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Welcome to the Speaker Springboard Podcast, where corporate leaders, business executives, and other good public speakers come to become great speakers. Every week, you'll hear about practical tips and valuable resources that will help you get your message across, whether it's on stage or online.

Welcome to the Speaker Springboard Podcast, where corporate leaders, business executives, and other good public speakers come to become great speakers. Every week, you'll hear about practical tips and valuable resources that will help you get your message across, whether it's on stage or online.


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Welcome to the Speaker Springboard Podcast, where corporate leaders, business executives, and other good public speakers come to become great speakers. Every week, you'll hear about practical tips and valuable resources that will help you get your message across, whether it's on stage or online.








Randy Peyser: How to publish your book the right way!

This week, my guest is Randy Peyser of Author One Stop. She is a book coach and broker who edits or ghostwrites her clients’ books, and then helps them find agents and publishers to get a contract. She knows how to make your book stand out from the thousands and thousands of manuscripts that publishers receive every year. She can help you learn what’s hot and what’s not in your subject area, decide between traditional publishing and self-publishing, and even how to get killer quotes for your...


Jill Lublin: Be consistent and persistent in the marketplace!

You’ve heard the saying, build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door? Well, it doesn’t work that way anymore. You have to get noticed first, and Jill Lublin is a master strategist at getting more visibility for your business. She’s an author, speaker, and consultant, and she teaches a virtual Publicity Crash Course. Her innovative influence marketing and publicity techniques really work, helping her clients move more mousetraps and increase their bottom line. She's...


Erin Pheil: How to get out of your own way...

Erin Pheil has a special understanding of the intersection between people and technology; she has a BA in Psychology and Master’s in Digital Media. Her own personal journey includes the founding of a successful web agency along with a three-year battle with pain and depression. Out of this grew her company, The MindFix Group, where she and her colleagues help leaders conquer the self-sabotage that can hold us all back. Her program helps clients eliminate mental barriers and see real,...


Connie Pheiff: Build your brand like the stars!

Connie Pheiff is the founder and CEO of Talent Concierge, which is a celebrity business management agency. As a teenager, she was on the path to becoming a high school dropout, but she fought back to complete high school and eventually climbed her way to the CEO’s office. Over the years since, she has dealt with adversity, constantly having to start over and reinvent herself. But through it all, she has followed her passion to help others pursue their dreams. She founded Talent Concierge...


Jane Atkinson: Ready, Aim, Fire!

Jane Atkinson is the owner of Speaker Launcher. For more than 30 years, she’s been helping speakers catapult their careers to the next level. She’s the author of many books, including her latest: “Scaling Your Speaking Business – 10 Strategies for Earning More While Doing Less.” She focuses on proven action steps that lead to big fees, getting booked solid, and a speaking business that puts lifestyle first. She has helped celebrities, best-selling authors, and business experts. In short, she...


Julie Hansen: Bring energy to your virtual meetings!

Julie Hansen and I had a wonderful conversation about how to bring more energy and engagement to your virtual meetings... and why this is so important if you want to get your message across. She shares a lot of valuable tips and insights based on her experience. Julie is the President of Performance Sales and Training. She’s an expert in helping sales professionals apply the principles of film and television to improve their connection and engagement with today’s busy buyers. And she knows...


John Bates: Communication Is BIO-logical

John Bates is the founder and CEO of Executive Speaking Success. He is an author, executive coach, and trainer who blew his first chance on the TED stage, but came back from the experience to become the coach for executives from major organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, and NASA (including the astronauts). His mission is to bring out the awesome inside you, so that you can have the impact you want, in business and in life. He is sharing two valuable documents that...


Sam Richter: How to find the "Sales Trigger"

Sam Richter is the CEO of SBR Worldwide, Know More. To put it bluntly, Sam knows sales. He’s the author of the best-selling book, “Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling.” Audiences agree that he knows his stuff; he has been named one of the top 50 Sales Keynote Speakers in the world. And his colleagues recognize that he’s a great speaker; the NSA inducted him into the National Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor that has been bestowed on fewer than 300 speakers. In spite of all his success, he also...


Jeff Cobb: How to Take Your Expertise Online....

Jeff Cobb is the founder of Learning Revolution, a go-to resource for entrepreneurial experts who want to build a thriving online education and training business. Jeff describes himself as an "edupreneur" and he believes that we all need to keep learning throughout our lives. To that end, he has founded several successful education-focused businesses. He is also a speaker and a writer, with three books to his credit. His goal is to help professionals with their pursuit of personal and...


Ari Meisel: Make yourself replaceable!

