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Fundraisers chase money. Visionaries attract it. Learn how to say thank you and tell stories all the way to the bank! Visionary fundraising that will release the storytelling visionary in you.


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Fundraisers chase money. Visionaries attract it. Learn how to say thank you and tell stories all the way to the bank! Visionary fundraising that will release the storytelling visionary in you.








Mariah Monique: Value, Pitch Decks & LinkedIn

Mariah Monique is the founder and CEO of The Sponsorship Catalyst, funder, and coach. She helps nonprofits position themselves to secure event sponsorship. Get Mariah's free gift to podcast listeners, Sponsor Brand Benefit List. Connect With Mariah: Website LinkedIn


Describing A World Where Your Nonprofit Is Not Needed: VISIONARY!

1. Visionary Fundraisers Take Some Hoped-For-Future and Vividly Bring It Into The Present 2. Visionary Fundraisers Describe a World Where Their Mission is No Longer Needed Fundraisers who see their missions fully funded work hard to open their eyes to that hoped-for-future and see this as their core task. Their job is to clearly articulate a preferred future. The better you become at articulating a hoped-for-future, the more money you will raise. MORE POPULAR POSTS FROM DAVID L...


You Don't Chase Birds You Attract Them!

If you believe that money is the answer, you will chase it. If you are a visionary, you will attract it. “Don’t exhaust yourself acquiring wealth; be smart enough to stop. When you fix your gaze on it, it’s gone, for it sprouts wings for itself and flies to the sky like an eagle.” - Proverbs of Solomon, 23:4-5 Solomon compares chasing money to the futility of chasing birds. Like birds, money seems to have wings. The more you chase it, the more it flies away. Can I get a witness? You don’t...


The One Superpower You MUST Master As A Fundraiser

What is the ONE superpower you must master as a world-changing fundraiser? Great leaders..are able to inspire people to act. Those who are able to inspire give people a sense of purpose or belonging…Those who truly lead are able to create a following of people who act not because they were swayed, but because they were inspired. For those who are inspired, the motivation to act is deeply personal…Those who are inspired are willing to pay a premium or endure inconvenience, even personal...


Lori Zoss Kraska: Pumpkin Spice Proposals, Me-Me-Mo, & Brevity

Lori Zoss Kraska, MBA, CFRE Author/Advisor/Speaker/Revenue Generator for Purpose Driven Organizations and Their Executives Connect with Lori: LinkedIn Get Lori's book


January: You Broke All Your Fundraising Records!

December was all about asking. We worked hard to tell our story, our constituent's story, our donor's story, and our legacy stories all year long. But in December, we stopped telling stories and asked for money at the end. AND, THE MONEY ROLLED IN! But, don't fool yourself: THE WORK OF FUNDRAISING IS NOT OVER. Successful fundraisers follow a "rhythm" of asking, thanking, and reporting. December was the biggest "asking" month of the year. Now we are in the "thanking" and "reporting"...


Countdown To The Money: Don't Go Dark In December

Once you have sent you appeal, now you must spend December keeping your donors apprised of your progress. Less than half of your money will likely come in the first 27 days of December. Your major donors will wait to see where you are with your initiative the last few days of the year before they decide what to give.


12 Ways Your Fundraising Writing Will Make Your English Teacher Cringe

1. Fundraising writing has a specific goal 2. Fundraising writing is conversational 3. Fundraising writing is filled with “YOU” 4. Fundraising writing can be LONG 5. Fundraising writing is repetitive 6. Fundraising writing is simple 7. Fundraising writing is urgent 8. Fundraising writing shows vulnerability 9. Fundraising writing aims for a response now 10. Fundraising writing is emotional 11. Fundraising writing calls donors to specific action 12. Fundraising offers have a...


Countdown To The Money, Week 6, Ask Donors For What They Have Lots Of

The key to feeling great about asking people for money is to ask them for something that they have lots of. Great fundraisers work hard to know what their donors have in abundance, and then ask them for that. Some of your donors have lots of $5 gifts and when you ask them, they will gladly share one with you. Some of your donors have lots of $100 gifts and when you ask, they will gladly share one with you. Some of your donors have lots of $1,000 gifts and when you ask them, they will gladly...


