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Scottish history and culture with a mix of traditional and modern Scottish music. Take a virtual trip to Scotland on every episode!

Scottish history and culture with a mix of traditional and modern Scottish music. Take a virtual trip to Scotland on every episode!


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Scottish history and culture with a mix of traditional and modern Scottish music. Take a virtual trip to Scotland on every episode!




Episode 78: John Muir and the Grand Canyon

You've probably heard of Scottish naturalist and conservationist John Muir, but did you know he almost lost his eyesight in an accident that changed the course of his life? Find out what happened, and listen as we share some stirring passages from Muir's essay describing the magnificence and wonder of the Grand Canyon. Plus, enjoy a mix of brand new and classic Scottish music from Tina Jordan Rees, Wolfstone, the Scott Wood Band, and Alistair Ogilvy.


Episode 77: Basketball & Books: James Naismith and Lucy Maud Montgomery (Wee Yin #7)

Wee Yins are shorter episodes of Simply Scottish you can play anytime, anywhere! In this latest entry in our Six Degrees of Scotland series, learn the Scottish and spiritual roots of basketball as we profile minister and athlete James Naismith. And we'll look at fellow Scottish-Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the popular children's novel Anne of Green Gables. Plus, enjoy brand new and recent music from Maeve Mackinnon, Megan Henderson, and Sarah Markey.


Episode 76: Covenanter: Scotland's Battle for Religious Freedom

To fully appreciate our freedoms today, we have to understand the history behind them. In this episode of Simply Scottish, we take you back to 17th century Scotland to tell the story of the Covenanters, brave men and women who put God before kings and fought for the freedom to worship according to their conscience and conviction. We'll also look at how the Covenanters inspired the American founders in their quest to form a new government for the people. Plus, enjoy music from Bradley Parker,...


Episode 75: Ronald Reagan's Scottish Roots (Wee Yin #6)

Did you know that former U.S. president Ronald Reagan is related to a radical weaver from Paisley? On our latest Wee Yin, we look at Reagan's Scottish ancestry to see where he might have gotten the tenacious spirit that launched him into Hollywood stardom and the White House. Enjoy tunes along the way from Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter, as well as a new arrangement of music by Christopher Dean and Dougie MacLean, originally made popular in the 1992 movie The Last of the Mohicans.


Episode 74: Why We Need Robert Burns in 2022

In this episode of Simply Scottish, learn why we need Scottish poet Robert Burns now more than ever before! He's been dead over two centuries but his catchy songs and verse championing liberty, equality, and democracy are alive and well. See how Burns helped to unite Americans during the Civil War and discover three ways he can unite us again in 2022. Hear poetry about Burns and by Burns, along with a great mix of Burns-inspired music from Hamish Napier, Kilmarnock Edition, Brina, and Davy...


Episode 73: The Scottish Merchant Navy and Radar Technology Pioneer Robert Watson-Watt (Radio Archive #129)

Before it was a podcast, it was a weekly radio show! On this episode of Simply Scottish from our radio archives, hear co-host and co-founder Andrew McDiarmid Sr. teach us about the Scottish merchant navy, as well as share his humorous stories of almost meeting one of Scotland's most famous sons, Sean Connery. Plus, Andrew Jr. on Sir Robert Watson-Watt and his development of radar technology. And as usual, you’ll hear a great mix of Scottish music, old and new: Dougie Maclean, Iona Fyfe, Andy...


Episode 72: Six Degrees of Scotland, pt. 5: The Founding Scots

Episode #72 continues our series exploring Scotland's connections with the world! Although at least a third of the signatories of America's Declaration of Independence were Scots by birth or descent, three in particular deserve mention. This is the story of Charles Thomson, James Wilson, and Thomas Jefferson himself and their uniquely Scottish contribution to the famous document that birthed a nation unlike any other in history, the United States of America. Plus, enjoy inspiring music from...


Episode 71: Off/Script: Father's Day, Sean Connery, Scotland at EURO 2020, and More

In this special un-scripted episode of Simply Scottish, host Andrew McDiarmid talks about the first father's day without his father, watching Sean Connery on the big screen again, Scotland's short-lived EURO 2020 football campaign, and how to live life off-script and make the most of life's tests and challenges. Plus, new music from Project Smok, Iona Fyfe, and more!


Episode 70: The Battle for Culloden

On this episode marking the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, an interview with site operations manager Raoul Curtis Machin. Learn how the famous war grave is at risk from developers and what's being done to protect it. Plus, enjoy great new music from Iona Fyfe, James Duncan Mackenzie, and Calum Mckenzie Jones.


Episode 69: Simply Scottish in South Texas (Wee Yin #5)

It's another Wee Yin, a nugget of Scottishness you can enjoy anywhere, anytime! On this episode, learn about the Texan roots of your favorite Scottish podcast. Hear father and son duo Andrew Jr. and Sr. chat with Scottish radio station Central FM twenty years ago about bringing Scotland to South Texas. Enjoy brand new tunes from James Lindsay and Grainne Brady as well as a little gem from accordion legend Jimmy Shand.


