Conversations with fascinating people you'll want to know better. Focused on leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and citizens mostly from the 805 region of California. Sponsored by California Lutheran University School of Management and Tolman & Wicker Insurance Services.


Santa Barbara, CA


Conversations with fascinating people you'll want to know better. Focused on leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and citizens mostly from the 805 region of California. Sponsored by California Lutheran University School of Management and Tolman & Wicker Insurance Services.








Kevin Bourke - Wealth Manager - Understanding Your Family's Financial Ecosystem

One of the things I love about talking with Kevin Bourke is how I am guaranteed to learn something I can use immediately. Kevin has been on the show before (listen here) and is a great supporter of other efforts we undertake, such as sponsoring TEDxSantaBarbara for many years. In this conversation, Kevin talked about how he and the team at Bourke Wealth Management, look at finances from a big picture view, not just isolating their lens on stock portfolios. He calls it the Family Financial...


Dennis Baker - Marketer - Entrepreneur - POLIS Assist

Dennis Baker is an accomplished marketer and entrepreneur. His latest venture is called POLIS Assist. For the last two years, he and his team have been locating every parking space in Los Angeles County and putting them into an app. Yes, it's true, need a space, use POLIS to find one. Dennis freely gives of his time and extensive expertise to the non-profit community in Santa Barbara to help them with messaging, strategic positioning, branding, and crisis communications. He has a deep...


Personalized Learning Public Charter Schools – A choice for all students – Claudia Weintraub

Claudia Weintraub is the Director of the River Oaks Academy, a Personalized Learning Public Charter School, based in Thousand Oaks, California. We sat down with her to understand changes that are occurring in various proposed laws that are going to affect students in Charter Schools throughout the State. Claudia spent some time updating us on Charter Schools since her first podcast with us in 2015. Lots has changed, specifically in the legislature and the current political climate. Claudia...


Murder Happens Will Bellomy Partygame Designer

Will Bellomy is himself quite a character, ironically he designs characters for his party game business, Murder Happens. Will joined us in the studio, with guest host, Kimberly Herriman. Kimberly is studying 'Play' as a part of her doctoral research at Antioch University. By day, Will works at Photothermal Spectroscopy in Santa Barbara, designing marketing materials to illustrate the incredibly complex process of their products. It's no wonder he's fascinated with creating complex narratives...


Studio 2050 - Glen Derbyshire

Glen Derbyshire started taking photographs as a young boy growing up in a military family stationed in Asia. He fell in love with capturing images of events all around him and began his pursuit of lifelong learning, ending up at Brooks Institute here in Santa Barbara. He is the founder of Studio 2050, a full-service production facility located on the top of the San Marcos Pass in the old Cielo Store. Such a beautiful location has led to a creative vision that extends to a wide variety of...


Tara Jones Haaf - Eat This Shoot That Solvang Edition

We invited Tara Jones Haaf back to the show when we heard that her very successful company, Eat This, Shoot That, has expanded into Solvang. For those of you outside the 805, Solvang is a lovely recreation of a Danish town, nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley, just 45 minutes from downtown Santa Barbara. Tara tells Mark and Patrick all about the charming city and the hidden culinary treasures that abound on the tour. Tara says that her tours are an 8-course adventure. We can't wait to go up to...


Max Drucker - CEO {Carpe Data - The Future of Data

We had a far-reaching conversation with Max Drucker, the CEO of {Carpe Data, a business located just upstairs from our studio here in downtown Santa Barbara. Max understands data, big data, and the future of how data impacts businesses like few we've had on the show. We learned about predictive analytics, his start at Apple working to bring Insurance Companies to the Internet, machine learning, and how to manage the data that impacts your business. Max is easy to listen to, especially if you...


Gregg Hart - A Life in Public Service

We met with Gregg Hart, newly minted member of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, for a delightful conversation about civic engagement. I've known Gregg for a long time, back from my days at Wavefront. Gregg has been involved in just about every significant activity here in Santa Barbara, as a member of multiple organizations over the years. One of the things that you'll remember if you ever meet with him is his persistent smile and pleasant attitude. He genuinely is committed to...


Mike Williams - Getting Things Done - Get Control of Your Life

Mike Williams has one of the better jobs on the planet. He's the Getting Things Done Enterprise Architect for Zappos. What the heck kind of job title is that? In this episode, Mike tells about working with Tony Hsieh, the legendary founder of Zappos and being immersed in that fantastic culture. Mike is deeply involved by way of his background working for years with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. Together they recently co-authored a new book, Getting Things Done for Teens (Video...


