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Ian Jones from Backhouse Jones discusses everything related to the transport industry, with a side-order of law.

Ian Jones from Backhouse Jones discusses everything related to the transport industry, with a side-order of law.


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Ian Jones from Backhouse Jones discusses everything related to the transport industry, with a side-order of law.




8: The Back View episode 8 - David Somers

SPECIAL EXTENDED EDITION: Here’s the hook – you can improve profits fast, by talking to your drivers. In a lively and entertaining specially-extended podcast, Ian Jones chats with David Somers who’s been running the driver professional development firm Road Skills since the 1990s. In a lively podcast that’s full of amusing anecdotes, David looks back over his career as a commissioned officer who reached the rank of major, and about the skills required for leading men. Recalling how...


7: The Back View episode 7 - Phil White

You might assume that commercial insurance is dull; but you’d be very wrong, as Phil White proves as he reflects on his career with Ian Jones, of Backhouse Jones. He talks about how insurance was “in the family DNA” and the best and worst advice he’s received. He looks at the changes in IT and working at Lloyds of London in the 1980s, along with changes in IT for vehicles and how this means operators can avoid being “sitting targets.” He recalls the development of brokerage Belmont, and...


6: The Back View episode 6 - Richard Bamber

In this week’s edition, Ian Jones of Backhouse Jones chats with Richard Bamber co-founder of multi award-winning Runcorn-based Anthony’s Travel, as he looks back over his career. Richard started in the industry by cleaning coaches for ‘lazy coach drivers’ at 50p a time, and aged 10 became “the richest kid in the playground.” His father was a bailiff and Richard recalls how a repossessed minibus started a business in the middle of the 1980s recession, when there were no jobs for...


5: The Back View episode 5 - Professor Dominic Regan

In 1992, the late John Backhouse predicted lawyers working from home and engaging with people using computers. Back then, the internet was in its infancy, emails were relatively new and 64-bit microprocessors were the latest word in PCs. Lawyers have ghastly reputation for being luddites and doing things the ‘old fashioned way’, but, says Professor Dominic Regan of City University, London, that’s just not true. Chatting with Ian Jones, Director at Backhouse Jones, the affable...


4: The Back View episode 4 - Mark Fowles

Fellow Liverpudlian and MD of Nottingham City Transport (NCT), Mark Fowles, chats with Ian Jones about how the council-owned bus operator transformed from one that was so shabby in 1994 that it had a programme to de-flea its buses every six weeks, into today's multi-award winning business. By his own admission Mark Fowles “fell into the bus industry after getting bored watching things dripping into test tubes,” yet his technical background later served him well when he launched the...


3: The Back View episode 3 - Chris Bingham

What have the Romans ever done for us? Apart from straight roads, there a few other things still around today, including some non-Latin language fragments. It may seem a tenuous link to this week’s guest, Chris Bingham, CEO of Craggs Energy Group, but it opens a fascinating conversation that covers everything from his business start-up, to how to survive and succeed in business. In conversation with Backhouse Jones Director Ian Jones, he explains how a derelict poultry farm, and a...


2: The Back View episode 2 - Mike Cunningham

The reluctant Lawyer: Despite being one of Britain’s best-known transport lawyers, Mike Cunningham had very different career ideas when he left school, he explains, in conversation with Ian Jones. But, with his ambitions thwarted he “drifted into law.” Having qualified he then discovered he “disliked what I was doing with a passion,” instead, wanting to be in court. So started a journey when, as a fresh-faced young man in his 20s he became a prosecutor for the police, based in...


1: The Back View episode 1 - Jenna Rush

Leading the charge: Jenna Rush is a woman on a mission - to save the coach industry. If that seems like hyperbole, then just pause for a moment and consider the stark facts. The UK coach industry is primarily made up of small family-run firms often passed for generation to generation. It is also one of the most capital intensive industries in the country, whose finance is largely underwritten by personal guarantees on vehicles that new, cost from £200,000-£450,000. And, that’s...