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M&A Talk is the #1 show exclusively focused on mergers & acquisitions. At M&A Talk, we bring you interviews with experts in private equity, business valuations, law, finance, and all topics related to M&A. We speak with the most experienced professionals in the industry to share their insights. Our past experts have included CEOs, authors, investment bankers, attorneys, CPAs, private equity partners, business appraisers, VC investors, and more. Brought to you by Morgan & Westfield (www.morganandwestfield.com), a nationwide leader in M&A. Access show notes on all M&A Talk podcasts at www.morganandwestfield.com/resources/podcast/


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M&A Talk is the #1 show exclusively focused on mergers & acquisitions. At M&A Talk, we bring you interviews with experts in private equity, business valuations, law, finance, and all topics related to M&A. We speak with the most experienced professionals in the industry to share their insights. Our past experts have included CEOs, authors, investment bankers, attorneys, CPAs, private equity partners, business appraisers, VC investors, and more. Brought to you by Morgan & Westfield (www.morganandwestfield.com), a nationwide leader in M&A. Access show notes on all M&A Talk podcasts at www.morganandwestfield.com/resources/podcast/




IT Integration and Its Role in the M&A World

Integration is a critical component of any acquisition, and IT integration, in particular, is key to achieving a successful integration. Uma Nidmarty is a specialist in IT integration and shares her 25+ years of experience in the world of M&A acquisitions. The discussion includes an explanation of some of the terminology, the impact integration can have on the value of a deal, major deal killers, the elements and costs involved in IT integration, and some examples of integrations gone...


M&A from Multiple Perspectives

In this episode of M&A Talk, we take a deep dive into the many facets of M&A with Corey Kupfer, the author of Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium – The Three Keys to True Negotiating Success & How to Achieve Them. We discuss the role of lifestyle businesses, lawyers as deal makers, happiness as a new metric in considering an M&A deal, The Five Whys, and the keys to negotiating in M&A. View the complete show notes for this episode. Learn More: The Role of M&A...


Should You Consider an ESOP When Selling Your Business?

An ESOP, or employee stock ownership plan, is one of several options you may consider when selling your business. What is an ESOP, and should you consider one? In this episode of M&A Talk, we explore the ins and outs of ESOPS and help you determine whether an ESOP is the right exit path for you. You will learn how ESOPS work, whether your company is a right fit for an ESOP, how your business will be valued under an ESOP, and common multiples used to finance the transaction. View the...


Eight Key Elements to Creating Business Value

Looking at M&A transactions from the sell-side, building value is the foremost goal for a business owner. Jonathan Wilson, the founder of Dubb Value Creation (Consulting Firm), returns to M&A Talk to discuss the importance of incorporating sell-side readiness into a strategic plan and outlines his eight key concepts for building value. He covers the importance of financial forecasts, reducing concentrations of risk, recurring and repeat revenue, synergies and dis-synergies, and the need to...


M&A Market Growth Potential in Veterinary Practices

In the M&A world, the veterinary field is changing as practices become more consolidated. Eric Lewandowski, a managing director in the KPMG Strategy consulting group, shares his insights into the appeal and growth potential of veterinary platforms. He discusses how changes in the relationship between pets and their families are being reflected in the M&A industry, the influence of technology in vet practices, the differences between corporate and clinical ownership, and private equity’s role...


The Human Side of M&A Law

In this engaging discussion about the human side of M&A, attorney Matt Saur, co-founder and partner of Woolery & Co., discusses how the human element of M&A law affects business outcomes. Matt shares stories illustrating the importance of relationships and covers the steep learning curve and plateaus that occur when learning the basics of M&A. He discusses the importance of developing intangible skills around the deal-making process, how a good story on the front end can help get a good...


An Introduction to Corporate Carve-Outs

Full of complexity and challenging to implement, the corporate carve-out form of divestiture is gaining interest in the M&A world. Eric Jones is an expert in carve-out deals, and he shares insights on what hurdles to watch for and how to prepare for a carve-out transaction. Eric discusses what a carve-out is, what makes them tricky, how they unlock shareholder value, the legal and operational issues, the importance of the transaction services agreement, and the role of diligence in making...


The Basic Mechanics of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) offer middle-market business owners an exit option that can protect their legacy and incentivize their employees. David Blauzvern and Jordan Burg, of CSG Partners, explain the basic mechanics of ESOPs. Their easy conversation makes the complexities of this topic clear as they discuss an overview of an ESOP plan, how they are structured, how shares work, the tax benefits for owners and employees, the prerequisites needed, and why ESOPs should be...


The Art and Science of Middle Market Valuation

Part art and part science – the different sides of managing an M&A transaction come together in this discussion about maximizing the value of a middle market company. Kevin Moyer and Megan Sartor combine their experiences to discuss the importance of valuation adjustments and expectation setting on the sell side. They offer explanations of EBITDA, free cash flow, and working capital, along with how these areas can be utilized to maximize value and the relationship between A/R, inventory, and...