Countdown To The Money, Week 7: The Wrong Pronouns In Your Appeal Can Hurt You

View the appeal and post here. Take a look at a successful EOY story based fundraising letter. It's free. CLICK HERE MORE POPULAR POSTS FROM DAVID L OAKS: ​Stories: The Currency Nonprofits Collect To Pay Their Donors​ ​Your Response To A Gift Speaks VOLUMES​ ​Why Your Nonprofit MUST Be Able To Describe A World Where It Is NOT Needed​ ​Stop Asking Donors To Help You...


Countdown To The Money, Week 9: Your Appeal

Once upon a time, something that someone else considered important happened. It had nothing, in particular, to do with you. But it was written by a skilled copywriter, so of the equivalent of 174 newspaper's worth of information you were bombarded with today, you noticed it. THIS IS A STORY YOU WILL NOT ACT ON. Once upon a time, something that had a lot to do with the kind of person you are happened. It confirmed your values and reminded you about things that are important to you. It...


Countdown To The Money, Week 10: Envelope

Siegfried Vogle's Handbook of Direct Mail We respond to a piece of direct mail in the same way that we would respond to a salesman knocking on our door. People ask themselves at least twenty unspoken questions in the same order as the questions they would ask the salesman at their door. The envelope you use in your donor correspondence matters supremely! "In over thirty years in the direct mail industry, we've discovered that a letter (more often than not) will perform...


Countdown To The Money, Week 11, Get Lead Gifts

Your end-of-year campaign can make or break your organization this year. It can also determine your level of success in 2023. In week eleven your end-of-year fundraising initiative should be a top priority in your thinking. One of the most incredible things you can give your end-of-year donors is the gift of going second. After you have established your goal and before you share it with your larger audience, approach one or more of your larger capacity donors and ask them to help you give...


Countdown To The Money, Week 12: Email Templates

When so many of us started in fundraising, we sat at our computers and typed out plain and what we thought were boring emails to our donors. And we raised money. But as soon as we could afford it, we moved up to email templates in our CRMs or email marketing platforms. These templates made us look professional! They allowed us to easily plug in images, fancy text, links, and other elements. But we didn't know that these templates were hurting our fundraising. Research proves over and again...


Countdown To The Money: Week 13

"Overdosing" on stories in October and November will help you achieve something successful visionaries possess called outcome independence. ​​ ​ Outcome independence describes the state of being where no matter what happens in your fundraising, you live secure in yourself. It starts when you know your mission is divine. And, when you know that you have told way more stories than you have asked for money, you gain the self-assurance that allows you to focus less on what others think about...


Tim Kachuriak of NextAfter

Tim Kachuriak is the founder and Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer for NextAfter, a fundraising research lab and consulting firm that works with businesses, nonprofits, and NGO's to help them grow their resource capacity. Are you doing your fundraising alone without a trusted coach? Consider joining the Minor Touches Major Impact Fundraising Accelerator with me. POPULAR POSTS FROM DAVID L OAKS: Stories: The Currency Nonprofits Collect To Pay Their Donors Your Response To A Gift...


Please Stop Telling Me You Are SO Busy!

A military stronghold is a fortified place so as to protect it from attack. Strongholds don’t just exist on the military battlefield, they can exist in your mind. A stronghold is a fortified house made up of thoughts. The way you think can help you or seriously hurt you. When you are being attacked, a stronghold is a great thing. But, when you believe wrong things, these ways of thinking become strongholds that keep success from breaking in on you. Zig Ziglar used to call it stinkin’...


Someone Introduces Themselves & You Don't Even Acknowledge Them

When someone signs up for your email list, they are introducing themselves. Your response at that moment can be crucial to the future of your relationship. So, when someone introduces themselves to your mission by signing up for your email list, they deserve some acknowledgment, attention, and warmth. How is that accomplished? In the digital world, a "welcome-to-our-email-list" email series is how we show this common courtesy. A "welcome" email series is the polite thing to do. When...


For Fundraisers Christmas Starts In July

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The First Gift You Want From Your Donors: THEIR ATTENTION!

Join the Minor Touches To Major Impact Fundraising Accelerator References in todays show: Man of Steel, Clark Kent infobesity, infoxication, information anxiety, information explosion, TMI, attention economy, and attention theft 174 Newspapers A Day The Infobesity Epidemic Stories Are The Currency Fundraisers Collect To Pay Their Donors I Paid Over $15K To Learn Margin