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Suzie and Matt McColm have been helping people figure out the confusing world of insurance for years. The last four years, we have helped the Washington Healthplanfinder run a full service enrollment center in Wenatchee, Washington. #livinginsurance Our webpage is

Suzie and Matt McColm have been helping people figure out the confusing world of insurance for years. The last four years, we have helped the Washington Healthplanfinder run a full service enrollment center in Wenatchee, Washington. #livinginsurance Our webpage is


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Suzie and Matt McColm have been helping people figure out the confusing world of insurance for years. The last four years, we have helped the Washington Healthplanfinder run a full service enrollment center in Wenatchee, Washington. #livinginsurance Our webpage is






The Rainbow in the Room, being an LGBTQ advocate is important.

We are going to talk about the rainbow in the room. We have been supporting Gay rights over a decade as a business. Pride month is around the corner and Gay marriage rights was one of the first things that Matt had to come out of the closet about. You can be a business and a decent human being. We are going to talk about preparing for the Wenatchee Pride Festival which is coming up June 18th. We set up a custom site for the LGBTQ community with some bonus information. Finding a cause can be...


Stop over grilling your life and find fulfillment and joy.

We ask about budget's alot and a surprising amount of people do not have one. It's critical because when selecting a health insurance plan if you can't pay for it then it makes no sense to recommend it. Is your life being burnt up by how you are living it? Is everything a swipe right, flash of dopamine high? Are you able to budget, enjoy long term relationships? We watched a Simon Sinek interview talking about millennials and saw some very relevant trends with our self and business. Let’s...


The Return from Insurance Soup Live

Howdy from Suzie Health Solutions, the full service enrollment center in Wenatchee, WA. Suzie has returned from a massive insurance convention called Insurance Soup Live. It’s from an online group of 42,000 Insurance Agents. There was amazing speakers and a ton of information. Today we are going to talk about what she learned. Some of the topics are: the rule of 72; The importance of Referral partners; Competence verses warmth; the importance of Automation; Search Engine Optimizations. It...


We need to bring Boss back.

After being our own boss for almost a decade by running an insurance agency. We are going to talk about Boss. Not just the stereotypes today, we are going to get into the past displays. Have you ever been asked who died and left you in charge and had an answer? How to never be in the “Joe or Jane is no longer employed by the corporation.” How to get affiliated with your emotional and financial wellbeing. We are going to get into being the Boss.


Everything is about Community.

It has been almost 10 years since we started Suzie Health Solutions on the principles of helping others without charging a fee. Health Insurance was expensive, and we knew that it is confusing so we started. We didn’t start it to help friends and depending on time between ¼ and ½ we receive zero funds. It was a comment on our the Wenatchee Police Department's page that made us ask the hard question, what is going on? It has always been the right thing but have we drifted away from our local...


Don’t get trapped in your comfort bubble.

It’s an everything insurance year and if you behaved in a responsible manner, then you might be experiencing some hesitancy. Comfort & Safe are the sweetest traps. Build something that you don’t have to fight off aggressive people, deal with a pandemic, watch movies from 30 years ago and eat junk food. It’s good for a short time but It stunts growth. Let’s get in to reaching out and enabling others around you to grow and blossom with new things. So here we go on this week’s Suzilla.


How do you spark business?

It is a collision of risk and opportunity that produces food on the table. When we are not doing our own small business then we have been assisting others with theirs. Yes, we risk helping others and make sure that the new business knows that they are valuable usually through payment, sometimes a positive review. There are traps such as college will increase your knowledge however debt can limit your opportunities for starting up. It is a lifestyle that becomes evident in the actions and...


Toxic People and Nocebos

Today is a perfect day to talk about the Nocebo effect and toxic people. You are probably aware of Placebos. Something that is innocent however you think it will produce a positive result and it does. A Placebo effect can occur up to 60% of the time. The opposite is also true. The Nocebo is something that you think will produce a negative result, so it does. What happens why your Uncle Fred is talking about businesses failing when he running a business? He starts to slide toward that...


How important is travel to a small business?

To a family? Why would you separate to experience something different than you partner? There are trade offs in any business and mistakenly, travel is one that is tossed aside because of expense and not a quick reward. On today’s Suzilla, we are going to talk about the importance of travel for growth.


