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Guy Powell, President of ProRelevant Marketing Solutions, interviews marketing and analytics experts about how the industry is evolving and what data-driven marketers need to succeed today. Find out more about Prorelevant Marketing Solutions at


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Guy Powell, President of ProRelevant Marketing Solutions, interviews marketing and analytics experts about how the industry is evolving and what data-driven marketers need to succeed today. Find out more about Prorelevant Marketing Solutions at




The Entrepreneur's Marketing Strategies with Josh Sweeney

Welcome to another enlightening episode of "The Backstory on Marketing" with your host, Guy R. Powell. Today, we're honored to introduce you to our guest, Josh Sweeney. With a long career in marketing for entrepreneurs Josh Sweeney is the CEO of FounderScale, and his journey in the marketing world is truly inspiring. He's become a beacon of innovation, helping entrepreneurs thrive in the digital age. Josh's commitment to assisting small businesses to succeed is awe-inspiring. He's also an inspiring speaker and a cherished resource for all things marketing-related. For any inquiries or to connect with Josh, don't hesitate to contact him via his website, Josh Sweeney continues to leave a mark in the marketing realm. In this episode, we sit down with Josh to soak in his wisdom about the latest marketing trends and the art of harnessing the power of social media. His approach to adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape is a true testament to his experience in marketing for entrepreneurs. Get ready for an episode that promises to transform your marketing! Subscribe: Subscribe to Spotify or Apple Podcasts to listen each week. Want to learn more about author Guy R. Powell? Check out the socials below: Follow us on Twitter: @BackstoryMarketingPodcast Like us on Facebook:@thebackstoryonmarketing Visit our website:


Unleashing the Power of Narratives in Media Buying with Mary Ann Pruitt

Welcome to a new episode of "The Backstory on Marketing" hosted by Guy R. Powell! Get ready for an in-depth exploration into the dynamic marketing and media buying world as we sit down with Mary Ann Pruitt – a true talent whose insights are bound to inspire you. Mary Ann Pruitt's journey in the media buying landscape spans over two decades, during which she has delivered for all her clients. With a stellar portfolio boasting collaborations with Fortune 500 and agile startups, Mary Ann Pruitt’s expertise is a beacon for professionals seeking to navigate the dynamic marketing and media buying terrain. She is a sought-after speaker and strategic visionary and has been chosen as a Top Woman in the Media Industry. She has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to decipher consumer behavior and decode market and media trends. Her campaigns have not only shattered conventions but have also raised the bar, redefining the very essence of effective marketing. For any inquiries or to connect with Mary Ann Pruitt, please contact her via www.Mosaic.Agency/Contact or on Twitter @mediamaps. Mary Ann Pruitt continues to leave an indelible mark on the marketing industry. In this episode, join Mary Ann Pruitt and host Guy R. Powell to discuss the art and science of media buying. Get ready for a treasure trove of insights as Mary Ann Pruitt expounds on the transformative potency of narratives in captivating audiences and forging unbreakable bonds with brands. Subscribe: Subscribe to Spotify or Apple Podcasts to listen each week. Want to learn more about author Guy R. Powell? Check out the socials below: Follow us on Twitter: @BackstoryMarketingPodcast Like us on Facebook:@thebackstoryonmarketing Visit our website:


Episode 30: Transformative Marketing Tactics: Insights with Andy Buyting | TulipMediaGroup

Welcome to the next episode of "The Backstory on Marketing" with your host, Guy R. Powell! In this episode, we welcome the ingenious marketing maven Andy Buyting, to our virtual stage. Join us as we dive into the marketing world with Andy, a trailblazer and thought leader. With over two decades of experience, Andy has revolutionized how businesses approach marketing, bringing a unique blend of creativity and strategic prowess. As the founder of a highly successful marketing agency, Andy's passion lies in helping brands forge authentic connections with their audiences, ultimately driving growth and success. Andy Buyting is a content marketing expert. His journey began with a relentless curiosity for the human psyche and a passion for unlocking the true potential of marketing. His expertise spans a broad spectrum, from branding and digital strategies to consumer behavior and innovative storytelling. With a proven track record of elevating brands to new heights, Andy's insights are captivating and transformative. For inquiries or to connect with Andy, please visit Andy Buyting continues to leave an indelible mark on the media landscape and the marketing realm. In this episode, Andy discusses the art of crafting compelling brand narratives that resonate. Discover the secrets behind his groundbreaking strategies that have catapulted businesses from obscurity to prominence. Subscribe: Subscribe to Spotify or Apple Podcasts to listen each week. Want to learn more about author Guy R. Powell? Check out the socials below: Follow us on Twitter: @BackstoryMarketingPodcast Like us on Facebook:@thebackstoryonmarketing Visit our website:


