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The ISG Smartalks Podcast delivers technology and sourcing insights from the thought leaders at ISG. In this series we bring together external and internal experts to discuss the ways in which technology is transforming the world of business. Our aim is to simplify the themes and educate and inspire our listeners. ISG is a leading global technology research and advisory firm that is committed to helping organizations achieve operational excellence and faster growth.


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The ISG Smartalks Podcast delivers technology and sourcing insights from the thought leaders at ISG. In this series we bring together external and internal experts to discuss the ways in which technology is transforming the world of business. Our aim is to simplify the themes and educate and inspire our listeners. ISG is a leading global technology research and advisory firm that is committed to helping organizations achieve operational excellence and faster growth.








35: Turmoil in Banking: What Happened? And What Next?

Following another turbulent week for the banking industry, Imagine Your Future podcast host Karen Collyer speaks to Owen Wheatley, Lead Partner for Banking & Financial Services at ISG. Together they unpack some of the factors that contributed to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the ripple effects in the market. Will there be others like it? And might we be on the verge of another global financial crisis on the same scale as the 2008 crash? Or are there any encouraging signs following...


34: Pursuing the Seamless Digital Experience

This episode of the ISG Imagine Your Future podcast was recorded at this year’s ISG Digital Business Summit in London. Host Steve Hall speaks to Samantha Fanning, Head of Digital at UCL (University College London) about how she and her team are creating seamless digital experiences for both the students and staff of the university. Listen in to hear some of her top tips and lessons learned from the journey so far.


33: Dissecting Disruptors in the CPG/Retail Space

Disruptions are shaping and shaking up the CPG and Retail industries. Global supply chain challenges, rising inflation and competition for talent (caused in part by the Great Resignation) are the most well-known factors – but not the only ones. Still, no matter what, customers must remain the number one priority for these organizations. How can CPG and Retail companies thrive despite these pressures – and retain loyal customers – in a highly disrupted and competitive market? Which...


32: Getting to Grips with the Metaverse

The metaverse – it’s been in the headlines, social media platforms and your kids’ video games, and now it’s rising to prominence as a business opportunity. But do you really know what the metaverse is? And what does it have to do with web3, the new internet you keep hearing about? In this episode of the ISG Imagine Your Future podcast, hosts Steve Hall and Karen Collyer catch you up with the basics of the metaverse and web3. They kick off their discussion by defining both technologies and...


31: The Future of Manufacturing: Transforming Through Disruption

Are you keeping your eye on trends in the manufacturing space? It’s been a turbulent time lately; manufacturers are contending with rising costs, a global chip shortage and a global talent shortage. More than ever, the future seems unpredictable. What impact is this scale of disruption having on the industry? How are manufacturers dealing with these challenges? In this episode of the Imagine Your Future podcast, hosts Steve Hall and Karen Collyer delve into the disruption facing the...


30: Making the Invisible Visible: Part 2

Back by popular demand! Last year, Imagine Your Future hosts Steve Hall and Karen Collyer interviewed Elizabeth (EC) Caley, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Poppy. As a fast-growing tech start-up specializing in detecting and monitoring pathogens – including the COVID-19 virus – present in the environment, Poppy has expanded rapidly. This time, EC returns to the podcast to share the inspiring story of how she and her associates successfully grew the company over the past 12...


29: How Insurers Can Survive and Thrive in the New Digital Era

The Insurance industry has been grappling with multiple challenges – from legacy IT systems to emerging competition, margin pressures, a tightening regulatory environment and the rise of millennial buyers. The pandemic only heightened the pace of change. In this context, it’s difficult to know if you are focused on the right issues. How can insurers ensure survival in the coming years? In 2021, ISG interviewed more than 200 insurance and technology executives across Europe to get their...


28: Private Equity: What’s Next After a Record-Smashing 2021?

2021 was a record year for private equity investment. New annual records were set in terms of deal volume and value. According to data from the Pitchbook 2021 Annual US PE Breakdown, in the U.S. market alone, more than 8,600 deals were concluded in 2021 for a total deal value of over $1 trillion. What drove these unprecedented activity levels? And what is the outlook for the Private Equity industry in 2022? These are just some of the questions that ISG Imagine Your Future hosts Steve Hall...


27: What Is Digital Engineering and Why Does It Matter?

In this episode, ISG hosts Steve Hall and Karen Collyer talk to Gaurav Gupta about some of the mega trends driving the engineering services industry in 2022 and beyond. Gupta describes how engineering services has been going through some major transformations of late. In recent times, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital engineering as companies strove to bridge the gap between information technology and operational technology. “It’s not about building products anymore,” believes...


