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Welcome to the Test. Learn. Grow. podcast! You'll get to hear from the Level team and other industry experts as we dive into the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Join us for radically candid conversations exploring the latest marketing trends, strategies, and tactics that drive success. If you're ready to challenge the status quo and level up your marketing game, then you're in the right place. Tune in, and let's grow together.


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Welcome to the Test. Learn. Grow. podcast! You'll get to hear from the Level team and other industry experts as we dive into the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Join us for radically candid conversations exploring the latest marketing trends, strategies, and tactics that drive success. If you're ready to challenge the status quo and level up your marketing game, then you're in the right place. Tune in, and let's grow together.




Dare to Be Naïve with Joshua Berry

In this episode of Test. Learn. Grow., we're joined by Joshua Berry to unpack the concepts featured in his new book, "Dare to Be Naïve: How to Find Your True Self in a Noisy World". Berry dismantles the notion that naiveté is a weakness in business, arguing instead for its power in driving innovative, impactful change. He emphasizes the importance of curiosity, authenticity, and optimism in creating business strategies that are not only profitable but also socially responsible. Drawing from his book, Berry shares how embracing a mindset of chosen naiveté can lead to a more fulfilled life and successful business, backed by real-world examples. This episode offers valuable perspectives for leaders and individuals alike, illustrating how daring to be naïve can be a strategic tool for generating positive returns and profound impacts in today's evolving business world.


Rethinking Higher Ed Go-To-Market

It’s no secret that higher education institutions face an onslaught of challenges. Shifting demographics, hybrid learning models, shrinking budgets, and even a lack of trust in the education space overall. It’s time for a reimagining with a focus on access and affordability. What’s stopping you? Oftentimes, it’s the pressure to keep up with larger, more traditional institutions rather than emphasizing your own unique offerings and how they serve your communities. Dr. Melik Khoury, President and CEO of Unity Environmental University, gives the lowdown on lowering barriers, expanding educational options, and inviting in new technologies and approaches to keep schools, and their students, on the cutting edge. This episode is sponsored by CompleteU Education. To learn more about CompleteU, visit their website at completeueducation.com


UGC & Vertical Video: Content's New Era

In this episode, guest Jenna Bluedorn, Team Lead at Level Agency and Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Media and Communications Studies, joins us to explore insights around today’s video content trends and strategies. User generated content and short-form vertical videos are dominating social platforms right now. Consumer trust in polished ads is declining. Authentic, raw videos shot on phones now build deeper relationships with audiences. If you’re struggling to cut through and connect with audiences, the perspectives outlined in this episode can help take your approach to content creation up a notch.


Engaging Adult Learners in Higher Ed with John Meyer from CompleteU

In this episode of Test. Learn. Grow., host Dave Babst is joined by John Meyer, CEO and Founder of CompleteU, to discuss strategies for engaging and supporting adult learners pursuing higher education. As more adults return to school to upskill, finish a degree, or pivot careers, colleges and universities have a tremendous opportunity to meet their unique needs. Dave and John explore common barriers adult learners face and how institutions can evolve to create a more welcoming, flexible, and supportive environment. Listeners will learn strategies for marketing, admissions, academic programming, student services, and more. The goal is to give higher ed marketers and leaders actionable insights to improve enrollment, retention, and graduation rates among this growing demographic.


From Lead Gen to Revenue Impact: Rethinking B2B Marketing Success

This episode explores why B2B marketing teams need to shift their success metrics from leads and MQLs to tracking real revenue impact and ROI. B2B marketing experts at Level explain how marketing and sales misalignment happens when teams have separate goals and metrics. They discuss why marketers need to analyze the full customer journey through hybrid attribution to demonstrate how their programs influence pipeline and closed-won deals. Start embracing shared goals with sales and focus on revenue-based metrics to optimize spending and prove marketing’s value.


Lead Nurturing in Higher Education

In this episode, our experts in higher education marketing share their insights on how getting beyond email into a dynamic, multichannel lead nurturing effort can make a huge impact on your enrollment rates. Key insights from the episode: Don't set it and forget it with your lead nurturing campaigns. You're probably leaving enrollments - and long term relationships with great students - on the table.


Getting Feed Management Right with Feedonomics

On this episode of Test. Learn. Grow. we dive deep into feed management and optimization, and its important role in the world of Ecommerce marketing. Starting off with a foundational understanding, we tackle the common pitfalls that businesses unknowingly step into, highlighting the ramifications on their performance. Special guest Jeff Bordeaux, Strategic Account Director at Feedonomics, joined us to shed light on their holistic approach to feed optimization, enriching the conversation with real-world success stories.


Forrester B2B Summit: Our Key Takeaways

Dive deep with us as we unpack the transformative trends from the 2023 Forrester B2B Summit. As the B2B landscape rapidly shifts, are businesses truly prepared for what’s next? Growth via Customer Value – Discover why centering marketing, sales, and product around customer value is the new gold standard. We unravel Forrester's new B2B customer-obsessed growth engine. The Age of AI – If you aren't already incorporating AI into your strategies, you're already behind. We explore the titanic influence of AI, especially generative AI, in the B2B realm. We discuss the prudent and strategic use of AI to ensure it enriches, not hampers, the customer journey. The Backbone of B2B - Tech & Data Stacks – Intent data is the new oracle for B2B growth teams. We dive into why a robust tech and data infrastructure is indispensable, and how it's reshaping the ways businesses approach marketing, sales, and product development. Tune in, rethink your strategies, and align with the future of B2B!


