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Formerly know as Crash Chords: Autographs, CPOV Autographs is an interview series hosted by Matt aka Stormageddon. Matt chats with guests from all different walks of life. He dives deep into influence, creative process, inspirations and more. Tune in every other Tuesday for a brand new episode and remember music is life and life is good.

Formerly know as Crash Chords: Autographs, CPOV Autographs is an interview series hosted by Matt aka Stormageddon. Matt chats with guests from all different walks of life. He dives deep into influence, creative process, inspirations and more. Tune in every other Tuesday for a brand new episode and remember music is life and life is good.


Brooklyn, NY


Formerly know as Crash Chords: Autographs, CPOV Autographs is an interview series hosted by Matt aka Stormageddon. Matt chats with guests from all different walks of life. He dives deep into influence, creative process, inspirations and more. Tune in every other Tuesday for a brand new episode and remember music is life and life is good.






Ep. #204 - Schäffer The Darklord

On today's show, Matt chats with longtime friend, rapper, and big ol’ nerd, Schäffer The Darklord. They chat about Schäffer's new record, The Derelict Craft, his shift to full-time musician, as well as how his Patreon helped shape the new record. They also discuss how the pandemic made Schäffer rethink live performance, what it’s like going back out on tour, and his plans for the future. Next Episode: Pretty Bitter


Ep. #203 - Desmond Zantua

On today's show, Matt chats with the lead singer of the band Career Day, and co host of the podcast Through The Island, Desmond Zantua! Career Day is a Queens-based pop-punk band composed of Desmond on vocals, Andrew Grossane on bass, and Jacob Cutler on guitar / back up vocals. Together, Matt and Desmond chat about the brand new record, "Where We've Always Been," the band's writing process, as well as the themes and sound of the record. They also chat about Desmond's influences, activism,...


Ep. #202 - Brian Metolius

On today’s episode Matt is chatting with composer Brian Metolius! Together, they chat about Brian’s work on Puffs, how he and Patrick Willems first teamed up, Brian’s experience scoring the feature film Night Of The Coconut, and what it was like hearing his score on the big screen for the first time. They also chat about Brian’s influences, his writing process, and the kinds of media that affect the way he creates. Next Episode: Desmond Zantua


Ep. #201 – Dave Wiskus

In this episode, Matt welcomes musician, actor, and CEO of Nebula and Standard, Dave Wiskus. With Matt, Dave talks about the origins of Standard, the inception of Nebula, and how he became involved in Patrick Willems’ work. They also dive in on content creation, the current state of nerd media, and the film and premiere of Night Of The Coconut. Next Episode: Brian Metolius


Ep. #200 – Stephen Nagel & Jon Sanders

On a very special 200th episode of Autographs, Matt welcomes their good friends and cohosts from the oft-mentioned on indefinite hiatus podcast, Crash Chords, Stephen Nagel and Jon Sanders! Together they reminisce about the origins of both pods, what they’ve been up to, their go-to bands during the pandemic, and how they stay busy. They all also talk about new projects, plans for the future, and the possibility of getting the band back together for more music pod goodness. Next Episode:...


Ep. #199 – Victoria Tran

On today’s episode, Matt is joined by Community Director for Innersloth, writer and speaker Victoria Tran! Together they chat about the rollercoaster ride that is the rise of Among Us, how Victoria discovered her love of gaming, and what goes into building active and supportive communities. They also chat about some favorite MMOs, why Victoria loves indie games, and the hands down best bubble tea flavors. Next Episode: 200th Episode Special


Ep. #198 – The Return of Patrick Willems

This week, Matt welcomes back director, actor, YouTuber, filmmaker, and Batman super fan, Patrick Willems! The two chat about Patrick’s new film, “Night Of The Coconut,” how it went from a short film to a feature length film, the process of writing and filming it, and what it was like to have it premiere in-person. They also chat about Nebula, what Patrick has planned for next season, and his ideas for future projects. Next Episode: Victoria Tran


Ep. #197 – Terence Wiggins

This week, Matt is joined by podcaster, writer, streamer, baker and adorable-dog parent, Terence Wiggins! Together, they chat about Terence’s podcast, “Low Stakes: A Nice Conversation Podcast;” writing, baking, and why Samson is the best dog ever. They also chat about the Sonic franchise, Kingdom Hearts, collecting, and the freedom of being goofy and ridiculous on podcasts. Next Episode: Patrick Willems Returns!


