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Passionate about helping people with their finances through your writing, podcasting, or video channel? This show is for you! Each episode, host Joe Saul-Sehy interviews content personal finance content creators and brands, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and others making waves in the personal finance and investing space. This show is presented by FinCon, where money and media meet. Our online community and in-person events are all about helping financial influencers and brands create better content, reach their audience, and make more money. Attend our next event:


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Passionate about helping people with their finances through your writing, podcasting, or video channel? This show is for you! Each episode, host Joe Saul-Sehy interviews content personal finance content creators and brands, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and others making waves in the personal finance and investing space. This show is presented by FinCon, where money and media meet. Our online community and in-person events are all about helping financial influencers and brands create better content, reach their audience, and make more money. Attend our next event:




M&M 125: Keeping Your Brand "Regular" and Relatable with Julien Saunders of rich & REGULAR

Julien and Kiersten, the couple behind the award-winning blog and forthcoming book, rich & REGULAR®, are known for their pull-no-punches yet humorous creative storytelling about life and money. In this episode, Julien shares with host Joe Saul-Sehy about the early days of rich & REGULAR and his priority (then and now) of getting the message and heart of their brand figured out first before focusing on making money. You’ll also hear why Julien believes all creators should “be willing to be human” and focus just as much on being as entertaining as they are educational. Plus, Julien shares some behind-the-scenes insights on how he and Kiersten create their current video series, Money on the Table. This episode is brought to you by Starship


M&M 124: From Entrepreneur to 1 Million YouTube Subscribers with Jaspreet Singh of Minority Mindset

Jaspreet Singh is on a mission to make financial education fun and accessible. As founder of Minority Mindset, Jaspreet started a social media account simply to teach others how to avoid the mistakes he made and has grown it into a full media company. His YouTube channel recently hit 1 million followers! Jaspreet is also a serial entrepreneur, licensed attorney, and #FinCon21 keynote speaker. Listen in as host Joe Saul-Sehy talks with Jaspreet about his story.


M&M 123: Special Edition - Applying to Speak at #FinCon21

Are you interested in speaking at #FinCon21? This episode will walk you through how to apply, what makes a great speaker proposal, how speakers are selected, and more. Plus, the FinCon Team explains the 12 different session types and introduces you to the new Success Labs and Money Conversation track. Apply to speak at


M&M 122: Special Edition - What's New with #FinCon21

We know you've got questions about the upcoming #FinCon21. Is it virtual or in person or both? How will COVID-19 affect the event? What if you transferred your 2020 pass? Will there be line dancing in Austin? FinCon Team Members Jessica Bufkin and Libby Gifford are here to answer all your questions in this special episode recorded during a recent Q&A livestream. Whether you attend in Austin or from the comfort of your own home, #FinCon21 will include opportunities to meet up with other creators, do business with sponsors, access tons of content, and hear main stage speakers. For more info or to get your pass, visit


M&M 121: Guide to FinConX

FinCon's first virtual event is coming up, and our Guide to FinConX will help you get the most out of the event. Whether you're attending to connect with other creators, partner with brands, grow your business, or just have fun with your FinCon friends, this episode will point you in the right direction to achieve your goals. We'll also walk you through the schedule and explain how you access the event elements virtually.


M&M 120: Quick Chats with FinConX Big Idea Presenters

Get to know a few of the Big Idea presenters for the upcoming FinConX virtual event and hear about what they'll be sharing from the main stage. FinCon Interim CEO Jessica Bufkin chats with presenters Tanja Hester, Carter Cofield, and Lacey Langford, as well as members of a YouTube-focused panel. See the full list of speakers and more details about FinConX at


M&M 119: Q&A with the FinCon Team

We know you have questions about #FinConX and why it's worth your time. FinCon Team members Jessica Bufkin and Nick True share the ins and outs of #FinConX -- how you'll be able to connect with brands and other attendees, what makes the "live" main stage sessions live, what kind of content to expect, what will happen to lobby-con, and more! Plus, they'll explain the different pass types and how to upgrade to receive access to ProNetworking.


M&M 118: Social Media Video Best Practices You Can Implement Today - with Shaina Weisinger

Using video on social media can be a great way to increase engagement on your platform. But what are the best practices for video on social media and how can we implement them without spending all day doing it? Shaina Weisinger, CEO of Repurpose House, shares how some quick social media video tips and tricks that you can easily implement today. For more information, go to


M&M 117: How Pinterest Helps Me Make Over $1,000/mo in Digital Passive Income - with Daniella Flores

Do you want to grow your traffic through Pinterest? Daniella Flores shares how she grew her Pinterest presence to 1.5 million views and how that has translated to over $1,000 per month in passive advertising income. She also reviews Pinterest strategies, tools, and hacks that will help bloggers and vloggers increase their site traffic and make more money. For more information, visit the blog at


M&M 116: How to Create a Profitable Online Course - with Amanda and Jonathan Teixeira