26: The Persistent Power of Digital

In this episode, ISG hosts Steve Hall and Karen Collyer talk to Sandeep Kalra, CEO of Persistent Systems. Together they discuss some of the post-pandemic economic trends impacting businesses: the Great Resignation, talent acquisition and retention, environmental sustainability and more. Kalra also shares his perspectives on how Persistent Systems remained resilient through the pandemic, achieving impressive growth over the past year. Listen in as he shares his experience of leading during...


26: Taming the Tech Monster

Without a doubt, the digital revolution has brought about a plethora of world-changing technologies that have significantly improved everyday lives and enhanced business performance and healthcare across the globe. During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the world witnessed the power and agility of digital technology and the benefits it can bring to society. Yet, on the flip side, many of its darker implications have become hard to ignore in recent times. As the foothold of modern technology...


25: Why User Experience Is Essential to a Successful Hybrid Workplace

As businesses continue to navigate global uncertainty and new ways of working, one thing is certain. Flexible working is here to stay. It has become clear in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic that many employees want to continue working remotely for at least part of the week. Others will prefer to return to the workplace. Undoubtedly, a one-size-fits all approach to work is no longer viable. Companies must adapt to new and varied employee expectations. Many organizations are adopting a...


24: Accelerating Digital Transformation through Acquisition

As the race to digitize business gathers speed, we have witnessed in recent years a surge of M&A deals in the digital engineering sector. One such deal announced earlier this year was Hitachi’s $9.6 billion acquisition of U.S.-based digital engineering services company GlobalLogic. The scope of this deal demonstrates that software engineering capability has become a strategic priority for manufacturers. Join ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast hosts Steve Hall and Karen Collyer as they talk...


23: Making the Invisible Visible

As we move into a post-pandemic world and toward the workplace of the future, health and safety is top of mind more than ever. The pandemic has heightened everyone’s awareness of the safety of our immediate environments. As workers begin to return to office buildings, whether full-time or in a hybrid working model, it is essential that businesses take strong measures to ensure their employees feel safe and confident in their workspaces. Things that were perhaps taken for granted or...


22: Trends Shaping the Sourcing and Technology Industries

In this episode of the ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast, host Steve Hall is joined by two veterans of the ISG Index™: Stanton Jones, Director and Principal Analyst at ISG Research, and Bret Breeding, Director and one of the original ISG Index™ creators. The latest ISG Index™ shows that the global technology and business services market has grown for the third straight quarter after the pandemic-induced dip in the second quarter of 2020. Global demand for such services has never been...


21: Meet the Hosts

In this episode, co-hosts Steve Hall and Karen Collyer tee up the remainder of this year’s Imagine Your Future podcast – an impressive lineup of thought-provoking conversations with heavyweight industry authors and leaders from across the world of digital. Get to know Steve and Karen as the voices behind the podcast, what excites them about the future of digital technology and how they bring their passions to bear in their work. Join them as they explore a wide range of subjects – from the...


20: Transformation in Times of Crisis

Months before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world, CEO of Mphasis Nitin Rakesh began work on a book with co-author Jerry Wind that would become more relevant than even he believed. What was originally conceived as a book to help technology companies understand and counteract the disruption being caused by the proliferation of digital startups quickly gained new significance within the context of the global pandemic. Their book Transformation in Times of Crisis is based on the premise...


19: Digital on the Frontline

When Dr David Howie started his new role as Chief Commercial Officer at NHSX in February this year he didn’t expect it to be entirely dominated by COVID – then, a word only just entering our vocabulary. Yet the rest is history, as they say. NHSX is the technology enablement arm of the England’s National Health Service (NHS), which is driving the digital transformation of health and social care. NHSX is leading the largest digital health and social care transformation program in the world,...


18: Open Talent and the Gig Economy

The ISG Imagine Your Future podcast is back after a short break with a new host, Steve Hall. In Steve’s first episode in the driver’s seat he welcomes back former IYF podcast host and colleague Barry Matthews to discuss the subject of open talent and the gig economy. Talent platforms, which allow enterprises to tap into global or distributed talent pools to resource, deliver or ideate solutions, are set to become one of the next big disruptors for business over the coming years. Companies...


17: The New Future of Work

Over the past six months, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way people work. For some, this may be temporary, but for others it marks the start of a new working era – one enabled by technology and innovation and driven by the need to approach work differently. Things that people might have previously considered impossible or impractical have become the norm – video calls, virtual events, collaboration platforms and freelance working are here to stay and are driving how we work and do...