Unveiling the Power of PR: Insights from Mickie Kennedy

Join host Guy R. Powell in the next episode of "The Backstory on Marketing" as he welcomes Mickie Kennedy, an experienced PR and Media Outreach expert. Learn valuable tips for impactful PR, crafting compelling press releases, and leveraging digital marketing strategies. Subscribe now and connect on social media to access exclusive content. Tune in for marketing wisdom from Mickie Kennedy on "The Backstory on Marketing" with Guy R. Powell. Stay connected with us: Follow us on Twitter: @BackstoryMarketingPodcast Like us on Facebook:@thebackstoryonmarketing Visit our website:


Data-Driven Marketing: Insights and Strategies with Travis Lodolinski

Join host Guy R. Powell as he explores data-driven marketing strategies with expert guest Travis Lodolinski. Travis, the founder of Trav Media, shares valuable insights on leveraging consumer data, building customer personas, and utilizing data analytics tools effectively. Learn about the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing and how businesses can gain a competitive edge by harnessing these technologies. Tune in to "The Backstory on Marketing" for fresh perspectives on data-driven marketing and subscribe for engaging content on the latest marketing trends and strategies. Stay connected with us: Follow us on Twitter: @BackstoryMarketingPodcast Like us on Facebook:@thebackstoryonmarketing Visit our website:


Episode 27: AI and Beyond: Exploring the Future of Marketing with Brian Davidson

In this episode of "The Backstory on Marketing" with Guy R. Powell, we have the pleasure of hosting Brian Davidson, an experienced marketing professional with over 20 years of expertise. Join us as we explore the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing today. Brian shares valuable insights and real-world examples of successful AI strategies. We also discuss emerging trends like augmented reality and voice search and how brands can stay ahead by embracing innovation. Brian's hands-on experience will inspire and motivate marketers at all levels. Don't miss this interview! Stay connected with us: Follow us on Twitter: @BackstoryMarketingPodcast Like us on Facebook:@thebackstoryonmarketing Visit our website:


Stories that Sell: Uncovering the Power of Challenger Marketing with John Gumas

For this week’s episode, join host Guy R. Powell on "The Backstory on Marketing" as he interviews experienced challenger marketer John Gumas. In this episode, explore John's extensive career and gain valuable insights into his successful challenger marketing strategies. Discover how he navigated the industry, from his early days in a small agency to founding Gumas Advertising, and learn practical tips for adapting to the ever-changing marketing landscape. During this episode, John Gumas shares valuable tips for marketers and entrepreneurs challenging the market leader. Learn how to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape, adapt to new technologies, and leverage consumer insights to create winning campaigns. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of storytelling in marketing and how it can elevate your brand above the noise. Don't miss this conversation with a seasoned marketing expert. Tune in now! Stay connected with us: Follow us on Twitter: @BackstoryMarketingPodcast Like us on Facebook:@thebackstoryonmarketing Visit our website:


Charting the Evolution of Marketing: A Conversation with Jeff Greenfield

Welcome to another captivating episode of "The Backstory on Marketing" podcast. In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting the esteemed marketing expert Jeff Greenfield. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into Jeff's remarkable journey and gain valuable insights from his wealth of experience in the industry. Jeff Greenfield is a seasoned marketer with over two decades of experience under his belt. Throughout his career, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, leading marketing teams and spearheading successful campaigns. Jeff's expertise lies in digital marketing strategies, brand development, and consumer engagement. His innovative thinking and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics have earned him accolades and recognition within the industry. In this episode, we explore the pivotal moments that shaped Jeff's career, from his early foray into marketing to his current position as a thought leader in the field. Jeff candidly shares the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way, offering valuable advice for aspiring marketers. Highlights from the episode include Jeff's insights on harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making in marketing campaigns. He discusses the evolving role of technology in shaping marketing strategies and emphasizes the importance of staying abreast of the latest trends to remain competitive in today's fast-paced digital landscape. To top it off, Jeff leaves us with a call to action for marketers at all stages of their careers. He encourages listeners to embrace continuous learning, explore new marketing avenues, and foster a collaborative mindset to drive innovation and stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing realm. Don't miss this captivating episode filled with valuable insights from Jeff Greenfield. Tune in now to gain a fresh perspective on marketing and take your strategies to new heights! Find him at Follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest episodes and engage in discussions with fellow marketing enthusiasts. You can find us on: Let's connect and keep the marketing conversations going!