Are you interested in developing an online course for your platform? Amanda and Jonathan Teixeira from WalletWin crafted one for their site a few years ago and have earned six-figures from it with very little expenses involved. In our interview, they walk through how they created their online course, how a job loss propelled them into full sales mode and how partnerships in the personal finance community help them to increase sales and impact more lives. For more information, visit the show notes at


#FinCon2020 Cancellation and #FinCon2021 Announcement

There are few things we enjoy more than getting together with the FinCon Community each fall. It’s the highlight of our year, and we work the other 51 weeks of the year to make it an exceptional in person experience for Personal Finance creators and brands. So it just sucks to say we’re not going to be able to gather in Long Beach in September. We’ve spent the last few months working with the Long Beach Convention Center and it was not a decision anyone took lightly. However, given COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic, it is simply impossible to hold #FinCon2020 as scheduled and cancellation is our only option. It’s been a strange season for events, and we appreciate your patience as we’ve navigated this time of uncertainty. While we’re completely bummed about #FinCon2020… [Wait for it…] We are thrilled to announce that #FinCon2021 will be taking place September 22-25, 2021, at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas! For more information, go to


M&M 115: 5 Smart Podcast Growth Strategies - with Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett

Want to have a successful podcast? Marcus Garrett and Rich Jones from Paychecks and Balances share 5 smart tips for creating and growing a successful podcast. This dynamic duo was so helpful during their 2018 FinCon Presentation that we had to invite them back for 2.0! Rich and Marcus also discuss how their show came to be and the unexpected results that have come from producing their show for the last 7 years. For more information, visit


M&M 114: YouTube Growth Tips from a Creator with 100,000 Subscribers - with Talaat McNeely

Are you ready to get serious about growing your YouTube Channel? It all starts with taking the right steps. Talaat McNeely has grown his YouTube Channel to over 100,000 subscribers and he's sharing with us the steps that he took. Talaat answers 4 questions from the FinCon Community about how to create better content and keep your viewers coming back. For more, go to


M&M 113: SEO for Financial Advisors: 4 Phases for Growing Your Site Traffic

Want to grow traffic to your personal finance blog by improving your SEO? Mike Pearson from Stupid Simple SEO shares the 4 phases of SEO improvement that any personal finance blogger can use to increase site traffic and generate more leads. Tricia Rosen from Access Financial Planning gets a live one-on-one coaching session from Mike during this episode of the Money & Media Podcast!


M&M 112: How to Use Tripwires and Freebies to Grow Your Mailing List and Income - with Caroline Vencil

Growing your mailing list is an excellent way to connect with your audience and grow your income. Caroline Vencil shares how she grew her mailing list to over 30,000 subscribers and how is has netted her $3,000 per month. We discuss how she uses tripwires and freebies to increase her mailing list, her income, and her impact on her readers. For more information, visit the show notes at


M&M 111: How to Create SMART Podcast Goals - with Lindsay Tjepkema

Are you looking to grow your podcast, but don't know where to start? Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted, says it's time to create some SMART goals. Lindsay breaks down how we can successfully promote our shows, how we can get the most out of our content, and where she sees the world of podcasting going in the coming years. For more information go to


M&M 110: How We Grew Our Podcast to Over 600,000 Downloads in 2 Years - with Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni

Are you interested in building a podcast that truly helps people? Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni are the dynamic duo behind the Frugal Friends Podcast, nominated as Best New Personal Finance Podcast by Plutus. They have grown their new podcast to over 600,000 downloads in less than 2 years and they are sharing with us how they did it. Since they've grown their podcast together, we also discuss what it's like to partner up with another content creator and support each other along the way. For more information, visit


M&M 109: How to Increase Your Rates as a Personal Finance Writer - with Ben Luthi

Want to increase your freelance writing rates? Ben Luthi shares how he got his start as a personal finance writer and how he has progressively increased his rates along the way. Also, FinCon alumni chime in for this episode with their own questions on managing clients and productivity hacks. For more information, visit the show notes at


M&M 108: Navigating Client Relationships During a Financial Crisis - with Jillian Johnsrud, Rich Jones and Kelan Kline

The global pandemic has changed our way of life and it's also changing the way we do business. Money Coach Jillian Johnsrud shares how she is managing her financial coaching client relationships during the financial crisis. We also hear from personal finance content creators Rich Jones and Kelan Kline as they navigate their brand sponsorships and find ways to keep their revenue strong while honoring the trust their audience has given to them. For more go to


M&M 107: Pivot, Grow and Thrive: Small Business Management in a Financial Crisis - with Tom Sylvester and Philip Taylor

Has your small business been hit hard by the pandemic and financial crisis? Business Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur Tom Sylvester joins us to discuss how small business owners can not only survive but thrive in this difficult time. In addition, we have FinCon Founder Philip Taylor sharing the details of the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) recently enacted in the United States. He shares how this relief program can financially support struggling entrepreneurs (including those in the FinCon Community). For more information, visit the show notes at or the PPP at