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The Shaun Tabatt Show is an interview-based program connecting you with with thought leaders from across the globe, digging into important topics like creativity, personal development, marketing, health, spirituality, and so much more.




The Shaun Tabatt Show is an interview-based program connecting you with with thought leaders from across the globe, digging into important topics like creativity, personal development, marketing, health, spirituality, and so much more.






846: Does Consciousness Survive the Death of the Body? An Interview with Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel

As a cardiologist, Pim van Lommel was struck by the number of his patients who claimed to have near-death experiences as a result of their heart attacks. As a scientist, this was difficult for him to accept: Wouldn't it be scientifically irresponsible of him to ignore the evidence of these stories? Faced with this dilemma, van Lommel decided to design a research study to investigate the phenomenon under the controlled environment of a cluster of hospitals with a medically trained staff. For...


845: Todd Smith - Satan and Demons will Tremble When You Pray These Prayers

Our world is increasingly ravaged by darkness and is in desperate need of much more than human solutions. We need true spiritual power and authority to break through Pastor Todd Smith has witnessed tens of thousands of lives supernaturally transformed by the power of God as he has stewarded the North Georgia Revival in Dawsonville, Georgia. As people attend their revival gatherings and experience water baptism, documented miracle healings take place, irreconcilable relationships are...


844: Spencer Klavan - How to Save the West

It has been proclaimed many times, but perhaps never more convincingly than now when every news cycle seems to deliver further confirmation of a world gone mad. Is this the endgame? Have we come to closing time in the West? Author Spencer Klavan is a classicist, with a Ph.D. from Oxford, and a deep understanding of the West. His analysis: The situation is dire. But every crisis we face today, we have faced before. And we can surmount each one. In his new book How to Save the West, Klavan...


843: Chris Bailey - How to Calm Your Mind

After experiencing an anxiety attack on stage, productivity expert Chris Bailey realized that he had become stressed and burnt out because he was pushing himself too hard. Before he could continue giving advice on productivity, he knew he needed to learn how to rein things in and actually take a break. His new book How to Calm Your Mind reveals the tools and strategies that have allowed him to become more engaged, focused, and deliberate—while at the same time making him more productive and...


842: David Sax - The Future is Analog

In his new book The Future Is Analog, culture writer David Sax points out that the onset of the pandemic instantly gave us the digital universe we’d spent so long anticipating. Instant communication, online shopping, virtual everything. It didn’t take long to realize how awful it was to live in this promised future. We craved real experiences, relationships, and spaces and got back to real life as quickly and often as we could. This new book unveils a manifesto for a different kind of...


841: Sara Barratt - A Call to Bold Faith in a Confused Culture

If we live according to the gospel, we're going to make waves. Why? Because the way of Christ is countercultural. It doesn't go with the flow, compromise on truth, or stay silent in the face of injustice—so neither can we. No matter how young or old we are, or how much or how little influence we think we have, God calls us to boldly engage our upside-down culture through the lens of his truth. With powerful examples from Scripture and stories from teens today and through the centuries, Sara...


840: Dr. Raymond Moody - How My Near-Death Experience Research Impacted My Personal Understanding of God

I'm honored to welcome Dr. Raymond Moody back to the podcast to discuss how his personal understanding of God has changed over the course of his life and research into near-death experiences. Related Resources: God is Bigger Than the BibleMaking Sense of Nonsense: The Logical Bridge Between Science & SpiritualityLife After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed "Near-Death Experiences" The Shaun Tabatt Show is part of the Destiny Image Podcast Network.


839: Abdu Murray - Why Christianity is Not Merely a White Man's Religion

Though many today accuse Christianity of being a White, imperialistic religion, it is actually the source for cherished Western ideals of racial and gender equality. In More than a White Man's Religion, author and speaker Abdu Murray shares stories from the Bible and his own experiences as a global apologist, a member of an ethnic minority, a son of immigrants, and a former Muslim to show that the gospel message provides dignity and liberty to non-Whites and women. Find out more at...


838: Tim Larkin - Learn How to Do What It Takes When Your Life Is at Stake

In a civilized society, violence is rarely the answer. But when it is, it's the only answer. The sound of breaking glass downstairs in the middle of the night. The words, "Move and you die." The hands on your child, or the knife to your throat. In When Violence Is the Answer, self-protection expert and former military intelligence officer Tim Larkin changes the way we think about violence in order to save our lives. By deconstructing our assumptions about violence -- its morality, its...


837: Adam Blai - True Stories of Demonic Possession

Adam Blai cracks open his exorcism case files to share enlightening true stories of demonic oppression and possession. Whether people provided a gateway through Ouija boards, tarot cards, Reiki, Yoga, or martial arts, Blai reports from firsthand observation how they were lured into the occult. Find out more: Resources mentioned in his episode: Hauntings, Possessions, and ExorcismsThe Exorcism Files: True Stories of Demonic Possession The Shaun Tabatt Show is part...