Ep. #196 – Steele Filipek and Adam Lance Garcia

On today's episode, Matt is joined by Steele Filipek and Adam Lance Garcia, two of the creative minds behind "The Green Lama" and "Queens of the Sapphire Sea" radio shows. Matt chats with them about the casts, writing episodes, sound design, and bringing these characters and worlds to life. They also chat about the pandemic's impact on their shows, doing guest audio, and what the future holds for both series. Next Episode: Terence Wiggins


Ep. #195 – Erin Callahan

On this week’s episode, Matt welcomes comedian and actress Erin Callahan! Together they chat about Erin’s love of comedy, as well as performing and writing during a pandemic. They also chat about influences, inspirations, their mutual love of Bo Burnham and why dark comedy resonates so much with them. Next Episode: Adam Lance Garcia and Steele Filipek


Ep. #194 – Mitch Wallace

On today's episode, Matt is joined by TTRPG writer and Co-Founder/CCO of Penny For A Tale, Mitch Wallace! Together they chat about the origins of Penny For A Tale, as well as Mitch’s work on Necrobiotic and the Chew TTRPG. They also discuss the evolution and growth of the TTRPG scene, tabletop gaming's shift to online during the pandemic, and some of Mitch's favor game settings and genres. Next Episode: Erin Callahan


Ep. #193 – Margaret Mae

In this episode, Matt chats with writer, content marketer, and TTRPG fan, Margaret Mae! Together they chat about Uncaged Anthology and Uncaged Goddesses books, the process of working on those books, and why they are special. They also chat about some of their favorite characters they've made, why they love table-top gaming, and some of their favorite campaign moments. Next Episode: Mitch Wallace


Ep. #192 – Dr. Rachel Kowert

This week Matt is joined by writer, psychologist, research director, and video game nerd, Dr. Rachel Kowert! The two chat about Rachel’s YouTube channel Psychgeist, her work with Take This, as well as her writing for both research and fiction. They also chat about Final Fantasy, The Witcher, and bringing awareness to important topics in gaming. You can also watch the teaser for her new book here! Next Episode: Margaret Mae


Ep. #191 – Johnny K.

Today, Matt continues into week two of Dark Knight Fortnight with writer and director Johnny K. Together, they chat about Johnny’s film “The Oath: A Batman Fan Film,” what inspired the film, the filming process, and why he decided to crowdfund the project. They also chat about their love of Batman, Star Trek and Johnny K.’s latest project, Farragut Forward. Next Episode: Dr. Rachel Kowert


Ep. #190 – Matt Spaulding & Justin Pomerville

Today Matt chats with podcasters and professional nerds Matt Spaulding & Justin Pomerville! Together, they chat about the origins of Matt and Justin’s podcasts “2 Broke Geeks,” and “The FBI’s Most Unwanted,” as well as Justin’s Nicolas Cage column “THE NIC GAUGE.” They also geek out about Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Pokémon and more! Next Episode: Johnny K.


Ep. #189 – Daniel Cordova

This week Matt is chatting with podcaster, writer, bass player, heavy metal enthusiast, and all around music nerd, Daniel Cordova! Together, they chat about the origin of Daniel's podcast, Far Beyond Metal, his writing for Metal Injection, and his band Alå. They also share in their mutual fandom of CRJ, lament about missing live concerts, and chat about some of Daniel's favorite artists and bands. Next Episode: Matt Spaulding & Justin Pomerville


Ep. #188 – Panda Redd

On today’s episode, Matt sits down with TikToker, streamer, actor, and comic book nerd, Panda Redd! Together, they chat about how Panda got his start on TikTok, his first viral hit, as well as how he creates his versions of famous comic book characters for his skits. They also chat about the MCU, comic books, video games, and becoming a content creator in quarantine. Next Episode: Daniel Cordova


Ep. #187 – PAX Unplugged 2021

Last year from December 10th through the 12th, Matt had the pleasure of covering PAX Unplugged 2021, a board game and tabletop convention in Philadelphia, PA. He got to play games, hang with friends, attend panels and interview some awesome people! In this episode, you'll hear his thoughts on the con as well as chats with Austin of Dr. Wictz, Anthony Tessitore, Risa Pearl of Cortex Roleplaying, Dani Effertz of Sovranti, Chris Walters of Inside Up Games, Ben Harkins of Floodgate Games, Tom...


Ep. #186 – Stormageddon’s 2021 Year In Review

Time for another year-end wrap up! Matt wraps up 2021 by sharing some of his favorite media, moments, and accomplishments, as well as chatting about how sometimes this year just felt like 2020 part two. He also takes some time to thank those have made an impact on him and supported him over this past year. See you in 2022 and remember… Music is life and life is good! If you want to vote for DJ Stormageddon in the upcoming Silver Tusk Awards you can go here! Next Episode: PAX Unplugged 2021


Ep. #185 - Dr. Erin Macdonald

Today Matt is chatting with with astrophysicist, science consultant, and writer, Dr. Erin Macdonald! Together they chat about Erin's consulting work on shows like Orbital Redux as well as a plethora of Star Trek properties including Discovery, Prodigy, Picard, and Lower Decks just to name a few. They also chat about Erin's love of the Mass Effect franchise, finding a passion for space at an early age, and the experience of meeting your heroes. Next Episode: 2021 Highlights w/ Stormageddon