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Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

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Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.

Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.


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Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.




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484. Thomas Breuer, Owner at Breuer Partners

Thomas Breuer is a McKinsey alum with over 26 years of executive line level experience in the medical devices industry. He has held management positions in various international markets and regions, including Hollister Incorporated. He has also worked on a broad range of management consulting assignments in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America with McKinsey. You can reach Thomas through his website at www.breuerpartners.com, or through Umbrex. Key points include: 05:50: First line role in...


483.Bryant Soullentrop, Hiring a Professional in the Philippines

Bryant Suellentrop is the founder of Elevate and Delegate, a virtual staffing company that helps professionals hire the assistants they need to run their business efficiently. In this episode, Bryant talks about hiring professionals in the Philippines and how his business facilitates the process. Learn more about Bryant’s business at ElevateandDelegate.com or reach out to him on Twitter @SullyBusiness. Key points include: 05:50: The range of rates and salaries 11:22: Tips on success in...


482. Gabe Nelson, Financial Planner for Solopreneurs

Gabe Nelson is the owner operator of a registered investment advisory firm, a fee-based financial planning and investment advisory services to solopreneurs and self-employed professional clients. In today’s episode, Gabe talks about the important details of financial planning for solo entrepreneurs. Access Gabe’s book, The Solopreneurs Money Manifesto on Amazon, listen to his podcast, Solopreneur Money, or visit his website, GabeNelsonFinancial.com. Key points include: 04:22: The services...


481. Dorie Clark on The Long Game Connection

Dorie is a strategy consultant, executive coach, keynote speaker, a recognized branding expert, and author of several books, including the bestseller The Long Game, Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You, and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of the Year by Inc. magazine and one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year by Forbes. She has worked with a variety of high-profile clients including Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Yale University, the IMF, and the World...


480. Maria Brito on How Creativity Rules the World

Maria Gabriela Brito is a Venezuelan-born curator, art advisor, and author. She is the author of How Creativity Rules the World, the art and business of turning your ideas into gold. Her published works also include Out There: Design, Art, Travel Shopping, and Greek Gotham. Maria is a graduate of Harvard Law, and after school, she moved to New York City to pursue a career as a corporate attorney. She started collecting contemporary art in the same year, and after nine years practicing law...


479. Justin Nassiri on LinkedIn Profile Managed Service

Justin Nassiri is the founder and CEO of Storybox Inc, a McKinsey alum, and president of Executive Presence, a company that helps executives become thought leaders on LinkedIn. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Naval Academy, he is a qualified nuclear engineer, and he is a graduate of Stanford University’s School of Business. In today’s episode, Justin talks about his business and how he helps executives build a following on LinkedIn. You can learn more about Justin’s company...


478. Brad Schneider on Find the Data You Need

Brad Schneider ran a data analytics firm for five years before founding Nomad Data in New York City where he is currently CEO. His experience includes but is not limited to HR technology engineer at Goldman Sachs, an equity analyst at Palo Alto Investors and Aragon Global Management, and CEO of the software company Adaptive Management. In today’s episode, Brad shares insights on how to find the data you need. You can learn more about Brad’s company at Nomad-Data.com. Key points...


477. Tushar Shah on Intro to Search Funds

Tushar Shah is currently a Managing Partner at Kinderhook Partners, LLC. Prior to Kinderhook, Tushar was a Principal at Geocapital Partners, a leading venture capital firm, a strategy consultant with the Monitor Group, where he led a range of projects in New York, London and Tel Aviv; he is a CFA charterholder and he received a B.A. in Economics from Williams College. In today’s episode, Tushar explains the fundamentals of search funds. To learn more about Tushar’s company, visit...


476. Paul Millerd on the Pathless Path

Paul Millerd is a McKinsey alum, modern-day nomad, entrepreneur, and author of The Pathless Path - Imagining a New Story for Work & Life. Paul provides online courses on strategy consulting and freelance consulting. He is also the creator and contributor of the popular website, Boundless, a site that explores how to have a better relationship with work, and a podcast that is designed to help creatives reimagine work. In today’s episode, Paul talks about his book. You can order the book and...


475. Jennifer Smith on Scribe

Jennifer Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Scribe, a Princeton and Harvard alum, and a former VC and McKinsey consultant turned accidental CEO. She interviewed more than 1,200 business leaders on a quest to understand everything there is to know about corporate processes, best practices, and productivity. In today’s episode, Jennifer talks about her startup Scribe, and how she’s empowering people to own their processes by building the world’s first operating system for know-how. To sign up...