You want to improve your business? Add some internet.

We have store and we work with products that have been around for years. The internet enabled us to be found by customers, offer different products, and even reach out and make new friends and business partners. It is one of the biggest drivers for new business. It is why we are excited to see non-business people see it as infrastructure. Today on Suzilla, we are going to have a quick look at the internet.


It’s OK to have a bad day.

Time for a reality check, it’s being positive 24/7 is unreal and harmful. Not everything is going to be beer and skittles. Yes, there are times that you are going to have to embrace the suck. However, we are talking about waking up and you know it is going to be a bad day. It requires some acceptance, some coping, and preventative work. So we are going to talk about being OK with a Bad Day,


Living in outrageous joy and prospering

There are two places to run a business. When you walk into our office tell us what you see. One is business model is creating a xerox of a previous business and day in day out repeat. The other is to fill it with outrageous joy. Both models can work however for us living with outrageous joy leads to things like spontaneous team building, romance, and passion. We are going to talk about these models. Do you have a bucket list or do you have goals that you accomplish? Suzie is going to...


Being the best sucks.

We do a lot of innovation when it comes to our business. Suzie is getting ready to go to her first Insurance Group Convention because she is the best person to bring back new materials and attitude to our agency. We are using best to grow. More commonly, being the best has a dark side. It can make you lazy and stifle innovation. It can also lead to being passed by your competition. We are going to talk about what you can do to stay on top when you get that best rating. Let’s cover the best...


Fraud is stealing our community

We can use less fraud. As insurance agents we literally take classes about ethics and fighting fraud on a regular basis. Do we need more people regularly trained in these types of materials? We have had several big cases in our area about fraud. The Firefighters Seth Ellis & Josh Bollinger faking COVID cards with a Walgreens Pharmacist Geoff Reynolds. A nurse stapling Ivermectin paperwork to discharge paperwork, over the hill a DR Anna Elperin doing a faked up Covid exclusion mill and a...


How do I get Healthcare outside of Open Enrollment

Special Enrollment. Everything has it limits. We completed our 9th offering Healthcare. It’s not different than other seasons, tax season, group insurance season, fishing season, strawberry season. It is why Health Enrollment runs from November 1 through December 15th and Medicare Enrollment runs from October 15th through December 7th. We are going to talk about exceptions that allow you to get coverage and reasons why there is such a thing. If you don't have insurance then now is the time...


Time to get an expert

Life is not a DIY experience. It takes a village....many hands makes for light man is an island. Let's get over our fears and ask for help. We look for experts around us to enrich our experience and add to our lives. At Suzie Health Solutions, we are experts in some things like insurance but other things we are not like taxes. How professionals save you money. What makes an expert? How do we find them and when should we seek them out? Is it OK to be the dumbest person in the...


How does need play into buying for home and business?

For most people, buying something for your business or home has a process. Can I use it? Do I need it? Why do I want to buy it now? Can I put it off later for something else? Sometimes you can’t, you can’t buy car insurance after your car has been in an accident. What if we have been trained to purchase things that favor the seller? How can I save money by buying things differently? How would I live better when the storm stopped the trucks, and the stores had no groceries? We get into some...


What do you do for Hobby?

When you run a business or do a startup there is a requirement of a vast collection of skills. You often only get these from hobbies and time. You are not a robot so what do you do for fun? Do you remember recess as a kid? What would happen if you were an adult with recess? How do you enrich your life and add skills to yourself as an adult? The only wrong answer is planting yourself on the couch and plugging a old movie on like a substitute teacher is in charge of your life. So let’s get...


Working through Christmas and the Holidays.

We have worked through plenty of holidays over the years. Running a small business, we have a choice of whether to be open or not to open. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Why personal choice matters when you are in charge.


You run a business what do you give for presents?

Time to stop being Scrooge McDuck. There are perfectly good reasons to gift. In the insurance industry we are limited to what we can do for promotions. We have ours necked down to $50 per year for clients because of a contract. What do you give to your business partners? For people that are referring thousands of dollars of business to you? What kind of gifts do you give and how are they relevant?