The Highs and Lows of Growing A Business Through Acquisitions

Learn firsthand how a business grows through acquisitions and advice for entrepreneurs considering an exit. Orrin Klopper, CEO of Netsurit, an IT and security management services firm, discusses spending over half his time on corporate development and acquisitions. He shares insights on the acquisition process as a buy-side advisor, what PE firms see in the managed service provider (MSP) space, the benefits and challenges of using acquisitions as a growth strategy, and what went into...


How IPOs, SPACs, and De-SPACs Intersect with the M&A World

This episode delves into the world of IPOs and the three main ways private middle-market companies raise money. Scott Lanciloti has over 20 years of specializing in the IPO process and explains how the SPAC and IPO markets are intertwined with the M&A market. Topics include the similarities between preparing a company for sale and doing an IPO, the evolution and growth of a company, the prime time for a company to do an IPO, what happens after a SPAC makes an acquisition, and other avenues...


The Secret to Success in the World of Corporate Development

What exactly is corporate development, and what is the secret to its long-term success? Answers to these and many more questions come from corporate development expert Alessandro Cozzi of Salo, a talent and consulting firm, as he discusses the necessity of having a long-term strategy for start-ups and big companies, the differences between doing business in the U.S. and Europe, the two things that are critical to making an acquisition viable, the role of emotions and the importance of timing...


An Insider’s View of the Commercial Real Estate M&A Industry

Commercial real estate attorney Brett Budlong opens up about the thrills, the stakes, and the hot-button issues in the commercial real estate M&A market. Legal nuts and bolts provide the underpinnings for entire transactions. This frank discussion is full of straight talk and horror stories from across the spectrum of real estate deals. Brett discusses issues with landlords, the impact of the growth mindset, how personality plays into negotiations, and how going too fast can lead to missing...


Recent Changes and Predictions in Healthcare M&A

Healthcare is a top global issue that impacts personal lives and corporate deals. Michael Roub returns to M&A Talk to discuss recent changes in the healthcare M&A industry. In this wide-ranging discussion, he covers how changes in interest rates impact deals, which sectors attract the most interest from private equity groups, and the attraction of dental services. Topics also include where growth opportunities lie within the industry and the biggest challenge to doing transactions in the...


The Practical Side of M&A Deals That Law Schools Overlook

M&A attorney Hans Sperling goes beyond dry legal talk discussing the impact the human element has in M&A. Focusing on more than the legal issues, Hans talks about anticipating what can go wrong and avoiding problems throughout an M&A deal rather than just solving them. He discusses risk aversion and how this impacts a deal, the biggest and most common mistakes in an LOI, how leverage shifts during a transaction, the importance of risk allocation, and what makes a business an attractive...


Top Seven Issues Today Critical to Understanding Quality of Earnings

The importance of a Quality of Earnings (QoE) report is often underestimated, and there is more art than just science to it. Bill Wiersema returns to M&A Talk to discuss the top seven issues today in financial due diligence. How COVID has impacted earnings, the biggest change in GAAP rules in the past 70 years, the value that can be added by having a QoE report, key issues related to diligence, new lease accounting rules, and real-life examples – all wrapped up in an engaging episode that...


Appraisals and Valuations in the Real-World of M&A Deals

The world of appraisals and valuations is full of jargon and terms not often heard in the M&A world, such as strategic, investment, and fair value. Abhi Mathews, a chartered financial analyst, clarifies these terms, laying the theoretical groundwork on how appraisals work, and placing it all in the real world. He explains the different asset classes appraisals cover, how appraisals differ from business valuations, what period a valuation is based on, the role of an appraiser in an M&A...


An Insider’s View of the Niche Real Estate M&A Market

What is the effect of combining the real estate industry with M&A? Deb Smith has over 25 years of M&A experience and shares insights into the niche world of real estate M&A, explaining the industry in a nutshell. Deb discusses the returns in real estate compared to the stock market, the appeal of the US market for international real estate M&A, the importance of the exit strategy at the start of a transaction, and predicts future changes in the real estate M&A industry. This is a chat you...


A Deep Dive Into Real Returns on Investment in the Private Equity World

Jeff Hooke returns to M&A Talk to discuss the world of private equity and the truth about returns from private equity fund investments. He digs into the private equity markets, highlighting the fact that the PE industry does not beat the public market, despite what investors want you to think. Jeff discusses pension funds, private equity funds vs. the public market, the gold standard for institutional investment funds, tips, advice, and book recommendations from Wall Street history to the...


Lessons Learned From Doing 48 Business Deals in 2.5 Years

You can learn a lot about M&A from books, but the best lessons come from real-life experiences that you won’t read about in the books. Entrepreneur Jonathan Jay shares his learnings from buying 48 companies in London in just 2.5 years. From the crucial role that confidence plays in buying, running, and selling a business to how passion, talent, and profit can work together to make you more successful, to tips for making strong hires for your team – this episode is full of priceless advice...