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Welcome to the Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor Podcast, Brought to you by the Rental Property Owner Association - providing benefits and services to real estate investors and rental property owners for over 45 years. Hosted by Brian Hamrick from Hamrick Investment Group. Every Monday Brian and his special guest will discuss topics, tips, and techniques Designed to make you a more confident and successful Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor

Welcome to the Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor Podcast, Brought to you by the Rental Property Owner Association - providing benefits and services to real estate investors and rental property owners for over 45 years. Hosted by Brian Hamrick from Hamrick Investment Group. Every Monday Brian and his special guest will discuss topics, tips, and techniques Designed to make you a more confident and successful Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor


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Welcome to the Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor Podcast, Brought to you by the Rental Property Owner Association - providing benefits and services to real estate investors and rental property owners for over 45 years. Hosted by Brian Hamrick from Hamrick Investment Group. Every Monday Brian and his special guest will discuss topics, tips, and techniques Designed to make you a more confident and successful Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor




EP345 The Future of Senior Living with Isabelle Guarino-Smith

My guest today is one of the top experts and influencers in senior housing. During the pandemic senior housing took a real hit as facilities across the country were perceived as super-spreader locations. Has senior housing bounced back and what does the future hold in store for this asset class? Isabelle Guarino-Smith is the COO of Residential Assisted Living Academy and is here today to discuss this fast-growing investment opportunity. Isabelle talks about the compelling demographic...


EP344 How to 15x Your Returns Through Luxury Short-Term Vacation Rentals With Rachel Gainsbrugh

My guest today was born in Haiti, raised in Miami, and educated to be a doctor. But when she was faced with over $500,000 in student loans, she figured out a way to not only invest in real estate but was able to multiply her profits by 15 times what a traditional rental would gross. Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh is a healthcare professional by day, and a rental investor by night. She’s the owner and manager of 18 luxury short-term rentals and was recently featured on a Netflix TV show showcasing...


EP343 Six Ways to Create Opportunity in Real Estate Investing with Ashton & Chris Levarek

My guests today know quite a bit about creating opportunity in real estate investing. Chris and Ashton Levarek are brothers who started Valkere Investment Group to invest in multifamily real estate. Ashton is also a retired Air Force Special Warfare Pararescue jumper, a sniper and combat diver. Chris is a military veteran as well. Both are strong believers in leveraging expertise and professional experience to ensure mission success. Today they’re going to share their formula for creating...


EP342 How to Become a Nomadic Investor - Traveling the World While Investing in Real Estate with Michael Albaum

Many, if not most of us, have had to adjust to working remotely over the past two years. How many of us have been able to invest remotely as well? My guest today, Michael Albaum, recently left his 9 to 5 job and has found his niche in long distance, value-add multifamily and triple-net lease investing. For months at a time he’ll either travel the world or travel the country in his van while investing remotely. Michael is here today to talk about nomadic investing and the steps you need to...


EP341 Mobile Home Park Investing and an Engineer’s Unique Perspective on Success and Opportunity in This Space with Charlotte Dunford

Mobile home parks have become a very desirable asset class for investors. My guest today currently owns 28 parks and has created over a half-million in asset value over the past year. Charlotte Dunford is the managing partner of Johns Creek Capital, which has raised close to $5 million from investors. Charlotte is also a first-generation American citizen and college graduate who left her home country of China with just her belongings at the age of 16. Today Charlotte explains how she’s...


EP340 Can You Build a Home in 3-5 Days? How Technology is Driving the Future of Home Construction with Garrett Moore

The way we build homes hasn’t changed in over a century. And with an unprecedented demand for new housing across the country, we can’t build fast enough. My guest today has built a business that leverages technology to reverse the dire housing crisis by building custom homes in less than five days. Garrett Moore is the Founder of Agorus—America’s first scalable offsite customized construction solution. As an ex-Navy SEAL, Garrett has taken the lessons learned in active duty to build a...


EP339 RPOA Alternative Short-Term Rental Strategies Expert Panel with Robyn Thompson, Barb Bookout and Jeremy Garcia

Hello and welcome to the RPOA Alternative Strategies in Short-Term Rentals Expert Panel. This is the panel that goes beyond your typical short-term vacation rentals and dives into alternative and lucrative strategies that you might want to consider. And we are lucky to have an incredible panel this morning: Robyn Thompson is nationally known as the Queen of Rehab, and is also an expert on vacation rentals. Robyn has a system that provides a premium experience in very specific locations...


EP338 From a Three-Unit House Hack to Three Startup Businesses That Are Transforming a Neighborhood With Jon Frantz

My guest today is a local real estate investor and entrepreneur. Jon Frantz is not only an expert in business finance and development, capital raising, property management and operations, he’s also transforming the Alger Heights neighborhood with several businesses, including Top to Bottom Cleaning Group, Urban Jonny’s Salon, and the new and exciting SIP Coffee & Cocktails. Jon shares his early sales experience with Cutco Knives and the importance of that training. He also talks about his...


EP337 A Warning for Traditional Property Management and the New Way of Attracting Tenants and Increasing Your Net Operating Income with Daniel Mishin

I’m always fascinated at how technology and innovation can disrupt the traditional way of doing business—especially in the rental property and real estate investing space. Today’s guest started a proptech company whose mission is to challenge outdated practices to improve the rental experience for tenants and small mom-and-pop landlords. As a serial entrepreneur in the real estate space, Daniel Mishin founded June Homes to create a substantially better experience for thousands of tenants...