836: Do You Need Healing? Hospital Chaplain Reveals the Biblical Secrets Most Believers Miss

If you or a loved one is battling a serious illness, there is hope! God is a healing God, and nothing is impossible with Him! One touch from God can change everything. In his new book God Heals, hospital chaplain Steve Austin will inspire your faith, encourage your heart, and give you proven biblical keys to win the battle for your health. Find out more at Resources mentioned in this episode: God Heals: Eight Keys to Defeat Sickness and Receive Divine Healing The...


835: NDE Leads to Heavenly Throne Room Encounter Where Priest is Transformed by the Radiant Glory of God

In 1977 Fr. Cedric Pisegna had two near-death experiences. Not only did he come back to tell us what will happen to each of us when we cross into the afterlife, but he also had a life-transforming throne room encounter where he was bathed in God's radiant glory. The things he saw in Heaven led him to profess vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as well as become a Catholic priest. You don't want to miss this life-changing story. Connect with Fr. Cedric at Resources...


834: Zombie Apocalypse + Demons - How to Survive

Do you have the spiritual warfare chops to survive a demonically inspired zombie apocalypse? Novelist S. L. Smith returns to The Shaun Tabatt Show to share about book one in the Cajun Zombie Chronicles series. We explore his inspiration for the series and talk about the important spiritual lessons you'll glean along the way. Connect with Scott Smith: Resources mentioned in this episode: Cajun Zombie Chronicles, Book One: The River Dead The Shaun Tabatt Show is part...


833: Debbie Kitterman - How to Leave a Legacy and Restore the Lost Art of Blessing in Your Family Line

What if you could leave a legacy able to impact your children, grandchildren, and generations to come? And what if that legacy could ripple out through your descendants to heal, restore, and draw people to Christ? Sadly many believers no longer understand the Biblical art of blessing and the incredible power blessings wield. Pastor/Teacher Debbie Kitterman redeems this Godly practice by deftly unpacking the history and intent of blessing and offering simple, effective strategies to unleash...


832: Michael Gilmore - How to Achieve Financial Peace of Mind in 2023

In this episode, financial expert Michael Gilmore reveals that a sound financial strategy is far more straightforward than the financial industry wants you to think. When we combine sensible saving strategies with mindfulness practices, we can fix our finances without feeling stressed out. Resources mentioned in this episode: The Little Book of Zen Money: A Simple Path to Financial Peace of MindHappy Ever After: Financial Freedom Isn't a Fairy Tale Find out more...


831: Jesus Took Alwyn Matthew to a Heavenly City & Revealed What Stops Our Heavenly Mansions from Being Completed

Pastor Alwyn Matthew was walking through a prolonged period of spiritual darkness and depression. One night he went to bed and soon found himself out of his body and in Heaven with Jesus. Jesus took him to a Heavenly city and revealed the earthly actions that prevent our Heavenly mansions from reaching completion. Watch this interview to find out how the things we do here on earth have a direct impact on our Heavenly reward. Connect with Alwyn on Instagram. The Shaun Tabatt Show is part of...


830: Robert Hotchkin - How to Operate in the Untapped Dimensions of Holy Spirit Power

Are you living a powerful life? Do you long for miracles, healings, and prophecy to be part of your everyday experience? Have you encountered a mighty touch from God that’s left you wanting more? Good news! There is more! The Holy Spirit has opened up dimensions of supernatural power for your every need, just waiting to be unlocked! In his new book Realms of Power, Robert Hotchkin reminds us that the Gospel of the Kingdom is a Gospel of power—a power the world desperately needs. Robert...


829: Ryan Johnson - Prophetic Word: Look to the Dry Ground

Several months ago Ryan Johnson was in worship during a Sunday service and God spoke to him with the phrase, "Look to the Dry Ground." Listen to find out what this timely prophetic word means for you in this season. Connect with Ryan Johnson: RyanJohnson.US Books by Ryan Johnson: How to Contend for Your Miracle: How Supernatural Encounters and Faith Work Together to Bring Answered Prayers Read Ryan's full prophetic word here: The Shaun Tabatt...


828: Ray Comfort - Why Would Anyone Follow Jesus?

Of all the gods, gurus, and good people out there, why Jesus? Why follow some ancient carpenter-turned-philosopher from a podunk town in the Middle East? A man whose own people didn't believe in him for the most part. It just doesn't make any sense. If you struggle to articulate why you follow Jesus to your friends and family, or if you are a skeptic looking for some way to make sense of the whole Jesus thing, Ray Comfort will help you wrestle with this critical life question. Resources...


827: William Boekestein - 3 Book Interview Extravaganza

Bill Boekestein returns to the show to share about his latest books. Resources for this episode: Contending for the Faith the Story of the Westminster AssemblyStubborn Prophet, Faithful GodThe Best Day of the Week: Why We Love the Lord's Day Listen to Bill's sermons on Sermon Audio. The Shaun Tabatt Show is part of the Destiny Image Podcast Network.