Episode 24: Noor Naseer - Basis Technologies

About this Episode: We're joined by marketing pro Noor Naseer to discuss the ins and outs of digital advertising. With years of experience in the industry, Noor has a wealth of knowledge to share about what it takes to create a successful digital marketing campaign. In this discussion, Noor covers everything especially the importance of privacy and targeting in digital advertising. She also shares some valuable tips for that will make certain your digital advertising is successful. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out in the field, you won't want to miss this informative and engaging discussion. So grab your headphones and get ready to learn from one of the best in the industry. Interested in learning more? Check out their website: About Noor Nasser: Noor Naseer is VP of Media Innovations and Technology at adtech firm Basis Technologies. She leads client thought leadership and innovative digital media strategy development. She guides clients on how to evolve media strategy to accommodate fast-changing consumer behavior and media trends. Noor has written for and been cited in industry outlets including Adweek, MediaPost and SmartBrief. She has spoken at events for the 4As, the American Advertising Federation, the American Marketing Association and SXSW. She hosts the adtech podcast, AdTech Unfiltered. Prior to Basis Technologies, Noor served in media roles at Starcom MediaVest Group. She is a graduate of Northwestern University. Links: Website: Twitter: Thanks for tuning in, and don't forget to subscribe for more marketing insights and tips! #marketing #advertising #branding #contentmarketing #storytelling #NoorNasser


Episode 23: Michael Bragg - Recteq

About this Episode: Michael Bragg, a performance marketing management expert, shares his expertise on mastering the art of performance marketing management Michael has helped numerous businesses to build and grow successful brands. In this interview, Michael discusses the key strategies and techniques for building a strong performance marketing infrastructure. He also shares his insights on how to leverage social media and other digital channels to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to launch a new brand, or a marketer seeking to enhance your brand's growth, Michael's valuable tips and insights will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the top experts in brand management! Do you want to learn more? Check out his website: LINKS: Special offer at LinkedIn (Michael Bragg): Personal Website: Facebook: Twitter:


Episode 22 - Brandon Leibowitz - SEO Optimizers

About this Episode: Boost Your Website's Visibility: Tips to Improve Your Ranking in Google | ChatGPT SEO Help Brandon Leibowitz talks about Learning how to improve your website's ranking in Google with the latest search engine optimization techniques. Discover the most important issues to consider when optimizing your site for search engines. ChatGPT, the AI language model, can provide helpful tips and insights to help you further improve your SEO strategy and boost your online visibility. Interested in learning more? Check out their website: About Brandon Leibowitz: Brandon Leibowitz runs and operates SEO Optimizers since 2007. SEO Optimizers is a digital marketing company that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses get more online traffic, which in turn converts into clients, sales, leads, etc. Links: SEO OPTIMIZERS website: YouTube Link: LinkedIn (Brandon Leibowitz): Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: YouTube Channel:


Episode 21: Douwe Bergsma - Piedmont Healthcare

About this Episode: What does it take to change the brand in healthcare? Douwe Bergsma shares his insights, including information regarding sales marketing, innovation, digital transformation and commercial challenges. Interested in learning more? Check out their website: About Douwe Bergsma: He joined Piedmont as Chief Marketing Officer in 2020 and leads all the Brand Growth efforts, including communication, physician outreach, marketing and community education. Piedmont is a $6.5 Billion not-for-profit system that is empowering Georgians by leading the change in health care through 37.000 employees and 3000 Piedmont Clinic members who serve 3.4 million patients across 1400+ locations, including 22 hospitals, 80 Urgent- & Quick Care centers and a range state-of-the-art virtual and digital capabilities. Before joining Piedmont, he led the P&L, marketing, innovation, shopper marketing, digital transformation, e-commerce, diversity and/or the capability development for many iconic consumer brands. He enjoyed many roles in marketing and sales in Europe and North America at Procter & Gamble for over 19 years and he was the Chief Marketing Officer at Georgia-Pacific for almost 9 years. His industry and business impact have been widely recognized through the Lifetime Achievement Award (AMA Atlanta), induction into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame (P2P Institute), Creativity 50 (AdAge), Game Changer (The Drum), Top 10 Most Inspirational Business Leaders (CIO Views), Cojones Award (SXSW/nFusion), CMO of The Year (CGT; finalist), CMO Story Telling (Salesforce/CMO Club), CMO Diversity & Inclusion (Salesforce/CMO Club), CMO Innovation (Salesforce/CMO Club), Cannes Lions-, Effie-, Halo-, Webbie- and D&AD awards and invitations to present at 25+ events, including Cannes Lions, Effies, CES, ARF, ANA Masters of Marketing, Brand Week and the White House. Driven by his passion to help people climb and organizations grow, he is very involved in industry efforts, such as the Dean for the Brand Marketers Academy at Cannes Lions, Board of Directors at the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), guest lecturer at NYU and GSU, member of several CMO organizations and Rotary Atlanta, public speaker, award judge and strong advocate of the international #SeeHer initiative, which aims to portray women accurately in the media. He graduated from the School of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Links: LinkedIn (Douwe Bergsma): Piedmont Healthcare: YouTube Channel:


Episode 20: Laura Patterson - VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

About this Episode: What are the latest findings from the Marketing Performance Management Benchmark Study? (Published in the Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics) Laura Patterson shares her insights, including information regarding measurement, dashboards, culture, and more. Interested in learning more? Check out the following study: VisionEdge Marketing and the University of Texas at Dallas (Link to document below.) About Laura Patterson: If you're looking for a practical, no-nonsense, proven approach to accelerate growth, create value, and improve performance, then you've connected with the right person. Laura Patterson is a recognized and trusted authority for enabling companies to take a customer-centric, outcome-based approach to organic growth by enabling them to use analytics, accountability, alignment, and operational excellence to attract, retain and grow the value of customers. Laura began her 25+ year career in sales and had the great fortune of working across functions spanning customer relationship management, strategic and product marketing, analytics, and marketing operations. Today she is at the helm of VisionEdge Marketing, founded in 1999, and is recognized as one of the pioneers in MPM. She received a patent for the Accelance® methodology, designed to connect activities and investment to business results. She has published four books, with the recent “Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth,” receiving industry acclaim. Laura is frequently asked to speak and facilitate workshops for educational institutions, associations, and company meetings. Laura has been recognized for her thought leadership and has won numerous awards, including Engati’s Top 30 Marketing Influencers and Top 200 Thought Leaders, Piktale’s Top 100 Influencers, and 20 Women to Watch in Business by the Sales Lead Management Association. Links: LinkedIn (Laura Patterson): VisionEdge Marketing: Link to White Paper: VisionEdge Marketing and the University of Texas at Dallas (2021-2022): YouTube Link: Sign up for ProRelevant Emails: Link to YouTube Video:


Episode 19: Andrea Pass, Andrea Pass Public Relations

About this Episode: Do you know the similarities and differences between advertising and public relations? On this episode of The Backstory on Marketing, Guy Powell sits down with Andrea Pass, Owner of Andrea Pass Public Relations. As a public relations expert, Andrea Pass speaks on her experience in the PR field. She and Guy discuss the similarities and differences between advertising and PR and how both fields complement and play off of one another. About Andrea Pass: Andrea Pass creates and implements public relations campaigns in a wide range of categories, including consumer products, lifestyle, business to business, education, health, wellness and fitness, and many more. Her company, Andrea Pass Public Relations, has expertise in national, regional, and local media relations outreach. Her strength and relationships, coupled with her knowledge of the ever-growing media base, results in securing top-tier targeted media placements to increase brand awareness, reputation management, and sales for established businesses and growing entrepreneurs alike. She also serves on the Board of Directors at the non-profit United Inventors Association (UIA). She is the Workshop Council Chair for the Performance Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) and Membership Roundtable Chair of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. She's a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners and has created the webinar series “Resonate to Revenue.” Andrea is also the founder of “Access Success Networking” and is a frequent guest speaker at various events and podcasts. Links: Andrea Pass Public Relations Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @NJ_Andrea YouTube Channel: Instagram: @andrea_pass_pr ProRelevant Links Special Book Offer: Sign up for ProRelevant Emails: Link to YouTube Video:


Episode 18: Lauren Abernethy - Marketing an Experience

About This Episode: Guy Powell sits down with Lauren Abernethy, Vice President, Marketing of Braves Development Company. They discuss marketing an experience versus marketing a product or brand. Responsible for the creation and implementation of the strategic marketing direction of The Battery Atlanta, Lauren has excellent insight into property marketing and marketing experiences. What are the benefits of marketing an experience as opposed to a product? What are the challenges? About Lauren Abernethy: Lauren Abernethy is the Vice President, Marketing of Braves Development Company with the Atlanta Braves. She is responsible for the creation and implementation of the overall strategic marketing direction of The Battery Atlanta, including development of compelling marketing and special events programming in efforts to increase customer traffic, tenant sales, digital footprint, and create mutually beneficial relationships with asset partners, retailers, advertisers, sponsors, grassroots organizations, and the surrounding business community. Lauren has over 20 years’ experience in program development, public relations, and strategic marketing for property management across the Southeast with Simon Property Group serving in various positions including: Regional Vice President of Marketing, The Mills; Director of Marketing & Business Development of Lenox Square in Atlanta, Georgia; West Town Mall in Knoxville, TN; St.John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, FL, Melbourne Square in Melbourne, FL; and Biltmore Square in Asheville, NC. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Lauren has lived in Atlanta for 11 years. She is a graduate of Mars Hill University in North Carolina, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications/Public Relations & Art with a minor in Business Management. Links: @batteryatl YouTube: Sign up for ProRelevant Emails:


Episode 17: Atiba de Souza - The Content Superman

About This Episode: CEO of Client Attraction Pros sits down with Guy to discuss his backstory on marketing, and his specialty: content. He explains how essential video content has become. Atiba touches on how valuable video content has become in regards to SEO, especially in a post-COVID world. He expresses the importance of understanding the customer's purchase journey. What are people Googling? How do you use SEO to market your brand? Check out this episode to understand the impact content (specifically video content) and SEO has on your brand and business. About Atiba de Souza: The Content Game is Intense with Third Party Data restrictions. New privacy laws and growing competition. So what is the answer to generating more leads? Nothing less than fresh, original, and engaging content. But who's got time to create content, much less launch it across every platform in the appropriate format? The answer? A customer-focused, tactical, technology-driven plan for radical content creation and repurposing that will land your content on Page 1 of Google. Atiba de Souza is the Content Superman. Decades of running an exclusive agency combined with hardcore technical skills -- I'm talking CODE, people, REAL CODE! -- have made him one of the few people with the skills and insight to marry emerging software and Google’s algorithm with an intuitive feel for the culture of every social media platform. His clients call him the SEO Super Sleuth, the Business Ninja, the “Build Your Team” Guru, and the Super Connector! He was killing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before the term was even invented, ranking regional and national brands in the US on page 1 of Google for over 15 years. His content strategies are not just bells and whistles; his vision is inspiring and his voice is thunderous in the B2B SEO space. Kasim Aslam, owner of the #1 rated Google Ads Agency in the US was blown away by his tech-backed ingenious process, “Nobody else is doing this. You’ve got stuff people need to hear, ” he told him. Not even the best of the best can say that they ranked more than 3000 pages on the first page of Google results while helping companies enjoy qualified leads. Atiba’s experience and insights are so mind-boggling that Lauren Petrullo of Mongoose Media believes that there is “brilliance oozing out of his pores” This Superman CEO of a Video Marketing Agency has been featured on many renowned platforms including Traffic & Conversion Summitt, Digital Marketer Blog, Fox, Digital Journals, The Times, & USA Today. It's time to grab the content marketing bull by the horns! And Atiba is your man. Links: Sign up for ProRelevant Emails: YouTube Link: LinkedIn: Instagram:


Episode 16: David Gerson - Seizing New Opportunities in a Post-COVID Marketing World

About This Episode: On this episode of The Backstory on Marketing, Guy Powell sits down with David Gerson, Director of Marketing at TK Elevator. They discuss how the COVID-19 Pandemic induced technological transformation, influenced our culture, and changed the customer experience journey. David and Guy talk about how these shifts both challenge and create new opportunities for companies and marketing professionals, and how marketers can overcome these challenges and present the value of their initiatives to their peers and superiors. David speaks on current trends, such as TikTok and Customer Self Service. He speaks on the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body, and he shares the ways in which he keeps his team engaged and fulfilled in a hybrid work environment. About David Gerson: For over 20 years, David Gerson has been a global leader in Creative Branding, Commercial Storytelling and Product Management. He has had the pleasure of working for a variety of B2B brands based in the Americas and Europe with a particular focus in the Interior Design and Commercial Building Industry. Inspiring teams and motivating people is a lifelong passion for him. Along the way, he’s developed an appreciation for a methodological approach to innovation, sales enablement and executing comprehensive product launches. In addition to his numerous professional accomplishments, he is probably best known for the global brand he created called “Refs Need Love Too”. An accomplished soccer referee with over 7 years of experience, he has over 40k followers on TikTok, a line of merchandise, a blog and even a podcast giving people an inside look at what it’s like to manage a match in the most popular sport in the world. Links: YouTube: LinkedIn: Company Website: David Gerson’s TikTok: @refsneedlovetoo Sign up for ProRelevant Emails:


Episode 15: Jo Ann Herold - CMO, Strategic Advisor, Adjunct Marketing Professor

About this Episode: On this episode of The Backstory on Marketing, Guy interviews Jo Ann Herold, CMO, Strategic Advisor, Adjunct Marketing Professor, Amazon Bestselling Author, and speaker. They discuss her backstory on marketing, the role empathy plays in leadership, overcoming perfectionism, and the importance of community involvement to your career and personal life. About Jo Ann Herold: Jo Ann is a purpose-driven executive and brings more than 25 years of marketing expertise for iconic brands. She served as the CMO for The Honey Baked Ham Company, LLC twice. Prior she was CMO for Interface, Inc., VP of Brand Marketing at Arby’s Restaurant Group, and owned her own marketing firm. Jo Ann has an MBA in International Business from Mercer University and an undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University. She is an adjunct professor at Mercer University and GSU. She was the recipient of Atlanta AMA’s Lifetime Achievement award and two AMY Awards from the American Marketing Association. Links: Amazon link for her book: ‘Living On A Smile: 16 Ways to Live a Big Life and Lead with Love’: LinkedIn: Instagram: @joannheroldp_lop Sign up for ProRelevant Emails: Link to YouTube Video:


Episode 14: Sharon Goldmacher - Digital Marketing is the Future

About this Episode: In this episode of The Backstory on Marketing, Sharon Goldmacher expresses her insights regarding the future of digital marketing. She gives valuable information about The Metaverse, challenges marketers and public relations professionals face today, and the concept of combining traditional marketing with digital marketing. About Sharon Goldmacher: Sharon Goldmacher is a seasoned digital marketing and public relations expert with 35 of years of experience in solving marketing challenges for a range of clients in industries from real estate, technology, CIDs, professional services, food and beverage, entertainment, sports and more. Founded in 1992, c21 has garnered 80+ awards from AMA, PRSA, IABC and more, and has been recognized with a variety of business-related awards including DeKalb Chamber’s Stargazer award for “Small Business Start-Up of the Year”, Atlanta Ad Club’s Young Advertising Professional Award, “Best Place to Work” by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Sharon was tapped to join the University of South Florida’s Z School faculty as an instructor for its digital marketing certificate program and speaks to a variety of organizations on marketing and PR solutions. As part of Sharon’s DNA, and she serves on several boards, including as co-chair for CREW Atlanta’s Communications Committee, the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Board, the past presidents’ council of the American Marketing Association – Atlanta Chapter. She is a graduate of Leadership Buckhead and will graduate from CREW Leadership in 2022. As the executive director of the Atlanta Local Organizing Committee, Sharon oversaw the planning and execution of the 2013 NCAA® Men’s Final Four® in Atlanta. Sharon graduated cum laude from Newcomb College/Tulane University and worked at the NBC affiliate, WDSU-TV. For fun, you can find Sharon on the golf course, cycling or walking her dogs around the ATL, in addition to discovering new eateries! Links: Sign up for ProRelevant Emails: Link to YouTube Video:


Episode 13: Kevin Hanegan - The Evolution of Data Literacy in a World of Change

About this Episode: Learn the value of soft skills in a complex data-driven world in this episode of The Backstory on Marketing with Kevin Hanegan. About Kevin Hanegan: Kevin is a senior leader who likes to use data and analytics to transform, innovate, and continuously improve organizations to make them the best they can be. His passion is the intersection of business, technology, learning, and psychology. Kevin believes the world is constantly evolving and that we should always be evolving and improving ourselves in business and in our personal life. Through many years of working in a variety of businesses and industries, Kevin has been able to leverage technology and psychology, along with data and analytics, to improve organizational performance and transform businesses into high-performing organizations. Kevin frequently speaks and writes on topics such as data-informed decision-- making, the future of learning, and growth mindset. Kevin lives in Massachusetts with his wife Shannon and their four children. Links: Sign up for ProRelevant Emails: Link to YouTube Video: