual...


Working Together, While Apart. Supporting a Hybrid Culture.

How can L&D help leadership build a remote-first mindset? Helping their teams work together while apart? The hybrid work model is here to stay and leaders will face the continuing challenge of managing these teams. The L&D role of being connectors and advocates of people has never been more important. It's not always easy to manage and develop hybrid teams. For some managers, this requires a different mindset and a paradigm shift when considering what the workplace looks like in 2022. So...


How the Adult Brain Works. Neuroscience and Adult Learning

How the Adult Brain Works. Neuroscience and Adult Learning The discussion around neuroscience and learning is always interesting and this was no exception. Our special Learning Rebels guest, Stella Collins from Stellar Labs shared all kinds of knowledge bombs! There was so much to process and it was great everyone contributed their thoughts...this is how we all "Learn Something New"! Key AHA Statements: Additional Resources Resources Video recording: https://vimeo.com/631428299 Full...