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A global conversation on the future of retail.

A global conversation on the future of retail.


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A global conversation on the future of retail.




5 Things Friday or Monday 11 Feb 2022 Who is the customer?

15 Min Listen Time Who is the customer? Ranking U.S. Generations on Their Power and Influence Over Society ( The Seven Layers of the Metaverse The Metaverse Value-Chain. Trillions of dollars are pouring into… | by Jon Radoff | Building the Metaverse | Medium Snow Crash Snow Crash - Wikipedia Ready Player One Ready Player One - Wikipedia Colin Vs Cuthbert The Colin vs. Cuthbert caterpillar dispute: what's the latest? - The infolaw Partner Showcase What would you...


Five things Friday or Monday Jan 24th 2022

In this week’s Five things Friday/Monday, we take a look at the new physical Amazon Store(Amazon Style) opening later this year. Servedup and their food solution, Heat providing luxury mystery boxes, Cook My Grub challenging traditional food delivery & possibly retails digital wallet provider. Brands Mentioned: Blue jumper on Youtube Amazon Fashion Amazon´s first-ever physical fashion store, where customers can find a selection of women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, and...


2022 Retail Trends & NRF Edition

Welcome back it has been way toooooooo long, in this weeks episode, we take a look at the trends that will shape the next 5 years of retail while unpacking the NRF agenda. To watch the video or to see the slides you can watch here: The Pinterest 2022 report can be found here:


The Brilliant Minds Season - Kaave Pour Co Founder & CEO of SPACE10, Research and Design Lab.

Kaave Pour - “Everybody asks what are your problems, but for us solving a problem is not just fixing something that is broken, as that reaches zero (a neutral point), but by asking what are their dreams, what are their aspirations, it gives you very different answers”. Our next season of thought-provoking leaders will be focused on conversations with “Brilliant Minds” and with guests such as Kaave Pour CEO & Co-Founder of SPACE10, what a great way to kick of the new season. SPACE10 is a...


Microsoft Retail Head of Sector UK Louise Watkins

Mahatma Gandhi - “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Louise Watkins Head of Sector Retail, Consumer Goods, Travel & Transport shares her thoughts advice, and perspective on all things retail. Whether you are just starting out, working your way up, or an experienced professional, this episode is full of little nuggets of gold.


The Future of Physical Retail & Retail Is Dead Podcast

What happens when you get three female leaders a strong friendship and the best strategic minds in physical retail together? A conversation and community you want to be a part of and the Retail Is Dead podcast. Erin, Bex & Leanne have an incredibly open and honest conversation about the "Future of Retail" their amazing new, podcast RetailIsDead and most importantly they share some open, frank wisdom for all of us in growing our careers, and souls.


Luxury Activewear and Beyond with Marion Rabat Founder of Ernest Leoty Luxury Activewear and Beyond

This months Vanity Fair has commented that Marion Rabat is “the queen of chic Parisian activewear”, and we get to have an incredibly open and honest conversation with Marion the incredibly kind and gifted Founder of Ernest Leoty. However more importantly we celebrate how Ernest Leoty is connecting physical to digital during a time where retail is met with a historical challenge. Ernest Leoty is for many the go-to luxury lifestyle brand across various categories providing elegant athleisure...


Retail Choreography Imogen Wethered Co Founder & CEO Qudini

Technology & Retail is still unfortunately male-dominated, this needs to change and female designers, creators, founders, and leaders great work needs to be celebrated. In our second episode as part of our mini-season focusing on Female Leaders in Retail, we have the great pleasure of speaking to CEO & Cofounder Imogen Wethered who has taken her business Qudini from incubation to serving the globes leading retailers. Video:...


The Future of Fashion Interaction with Lexi Willetts Co-Founder of Little Black Door

"Never be afraid that you don’t know something" - Lexi Willetts Fashion, Technology & Retail is unfortunately still male-dominated, for example, only 40% of womenswear designers are female. This needs to change and female designers, creators, founders, and leaders great work needs to be celebrated. We kick off our new mini-season with a focus on Female Leaders in Retail and it was an absolute great pleasure to start the season with a look at the world of High-Fashion, Luxury, and some of...


Future of Digital Commerce - Alistair Crane CEO of Hero

The future of retail will no longer be flat, the customer will journey never just start in the store but can terminate there, store associates are experts and are the representation of the brand online, 4 x4 grid selling of ecommerce platforms are dead. The Future of retail is bright and thanks to business leaders like Alistair Crane, retail will bounce back. In our last episode before the summer break, we get to talk with one of retails shining lights and saviours during the pandemic,...


Alistair Crane CEO of Hero & the Future of Ecommerce

Our last episode before the summer break, and we had the great pleasure of spending it with a very gifted and talented Retail Leader & CEO, Alistair Crane. We are in the midst of an industry transformation and retraction while at the same time we are observing the expansion of digital channels at exponential rates, which has ushered in a new wave of digital frontiers. Luckily for Hero´s customers and Alistair at the helm, they have been able to provide a lifeline for their retail customer...


Future of Retail with Kate Machtiger Design Director | NEW INC | 30 Under 30

In this episode, I have the great pleasure of digesting the HBR article ( What Will the Retail Experience of the Future Look Like?) with Kate Machtiger the author, which was an absolute pleasure. Sensory perceptions and feelings are a part of the retail experience and unfortunately we have to many flat one dimensional experiences (+ conversations) and it is only through diversity of thought, that we can create true customer journeys that challenge and bring delight to customers, for me...


Friction Vs Reward with CEO of Uncrowd & Author Richard Hammond

Richard has been in the retail industry for approximately 35 years, from stores to authoring the best-selling retail manual Smart Retail, which is currently in its 4th edition and is available in 22 languages. In 2018, Richard and his co-founder embarked on building the next generation of customer analytics through their start-up and is also an advisor to NearSreet. In this episode we cover the below and much more: NPS Vs AnalyticsNew Normal or Not?Cost Vs Choice Vs...


Retail Trends with Head of Trends, Cate Trotter at Insider Trends

Our first video and audio podcast! This is a jammed pack episode 1 hour in length focused on the Future of Retail, covering: Link: Insider Trends:



A very special edition of the retail podcast, from one of the UK´s hottest retail brands and third largest FTSE 100 retailer with a market capital of 5.53b GBP. JD Sports has grown from its Northern roots (Bury to be precise), to becoming a global leading sports fashion or athleisure business with stores across Europe, Asia, and now the US thanks to its acquisition of Indianapolis Head Quartered retailer Finish Line in 2018 for $558M.


Post COVID-19 A New Normal Part 1 of 3 (5 Minute Digest)

What is this New Normal in Retail, who does it apply to. What should you be building as the waves of this pandemic sweeps through the economy, do you have the right partners in place for your supply chain or business, will you be able to tap into the new normal and what could be possible areas of focus for growth?


Future Consumer 2022 (5 Minute Digest)

A look at the Future Consumer 2022 report from Andrea Bell @ WGSN. Presented at NRF 2020.


What Can Retailers Learn From Jack Dorsey @Twitter (5 Minute Digest)

During the summer of 2019, Jack Dorsey @ Twitter gave various interviews for several podcast episodes. He was very honest open and frank about the evolution of Twitter. What struck me as so relevant was how retailers could extract some of the ways Twitter is engaging with its user/customers, Jacks focus on creating a global conversation platform is the blueprint for the future of retail.


Decision Fatigue in Retail (5 Minute Digest)

What is decision fatigue, how do retailers use it? And what do you think?


Experiential Retail Is Dead (5 Minute Digest)

A 5 minute food for thought soundbite on a big question is Experiential Retail Dead?