Public Radio, There's nothing else like it - Mary Olsen General Manager, KCLU

Public Radio, There's nothing else like it - Mary Olsen General Manager, KCLU by 805connect


Communicating Data - Dan Hamilton, Associate Professor, California Lutheran College

In this episode, we talk with Dan Hamilton, Associate Professor in the School of Management at California Lutheran University, where he is the Director of Economics for the CLU Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF) and the Director of CLU's Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MSQE). In partnership with CERF Director Matthew Fienup (previously on the podcast), he is a member of the Wall Street Journal's Economic Forecasting Survey and has more than 22 years of...


Starshine Roshell - Lifetime Storyteller, Author, Professor

This conversation with storyteller, award-winning journalist, author, and professor, Starshine Roshell takes us into the world of writing, storytelling and interviewing, and as Starshine is usually the one doing the interviewing, the show has a certain meta quality to it. Starshine has written several books, produces a regular column for the Santa Barbara Independent, is the Associate Director of Media and Communications at Fielding Graduate University, all while being a busy Mom. Clearly,...


Nirasha Rodriguez - Zdena Jiroutova - Spirit of Entrepreneurship Winners

In this episode, we meet two amazing women, both winners in their respective categories of the 2018 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards. We've been partners with SOE for some time now, and love having these conversations. Both women are remarkably accomplished as you will learn in this spirited episode. Nirasha, the winner in the Hospitality and Tourism category, has built a thriving business based on her passion for food. She outlines how she went from attending Brooks Institute with a degree...


Jan Campbell - Domestic Violence The Silent Epidemic

Jan Campbell is the Executive Director of Santa Barbara-based non-profit, Domestic Violence Solutions. Jan gave us a quick update on DVS's history, having been founded with their first shelter in 1977. She also introduced us to a new term: Intimate Partner Violence. She says that the #MeToo movement has raised awareness of this epidemic. Her statistics show that there are more than 6,000 calls a day nationally to organizations that provide support like DVS. DVS relies extensively on...


We love growing companies - Diana Pereira, Balance Financial Management

I step in when you want to double and triple growth. Diana Pereira is committed to her clients in a way that's inspiring. She's one of the Founders of the Impact Hub in Santa Barbara, and the Founder of Balance Financial Management, located in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara. We know her from the early days of the Impact Hub when it was still a dream, and she presented the vision at the Santa Barbara Library, several years ago. Since then, the Hub has grown into a center for entrepreneurship...


Stephanie Caldwell, Ventura Chamber of Commerce

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Stephanie Caldwell, a seasoned Chamber of Commerce executive about Ventura and her vision for Main Street. Stephanie understands the small town nature of Ventura and the high percentage of mom and pop businesses. She's also got a lot to say about Growth vs. No Growth conversations and how they affect Ventura. Stephanie came to Ventura from The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce three years ago, where she was the Chief Operating Officer....


Roger Dunham, Author, Doctor, Nuclear Submarine Crewmember

This conversation with Dr. Roger Dunham, who lives here in Santa Barbara, focused on a life well led. He's had three interesting careers; doctor, author, and crewmember aboard a Navy submarine. From medicine to underwater survival aboard a nuclear submarine, from the terrorism of piracy in the South China Sea to survival against the medical forces of nature, Roger Dunham. M.D. has crafted a series of intriguing books defining the ultimate in human challenge: Survival. His latest book, Rogue...


Ashley Dean Sports Academy

Ashley is an avid sports enthusiast and is an athlete for life. It's no surprise she has remained in the sports industry for over 17 years. Her experience has ranged from Collegiate Volleyball Coach and Youth Development and Program Director to most recently General Manager and her current role as Director of Corporate Development at Sports Academy in Ventura County. We had a chance to catch up with her and talk about the wide-ranging offerings at Sports Academy and how they're impacting...


Dina Landi, Managing Partner, Riskin Partners

In this candid interview with Dina Landi, the managing partner of Riskin Partners, we learn about the local real estate market and the attraction of people to the region. She explains how the market is complicated and how our coastal lifestyle is one of the main attractors to people in the area. You'll learn what's it's like to be a realtor who focuses on properties of distinction. She gives tips for meeting new people and how to get beyond just thinking about square footage when...


Miguel DeCoste, Podcaster, Founder, Coast Executive Services

Miguel DeCoste, CPP, has worked in the field of security for over 25 years. He is the founder of Coast Executive Services. His background includes domestic and international Executive Protection, Security Consulting, and Event Security assignments in the private sector – including working in coordination with the USSS and State and Local law enforcement to provide client protection and site security during the 2012/2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. In addition to his 15...