Level Agency and Becker Media Join Forces

Exciting times ahead: Level Agency and Becker Media have merged! We're combining two industry-leading digital marketing agencies to redefine performance marketing in the education sector and beyond. In this episode, we discuss how this strategic move will: Expand Our Resources & Capabilities: Foster innovation:Provide Benefits of Scale:


Adapting to the New B2B Buyer Journey

In this episode, we unpack the changing landscape of the B2B buying process and how marketers need to navigate these changes to drive growth. Here's what we dive into:


How to Create a B2B Content Strategy for Personalized Engagement at Scale

In this episode, we unpack how to strategically craft a personalized B2B content strategy and offer actionable insights on how to execute it at scale. Key Takeaways: The Power of Personalization: Audience Segmentation is Key:Scale Personalization: Content Mapping:‘”One to Eight” Approach:


Measuring the Impact: Are Your Brand Awareness Efforts Working?

Measuring brand awareness impact can often seem like an impossible task. In this episode, we tapped in our Education Team Lead, Geoff Roebuck, to demystify brand awareness and how to effectively measure it. Here’s what you’ll learn: 🚀 The tactics we leverage to grow brand awareness 🤔 Tackle concerns about investing in demand generation 📏 Reveal actionable strategies for effectively testing and measuring brand awareness tactics


Master Ecommerce Marketing with Audience Segmentation

In this episode, we dive into the critical role of ecommerce marketing and audience segmentation in formulating effective marketing strategies. The focus is on our advanced approach to audience segmentation, particularly at the pivotal consideration stage of the buyer's journey. We unpack the power of tailored messaging, showing how we've honed message development for various audience segments and sharing powerful success stories that demonstrate the results of our strategies. We're giving a behind-the-scenes look into real client examples and examining how our segmentation and personalized messaging have significantly reduced costs and increased conversion rates. You will have the understanding to implement improvements in your marketing strategies and the starting steps to get there.


The Everchanging Ecommerce Platform Landscape

Let's talk about the everchanging ecommerce landscape! Why Staying Updated MattersTroubleshooting Common Platform Issues Testing New Display Platforms Embracing New Platforms Flexibility & adaptability are crucial— continuous learning is your key to success🏆🔑


Leaning into AI, ML, & Automation

In this episode, we navigate the complex landscape of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Automation— specifically honing in on their pivotal role in higher education marketing. As these technologies become increasingly essential in a data-driven world, we highlight the necessity of adaptation and strategic innovation. Our attention then shifts to the specific applications of AI, ML, and Automation within marketing. We highlight how AI can reshape student recruitment strategies, how ML can personalize content for enhanced student engagement, and how automation can streamline administrative tasks, improving overall efficiency. Finally, we explore the tangible advantages that these technologies can offer to higher education marketing. From optimizing Return on Investment (ROI) to increasing operational efficiency, we delve into how a strategic shift towards AI, ML, and Automation can result in significant gains.


B2B Balance: Demand Generation and Demand Capture

In this episode, we explore the distinct yet intertwined marketing strategies of demand generation and demand capture in the B2B space. Through expert insights, we reveal how demand generation, focused on raising awareness and interest, and demand capture, concentrating on leveraging existing market interest, function differently. Further, we underline the necessity of viewing these strategies not as independent entities, but as co-existing tactics that, when harmonized, can drive business growth. With real-world examples and best practices, we illustrate how the integration of demand generation and demand capture can create a dynamic marketing strategy. This episode offers valuable knowledge for all B2B marketers striving to level up their marketing initiatives.


Higher Ed Strategies for a New Social Media Landscape

In this episode, we're taking a critical look at the current challenges in higher education marketing related to social platforms, particularly focusing on the declining performance of Facebook. As more users migrate their attention to new platforms, we're seeing a need for adaptation and strategic rethinking. The spotlight then turns to the rising stars of social media - TikTok and Snapchat. They're capturing the attention of the younger generation, who are now entering the target audience for higher education institutions. We discuss why it's critical to test these platforms and understand their unique dynamics. Finally, we delve into the tangible benefits these emerging platforms can bring to higher education marketing. From reaching a wider audience to more engaging content formats, we explore how a shift in strategy can yield significant results.


Develop a Winning Data Strategy

In this episode we unpack the essentials of data strategy, its impact on your business, and the dynamic interplay between data science and data engineering. From understanding the balance between offensive and defensive data strategies to demystifying the Proof of Concept Approach, data modeling, and the pros and cons of data science investments, we delve into key elements that can help shape a robust data strategy to drive any business forward by enabling better, data-driven decision making capabilities.


Winning in Ecommerce Marketing: 5 Key Focus Areas

In this episode, we explore the world of Ecommerce marketing, discussing 5 key focus areas for success: 1. The Ever-Changing Ecommerce Platform Landscape 2. Consideration-Stage Audience Segmentation & Messaging 3. Small Tweaks to Product Feeds Can Make a Big Impact 4. Daily Management & Weekly Reporting 5. Know Your Audience & How They Change Throughout the Year Learn from the experts at Level and uncover actionable strategies to grow your Ecommerce business.


Winning in B2B Marketing: 5 Key Focus Areas

In this episode, we explore the world of B2B marketing, discussing 5 key focus areas for success: 1. Thinking About Demand Generation & Capture as Different Tactics 2. Establishing & Engaging Ideal Customer Profiles 3. Consistently Developing Personalized Content 4. Understanding the New B2B Buyer Journey 5. Revenue-Focused Success Measurement Learn from the experts at Level and uncover actionable strategies to excel in B2B marketing.