EP336 Discover Your Entrepreneur DNA to Become a More Successful Real Estate Investor with Caroline Yuki

I’m a strong believer that to be a successful real estate investor you also have to embrace your entrepreneur DNA. My guest today understands that belief and has built a career teaching others how to discover their own entrepreneur DNA. Caroline Yuki has built manufacturing plants worth up to $150 million globally, she’s a real estate syndicator and investor with over 600 properties, and she’s going to share some ways that we can all become bold millionaires by becoming better...


EP335 Investing in Residential Assisted Living Facilities with Chuck Bongiovanni

In 2020, the U.S. assisted living facility market was valued at $83 billion, and that value is expected to increase substantially over the next decade. My guest today has a mission to revolutionize the assisted living industry by making it available for any individual to invest. Chuck Bongiovanni is the CEO and co-founder of Majestic Residences Franchise System with a trademarked turnkey operation that generates $5,000 per resident per month. Today Chuck is going to explain how investors...


EP334 Rehabbing in Detroit, Selling His Trucks, and Starting a New Business, with Ramond Harris II, Justin Workman, Patrick Spitzley & Stephen Benedict at the RPOA Annual Conference

It’s been 109 episodes and 2 years of a pandemic, but we’re finally able to catch up with our friend Ramond Harris II. You may remember Ramond as the Detroit flipper, wholesaler and rehabber who shared his story in episodes #168 and #225 while we brainstormed ways for him to fix his broken business model and get rid of three trucks that were costing him over $25,000 per year in debt payments. This episode was recorded at the RPOA’s 2022 annual conference in Grand Rapids where we were able...


EP333 Level One Due Diligence for Buy & Hold and Vacation Rental Investment Property with Masrur Huq

My guest today loves short-term rentals and a few years ago he set out to create a platform to bring the tools of industry giants to the normal investor. Masrur Huq is the founder of Dynamic.RE, a prop-tech solution that leverages big data to help real estate investors increase their profitability and run their rentals and Airbnbs. Today we’re going to discuss level one due diligence and how to determine a property's highest and best use. Masrur will show us the process he goes through to...


EP332 Conducting Psychological Due Diligence to Find the Hidden Story in Multifamily Investing with Sam Liebman

Even in these challenging economic times, multifamily real estate continues to perform exceptionally well. Hypergrowth in this investment market has led to intense competition for available properties. But instead of getting caught up in the frenzy and making a reckless purchase that could sink you, it’s critical to carry out an on the ground inquiry. Take the time to find out what’s really behind the seller’s motivation to sell, use street knowledge to discover whether it’s a sound...


EP331 Why Billionaires like Bill Gates are Investing in Farmland with Brandon Silveira

One of the truths we rely on as residential real estate investors is that everyone needs a place to live. A similar, yet even more powerful truth can be claimed about the investing strategy that we’ll be discussing today. That truth is that everyone needs to eat. Where does the food we eat come from? Farms of course! So what are the opportunities and strategies we should know to successfully invest in farmland? My guest today, Brandon Silveira, is a fourth-generation farmer and CEO of...


EP330 Special RPOA Expert Panel on Performing and Non-Performing Notes with Donna Bauer and Gene Chandler

This note buying panel discussion was recorded during RPOA's 2022 conference. We were joined by two incredible experts who helped us understand the difference between performing and non-performing notes, the challenges of investing in notes, and specific examples of wins & losses. After the discussion, we opened up the floor for Q&A from the audience. I’d like to introduce our experts… Donna Bauer Donna Bauer is a trainer and coach who has done every type of real estate transaction:...


EP329 Eliminating the Fear of Getting Started in Real Estate and Building Your Brand with Former Professional Basketball Player Art Morrison III

My guest today is a former professional basketball player who has taken his passion and persistence from the basketball court to the real estate world. Art Morrison III is the CEO of United Home Relief and the author of “Overcome: The Key to Unlocking Your Superhuman”. He and his team have completed over $6 million in transactions across 15 properties in only three years. He now seeks to teach young adults how to get into the REI game and expedite their path to financial freedom through...


EP328 Finding Deals by Marketing Directly to the Seller with Justin Silverio

We all know that it’s a competitive real estate market right now, and that there seems to be a lot more buyers than there are deals. One of the best ways to find opportunities is to market directly to the seller and bypass the brokers and other buyers altogether. This is also one of the least understood strategies, and today we’re going to dig in a little deeper with my guest, Justin Silverio. Justin is the owner of JS2 Homes, Open Letter Marketing, and Invelo. Through his companies,...


EP327 Creating a Unique Vacation Rental Experience by Building Cabins with Alex Jarbo

My guest today has a vacation rental strategy that is quite unique. Instead of buying or converting residential property into vacation rentals, he prefers to build cabins. Alex Jarbo is a short-term rental developer and manager. He’s also a military veteran and the founder and CEO of Sargon Investments with a goal of building 650 cabins in the next three years. He’s also the host of the popular YouTube channel “Alex Builds” where he teaches the ins and outs of short-term development and...


EP326 Backstage Guide To Real Estate with Apartment Investor and Tony Award Winner Matt Picheny

My good friend Matt Picheny is back on the show today. You may remember Matt as a successful syndicator of multifamily apartments and Broadway shows such as Hamilton and Moulin Rouge. Matt just released a new book that he wrote called “Backstage Guide To Real Estate” which follows Matt’s journey from buying a starter home to flipping houses to apartment syndications. The book has already made its way to number one on Amazon. Today, Matt will share stories from the book and draw interesting...