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Three and One is a Daily Devotional Podcast, with observations and an overview of three chapters from the Old Testament and one from the New.

Three and One is a Daily Devotional Podcast, with observations and an overview of three chapters from the Old Testament and one from the New.


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Three and One is a Daily Devotional Podcast, with observations and an overview of three chapters from the Old Testament and one from the New.




5-001 - Genesis 1-3 and Matthew 1

Join us as we journey through the Bible, again! Each and every week, we will have observations and an overview of three chapters from the Old Testament and one chapter from the New. At this pace, we will work through the whole Bible in five years. I am looking forward to slowing down, this go around, and really soaking in the Scriptures. Join us!


1-260 - Malachi 3-4 and Revelation 22

The coming messenger. A rebuke about robbing God. God’s people complain. A book of remembrance. The Great Day of God. The River of Life. A reminder that the time is near. Wonder and warning from the One who is coming quickly.


1-259 - Malachi 1-2 and Revelation 21

Israel is beloved of God. Although they offered polluted offerings. Although they had corrupted priests. Although they were filled with treachery and infidelity. Fortunately, one day, God will make all things new, new heavens and a new earth.


1-258 - Zechariah 13-14 and Revelation 20

Idolatry will one day be cut off, when the Shepherd Savior comes again. After, the great and terrible day of the Lord. Then, all the nations, will travel up to Jerusalem to worship the one true king in what we commonly call the Millennial Kingdom.


1-257 - Zechariah 10-12 and Revelation 19

The Restoration of Judah and Israel. The desolation of Israel. The Prophecy of the Shepherds. The coming deliverance of Judah. Mourning for the One who was pierced. And, Christ comes back riding a white horse.


1-256 - Zechariah 7-9 and Revelation 18

Obedience versus fasting. Disobedience connected to captivity. The future of the holy city of Jerusalem. Israel defended against her enemies. The coming King, saving His people. And, the future fall of Mystery Babylon.


1-255 - Zechariah 4-6 and Revelation 17

A vision of lampstands and olive trees. A vision of a flying scroll. A vision of a woman in a basket. A vision of four chariots. The command to crown Joshua. And, John sees a scarlet woman riding a scarlet beast.


1-254 - Zechariah 1-3 and Revelation 16

A call to repentance. A vision of horses. A vision of horns. A vision of the measuring line. A vision of Joshua, standing before God with Satan accusing and the Lord defending. And, the bowls of God’s wrath begin to overflow.


1-253 - Haggai 1-2 and Revelation 15

The command to build God’s house. The stalling, the preaching, the repenting, the stirring. The coming glory of God’s house. A promised blessing. And, the tribulation saints sing the song of Moses, before the bowls of God’s wrath are poured out.


1-252 - Zephaniah 1-3 and Revelation 14

The great and terrible day of the Lord. A call to repentance. Judgement on the nations. The wickedness of Jerusalem. A faithful remnant. Joy in God’s faithfulness. And,144,000 sing a new song with the Lamb.


1-251 - Habakkuk 1-3 and Revelation 13

The prophet asks questions. The Lord gives answers. The just shall live by faith. The wicked are given a woe. The prophet prays. And, John witnesses a beast rise out the sea and another out of the earth.


1-250 - Nahum 1-3 and Revelation 12

God’s wrath on His enemies. The destruction of Nineveh. The WOE of Nineveh. And, we see Satan thrown out of heaven onto the earth, endeavoring to devour the anointed offspring of the nation of Israel.


1-249 - Micah 6-7 and Revelation 11

God pleads with Israel. Making known what He has wanted from them all along what He has required from them all along, as the end of Micah is mixed with mercy. And, we are introduced to two witnesses just before the seventh trumpet.


1-248 - Micah 4-5 and Revelation 10

The Lord’s reign in Zion. Zion’s future triumph. The coming Messiah. A little baby born, in the little town of Bethlehem. And, a mighty angel hands John a little book to eat.


1-247 - Micah 1-3 and Revelation 9

A man named Micah, mourning for Israel and Judah, warning those who do evil - lying prophets, wicked prophets, religious rulers. And, we look at what the fifth and sixth trumpet judgements release upon a Christ rejecting world.


1-246 - Jonah 1-4 and Revelation 8

We met a man named Jonah. A reluctant prophet, a disobedient prophet, on his way away from Nineveh. But, God had a way to get him back and on track. And, the seventh seal is opened and the first four trumpets sound.


1-245 - Obadiah 1 and Revelation 7

God gives a prophet named Obadiah a vision concerning the coming judgement of a Gentile nation called Edom, including Israel’s eventual triumph. And, in-between the sixth and the seventh seal, God seals 144,000.


1-244 - Amos 7-9 and Revelation 6

Amos intercede’s, twice. The Lord relents, twice. Vision after vision after vision is given to the sheep breeder turned prophet culminating in the destruction and ultimate restoration of Israel. And, we see the first six seals opened on the seven sealed scroll.


1-243 - Amos 4-6 and Revelation 5

Israel is once again impenitent. Refusing correction. Refusing to repent. Even after God’s judgements increase in intensity. So God offers up His own lament and yet AGAIN calls for repentance. And, we see a Lamb who is worthy of our worship.


1-242 - Amos 1-3 and Revelation 4

God calls a shepherd to speak His word, His word of judgement against the nations, including His own nation - Israel and Judah. And, John sees into the future concerning the coming Day of the Lord.