Six Degrees of Scotland, pt. 4: Joan Baez, Uncle Sam, and Jack Daniel

In the latest of our Six Degrees of Scotland series, we profile three American legends of Scottish descent: singer and activist Joan Baez, Samuel "Uncle Sam" Wilson, and the one and only Jack Daniel of Tennessee! Pour yourself a dram and enjoy an amazing all-Gaelic musical lineup with songs from Brian O hEadhra and Fiona Mackenzie, Talisk, and Capercaillie. Slàinte mhath! (Good health!)


Peace in the Pandemic: Scottish Music, Poetry, and Wisdom to Encourage and Inspire

On this episode of Simply Scottish, get a dose of encouragement and inspiration to help you navigate the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Find out what advice yer Scottish granny would give you with our selection of pithy quotes and sayings. You'll also hear some inspiring lines of poetry and enjoy stirring new music from Jenna Reid, Ross Ainslie, and Chris Amer along with a classic song from The Proclaimers!


Tea and a Blether: Melrose Abbey and Edinburgh Castle

Join us for a hot cup of tea, a biscuit, and some good conversation! On this episode of Simply Scottish, host Andrew and his wife Amy recall their amazing homecoming trip to Scotland, including highlights of Melrose Abbey and Edinburgh Castle. Along the way, they share some great new Scottish music with you, with songs from the Tom Orr Band, Kim Carney, and newcomer Hannah Rarity. Pull up a chair and enjoy!


Dunfermline: Scotland's Historic Capital (Wee Yin #4)

Wee Yins are shorter episodes of Simply Scottish you can enjoy anywhere and anytime! Learn more about the ancient royal burgh of Dunfermline as well as the city's enduring connection with Scotland's famous king Robert the Bruce. Enjoy music from Gillebride MacMillan and CARA too!


The Legacy of Carnegie's Libraries

On this episode of Simply Scottish, we profile Scotland's Carnegie libraries a century later. Are these gifts from steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie still a valuable community resource or have they fallen victim to modernity and the digital age? Hear from historian Kenneth Breisch and enjoy new music from James Lindsay, Claire Gullan, Eabhal, and Kim Richards!


Six Degrees of Scotland, pt. 3: Famous Scottish Americans (Dickson, Garland, Irving)

On this episode of Simply Scottish, we continue exploring Scotland's global reach with three more profiles of Scottish Americans. We'll look at inventor William Kennedy Dickson, actress and singer Judy Garland, and author Washington Irving. Plus, great music from Cruinn, Calum Stewart, Iona Fyfe, and others!


Six Degrees of Scotland, pt. 2: Famous Scottish Americans (Witherspoon, Reagan, Cash)

On this episode of Simply Scottish, we continue testing Scotland's global reach in our Six Degrees of Scotland series. Here, we profile famous Scottish Americans, including actress Reece Witherspoon, president Ronald Reagan, and singer Johnny Cash. Also, enjoy great new music from Mike Vass, Siar, Eddi Reader, and Sarah Hayes!


How to Sponsor Simply Scottish and a Profile of David Dunbar Buick (Wee Yin #3)

Wee Yins are shorter episodes of Simply Scottish designed to give you a quick Scottish fix! Enjoy the podcast? Here, you'll learn how to become a sponsor of Simply Scottish. With three levels of support, there's a way you can help to expand the reach of the show and ensure the production of new episodes. You'll also hear a profile of Scottish inventor David Dunbar Buick, part of our Six Degrees of Scotland series as featured in The Scots Magazine. Plus, brand new music from Mec Lir and...

Artist Spotlight: Dougie MacLean

Hailed as a "musical hero" by the USA's Wall Street Journal, renowned Scottish singer-songwriter Dougie MacLean is the subject of our latest Artist Spotlight! Tune in as Dougie discusses his musical influences, the enduring popularity of Scottish folk music, the impact of the digital revolution on his career, and how a wee song called "Caledonia" became a cultural phenomenon. You'll also hear Dougie's popular tune "The Gael," featured in the 1992 movie The Last of the Mohicans, and a track...

Radio Archive #124: Defending Scotland's Flag, Dundee Cake, & Memories of Leith

Before it was a podcast, it was a weekly radio show! On this lively episode of Simply Scottish from the radio archives, hear Member of the Scottish Parliament Adam Ingram discuss a campaign to protect and promote Scotland’s national flag. You’ll also learn how to make the traditional Scottish fruit treat Dundee cake, and co-host Andrew McDiarmid Sr. relives memories of Leith, the bustling suburb of Scotland’s capital city where he was born and grew up. All this plus a healthy dose of...