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Weekly tips how to on how to advance your business using proven marketing strategies. Increase your sales by 50% by applying these techniques to your business.

Weekly tips how to on how to advance your business using proven marketing strategies. Increase your sales by 50% by applying these techniques to your business.


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Weekly tips how to on how to advance your business using proven marketing strategies. Increase your sales by 50% by applying these techniques to your business.








It’s Ok To Change

Sometimes in our business and our goals we come to parts where we are no longer effective, It’s easy to keep going in circles and not change. However I want to encourage you this summer to know ITS is totally ok to change and do something different.


PowerChat With Diondra Jackson Dazzling Apparel Consistency

Everybody starts at zero entrepreneur Diondra Jackson owner of Dazzling Apparel Academy talks about her humble journey from 0 to growing and the power of consistency and learning. Join us for this power chat. We all start at zero…..


Power Chat | Aligning Your Mindset w Ernest Hale

Want to know how to be successful in business? Hear one of America’s thought leaders Ernest Hale as he empower us to align our minds up with our purpose and increase our sales in our business.


The Backend Preparation

n this episode on the prep the brand series you have a lot of work to do in this stage because you have an idea. Now it is time to prep your brand for release this. This process can take 4-6weeks depending on or it can take a month but realistically 15 minuets of what i'm telling you ca be done in 3 weeks


The 5 W’s

In this episode Lady Hale brings back a lesson from Elementary school the 5 W’s and help it apply and really come up with our 5 W. Join us on this episode as we explore our 5 w’s


Launching and Funding Help My Business

This episode of Help my business gives you the guidelines to legally launching your business we cover. Last Week’s homework was to figure out which business structure will work for you. Learn if you taxed once or twice, learn about quarterly federal and state taxes how to pay them what you should be paying. Learn […]


Help My Business Episode 1

This Episode of help my business learn how myself and Mr. Investor have planned an amazing series to help you start your business from the ground up. You can catch us live every Tuesday’s 7:00 Pm CST on facebook live in the Creative Blossom’s Market Place. In this episode learn some business tips and strategies […]


Preparing For Online Schooling | Parent/Educator Series

Lady Hale Owner of CH SOCIAL MARKETING AND PR FIRM, a Texas Educator in this podcast we’re going to be talking about becoming prepared for online schooling. Many of us are now working from home, business owners, and more. Now to add educators on top of our plate is a lot. I want to help […]


Power Chat: How To Help The Market

In this episode we help you determine how your business can impact the current market. No matter the industry you are in Lady Hales guides you through helping the marking and not missing a check.


Claiming Your Social Address

This episode we talk about the importance of having your social media properties claimed across social media platforms. Master Marketer Lady Hales talks about the platforms your business should be on, what type of businesses thrives the best on certain platforms. She also tells you what platforms may not be a good fit if the […]


The Power of Consumer Question- Bonus Material reaching clients offline

In this episode Master Marketer Crystal Hale tells us how to take advantage of people asking Alexa, Siri, and other voice services that people are using to ask questions. Learn how to optimize your content for this question and put your self in a position to be a leading expert in your field. Also included […]


Your Brand Story

Does your brand have a story one of the things to make your business unique is the story behind your business? A brand story is what makes a business relatable to the people in which they serve. People no longer just buy brands because of what they offer they often want to feel connected to […]


Surviving The Trend

This episode we’re going to be talking about surviving the trends. Many businesses being on the internet were literally birthed out of trends. However many have not taken the necessary steps have their business survive the trend. Surviving trends means 1. You have to prepare for loss 2. You have to put back a portion […]


Do You know your Forcast? Forecasting in business lesson.

Welcome back to 2020 as we start the solid foundation series was going to make sure our business is built indeed on a solid foundation. Running a business is like building a house in the Epsoide today Crystal Hale takes us on a journey to make sure that we understand how to properly used forecasting […]


The Landing Page Guide

Learn how to create converting landing pages. In this podcast Lady gives you the ultimate landing page guide. Breaking down the 6 components of a converting landing page.


Power Chat: Faith of Child

Spotlighting Pixel Rift Art EG. Hale II


Power Chat: Doubt to Proof

Tired of those close to you not believing in you. Doubt can be so toxic in nature. In this episode we address this head on on how to turn their doubt and making full proof of your business


Power chat: No Discounts

Discounts killing your ROI in this episode we tackle how to avoid giving discounts. We talk about finding your idea client outside your family and friend. Put an end to giving excessive discounts. Hey


Power Chats: Room for inflation

Are you pricing your service or product with room for inflation? In this power chat we discuss how to price yourself with room for inflation.


Power Chat: Mental Check

Mental check a night chat about your mental state with Lady Hale