474. Karen Thomas-Bland on Transformation Projects

Karen is an independent consultant who focuses on transformation projects. She has 25 years’ experience leading complex enterprise-wide transformations and M&A integrations to $105bn turnover. Karen has proven expertise in strategy and transformation of complex global businesses, as an executive in IBM Global, she led IBM’s global transformation. Karen has strong cross-sector B2B and B2C, cross-functional and broad geographical experience, including operating in 180+ countries across five...


473. Celine Teoh on Decoding What Clients Want

Celine Teoh is an executive coach who helps senior leaders convert potential into performance by making the soft skills practical. She is a certified Tiny Habits Coach with Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab, and a facilitator for Stanford Business School’s popular Interpersonal Dynamics course. She is also an ex-McKinsey consultant, business operator, marketing strategist, and investment banker with years of strategy consulting experience with Fortune 500 executives in Asia and the USA. She...


472. Shane Heywood on Go-to-Market Strategy

Shane Heywood on Go-to-Market Strategy Shane Heywood is a Bain-trained consultant with 10+ years experience in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Strategy across a variety of industries. He has on the ground experience in 13 countries and currently works in private sector Emerging Market strategy. Shane is passionate about building businesses, delivering impact and helping organisations grow, and in today’s episode, he talks about his practice and processes. Shane can be contacted through ...


471. Phillip Morgan on The Expertise Incubator

Phillip Morgan has helped thousands of consultants use specialization to find a beachhead that leads to greater visibility, profitability, expertise, and success. He has recently published his book, The Positioning Manual for Indie Consultants, and in today’s episode, he talks about his expertise incubator, his book, and setting up a thought leadership program. You can learn more from Phillip’s book, and the 10-part email course. Key points include: 03:01: Examples of small scale...


470.Nidhi Chadda on ESG Solutions

McKinsey alum with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Nidhi Chadda has 20+ years of experience as an investment banker, strategic consultant, and investor. She is the Founder and CEO of Enzo Advisors, a global sustainability consulting firm focused on helping companies build best-in-class sustainable business models within an ESG construct. In today’s episode, she talks about ESG in business. You can reach out to Nidhi on LinkedIn or visit her website EnzoAdvisors.com. Key points...


469. Lido Ramadan on Consulting with the Federal Government

Founder of Aminad Consulting, Lido Ramadan has over 25 years of experience in founding, growing, leading, and sustaining services organizations. Prior to establishing Aminad, Lido founded multiple successful small businesses and led the operations of several rapidly growing consulting firms. In today’s episode he talks about serving the federal government. To find out more about Lido’s firm or to contact him directly, visit LinkedIn or AminadConsulting.com. Key points...


468. Alexei Leonard on Employment Law

Alexei Leonard is a Partner at Golenblock, Eisman, Assor Bell, and Pescoe where he leads the firm’s labor and employment practice. His practice spans nearly all employment counseling and litigation matters affecting employers today. In today’s episode, he talks about the legalities involved with hiring and retaining an employee. To learn more about Alexei’s services, visit www.golenblock.com or email him at Alexander@Golenblock.com. Key points include: 02:00: Key considerations 13:19:...


467. Erik Lautier on Ecommerce

Erik Lautier is an expert in ecommerce, marketing, and digital strategy. After over two decades in roles dealing with ecommerce and marketing for brands like Lacoste, Bebe, and Francesca’s, he founded Erik & Co, an ecommerce and marketing consultancy serving seven and eight-figure DTC brands, retailers, and/or their private equity owners. In today’s episode he shares his expertise in ecommerce. Learn more about Erik and his company at www.Erik.co. Key points include: 07:17: The shift from...


466. Andrew Seay on Smartsheet & Transformation Projects

Andrew is a former engagement manager at Mckinsey where he specialized in asset productivity and served a broad range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, consumer products and mining. He is now the lead consultant at Seay Associates, focusing on operations transformation and corporate strategy. In today’s episode, Andrew talks about how to use Smartsheet on a transformation project. To learn more about Andrew’s company, visit www.SeayAssociates.com. Key points include: 09:41:...


465. Marshall Butler on How Data Is Revolutionizing Marketing

Marshall has over twenty years of experience defining, managing, and growing the world’s best-known investing brands. He has been an executive committee leader and CMO for Fortune 250 businesses in North America and the Asia-Pacific region. In today’s episode, he talks about how the world of data is revolutionizing marketing, particularly for wealth and investment management firms. You can learn more about the work Marshall does at WellsFargo.com, or reach out to him on LinkedIn. Key points...