Ari Meisel developed a chronic disease in his early 20s, which caused him to reexamine his life as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, and as a person. He now is dedicated to helping founders and executives make themselves replaceable. He shows them how to optimize, automate, and outsource all the parts of their business that they don’t enjoy, so they can spend more time doing what they like to do best. He’s done this for himself, spending most of his time with his family and pursuing his...


Debbie Allen: The keys to success are your "5 to 15 words."

Debbie Allen is known as the World’s #1 Authority on Expert Positioning, which is a pretty good example of positioning right there! She works with speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to help them build an expert business model, and offers both group and personalized programs. She has a long experience as an entrepreneur herself. At the tender age of 19, she invested in her family’s car rental and mini-storage business. Ten years later, she headed off on her own and was a self-made...


David Jenyns: The secret is the system....

David Jenyns, the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of SYSTEMology, a company that helps business leaders free themselves from their companies by creating systems that will handle the day-to-day operations. He did this for himself when his first child was born, and he realized that he wanted to spend more time with his family than with driving his successful business. And the lessons he learned from that process led to SYSTEMology, whose experts work with companies worldwide. David has a...


Nina Cooke: The answer is always within us...

Procrastination? Fear of success? Imposter syndrome? What gets in the way of your success? My guest this week is Nina Cooke, author of “Renegade Mindset for Unstoppable Success.” She’s a mindset coach for entrepreneurs, helping them breakthrough their limiting beliefs to achieve their business goals, to create more impact, and to make more money. Her superpower is her ability to dig deep and find the root cause for why they are struggling. And she offers her Millionaire Mindset Scorecard on...


John Lee Dumas: Become the best solution to a real problem.

This week, my guest is John Lee Dumas, known to his friends and everyone else as JLD. He’s the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire and author of “The Common Path to Uncommon Success.” He has interviewed more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, including Seth Godin, Barbara Corcoran, and Tim Ferriss. He spent 8 years in the Army, tried law school, and worked in insurance, tech, and real estate before he launched his successful daily podcast where he delivers free, valuable, and consistent content. And I...


Doug Thorpe: People join companies, but quit bosses!

This week, my guest is Doug Thorpe, who is the Founder, Master Coach, and Advisor of Headway Exec. He’s had more than 40 years of success in the financial services, oil & gas, and healthcare industries. His passion is helping already successful executives and company owners to level up their leadership game. And he doesn’t aim low; his personal challenge for 2022 is to help 10,000 managers to become better bosses. That’s an impressive and ambitious goal! Doug is sharing his Team Trust...


John Formica: Make the customer's experience magical

To start the new year and a new season for this podcast, it is my great pleasure to be speaking with my magical friend, John Formica, the ex-Disney guy. As a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach for small business owners, John poses the question, “If Disney ran your business, what would it look like?” He knows first-hand what can happen when you put the customer experience as your top priority. He helps businesses and associations attract more customers and turn them into loyal customers for...


Marcia Reynolds: People want to be seen, heard, and valued!

This week, my guest is Marcia Reynolds, the President of Covisioning. She provides executive coaching and leadership development training on-line and in person around the globe. She has presented in 43 countries to date, and the number is growing. She is a founding member and former president of the International Coach Federation, and Global Gurus ranks her as the #4 coach worldwide. She not only helps leaders become better coaches, but also helps organizations shift to a culture of...


Donald Kelly: You need a sales system for success!

Donald Kelly is the Chief Sales Evangelist and the host of The Sales Evangelist Podcast. He focuses on helping sales professionals create systems that work. But he didn’t start out as a sales expert; he started off selling mangoes, cookies, and candy growing up in Jamaica. Now he has worked with more than 100 companies, helping them close more deals every month. He is also making his book "The Small Business Sales Transformation Guide" available for free to listeners of this podcast at...


Adam Houlahan: How to make LinkedIn like you!

Adam Houlahan is the founder and CEO of Prominence Global. He’s a speaker and a book author, as well as an expert on LinkedIn. He knows how to harness the global power of LinkedIn to increase your influence in your industry. He’s a firm believer in being authentic and courageous in your social media strategies. But more than just growing his business, Adam is focused on doing good in the world. As a result, he has a passion for philanthropy and he works with the Global Giving Initiative to...


Loren Fogelman: Lead with your expertise!

Loren Fogelman is the "Price and Profit Coach" who works with accounting professionals get paid what their worth. Her advice is also relevant to just about any consultant, coach, or solopreneur who wants to break out of the rut of simply trading time for money. We discuss the difficulties of knowing your true value, and the importance of communicating that to current and prospective clients. Loren has been recognized by HubSpot as one of the world’s top 22 business coaches each year for...