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As part of her mission to end the collaboration chaos ruining recruitment, author, speaker & facilitator Katrina Collier, brings you The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unlimited). HR, talent acquisition & hiring managers, hear directly from exceptional hiring leaders who choose to partner with recruiters for the greater good of the business. And hear from experts who can help you create the partnership you need to hire successfully in this candidate driven market. Be inspired to create a recruitment experience that works for all!


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As part of her mission to end the collaboration chaos ruining recruitment, author, speaker & facilitator Katrina Collier, brings you The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unlimited). HR, talent acquisition & hiring managers, hear directly from exceptional hiring leaders who choose to partner with recruiters for the greater good of the business. And hear from experts who can help you create the partnership you need to hire successfully in this candidate driven market. Be inspired to create a recruitment experience that works for all!






Ep. 26: Lisa Haggar - Candidate Experience & Educating Upwards

Educating upwards will help you deliver a better candidate experience You may know Lisa Haggar as the self-described 'lass with sass' on LinkedIn or perhaps from her 3 decades contributing to the HR profession. Either way, she is a brilliant person to talk to about tough subjects, like this one! Strap yourselves in for this one, as we laugh and chat about: experiencing recruitment as a HR candidate and the problem with grilling applicants and interviewer power-games, inspired by this post....


Ep. 25: Sue Ingram - Handling Dramatic Hiring Managers

Tips for partnering with your hiring managers! It was a thrill to speak to & giggle with my good friend, Sue Ingram. An executive coach and a trainer who shows managers how to get extraordinary work out of perfectly ordinary people, and how to have feedback conversations. (While she was recovering from an awful cold!) In our conversation we covered plenty, including: the importance of feedback conversations or, more aptly, 'generous' conversations her brilliant book, Fire Well the problem...


Ep. 24: Jess Von Bank: See Me, Protect Me, Respect Me!

Employer: See Me, Protect Me, Respect Me! Reading Jess Von Bank's post, “Stop filling reqs and start providing safety. Address the toll of fear and create a culture of hope and health. Do nothing but obsess over the care and nurturing of your own people, and you will stop the bleeding. Just a bet.”, left me wanting to know more! Jess is Lepagen's storyteller and Community Leader for the Now Of Work, and all around awesome human. In our conversation we covered plenty, including: employees...


Ep. 23: Molly Johnson-Jones - Choosing How To Work

Molly Johnson-Jones shared a post on LinkedIn that stated '“By removing the need to have a ‘reason’ to request flexibility and giving everyone the freedom to choose how to work, we can make true progress on gender equality.” but how do we get that out of our hiring leaders? While Molly, CEO & Co-founder of Flexa, enjoyed London's winter sun, and I only had the heat of the topic to keep me warm, we covered loads including: the motivation behind creating Flexa, a platform where employers can...


Ep. 22: Mark Gilroy - Averting Loss Aversion In Hiring

After seeing Mark Gilroy’s fabulous YouTube video about change, (not the one where he’s singing that song ;) ), I wanted to know more and how recruiters can influence change. A self-confessed professional psychology geek, Mark & I had a fascinating conversation that will help recruiters & hiring leaders partner better! We talked about: let’s stop pathologising change and reframe change in the right language the pandemic showing us that change isn’t hard! change accompanies by loss is the...


Ep. 21: Lee Andrese - Rejected Candidates Matter Most

The moment I saw Lee Andrese, write, "Dear Hiring Managers & Leaders - YOU are the candidates. Ghosting candidates after they've spent SIX HOURS with you? Shame on you." I knew I had to know more. Lee was sharing a job seeker's post and she was encouraging job seeker's to choose wisely! With years of experience in the recruiting profession, Lee is now a Learning & Development Leader, creating best in class recruiters at Onward Search. Tune into our fabulous conversation and you'll hear: How...


Ep. 20: Suzanne Lucas - The Great January Exodus

When Suzanne Lucas‘s post, If You Think The Great Resignation Is Bad, Just Wait Until January, popped up in my feed, I knew I had to invite her onto the podcast. You may know Suzanne as The Evil HR Lady but she’s not at all! And we had a fabulous conversation that included: the myriad of things Suzanne does, thanks to remote working how the world of work has changed from ‘being a work giver’ to being ‘be grateful you have employees’ persuading your hiring managers that closing the door on...


Ep. 19: Girish Jain & Josh Goldstien - Hiring The People You Really Want

When the fabulous Ed Han suggests you interview two of his favourite hiring managers, you know it'll be a brilliant conversation! And it would seem I am not Ed's only fan. Do your hiring managers speak about you in such glowing terms? 🤩 In this episode you'll hear Cenlar's Girish Jain, VP of Enterprise QA & Architecture, and Josh Goldstien, VP of Operations Strategy talk about: hiring when the company initially wasn't ready for remote working & when you want to use a whiteboard! overcoming...


Ep. 18: David Allen Moss - Evergreen Is Not On Mute!

After The Chad, introduced me to the fabulous people at Evergreen Podcasts, who now host this very podcast, and we got chatting about hiring disasters, I just had to interview their Chief Creative Officer, David Allen Moss. Stop what you're doing, grab pen & paper, and hear Katrina & David laugh a lot and talk about: Commodore 64s, digital signage, and the beginnings of Evergreen! How Evergreen differentiate themselves through their collections - check out the HR interview playlist!...


