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The remarkable ministry of E. Stanley Jones

Shane Raynor talks with Anne Mathews-Younes, granddaughter of famous 20th century Methodist missionary E. Stanley Jones, about the impact of her grandfather's ministry on India and the United States, his friendship with Mahatma Gandhi and how one of his books helped shape the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.


The Forgotten Jesus

Sometimes as Christians in the West, it’s easy for us to forget that Jesus was Jewish — that he lived in a Jewish culture, followed Jewish customs, and ministered mostly to Jewish men and women. Robby Gallaty believes that we’d do well to go back in time and rediscover the Jesus of the first century. On this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, Robby talks with Shane Raynor about topics from his new book "The Forgotten Jesus: How Western Christians Should Follow an Eastern Rabbi."


Adam Hamilton on the Apostle's Creed

On this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, Shane Raynor and Adam Hamilton discuss the Apostle's Creed, what Christians believe, why they believe it and why it matters. Adam's latest book is "Creed: What Christians Believe and Why."


The Work of Solidarity

Mark Lockard speaks with Rev. Hannah Bonner and guests about doing the work of solidarity with marginalized communities.


Race, justice and the church

Justin Coleman, F. Willis Johnson and Bishop Gregory Palmer discuss how to approach and talk about race and justice issues in our churches and communities.


Paradox Lost: Rediscovering the mystery of God [Ep. 14]

Shane Raynor and author Rich Hansen have a conversation about the tensions and unanswerable questions of Scripture and Christianity. They also discuss the potential that paradoxes have to deepen our faith and help us better appreciate the greatness of God. Rich is the author of Paradox Lost: Rediscovering the Mystery of God from Zondervan.


Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs: Don Adams (Ep. 13)

Shane Raynor and author Don Adams discuss what's distinctive about Methodist theology, including John Wesley's view of Scripture and his understanding of grace, repentance and justification. Because of time constraints, Shane and Don will tackle sanctification and Christian perfection in a future episode. Don is the author of "Top 10 United Methodist Beliefs" from Abingdon Press.


The Passionate Church: Mike Slaughter & Karen Perry Smith

In Episode 12 of Ministry Matters Radio, Shane Raynor talks with Mike Slaughter and Karen Perry Smith about a healthy church's four areas of ministry focus and how struggling churches can find their identity through mission and action.


Fear of the Other: William H. Willimon (Ep. 11)

Shane Raynor and Bishop Will Willimon have a conversation about engaging the "outsider" and the "stranger" and genuinely loving them as Christ loves us. Bishop Willimon's new book "Fear of the Other" is a powerful message for Christians at a critical time.


Half Truths: Adam Hamilton w/ Matt Rawle (Ep. 10)

Ministry Matters contributor Matt Rawle talks with Adam Hamilton about Adam’s new book “Half Truths: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and Other Things the Bible Doesn’t Say.” They explore a few popular sayings that capture some element of truth, yet miss the point in important ways.


Bishop Palmer speaks out about Ferguson crisis (Ep. 9)

United Methodist Bishop Gregory Palmer and Brian Milford discuss the shooting of Michael Brown, the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and justice and race issues as they relate to the body of Christ.


Bishop Ken Carter Interview (Ep. 8)

Shane Raynor and Bishop Ken Carter discuss the United Methodist Church, schism, the "local option," General Conference 2016, and the need for a coherent social teaching.


Biblical Obedience — Interview w/ Bishop Roy Sano (Episode 7

Paul Franklyn interviews retired United Methodist Bishop Roy Sano about the UMC and the conversation surrounding same-sex marriage, homosexual practice, and biblical obedience.


Interview with Bishop Mike Lowry (Episode 6)

Paul Franklyn interviews United Methodist Bishop Mike Lowry about the conversation surrounding same-sex marriage, homosexual practice, and how the UMC can move forward constructively through these issues.


The Trouble with the Truth (Episode 5)

How should we balance truth and grace? Shane Raynor interviews Rob Renfroe, president of Good News, a national organization committed to the doctrinal integrity and spiritual renewal of the United Methodist Church. Rob is the author of "The Trouble with the Truth."


A New Way to Pray (Episode 4)

Linda McCullough Moore tried something new — rather than have one "quiet time" a day, she decided to pray for at least 15 minutes four times daily. In this episode of MMR, we talk with her about her prayer experiment, hearing God's voice, fasting, making time to pray, developing good prayer habits and learning self-discipline. Linda is the author of "The Book of Not So Common Prayer."


Interview with Brian McLaren (Episode 3)

Shane Raynor interviews Brian McLaren on the release of his new book "We Make the Road by Walking." Topics include learning circles, small groups, Brian's view of Scripture, reaching nonchristians, progressives and conservatives, Bible translations, and the possibility of schism in the United Methodist Church.


The Power of a Name (Episode 2)

In this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, Shane Raynor talks with author, Bible teacher, and pastor Jessica LaGrone about the importance of names, the transforming power of God, and the significance of the words we use. Jessica is the author of Namesake, a new six week Bible study from Abingdon Women.


Tattoos and Faith (Episode 1)

In this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, we discuss tattoos and spirituality and we consider the question, "Should a Christian get a tattoo?" Guests are Kim Goad and Janet Bostwick Kusiak, authors of Inked: Choosing God's Mark to Transform Your Life. For a free study guide to use with Inked, visit