Ep. 17: Steve Norman - It's All About The Stand-Up!

It's hard to believe that this was Steve Norman's first ever podcast interview! The conversation flowed effortlessly and it was so interesting hearing how VIOOH's Head of Engineering went about hiring 13 Java Developers effortlessly and in partnership with the inspirational Liz Dowling. Stop what you're doing, grab pen & paper, and hear Katrina & Steve talk about: lessons learned in his varied career & cultures being hired remotely in a pandemic & the benefit of VIOOH adopting a hybrid model...


Ep. 16: Bennett Sung - Unlocking The Interview Enigma

Bennett Sung is one of my favourite HR tech marketers, who also happens to be a hiring manager. I have been lucky to know Bennett for around 8 years so you will also find him on page 71 of my book, The Robot-Proof Recruiter. Through many laughs, you'll hear us talk about: fax machines and many other things Gen Z may not understand 😉 the zero moment of truth & gathering 'social' evidence hiring marketers who are not vanilla Giving Bennett just 3 minutes to pitch Humanly (it is very cool)...


Ep. 15: Adam Gibson - Hiring For Workforce Planning

Great to chat to Adam Gibson, global leader in Workforce Planning, People Analytics, & Orghanisational Design, and Author of Agile Workforce Planning, about the impact of the pandemic on workforce planning and more! the difference between workforce planning & agile workforce planning the pain of, but love of, writing a book! where should workforce planning sit? supporting hiring managers who don't hire often his favourite interview question human skills vs. culture and wooing better Adam's...


Ep. 14: Sukhvinder Pabial - The Joy Of Hiring Without A CV

When I saw Sukhvinder Pabial's blog about the freedom he found recruiting without an applicant's CV, I had to know more. Sukh runs his own company, Challenging Frontiers, but in our conversation you'll hear us talk about hiring for his new passion project. We also talk about: the things you learn when running your own business what prompted the idea to open a co-working space in Epping Forest giving yourself permission to play! hiring a Community Manager via Nextdoor app without advertising!...


Ep. 13: Sara Burgess - Insights: Managing Disappointment

Welcome to the second insights interview with Sara Burgess, Senior L&D Professional, Business Psychologist, Executive Coach and my friend, all about managing disappointment. We talked and, to be honest, laughed a lot about: embracing your inner nerd & being human what does managing disappointment even mean? understanding how our 'ideal person' may not be realistic why disappointment is a feeling of sadness checking-in, better communication & realistic timings the ongoing partnership problem...


Ep. 12: Tracey Parsons: Don't Make Me Write It Down!

Chatting to Tracey Parson is always a joy and her new company, WORQDRIVE, supports this very podcast but she's also a hiring manager. So I couldn't wait to hear her take on how recruiters and hiring leaders can partner better. We covered a lot... Launching a digital newspaper, recruitment banner ads in 1997, and career sites! Will we ever improve those job posts! And let's stop adding more names into the funnel. Making it easy for people to stay in your company! The importance of talking...


Ep. 11: Zuzanna Santos - The Secret Sauce

After seeing an empathetic post from Zuzanna Santos, assisting the people coming in to interview with her, I asked Lisa Scales to connect us. You'll soon get why Lisa was super excited that I chat to Zuzanna. We chatted about her secret sauce when hiring for her team and: recruiting her first team member just two years ago! her growing team & helping people that suss out your social media profiles, comparing interviews with first dates 🤨 hiring manager homework, helping the process getting...


Ep. 10: Roderick Lambert - Insights: Power Listening

What do you do when hiring leaders are proving elusive to interview and you don't want to leave your listeners hanging? Start a series of insights to help you develop those partnerships, of course! Welcome to the first interview in the series with my fabulous coach, Roderick Lambert, who has the unique perspective of having been a recruiter, HRBP, HRD, and now leadership & business coach. We had a fantastic conversation centred on developing your power listening. He dropped tips galore &...


Ep. 9: Ch'ien Chan - Challenging The Status Quo

It took only a few moments to understand why Heidi Wassini said that I must speak interview Ch'ien Chan. He's the Head of Design at Vivino, the world's largest online wine marketplace, and you'll soon hear their high level of mutual respect. Besides Ch'ien's natural extroversion and incredible background, working for household name companies on two continents, Ch'ien is the only hiring manager I know who has trawled through 387 CVs. Unsurprisingly, he realised this isn't the way to recruit...


Ep. 8: Anna Boyarkina - The Honour In Hiring

Snooping around Anna Boyarkina's profile had me super curious to hear about her career to date; from studying economics & business to starting an events business and TEDxPerm to her current role as Head of Product Use Cases. In minutes, you'll be glad you listened in. We chatted about Anna joining Miro when it was just 11 people and the opportunity that creates, building the company based on what people believe in and are doing, and their mission to empower teams to create the next big...


Ep. 7: Iris Kroonstuiver - Balancing Inner Gender Roles

As soon as I was introduced to Iris Kroonstuiver, I knew it was going to be an amazing conversation and it sure is, grab pen and paper. Of course, Iris is an exceptional hiring leader (referred by Alla Pavlova, thank you!) so you'll hear some great tips for partnering better with recruiters and lesson learned as she grew into the role of hiring leader and her new role at GameHouse. But I also had to delve into what it's like working in the male-dominated gaming industry, even though 46% of...